How To Remove The Disc From The Trimmer

DIY trimmer coil repair

The trimmer, whether petrol or electric, is the only solution for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places that a wheeled lawnmower cannot handle. As a cutting tool in trimmers, metal knives or special fishing line are used, which is tucked into the trimmer coil. But, unfortunately, the trimmer heads become unusable over time during operation. Some malfunctions can be eliminated by hand, and some require a complete replacement of the mowing head.

I want to start with a concise description of the technical features of the trimmers.

What is needed, trimmers are electronic and gasoline. The cutting element of the trimmers will please you with a line and a knife. The fishing line is ordinary, 4. Pentahedral and intertwined (like a pigtail). Knives are of 2, 3 and 4 bladed knife. Knives also come in plastic and iron.

The line feed system from the trimmer is manual, automatic and automatic.

Development engineers who make new models of trimmers correctly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the line and the number of knife blades, according to the power of the trimmers. In unpleasant cases, the engine is overloaded.

Since we saw the choice of a trimmer in the previous article, now you will find out how to correctly fill the trimmer with fishing line, and which is the best option to choose from the work criterion.

When you purchased a trimmer and began to use it intensively, at some point the question of changing the fishing line will arise, since this is the most wearing out element in the tool, the rich operation of the trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

A common type of line that fits virtually all types of reel round cords. This is an ordinary fishing line, applicable for mowing succulent grass, alas, it will be much more difficult to mow dead wood with it, and even more so it will not cope with shrubs.

Usually, the diameter, which can be used for mowing young grass, does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the more coarse grass it is able to overcome.

Fundamentally! The choice of line for the trimmer should be controlled by the annotation to your.

Any self-respecting summer resident should have a country trimmer at his own disposal, or whatever they call a lawn mower. But if you want to be in order to maintain the trimmer in working order, you need to be able to correctly change the line in the trimmer to maintain it in working condition.

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In this guide, we will see how to remove the trimmer spool and change the line in a personal computer. Definitions used in the manual:

The trimmer or lawn mower is an electronic device for mowing lawn grass. Powered by electricity, in other words, gasoline Mowing head of the trimmer is an element attached to the stick of your lawn mowers Reel a device on which the line is wound Trimmer line of a small diameter wiring used for cutting grass (mowing)

Trimmer line change control at the bottom of the article

While starting to change the line, you should separate the mowing head of the lawn mowers in which the reel is located.

The bobbins of the trimmers, the motor of which is located at the very ground, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool located at the edges that must be wrung out, otherwise the thread change is no different from other cassettes.

The principle of correct winding of the fishing line is identical in all the above cases, therefore, for example, we will consider the standard version with 2 antennae.

To remove the spool with the fishing line, you need to unscrew the screw located in the center, but note that the thread is left there, therefore you will have to turn it clockwise, this was made on purpose so that during operation it does not open under the influence of centrifugal force.

Then, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and pull out the spool on which the fishing line is specifically wound. Having measured the desired length and folded twice, it is necessary to tuck the fishing line into the spool, eventually bringing its ends opposite each other (for this there are special slots for fixing).

Then you need to assemble the head in reverse order by threading the ends of the cord into two corresponding holes.

If you have doubts or it is not completely clear how to load the line on the trimmer, we advise you to take a look: how to correctly wind the line into the lawn mower. How to remove the head from the trimmer. In this clip, the instructor will carefully open the trimmer head step by step, measure the required amount of line, usually from 2 to 4 meters, and demonstrate the assembly and installation on the trimmer.

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How to replace, remove the cutter head of the BlackDecker GL716 Electric Trimmer

How to change, remove the mowing head of the BlackDecker GL716 electronic trimmer for repair or replacement.

What types of woods are there

A common type of line that fits virtually all types of reel round cords. How to remove the spool from the assemble the mowing head. Before the trimmer attachment. This is an ordinary fishing line, suitable for mowing succulent grass, but it will be much more difficult to mow dead wood with it, and even more so it will not cope with shrubs.

Usually, the diameter, which can be used for mowing young grass, does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the more coarse grass it is able to overcome.

There are fishing lines with sharpened edges in the form of an asterisk or a square, this option is more adapted to mowing dry grass precisely due to the existing sharp edges, but its drawback is greater wear and is inferior in strength to a round cord.

How to thread the line into the trimmer spool

In order to wind the line, it will take about 10-15 minutes. What is a trimmer coil? Plastic body with a cassette inside, on which there is a special hook for comfortable winding of the line. In fact, all trimmer spools have a similar fastening principle, this is a central screw-button, when pressed, it becomes possible to pull the line of the required length. The photo below shows a few examples of different trimmer spools.

How to remove a spool from a Patriot trimmer

Its task is the uninterrupted transmission of torque from the engine to the wheels through the V-belt. How to correctly wind the line on the trimmer spool Many, having worked out the factory line on the recently received trimmer, try to wind the newest one, but they cannot, because they do not know how to properly wind the line on the trimmer spool. How to Change the Screwdriver Bit. It’s no secret that it is easier and faster to unscrew and fasten the screws. Any tool has the ability to wear out and fail. This is especially true for moving and frequently used parts.

How To Remove The Disc From The Trimmer

In a screwdriver, this component is the cartridge. How to connect a single-phase electric motor through a capacitor: starting, working and mixed switching options In technology, asynchronous type motors are often used. Such units are distinguished by simplicity, good features, low noise level, lightness of e. How To Change The Trimmer Disc. Since we covered choosing a trimmer in a previous article, today we are going to show you how to trim your trimmer with a hair growth mowing line and which one is best for your application. Once you have purchased a trimmer and started it. How to Unscrew Disc From Angle Grinder.

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Without this, neither there nor here! And if suddenly this does not succeed, you will have to evade in every possible way, seek. Installing the Ignition Coil On the Tiller. Reel For Brush Cutters. Chainsaw repair Important little things Chainsaw repair. HT31 head. part 2 Nemo Nemon. The trimmer coil will not unscrew. Useful life hack. Overview of the Huter Electric Trimmer Coil. This is not educational. I don’t teach anyone how to assemble, repair and others. The situation has developed. How to disassemble the trimmer Andrey Nevashedelo. How to change the piston on the trimmer.

In this I will show you how to quickly change the piston trimmer on your own. I will change on the trimmer. Upper and lower trimmer gear. About gearboxes on trimmers, the lower gearbox and the upper gearbox bell, how to understand how they differ. Service, Maintenance, Tuning. Business, Finance Macroeconomics. Manufacturing enterprises. Own business. Real estate, mortgage. Accounting, Audit, Taxes. Other areas of business. Debts, Collectors. Dating, Love, Relationships Love. Other relationships. Software.

Mobile devices. Education Kindergartens. Additional education. Other education. Philosophy, Unknown Mysticism, Esoterics. Other unknown. Travel, Tourism Independent rest. Other tourist. Pregnancy, Childbirth. Parenting. Furniture, Interior. Country life. Wedding, Wedding, Marriage. It will not work to tighten or unscrew the nut without fixing the shaft. To replace the cord, it will be enough to loosen the screws, insert a piece of line of the required length and press it down. Also, the mowing head for attaching the fishing line to it can be made of metal sheet.

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