How to Remove Traces From an Angle Grinder On Glass

Scratches from wipers inevitably appear on the windshield of any car during its operation. It is almost impossible to avoid this, since the windshield is constantly in contact with abrasive particles in the air (sand, dust, ice, etc.) during movement.

Typically, such defects arise due to the interaction of abrasive particles with the car wipers, with which the driver cleans the windshield of the car from pollution. Therefore, the configuration of scratches from wipers arising on the windshield almost always follows the path of the car wipers. In some cases, scratches on the windshield also appear due to the fault of the driver, who can:

  • gently wipe the glass with a dry, dirty cloth;
  • in time not to eliminate malfunctions of wipers and their drive;
  • Do not notice that a foreign object has fallen under the wiper gum.

When there are a lot of scratches from the wipers on the windshield of the car, they begin to limit the review, especially in bright sunny weather and at night. The sun’s rays and the headlights of oncoming cars glare and distort the picture on the road. In addition, the driver’s eyes are very tired. In such conditions, driving a car becomes dangerous.

How to Remove Traces From an Angle Grinder On Glass

Scratches from wipers are fixed in two ways:

  1. Windshield replacement.
  2. Polishing damaged areas.

It is possible to eliminate defects without replacing the windshield at specialized service stations or independently. It is characteristic that the sequence of work and the tools and materials used are almost the same.

Scratch Removal

Completely eliminating scratches and abrasions on the windshield is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that all scratches have different depths, and 5-10 scratches, as a rule, have a greater depth and to remove them it is necessary to increase the polishing time. Actually, the procedure for eliminating scratches includes two operations:

The polishing process is used to remove small, relatively shallow scratches. In order to get rid of deep scratches, they use a more complex process. wet grinding of glass.

On your own in a garage, you can only fix small scratches by carefully polishing the windshield of a car:

Tools and materials

Starting to polish the windshield, it is necessary to prepare the necessary supplies and tools. These include:

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  • polishing machine with a speed of not more than 1500 rpm;
  • polishing paste with a grain size of not more than 0.5 microns ("Goy", "Crocus", "Polarit");
  • sprayer;
  • polishing wheels;
  • glass cleaner;
  • washable marker;
  • masking tape;
  • polyethylene film;
  • personal protective equipment.

The selection of polishing paste is also of great importance. You can only use pastes designed for polishing. Pastes that are used during grinding are not suitable. Their use can lead to unevenness, which further complicates the driver’s view.

Room requirements

The quality of the work done to eliminate scratches on the windshield of the car, not least depends on the room in which they are held.

The room in which polishing will be carried out must be equipped with:

  • proper lighting, in which it will be possible to detect the smallest scratches on the surface of the workpiece and evaluate the result of the work done;
  • powerful ventilation, able to ensure the absence of dust in the workplace.

Preparatory work

Before proceeding directly to the polishing process, you need to perform several preparatory operations:

  1. Using a special glass cleaner, wash the windshield thoroughly and then dry it well.
  2. Using an additional light source, carefully inspect the glass at different angles. Mark with a marker the places where there are scratches.

After completing the preparatory work, you can proceed directly to polishing the windshield.

Windshield polishing

Windshield polishing is carried out in the following order:

  1. Apply polishing paste to the polishing wheel (nozzle) and to the windshield in the place where there are scratches. The paste is applied to the glass using the same nozzle, which will be polished.
  2. The place treated with the paste is wetted with water from the spray gun, after which they start polishing. It is necessary to process small sections of glass, the dimensions of which should not exceed 30×30 cm. The applied paste must be regularly moistened with water, preventing it from drying out.
  • After polishing one area, you need to remove the remains of the applied paste, rinse the polishing place and carefully examine it with an additional light source. If the scratches have disappeared, then you can proceed to the next section.
  • In the case when it was not possible to remove the scratches, the polishing process is repeated until the windshield is clean and transparent.
  • After polishing all the marked areas, check the quality of the work performed. To do this, turning off the general lighting of the room, they direct a bright light source (imitation of the headlights of an oncoming car) onto the windshield and examine it from the inside from different angles. If at the same time it is not possible to identify scratches, it means that the work has been done efficiently.