How to remove dried grass from the grass trimmer

If everything is in order with the electrical equipment, then we check the carburetor.

Grass trimmers are fitted with vacuum carburetors. When disassembling, cleaning or flushing it, you need to be extremely careful. in no case do you disassemble the lower part of the carburetor, where the primer is located. The air filter (visible when you remove the protective cover from the carburetor) must be washed with detergents. Best for washing dishes. After drying, put it back. We wash the carburetor with clean gasoline and blow through all the holes with a pump. We also wash the fuel line filter, then dry and collect everything. Usually, after all the manipulations, the grass trimmer starts working.

A thin cable instead of a fishing line, is it worth putting it on the brushcutter?

This idea occurs to almost everyone who had to mow 10 acres of tall grass. At first glance, the idea seems like a good one. The cable is stronger than the line and does not wear out so much. However, not all so simple.

Electric group hand mowers

Electric grass trimmers are similar, except that they do not require a fuel tank and there are fewer buttons on the handle. The engine can be on top, like a lawn mower, or on the bottom, just above the head. In the latter version, there is no gear. here the drive and the cutting attachment are connected directly. Rods for electric trimmers are solid or collapsible, and in some models. telescopic for convenient and quick adjustment of the length.

When powered from the mains, the mower is plugged into a socket or extension cord (a cable comes off the top of the engine). Rechargeable models operate on batteries that are inserted into special slots.

The numbers mean the following: one part of the oil takes fifty parts of gasoline. Hence: 1000 ml (1 liter of gasoline) is divided by 50, we get 20 ml, that is, 1:50.

Thus, you can calculate the composition of the fuel mixture (gasoline / oil) in any proportions. To add oil to gasoline not “by eye”, you can advise to take a 20 ml medical syringe, draw oil into it and “inject” into a container for preparing a fuel mixture.

Preparation for wintering

In order for the benzotrimmer not to lose performance during the period of inactivity, you need:

  • inspect the device for cracks, chips, bent parts;
  • detach the cover and cutter head;
  • drain the fuel from the tank and turn on the device to use up the remaining gasoline;
  • thoroughly wipe / rinse the rod, handle, casing;
  • remove the coil or knife;
  • clean the gearbox and add oil to it;
  • inspect and wash filters.

Weed Trimmer Head Lawn Mower. alat pemangkas rumput/lalang

Then remove the spark plug, pour a little (20 ml) of engine oil into the hole and gently turn the engine shaft several times using the starter to distribute the lubricant over the cylinders. After these manipulations, you need to insert the candle back, but do not twist it all the way. This procedure (except for adding oil) must be carried out once a month while the device is not being used.

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Important! The engine will not corrode if the grass trimmer is stored in a dry place where the air temperature remains constant and does not drop below freezing. If this is not possible, the motor should be wrapped in a cloth.

If the rod is disassembled, the joints must be lubricated (for example, with lithium) to protect the metal from rust.

Manual mowers of the gasoline group

The principle of operation of the brushcutter is that fuel is poured into its fuel tank before starting work, which enters the engine in small portions, where it burns, and the resulting hot gas pushes the pistons in the cylinders. As a result, the crankshaft of the motor rotates, this movement is transmitted to the spindle of the working head, where there is a spool with a fishing line or a disc attachment (a knife with two or more blades).

Externally, the mower looks like this. the engine and the cutting head are located at opposite ends of a long rod and are connected using a rigid or flexible shaft. Above the mount for the coil / nozzle there is a gearbox, the task of which is to transfer to the spindle less revolutions per unit of time than the crankshaft of the motor does. Buttons and control levers are located on the handle connected to the motor by a flexible cable.

Control features. a starter is used to start in petrol cutters, and a gas trigger is used to adjust the speed, which opens or closes the carburetor flap, which causes more or less fuel to enter the engine. You can stop work by pressing the “Stop” button, which opens the circuit.

On a note! Most often, the trimmer head, on which the line, knives or discs are located, is attached to the bar with a screw. On the side, from the side of the mower, the cutting element is protected by a protective cover.

Benzotrimmer loves cleanliness. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the air filter and fuel. Gasoline bought at a gas station is better to stand for 2 days and pass through the simplest filter. a piece of bike cloth.

We check the electrical equipment as follows:

We unscrew the candle, inspect the gap between the electrodes. We expose the correct gap between the electrodes in the “old-fashioned” way. Take the razor blade, cut it in half and insert a homemade probe between the electrodes. If the blades fit tightly, then the gap is perfect.

We put the cap of the high-voltage wire on the candle and lean the candle against the metal surface of the engine. We pull the starter several times. If the spark hits one point well, then the gap is adjusted correctly. If not, the spark is weak or “wandering”, then it is necessary to re-adjust the gap between the electrodes.

You bought yourself a new gasoline grass trimmer and immediately got into trouble. It starts very badly. If you mow a little, and then turn it off, then turning it on “hot” is an even bigger problem than “cold”. What to do with it, I don’t know how to get it right?

The instruction for the brushcutter plant sounds like this:

Pump up fuel with a silicone button (primer) located on the bottom of the carburetor. Pressing must be done as much (or a little more) as written in the instructions, usually about 8-10.

Lock the throttle lever with a stop button at high speeds.

Pull the starter handle 2-3 times. The engine should “grab”.

If the engine “grabs” and stalled, then you need to move the choke to the 1/2 position and try to start again. If the engine starts, then we release the gas and move the air damper to the “open” position. Getting started.

When performing fuel pumping manipulations, one should not be afraid to pour it over. If this happened, and, as they say, “filled the candle”, then you do not need to unscrew it, it is enough to move the air damper to the “open” position and, while holding full throttle, simultaneously turn the engine with the starter 2-4 times. After that, you can start the engine and get to work.

Efficiency of the electric grass trimmer

Electrokosa, which operates from a household electrical network, is relevant on a plot with an area of ​​four to six acres, planted with trees, flowers, shrubs. It is convenient to gently mow grass near the house or along the curb, mow paths, and an environmentally friendly motor that does not produce exhaust, gas and burning will even make it possible to remove weeds in any covered room. greenhouse or greenhouse.

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The grass trimmer cable limits the cutting radius, but can be extended with a standard extension. If this length is not enough for you, or the parameters of the electrical network do not contribute to the normal operation of the electric motor, then you can purchase a type of electric tool. a cordless grass trimmer. It works autonomously, the built-in battery lasts for half an hour or an hour of intensive work. quite enough to mow the trees in the garden. The grass trimmer motor can be positioned at the top of the tool or at the bottom. Upper motor grass trimmers work well on bumpy and uneven terrain. They are also perfectly balanced and can handle tall and wet grass. no short circuits. The convenience of working with it is also increased by a single-shoulder loop, which is hung on the shoulder. The lower motor grass trimmer should only be used on dry grass and on level areas. Often the lower motor grass trimmers are battery operated.

How to use the trimmer correctly

The household grass trimmer is the easiest and most effective tool to use. It seems that there is nowhere easier. to plug in the tool and work. But there are still some nuances that you need to know in order for the grass trimmer to work for a long time and efficiently.

Site preparation. It is necessary to carefully inspect the mowing area and remove all foreign objects. stones, glass, wire, etc. Having flown out suddenly from under the fishing line during operation, such an object is capable of causing injury.

Installation of the cutting system. There are low-power grass trimmers that can only work with a line, cutting soft and succulent grass. they do not need to install a cutting system. But some trimmer models with a motor of 1 kW or more can work with a knife. If there are tough weeds or even a small overgrowth of bushes on the site, you need to unscrew the working attachment nut and install the cutting knife. Then tighten the nut tightly with a wrench.

Before starting work. It is very important to wear safety glasses when working with the trimmer, because even if you have removed the area from debris, plant stems and grass can fly into your eyes. The same stems, grass and branches can injure your hands, so it is advisable to wear gloves. The electric grass trimmer is simply plugged in, but the rechargeable one needs to be charged for several hours before use. Then, if there is a shoulder attachment, we hang it on the shoulder, the knapsack attachment on both shoulders. Grip the grass trimmer comfortably by the handles: grip the D-handle tightly with your palm, and grip the garden grass trimmer with a bicycle handle (U-shape) firmly with both hands. Hold the grass trimmer over the grass so that the line spool or knife is parallel to the ground. Turn on start.

How to mow correctly. The rotation of the cutting mechanism is counterclockwise. Thus, in order for the cut grass to fall onto the already mown area, easily, with simple movements, we carry the trimmer in front of us, from right to left. To remove the remnants of grass, you should make a movement in the other direction. from left to right. If the area is flat and large, break it into imaginary squares and mow, moving along the outside of such a square. If the plot is on a slope, then you need to start mowing from the bottom of the lawn, passing across the plot. in one direction. Having reached the edge, you need to go back and mow in the same direction, parallel. If there are many trees in the area, only cut with fishing line, otherwise you can cut the tree trunk with a knife. In such a garden, it is best to mow around the perimeter, bypassing the tree in a circle.

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Completion of work. Turn off the engine and remove the shoulder straps. this is not a complete shutdown yet. It is necessary to carefully clean the spool and knife from the remnants of grass. Then fold the grass trimmer if it is telescopic or collapsible and hide it until the next mow.

How to properly operate an electric grass trimmer

When choosing equipment for a summer cottage, it is not always worth chasing powerful and dimensional devices. The power of the tool is undoubtedly an important parameter, but it obviously carries with it the increased weight of the device, its large size, as well as the high price and increased fuel costs. But that’s not the point.

If you have a small garden with densely planted fruit trees or a small lawn with flower beds and shrubs. then clearing it of weeds and carefully mowing the grass is clearly an overwhelming task for any lawn mower. In such cases, even a hand tool. an ordinary scythe for grass will not help: you simply cannot swing it, bumping into tree trunks.

The ideal solution is a good and inexpensive electric grass trimmer. It is so lightweight, comfortable and easy to operate that it always becomes a favorite of women and the elderly. A lightweight, quietly whirring electric motor, a handle with comfortable grips and a nylon line tucked into a spool are the main components of an electric grass trimmer.

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The line also has its secrets

The line is wound on a spool inside the reel, with the ends exposed to the outside. When mowing, the spool rotates, and the line, with this rotation, cuts the grass. To release the tips, you need to lightly hit the coil on the ground (semi-automatic system), there are automatic reels, in which the fishing line is produced by itself. There are also a few rules when working with fishing line:

In order not to damage the line and reel. Try not to touch the spool and line with various hard materials. tracks, curbs, fences. This will shorten the line prematurely, damage the reel or even jam the engine. The line spool should also not touch the ground.

Cut with the ends is more effective. Cutting the full length of the line can overload the engine. It also reduces the mowing efficiency. The tool should be held so that it only mows with the tips of the line. To do this, tilt it forward. towards the mowing side.

Tall grass requires several mows. If the grass is taller than 20 centimeters, then one mowing will not do here. You need to mow two or three times, from top to bottom. This is to prevent the grass from wrapping around the reel. The wound grass is the ensured overheating of the engine. If the grass is still wound, you need to stop the tool and clean it.

remove, grass, trimmer

The line ran away and hid in the reel. This option happens when you work if you did not release the line from the reel in time. After all, the line is erased and shortened during mowing. If you do not have time to release it, then stop the engine, turn off the tool from the mains, and then disassemble the spool and pass the ends of the line into the desired holes.

What does the line consumption depend on? It must be remembered that the line wears out faster if the grass is tough. Therefore, you need to release it more often when mowing weeds and dry tough grass. Around the foundation of the house, near the wall and the curb, the line consumption will also be higher than directly on the lawn or near the trees. It is worth considering: if you work carefully and accurately, then the consumption of the trimmer line will be optimal and economical.