How to Remove Clutch on Any Brand Chainsaw

One of the most important parts of any model of the device is the clutch. This mechanism requires constant monitoring of correct operation. Periodically, it must be removed for inspection and necessary repairs. How to remove the clutch on a chainsaw of any brand correctly and how it is arranged, we will understand below.

How to Remove Clutch on Any Brand Chainsaw

How is a chainsaw

All types of units are driven by a gasoline internal combustion engine. When assembling, single-cylinder engines are installed in which high-octane high-quality gasoline is refueled. Instead of the gearbox, a single-stage gear is used, which makes the chain move. The structure of the unit due to its simplicity allows it to work flawlessly in any conditions. The unit device consists of such parts:

  • ICE single cylinder;
  • Gas tank;
  • Carburetor
  • Crank mechanism;
  • Clutch;
  • Saw chain and sprocket driving it.

In addition, there are such components:

  • Purification system for the air supplied to the carburetor;
  • Ignition mechanism;
  • Exhaust silencing system;
  • Emergency shutdown system in emergency situations.

In the photo you can see a variety of models from the manufacturers of Calm, Husqvarna, Partner, Goodluck.

How is the engine of the chainsaw

In devices released recently, a single-cylinder two-stroke carbureted engine is installed. It includes several mechanisms that work seamlessly. The main components of the engine:

  • Flywheel;
  • Coupling;
  • Incendiary module;
  • Muffler;
  • Mounting sleeve.

The engine installed in the saw operates at a frequency of 13.5 thousand revolutions / minute, and therefore it requires processing with high-quality oil. A high level of system cooling during operation is required. The engine of the unit is equipped with a cooling system that delivers air for cooling systems.

Video: How to Remove Clutch on Any Brand Chainsaw

Chainsaw Clutch

The clutch of the wood processing device is centrifugal and is automatically activated when the degree of engine speed changes. If the speed is small, then the elements of the mechanism are pressed against the shaft. So the rotational motion is not transmitted to the sprocket. With increasing revolutions, the elements diverge and are pressed against the drum, thus causing the chain to rotate.

A characteristic property of this type of device is braking during chain deceleration. So it turns out to avoid some damage. But nevertheless, this system is subjected to a huge load, so it is necessary to systematically carry out preventive inspection and repair.

How to take off

The drive sprocket also serves as a drum. One of the main reasons for the breakdown of this block is the grinding of the sprocket teeth. In the monolithic version of the drum, the chain can cut the sprocket during operation. Such a mechanism requires replacement. In the case when the drum has a removable crown, it must be removed and replaced during maintenance. After that, the drum can function further.

When there is a need for repair, you need to seek help from a service center where experienced specialists work. But if there isn’t one nearby, the question arises. how to remove the clutch yourself? If you have the necessary set of tools, you can easily implement your plan. Of course, there are some differences in the models of different companies, but the disassembly scheme remains unchanged:

  • First, the chain brake cover is removed by turning the lever. Slightly twist nuts to loosen chain tension. After loosening, you can completely unscrew the nuts and remove the cover;
  • The chain and the guide bar are disassembled, as well as the mechanism is cleaned of dirt;
  • The cylinder head candle is turned out and the piston is fixed. To do this, the crankshaft should be rotated until the outlet opens and then a piece of rope is placed in the cylinder to lock the piston. After completion of work, the rope is removed from the mechanism;
  • The nuts on the clutch are unscrewed with the special wrench from the kit. In this mechanism, they are made with left-hand thread, and this must be taken into account during dismantling. After that, the mechanism is disassembled, and all its parts are inspected for damage. Worn parts must be removed and replaced with new ones.

After repair and replacement of parts, it is necessary to assemble in the reverse order. The disassembly process is presented in more detail in the video.

To independently repair such chainsaws as Calm, Husqvarna, Partner, Goodluck, you need to know some features of the models. For example, on some varieties of saws, a washer is installed (between the cup of the drive sprocket and the engine). During assembly, it must be installed in its original place.

If the model has a special spring that transmits rotation to the pump drive, it is crucial that it is properly installed after repair. Otherwise, the device may be seriously damaged. After preventive and repair work, it is necessary to check whether the mechanisms are working properly.