How to remove the blade from a Bosch lawnmower

How to unscrew the bolt on a lawnmower. How to remove the knife on an electric lawnmower

Lawn mowers, like any technique, are not eternal. There come times when some parts wear out and require the user’s attention. In such cases, it is important not to ignore the features of the device and perform all quality maintenance operations.

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Of course, you can turn to specialists of the service, but many operations can be easily carried out by the owners themselves, the main thing is to know how to implement the repair and clearly follow the instructions.

How to fix the blade for a lawnmower?

A person can buy replacement blades immediately after purchasing the device, and can also sharpen the existing knife. In any case, after a part becomes dull, it must be removed.

First, you should disconnect the electrical device from the power supply and put it on its side. As for the gasoline unit, things are somewhat more complicated.

  • The grass catcher box should be removed;
  • Drain the oil and gasoline gently into different containers;
  • Disconnect the spark plugs;
  • Place the mower on its side.
  • The blade should be secured with a log or board so you don’t cut yourself in the process;
  • Often the blades are mounted on two bolts or one, but a large one placed in the center. A socket wrench or ring wrench will be a great helper;
  • Unscrew the bolts counterclockwise, as the right-hand thread is standard;
  • If the factory setting is stuck and is holding on too tight, you can use a special WD-40 fluid wrench.

There are also times when the blade adapters, which connect the cutting element to the engine, need to be replaced. Here it is important to understand that each manufacturer complements the products with certain features, so, for example, the specified part from the AL-KO mower can not be used for MTD.

Using the tips listed in the video below, every owner of a “garden helper” can learn methods to create an adapter with their own hands using basic parts and tools.

Overheated engine

Signs: Mower runs and shuts off. Engine overheat sensor goes off. Let the mower engine rest for a few hours. Move it in the shade and unplug it.

Signs: the sound of the mower has changed.

This fault can only be rectified by replacing the bearings. Most frequently damaged bearings are the upper bearing in the motor mount and the belt tension pulley. The upper bearing. 608 can be bought:

Replace upper bearing

To repair, we will need: screwdrivers (slotted, Phillips). Disassembly of the failed part is carried out as follows:

  • Loosen the 2 self-tapping screws (Phillips screwdriver) on the top cover of the mower, lift the cover;
  • Disconnect the wires going to the motor;
  • loosen the 4 screws;
  • Remove the springs from the magnets and move them outward a little as shown in the photo;
  • put a piece of wood against the axle and begin to press the bearing off, shifting it closer to the end of the motor axle;
  • when the bearing is removed, you need to wipe the axle and grease it a little with lithol or any other similar grease;
  • put another bearing, do not think that it should fit easily, it will have to be pressed in;
  • find a tube of the correct diameter. It’s important that the tube is slightly longer than the axle, but it has to be at the bush closest to the axle, otherwise you will damage the bearing. Put the tube in place and, slowly, without excessive tapping, push the bearing back in.

The bearings wear out faster because of dust, sand and dirt. Often the protective red cover made of thin plastic bursts. The replacement is ideally suited with a box from a film camera. And remember that any bearing any grease. The cover will not protect from the dirt, we recommend that the upper part should be coated with some thick grease, then the dust will settle on it.

With a roller belt tensioning a little bit more complicated: sold as a complete part (roller with bearing, bracket and spring). You can order from Bosch parts online stores. Search request: Bosch ROTAK 32 parts 3600H85B00. The belt tensioner is sold under part number F016L68711.

Belt tension pulley replacement

For repairs we need: screwdriver (slotted, Phillips).

  • After unscrewing the two screws remove the mower housing by pulling up the handle.
  • Disconnect the wire contacts.
  • Removing the black plastic dust cover.
  • Unscrew the two tapping screws of the spring that holds the motor and the screw that fixes the motor position (if there is one).
  • Rotate the motor clockwise until the grooves are aligned.
  • Remove the engine, lifting it up.
  • Take a chance and check the condition of the pinion and belt. While the belt can be purchased separately, the pinion gear is replaced with the engine assembly, which is a problem because it’s quite expensive.
  • To remove the tensioner, turn it to the right, until the grooves match, and pull up.
  • With a new tensioner, reset the spring before installation.
  • Pull the belt a little to the right, put the part in the groove of the axle and turn it to the left.
  • Install the motor in the groove, at this point the spring should click, coming out of the latch, pressing the roller against the belt.
  • After a click, turn the motor counterclockwise until the holes are aligned.
  • Install the spring, the dust cap, the contacts and the housing.

Belt drives keep the engine running longer. When you hit an obstacle, it is the consumables that take the hit, not the engine as it is the case with direct-drive mowers.

The company “Kulibin” offers repair of lawn mowers Bosch in the capital and the suburbs. In summer, such equipment is actively used, and periodically breaks down. To restore all the functions of your machine, get help from our experts.

Where to go for help?

Sometimes people, not knowing where to turn for help, throw away their almost new lawn mower. It’s easier to buy a new one. this is a big misconception. Even with a new appliance, you should call in a specialized service to have it adjusted properly. Then your lawn mower will last a long time, without unexpected breakdowns. Bosch Lawnmower Diagnostics is the first thing you should do at a service center when you have a malfunction or a serious breakdown. It’s best to have your Bosch lawn mower repaired at a trusted service center. Our consultants can help you with your choice of a lawn mower repair and diagnostics center.

Remember that all repair work, sharpening and checking blades, and troubleshooting engine malfunctions are only performed when the mower is unplugged!

The most common malfunctions:

Blunt blade

Signs: The grass cutter does not cut well. After mowing the grass ends are chopped, the threaded ends are yellow.

Troubleshooting: turn the mower upside down and resharpen the blade. If the blade has jagged edges or is badly dull, you need to unscrew the nut, remove the blade. This makes it quicker and easier to sharpen. The nut often becomes jammed and is difficult to unscrew. If this is the case drop some WD-40 or rust remover and wait for 15-20 minutes. Try again. For easy unscrewing you can create a stop for the blade: there are holes in the plastic bottom where you can insert a screwdriver, it will serve as a stop.

How to change the blade on a lawnmower

Today we show you how to change the blade on your lawnmower. A sharp and well-balanced blade is important for proper grass cutting and efficient lawnmower operation.

A sharp knife gives a clean and smooth cut, while a blunt one tears the grass and makes it vulnerable to disease and damage. Replacing or sharpening the blade should be part of the maintenance procedure. Fortunately, the lawn mower blade is easy to replace.

This is a simple procedure that requires almost no special knowledge or experience. Just be careful when handling the blade itself, and everything should be smooth. Before replacing, drain fuel from gas tank. This will prevent fuel leakage during the replacement steps.

WARNING! Before starting, operating, or servicing the engine or equipment, study the owner’s manual to avoid personal injury or property damage. Contact an authorized repair shop if you are unsure of any procedure or have additional questions.

You will need:

  • A 19, 17 or 15 wrench, depending on the model (see owner’s manual);
  • A lawn mower blade stopper (we didn’t have one) or a block of wood;
  • Good, sturdy work gloves, preferably leather ones (mandatory);

Step 1

  • Turn the mower on its side so the air filter is on top.
  • For a lawn mower with a seat (rider), use a jack or remove the cutting deck to gain access to the blade.


First of all it is recommended to remove the blade from the mower.

It’s not safe to lift the machine itself onto a car trestle, drive it to a car ditch, or hang the mower without removing the blade. It may start when you accidentally press or hit the start button, pull the starter cord, or the unit is not quite in working order.

  • The manual way to sharpen the blade blades is to use a sharpening stone and sandpaper without any motors or machines. Align a nicked and battered blade with a hammer or sledgehammer on an anvil, rail, or black bar.
  • The mechanized method, although supplemented by “forging” machining, requires sharpening on an angle grinder, saw, or drill. The last two options will require a special attachment, on which the grinding disc is put.

The mower blade is sharpened evenly and over the entire length of (each) tip. To avoid breaking the motor or gearbox ball bearings, it’s best to have the blade centered by a turner on the lathe. But even without a lathe the result is quite good.

Step by step execution

To correctly sharpen a lawn mower blade you don’t need to look for a craftsman. If you know how to handle manual and mechanical tools, then even without having skills in sharpening knives and blades, but doing everything strictly according to the instructions, you will immediately learn to sharpen the cutters for mowers by yourself.

To remove the knife follow these steps.

  • Position the mower so that the bolt holding the blade is easily accessible for you.
  • To stop the shaft turning, put a block of wood under the knife.
  • Try to unscrew the nut with a 19mm wrench. Nut size may vary. On many models the blade is attached with a central bolt and secured with a washer and nut.
  • If the nut will not loosen, apply oil or grease to the threaded joint so as not to tear the edges of the bolt or wrench. Leave it in this condition for several hours.
  • If there is insufficient force on the wrench lever, hit it with a hammer in the counterclockwise direction. unscrew the nut. In the vast majority of cases the nut can be removed without any problems.

The last two steps will save you the adapter that secures the motor or gearbox shaft to the blade. The spindle mower will not run without it. If you are still unable to remove the cutter with your own hands, call a repair shop.

With minor damage, the torch can also be sharpened without removal.

Cleaning and dressing

After removing the blade, clean off any dried-on grass cuttings and dirt. There’s no need to strip it down to a metallic sheen. But the blades themselves should not have anything extraneous on them.

If the blade is notched and bent, it must be straightened.

Straighten with a hammer and an iron bar or a piece of rail to serve as an anvil. If you see new nicks and cracks after straightening the blade, it is useless to straighten it. If the cracks are small after straightening, grind down the cracked steel strip until the blade is completely straight.

Bringing out the chamfer

The flats of the blade are the border zone between the base of the working part and the edge of the point. As with kitchen knives, which have quite different functions, the flanks to the tip have their own normative tolerance.

Bringing out the smooth and accurate chamfer is half the battle for restoring a blade to its original point.

The mower blades use a predominantly “single-slope” cutterbar. A too “steep” descent (30-60 degrees). as well as too “shallow” too “flat” (less than 30 degrees) will cause the tip to dull quickly and lose its cutting characteristics too quickly. On the cross cutting edge of the knife should not be crooked. A smooth ridge is much more resistant to dirt and easier to clean than a rounded one.

blade sharpening

Mower blades are sharpened with the help of:

  • chisels, files and emery boards;
  • angle grinder (with grinding disks);
  • An electric drill or any motor with a special attachment that holds a round sharpening stone;
  • on an emery machine.

Make sure there are no dents, notches, or dents on the blades of the blade. For quality sharpening, you will most likely need a vise. it will rigidly fix the knife in a position ideal for quick sharpening. Small chips and potholes can be removed with a chisel or file or a coarse-grained grinder.

Bosch ROTAK 32 lawnmower blade

Delivery in Ukraine by using the delivery service “New Mail”, “Intime”, “Delivery”, “Autolux”, “Ukrposhta” etc.ะด. With these shipping services we can send your order to almost any place. Delivery to all major cities of Ukraine takes no more than 2 days, in the district centers. 3 days.

  • As a rule, the shipment of orders is carried out within one or two days after confirmation of our order.
  • When ordering, it is important to specify the delivery service and the number of the warehouse where you want to receive the package.
  • You can order “door-to-door” delivery if you pay for your order in full. In this case, you pay only the shipping costs to the courier.
  • In the case of a large order, we can find an individual truck for delivery, or upload your order to the moving in your city. The cost and conditions are calculated individually.

Bosch ROTAK 32 Lawn Mower Blade (F016800340)

Lawn mower blades Bosch (Bosch) ROTAK 32/320

Blade for Bosch ROTAK 32/320 (F016800367) lawnmower. a strong steel blade, forged, has a length of 320 mm with a rib in the middle. two-sided mowing edge with special angle enables an effective mowing, and the blades of edge create a suction airflow sufficient for pulling the mowed grass off the lawn. The blade is treated with a special corrosion-resistant coating that protects the metal against rust and grass buildup.

The blades of the Bosch ROTAK 32 rotary mower do not need to be resharpened and are delivered in a sharpened condition. For longer cutting time it is not recommended to place stones and metal objects on the base of the knife. That causes chipping and jagged edges that result in poorly mowed grass. Regular cleaning of the mower blade of grass residue, as well as a slight and evenly sharpening of the blade tip on both sides, contribute to better mowing and a longer service life of the Bosch lawnmower.

Buy Bosch ROTAK 32 Lawn Mower Blade (F016800340) from the comfort of your home on our AgroStart website.

Here is a review of the Bosch replacement blade F016800370 for the ARM 34 lawnmower

Before the start of another dacha season, it was decided to replace the old Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower blade with a new. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s listed part number F.016.800.The 271 is discontinued, and there is no replacement information on the Bosch web site. In the end, after surfing through a bunch of websites, I found mention that F.016.800.The 370 seems to fit the replacement.

You can ignore the picture on the front of the package (the patient on the far right):

The packaging is sealed and the blade is hidden under a cardboard, so it is not possible to measure the exact dimensions before opening it.

I had to buy the blade at on-lineTrade for 1300 ruble for the sake of the experiment. I bought it on April 9, and tried it on the spot the next weekend.

Bolt and washer and washer-plate with star-shaped slots

The replacement instructions are on the inside of the package. There is nothing new there: to insert the screwdriver into the hole on the housing (I recommend to screw a little bit until the screwdriver goes in deeper, because if you put the knife in the position indicated by the manufacturer, then from the first or even the third time the screwdriver does not go all the way in), then use a wrench to unscrew the screw, remove the washer and remove the old knife. It is also shown that it is not necessary to lubricate the bolt thread.

I suspect that the whole difference F.016.800.370 (left) and F.016.800.271 (right) consists of different blank washers.

Just a small side note: I did not like the new slotted washer, it wobbled a bit when installed, it seems the configuration is a bit different from the old one. So I washed and put the old washer.

To compare dimensions and bending angle I give you a couple of photos with the old knife:

The lower bend of the old blade seems to be a little thinner, but I am not sure, because I did not measure it with the caliper. The bending pattern is identical, all dimensions and machining holes are the same.

Knife with part number F.016.800.370 fits perfectly on the Rotak 34. Definitely recommend it.

After installing the blade, I started the lawnmower, the flow of sucked air felt more, blows great (it blew out all the grass and soil residues left from last year), it means that the volume of cut and sent to the hopper grass will be more and less messy piles will be lying on the lawn. The season will show.

My testimonial: Bosch electric lawnmower Rotak 32. Justifies itself in the work on the garden.

Good day, my dear readers. I want to share my first impressions about this electric mower: Bosch Rotak 32. from famous German manufacturer, assembled in England. I hope that my review, although I write it a little late. will publish.I bought it in June 2011 and it serves me well to this day, very practical and reliable assistant in maintaining the lawn in good condition. My lawn is about 3 acres.The manual is printed in 27 languages, I think that this also says a lot.

It comes with: the mower itself with the handle, the lower part of the handle, 2 screws, 2 wing nuts, grass catcher box and user manual. I have always been convinced that this mower is the best.Looks pretty attractive, pleasing to the eye. Picture without and with grass catcher box.

A grass catcher box is included, as I said before. It consists of two parts, which are mounted on plastic latches and are fairly easy to assemble and disassemble. It is very handy for transportation.

It is equipped with a sturdy handle that allows it to be carried comfortably, both with and without grass. For servicing, it is quite easy to remove, just squeeze the latches and pull it towards you.

The handle is foldable, which is very handy for transportation and can be locked in assembled state with two thumbscrews.The handle can be adjusted to body height.

The electric motor is well protected by the cover that has ventilation holes to prevent overheating.

It also has a strong and solid handle, allowing you to easily carry the mower. When servicing. As with the grass catcher box handle, it is very easy to remove. Release the catches and pull it towards you.

To service the engine and surrounding area, simply remove the cover and use a rag, wooden scraper, and brush to. Remove grass and dust residue. It is not recommended to wash the machine with water, but you can wipe the plastic parts with a damp cloth.

A metal plate is inserted in the front of the lawnmower for weighting. And that’s not unimportant, as the mower is lightweight.

The kit comes with a two-blade hard steel blade that allows you to mow the grass without sharpening. Up to 15 hours. Some media outlets have slipped the idea that the knife. self-sharpening. do not believe it, the knife needs to be sharpened. This is what it looks like:

To remove it, you will need a simple socket wrench, which is also included.

A Phillips screwdriver is shown next to this wrench, which will allow you to easily remove the engine compartment cover.I want to draw your attention that when sharpening the blade, you need to pay special attention to the even sharpening of the cutting blades. Because if you do not comply with this requirement. the balance of the blade will be out of balance, resulting in vibration, which can lead to serious consequences. After sharpening, be sure to check the balance, it is easy to check this: place the knife on a 1 mm thick plate clamped in a vice and keep the center of gravity. If one of the sides is out of balance. remove it by sharpening the appropriate side of the knife. The knife is easily removable. socket wrench, a little effort and the screw is unscrewed, the knife is easily removed. Do not lose the screw and washer.

After cleaning, maintaining and sharpening the knife. we put it back where it was before. Washer, screw and clamp firmly, there should be no chattering of the blade.

remove, blade, bosch, lawnmower

This lawnmower has three levels of mowing: 20,40 and 60mm.If you are not satisfied with this height. you can make up your mind. Personally I like the height of 30 mm, so I put a pad, 10 mm thick, under the blade and set the height of 20 mm. That gives you four possibilities: 20, 30, 40 and 60 mm.Adjusts the height of mowing by shifting the axis of the wheels. You just pull it towards you and put it in the right place, and that’s it, all four wheels. Don’t get it wrong in a hurry.

This lawnmower. Is not self-moving, so to change the direction of travel. You have to lift the front wheels by pulling the handle down.It is very convenient to mow the grass along the fence and around bushes and flower beds, as the side rake is provided.

Review: The blade for the Bosch Rotak 43 Li cordless mower. The second most important part of the lawnmower after the motor.

Bosch sells their cordless lawnmowers in a complete set, the knife is in the machine. But, if I have to mow a lot, and I have to mow a lot, it’s my job, then I need to take care of buying spare wheels. parts.

When I first started my first season with my Bosch Rotak 43 Li cordless mower, I decided to go straight out and buy a spare blade. I’ve looked at what is available in our online stores and saw that the of blades for this mower vary significantly. There are knives for 20 euros, and then there are 30. But, except for some minor external differences (some knives with teeth on the edges, others without), why such a price difference, I could not understand. I decided. The stores are stealing. It turns out that there is a difference.

Now I know that I have to pay attention to the product code. My lawn mower was equipped with such a blade with teeth.

I decided to save my money and bought such a knife.

It turned out that the quality of steel in it is somewhat worse, it rusts, and, as it seemed to me, the steel is less strong. I ran into the “iceberg” with my mower. Stones just lying in the grass are not so dangerous. It bounces and that’s it. The serrations on the knife, of course, will remain. But, in the workshop afterwards the knife will be normally sharpened. And the “iceberg” is a rock that has “grown” into the ground and only a small part of it is sticking out on the surface. High grass, unfamiliar terrain, and the sun was blinding. I “screwed up” the knife. It bent, the machine vibrated a lot and that was the end of my day. Luckily the mower was intact and when I installed another blade, it didn’t vibrate anymore. I don’t buy any more knives with the code F016800278.

I buy the more expensive ones with code F016800369.

In addition to the blade itself, there is a spare bolt and washer in the kit.

It is far from being a flat bar, except for the hole in the center for the blade itself, there are two more holes. I do not understand what they do. But, I do not think that Bosch made them for beauty. The blades have a kind of curvature, the knife when rotating creates a powerful vortex, which draws like a vacuum cleaner the mowed grass and even debris, if it was in the grass. The knife is not sharpened along its entire length, but only at 68 mm. on every side.

This knife does not rust, steel quality is better. I don’t know why, but the pictures indicate that this blade is only suitable for the Rotak 43 cordless lawnmower, it won’t fit simple electric ones.

The information on the package duplicates some of the points in the Lawn Mower Operator’s Manual. A reminder is never superfluous. For example, about the observance of safety rules, about the size of the wrench that is needed to screw the knife, and that in no case is it allowed to pour oil on the thread.

In general, if you decide to buy a Bosch Rotak 43 Li lawnmower, be sure to buy a spare blade right away, because anything can happen in the process of operation. I do not discourage from buying a cheaper mower blade, it is quite serviceable. But, if the terrain of the site is difficult, it is better not to save on the knife.

Proper sharpening of the lawnmower blade with their own hands. How to correctly place the blade on the mower

Despite the fact that the blades of the lawnmower are made of quality steel, from time to time they need to be renewed. Luckily this does not require any special skills or equipment and today we will tell you how to sharpen lawnmower blade yourself without damaging the metal quality.

You can cut the grass from the lawn even if the mower blade has blunted edges. However, in this case, the shoots will delaminate in the longitudinal direction, turning into a fringe. After a few days the grass will be withered and painful for weeks. The cut should be even and neat, then it will tighten in just a few hours and the lawn will always be lush green. This requires the blade to be sharpened almost perfectly.

Left: Grass cut with a blunted lawnmower blade. Right: Grass cut with a sharp blade

How to remove the blade from a lawn mower

Before proceeding with partial disassembly of the lawnmower, you need to protect yourself and her. If the device with an electric drive is enough to simply unplug, the gasoline lawnmowers require prior preparation. First of all it is necessary to remove the cap from the spark plug. Next, you should exclude fuel leaks, i.e. either drain the tank or put a sealed rubber diaphragm under the cap and close the fuel tap. The mower should only be turned to the side of the handle, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the operating instructions. Before flipping the mower, don’t forget to squeeze the exhaust hose of the crankcase gases to avoid oil spillage.

Different blade configurations are used in lawnmowers. In the simplest case, it is an ordinary two-blade plate of complex shape, but the knife can also be composite. the upper blade is designed to mulch the grass clippings. There are also four-blade blades, which can be either compound or on a common base.

The blade can be bolted either centrally via a shaped washer or with two bolts resting on a center hole or pin. In any case the threads on the bolts are right-handed and therefore need to be unscrewed in an anti-clockwise direction. To prevent the shaft from rotating, place a block of wood against the ground underneath the blade. It is advisable to memorize or mark the position of the blade(s), so as not to mix up anything when reassembling. Screw the unscrewed bolts temporarily into the loose holes.

The blade works in lawn mowers

The blade of the lawnmower performs the function of mowing the grass. The blades are made of stainless steel. The sharpening of the knife affects the performance of the work. A sharp tool cuts the plants evenly. Dull. Leaves them fringed, that is, the cut of each blade of grass cut perpendicular to the surface into several pieces. This happens if you tear the grass with your hands. As a result, the grass is neatly and evenly cut, the next day the cut is pulled down. That glade looks attractive and bright. In the second case, the area in front of the house is dirty green. The cut areas will only heal after 10 to 18 days.

Note! An additional function of the blade in lawn mowers is to create an airflow during rotation, through which the plants are transferred to the weed. There are often a few special notches for blades to do this.

Lawnmower sharpening from Lenfilm Studios

We tried our best. If you’re not very happy, visit our website. That’s where we got the details of the flights sorted out.

Reasons for removing the blade

Common reasons for removing or replacing a cutting element:

When the blade becomes dull, bent or deformed, the lawn looks uneven after mowing. Proper sharpening can rectify the situation.

Professionals recommend performing the procedure once a year. It’s better to do it in the spring, before you start work. If the cutting elements dull faster, sharpen them more often.

If cracks, fissures or fissures become visible on the blades or become thin, then replacement is required. Sharpening such a tool is useless. In addition, the blade can break at any time and fly out from under the machine body, injuring people or animals nearby. Such a device can also cause damage to the motor. Modification of the element is allowed for this model. See manual for blade specifications.

remove, blade, bosch, lawnmower

How to replace a Bosch Rotak 37 LI with a lawn mower

Bosch Rotak 37 LI, how to change than on a lawn mower.

Tatiana65, I have a Honda mower, it was on my fourth year. A detailed annotation on how to sharpen the blade is added to it. laryx wrote it right. Although it is safer and easier to remove than, which, by the way, is fixed with 2 bolts. We check the balance by hanging it with a screwdriver.

Naturally, you cannot run over pebbles and other objects. it is a very bad knife.

I always sharpen my knives myself. to service centers far and near. black stone. The previous relatively low-powered electronic lawnmower had to be honed quite often; the grass edges were differently layered. So far we have sharpened the stronger gasoline once a season. We see that it feels “pressure.”. The first time it was very hard to get the knife out. it sticks to something or other, but a couple only the third sentence is special. Unlocked the key. And I’ve had trouble with pliers on electronics.

I took a spare blade from the lawnmower, but my husband took the old one off and sharpened it, worked for a while, hoping that the mower would be unbalanced all the time and I would buy the last one. It does not work I have used it now and it has been feeding for at least 4 years.

To some extent, the danger of a little imbalance is a myth. Look at the knife, it’s not much news that it sticks to the film, but not sparingly. And nothing harmful will happen.

But if you take it out and sharpen it on a grinder, you will get imbalance, the grinder will shamelessly remove the metal.

Personally, I sharpened or diamond rattle (very good for tool steel and removes the minimum). Or, if I use a totally different Dremel mini drill, it can also be sharpened very carefully. There is no need to sharpen the knife completely to sharpness, the main thing is that it has an obvious angle, not roundness.

It’s hard to check the balance by placing the knife over the center hole on the rod. If it hangs evenly. In balance if one side is down. The balance is off and it needs to be slightly removed. Sure, this method grinds your knives faster, but I think it’s more economical to buy a couple spares and replace them while grinding than just dragging the service across town and paying for sharpening. (the only time I’ve ever done this, they took 300 from me, that was about 5 years ago). You just need to calculate how much the knife costs and how much it costs to go to the workshop.

I don’t like to sharpen rattles or wire stone. It’s long and boring. that’s too bad. You might also consider another job. like weeding. In my opinion

Vaska, I don’t sharpen my knives either, I change them, but I will tell you about the imbalance. Putting the knife on the stick and aligning it only gives you static balance, you cannot check dynamic balance at home, and this in particular gives the most adverse effects on the motor.

remove, blade, bosch, lawnmower

Rom165, I want to clarify. I just sharpened the knives. But myself, with an electric grinder. And the others agree. They have been using an electronic lawnmower for 6 years, it has already started to wear the housing (plastic). But it worked fine and was given to “good hands” after buying gasoline in working order. For many years the 2 knives were used interchangeably, and there was no time to sharpen with a sharpener until discarded. And a lot of people have mowed. hundreds of herbs. There was an imbalance. It wasn’t. I don’t know.