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How to Remove the Husqvarna 323r Trimmer Head

Husqvarna 325 Rdx manual

Husqvarna 325 RDx Gas Trimmer (9680338-01)

The Husqvarna 325 RDx petrol trimmer is suitable for long and voluminous work in gardens, parks, golf and soccer fields, due to its low weight, only 5 kg. Indispensable for mowing various types of herbs. soft and hard breeds, bushes and young trees. Starting the device can be facilitated by the specially installed Air Purge primer, which pumps air into the carburetor. Convenience at work is provided by the presence of an asymmetric handle with two handles. In addition, the Husqvarna 325 RDx suspension and quick adjustment of the ergonomic handle provide a relaxed posture during operation. The latest development of Husqvarna engineers, presented a special trimmer cord, which reduces the noise level by about 50%. The Husqvarna 325 RDx lawn mowers include a cover for knives and heads, engine protection in the form of a plate located at the bottom and protection for spark plugs. Transporting the trimmer is very easy and convenient thanks to the split shaft. The Husqvarna 325 RDx has a transparent fuel tank. it’s very convenient.

The main technical characteristics of the Husqvarna 325 RDx gas trimmer:

  • Engine power Husqvarna 325 RDx is. 0.9 kW;
  • Engine power is. 1.2 l / s;
  • Rod diameter. 24 mm;
  • Engine turns at full power. about 9000 rpm;
  • Belt equipment Duo-Balance 35. is;
  • Trimmer weight. 5 kg;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.5 L;
  • The maximum recommended engine speed is 11700 rpm;
  • The length of the rod is. 1483 mm;
  • Engine displacement. about 24.5 cc / cm;
  • Dimensions of the trimmer (Length. Width. Height). 1483 mm;
  • Bore / Stroke. 34 mm;
  • Smart Start system. yes;
  • Fuel pump. yes;
  • Two-section bar. is;
  • The cutting element is a fishing line.

Husqvarna 325 RDx petrol trimmer with all the necessary advantages, easy to use, store and transport. Husqvarna 325 RDx is a great choice for many landowners and gardeners!

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Husqvarna 325 rdx instruction:

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    Husqvarna 325RDx

    Husqvarna 325RDx is a modern grass mowing scythe. It is well used for uneven soil surfaces, as well as where accuracy and accuracy are required. The trimmer is indispensable for processing sections of greenery inaccessible to other garden equipment. For example, if your personal plot has narrow stripes near flower beds, there is garden furniture, decorative slides of stones are laid out or there is a playground, then you can easily do the job with a trimmer, as it also has great power and light weight. You can also cut grass with various geometric patterns without any problems. Husqvarna 327RDx. It is a lightweight trimmer for heavy work. It is equipped with an E-TECH® II engine, which reduces the amount of exhaust gases in the engine and, consequently, has the least impact on the working atmosphere. The split shaft makes this model convenient for transportation and storage. Husqvarna 327RDx is a gas trimmer. All petrol trimmers have a high power output and are independent of weather conditions (for example, rain). Freedom of movement is unlimited. Knives can be changed, or you can sharpen, observing the balance. The engine is located at the top, so it will always be clean. They can mow wet grass. Gasoline trimmer cuts with a knife. The power of this trimmer is 1.2 hp, weight 5.6 kg. Grass mowing width 35 cm. Or 25 cm. Fuel tank volume 0.75 l. Engine type 2-stroke. The bar is straight. The handle has a U. shaped. The kit includes a knife, satchel and fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm. Country of manufacture Sweden. With regular use of this trimmer, the beautiful landscape of your garden is guaranteed.

    Video: How to Remove the Husqvarna 323r Trimmer Head

    Specifications of Husqvarna 325RDx:

    2-stroke Husqvarna® E-TECH® II 24.5 cu cm.

    T35 M10 trimmer head / grass blade Grass 255-4

    forged steel shaft

    with a knife. 25.5 mm. / Fishing line. 35 cm

    Fuel tank capacity

    a mixture of AI-92 gasoline with oil for two-stroke engines

    Benefits of Smart Start®

    Champion 2 stroke-oil

    ECHO Oil for 2-stroke engines Echo

    Champion gasoline candle

    ECHO Coil for trimmers Echo

    Champion Coil for Champion trimmers

    Question to the owners of the Husqvarna 325 RDx. Mastercity forum, archive

    Dear visitor! You are in the archive of the old forum site

    Question to the owners of the lawn mower Husqvarna 325 RDx

    I got a subject yesterday. I haven’t tried mowing yet, I plan to run it in the next weekend. There are a few questions.

    3. How to use the partial gas regulator (wheel) on the braid control handle? In what cases what position to expose?
    How to properly use the braid while mowing? Give a full throttle of seconds for 5-10, then reset the speed for 2-3 seconds, and so in a pulsed mode? (Such recommendations were given to me for working with a chainsaw, that is, they said that it was impossible to work at medium speeds. Full throttle, then harvest, etc. in pulsed mode). To the same question, sellers answered that everything is the same as for a saw.

    4. How to squirt a bevel gear? Special (original, though with a title "grease cutter grease") I bought a lubricant in a tube. But I did not find in the instructions a description of exactly how to do this. There is a tricky nut in the gearbox (there is a small funnel in the center of the nut), and I don’t understand whether it is necessary to unscrew it in order to pump the grease, or the design of the nut is such that the grease penetrates the gearbox through the funnel in the nut under the pressure of the hand applied to the tube with grease.

    5. When assembling the braid at home, I found that it is impossible to fix the braid handle with the handle adjustment screw. When you try to tighten the lamb harder, the bolt in the mount turns. It would be logical to use a bolt with a four-headed hat in this design of the holder. But, for some reason, it has the usual hexagonal hat, and is not held in the holder. The use of various keys to hold the bolt is difficult, because interferes with the plastics around the edges. I had to use a pair of pliers.
    It is hardly believed that the Huskvarna engineers admitted a similar jamb in this simplest construction.
    My suggestion. the native bolt was apparently simply lost or spioneer, replacing it with a regular one. How are you doing with this?

    6. In the instructions, on the assembly diagram of the knife-cutting braids, the following are used: lock nut, support flange, support cup, and the blade itself. All this sits on the drive disk.
    For some reason, I did not find a support flange in the kit (pos. 20 according to the scheme). Maybe you can do without it and they just didn’t put it at the factory?

    7. How often do I need to check the fuel filter for contamination, and how to get to it? In the instructions about him, not a word seems. But the sellers repeatedly told me that it was necessary to wash it very often and change it once a season. (They said the same thing about the chainsaw).

    8. Do I need to burn gasoline remaining in the carburetor after draining the remaining gasoline from the tank before preserving the braid for more than 2 weeks. Those. start a saw and wait until it dies.

    9. How sharp should the knife be? The new one looks pretty dumb. This is normal?

    10. I will look at home on my model of the trimmer head, but it seems to me that the model that comes with my kit does not appear in the instructions. I don’t understand whether a lock nut (key 19) is needed for its fastening, or just screw the head with the built-in nut. I was able to disassemble the head only partially, or rather, only remove the reel with fishing line. I could not remove the central plastic button of the trimmer. How then to unscrew this head if it tightens strongly on the shaft?

    11. How to use a semi-automatic trimmer head? Hit the ground during operation when it is found that the braid is mowing poorly?

    He took the scythe from the window.
    Stamp in the warranty card (company coupon "100 drank") did not set. I hope that just by inattention. And I did not check (often distracted by mobile calls).
    Received Shtilevsky as a gift. plastic glasses.

    Alex, thanks for the tip. On Monday, I will call the representative office.

    I figured out some questions.

    Question 6. regarding the support flange. I have a flange. The misunderstanding arose due to the inconsistency of the figure in the instructions with the real appearance of this flange.
    Everything is good.

    Question 10. regarding the trimmer head. I managed to disassemble it and I understood how it is attached. I really don’t know how easy it will be to unscrew it after mowing.

    Yours faithfully,

    Official response from Husqvarna

    1. In order to determine "grayness" of this braid, it is necessary to check its serial number on the database of our representative office, in which all the equipment we import is fixed. In any case, the company "100 drank" has good service and can always help.

    2. All Husqvarna petrol technology is inspected and adjusted at the factory, however this adjustment is averaged for world conditions. Therefore, when selling it, you must start it and check the correctness of adjustment for specific conditions. If necessary, the seller must adjust the adjustment. According to the recommendations of the company, when the engine is run-in, its maximum revolutions without load should be adjusted to 700-800 revolutions lower than recorded in the engine specifications. After running in these revolutions, he should gain it by himself, but it is better to check it all the same by the tachometer in the service center.

    Regarding the sound of the engine running: the lawnmower engines are generally less powerful than chainsaws, and are structurally slightly different, so they work more "louder". A whistle can emit fishing line trimmer head.

    3. It is not necessary to operate the lawn mower in a pulsed mode. Its engine is designed so that when mowing grass (that is, under load, when its speed decreases to maximum power speed), it can work for a long time without discharging gas. By the way, as well as in a chainsaw, work at maximum power (when the engine speed is equal to the maximum power speed) can last quite a long time. but "long enough". it is relative. If for a chainsaw this is a few minutes, then for a lawn mower. it’s half an hour or more. However, there is an exception. These are cases when the engine is not running at full load. When working with a chainsaw in this case, it is necessary to do more frequent relocations, every 20-30 seconds. When working with lawn mowers, not full throttle operation is allowed in this case. It is for this purpose that the 325RDx model has a special regulator for maximum speed when the trigger is fully pressed (the wheel on the control handle). If you are working with a lawn mower with insufficient load for it (when its speed does not fall to the maximum power speed), you just need to turn this control to the side "turtles", and when the trigger is fully pulled, the mower will gain less speed than the maximum. This is much more convenient than catching these intermediate revolutions with your finger while holding the trigger in an intermediate position.

    However, in any case, even a short operation of the engine (both a lawn mower and a chainsaw) is unacceptable at maximum speeds without load. This mode of operation is valid for no more than 15-20 seconds. After that, the engine will simply jam.

    4. It is best to change the grease in the bevel gear once at the beginning of the season and check its presence during the season and add if necessary. To replace the grease in the gearbox, unscrew the bolt cap, remove the old grease through the hole, rinse the gearbox and fill it with 3/4 new grease.

    7. The fuel filter according to the instructions is checked once a month (see chapter "Maintenance" section "Monthly maintenance") or in cases where your braid stops working normally or starts up. To get the filter out of the gas tank, it is necessary to pull the fuel line connecting the tank to the carburetor out of the tank through the filler neck: the fuel filter is located at the end of the gas pipe. The filter is considered dirty and needs to be replaced if blackening of the bottom is visually visible on it. It is practically impossible to flush the fuel filter, and even pumping gasoline through it again has an effect on one, at most two refueling. Therefore, the dirty filter is simply replaced with a new one.

    8. It is only necessary to burn out the fuel remaining in the carburetor at the end of the season, with the conservation of the braid for the winter. This is because gasoline oxidizes over time and loses its properties. If you leave it in the spit for the winter, then in the spring there will be problems at launch. During the season, the oblique is used at least once a month, and no preservation is required for storage for a month.

    9. The knife should be just sharp. Sharpening it to the state of a razor blade is probably not worth it. However, the sharper it is sharpened, the better the mowing process will go.

    10. Trimmer heads are of two types. Some are directly screwed onto the gearbox, while others are fixed between the gearbox flanges like a metal knife (the support cup of the knife is not installed). The first heads have in their design special built-in nuts, with which they are installed on the gearbox. On the bodies of the second heads there are only special holes, without any built-in nuts. In both the first and second cases, a special stop is used to lock the gearbox shaft, which should be included in the braid kit.

    11. You can judge the need to add a mowing line by engine speed. When the fishing line wears out and becomes short, the load on the engine drops and the engine rpm increases. The mower starts "Screech". In order to add the length of the fishing line on the semi-automatic head, it is necessary to press the central button, which opens the drum with the cord. When the head rotates under the action of centrifugal forces, the cord begins to stretch out of the head, the drum rotates at a certain angle and again stops. If the fishing line is not enough, and the mower continues to run at high speeds, the procedure must be repeated. Hitting the ground with a button is not recommended, as this can lead to head breakage. You just need to press until the stopper is activated and re-gasing.

    Konstantin Medvedev
    Service Department Specialist

    Description and specifications of the 325RDx Lawnmower are added to the Husqvarna website. Officially, this model has been supplied to Russia since 2004 (although all official deliveries have standard guarantees

    . all official deliveries have a standard Husqvarna warranty card, not the seller’s card, as in your case). If you have any problems with the warranty provided by the company "100 drank", then you can contact us, we have leverage over them, including just a good relationship. But I hope that this is not needed.

    Representation of Husqvarna.

    Clarification under paragraph 3.

    The speed limit by the cruise control wheel does not reduce the speed hard, but creates a step up to which the throttle stick reaches. The more you turn the wheel toward the turtle, the earlier the throttle stick meets this step. But if you press the throttle stick firmly, it will go through this step and the speed will be maximum.

    Konstantin Medvedev.
    Husqvarna Service Specialists

    Thank you so much for the detailed answer.

    Yours faithfully,

    Vendor code: 9680338-01 9680338-01

    lightweight lawn mowing for long and hard work. Suitable for working in parks, golf courses, in the garden, etc. Convenient suspension and ergonomic handles with quick adjustment ensure the correct working position. A combination cover is provided for trimmer heads and knives. a protective plate located under the engine and protection of the spark plug. A detachable shaft makes transporting the lawn mower more convenient, it easily fits in the trunk of a car and even on a bicycle. Recommended applications: professional. mowing soft and hard herbs, overgrown bushes and trees.

    Easy transportation and storage

    Two-piece boom for easy transport and storage.

    The limiter of the maximum engine speed.

    Air Purge primer pumps air into the carburetor for easy starting. Transparent fuel tank for monitoring fuel levels.

    Protective cover "Combi"

    The protective cover can be used with grass knives and with a trimmer head.

    • Smart Start
    • E-tech
    • Low weight
    • Fuel pump
    • Two-section bar
    • Transparent fuel tank
    • Combined protective cover
    • Adjustable handle / knob, wing nut
    • Asymmetric handle
    • Comfortable handles
    • Soft handles
    • Belt Accessories Duo-Balance 35
    • Spring return ignition switch
    • lawn mowing (gas trimmer) Husqvarna 325RDX

      under warranty!

      lightweight lawn mowing for long and hard work. Suitable for working in parks, golf courses, in the garden, etc. Convenient suspension and ergonomic handles with quick adjustment ensure the correct working position. A combination cover is provided for trimmer heads and knives. a protective plate located under the engine and spark plug protection. The detachable shaft makes transporting the lawnmower more convenient; it easily fits in the trunk of a car and even on a bicycle.

      lawnmower Husqvarna 325RDX. This is a specially designed suspension that ensures the correct working position during work and allows you to work with this device for a very long time, without straining your back muscles.

      Husqvarna 325RDX has a powerful engine.
      In addition, the developers tried to take into account all the shortcomings of the lawn mower and exclude them in the 325RDX model lawnmower, which is why the device has a very low weight.
      The presence of a detachable shaft makes the transportation of this model of lawn mowers very simple and comfortable, it easily fits in the trunk of a car and can even be transported by bicycle.

      According to sellers and creators, the Husqvarna 325RDX is designed for professional mowing of hard and soft grass, as well as cutting young growth of trees and shrubs. Thanks to the forged connecting rod and specially designed reinforced knee shaft, the Husqvarna 325RDX is considered one of the safest and most durable braids on the Russian market.

      Repair and spare parts. service-center. 8 (495) 989-43-02

      Our advantages. prove by deed:

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