How to Remove Varnish From a Tree Angle Grinder

Modern technology allows old furniture to give a second life. Craftsmen manage to completely repaint it. But for this it is necessary to prepare pieces of furniture to prepare for this process, removing the previous coating. This is a time consuming process that must be completed correctly. Otherwise, the material can be irreparably damaged. How to remove old varnish from a wooden surface is the main question that we will try to answer in this article.

How to Remove Varnish From a Tree Angle Grinder

Varnish Removal Options

There are several ways to remove the old layer of varnish from wood: mechanical, thermal and chemical. They should be used depending on personal preferences and the condition of the material itself.

Mechanical way

The most common method of removing varnish from furniture or other objects is mechanical. It consists in performing looping, that is, mechanical removal of the old coating using various tools. These include:

  • slightly sharpened metal plate;
  • sandpaper with varying degrees of graininess;
  • angle grinder with a special nozzle.

By all of the above methods, they process surfaces on which a small layer of varnish or paint is applied. Using electrical appliances, care must be taken not to overdo it or damage the structure of the tree.

The positive characteristics of mechanical processing include the complete absence of chemical compounds that adversely affect the human body. The structure of the material itself is also preserved. One has only to carefully grind, and get an almost brand new element of furniture. To shortcomings is a rather long and exhausting process, which requires considerable efforts and patience. Especially if you do not use the technique, but do it all manually.

It is worth considering that when grinding or grinding, a lot of fine dust is formed. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out work in a mask and goggles.

Execution technology

Let us consider in more detail how to remove varnish from a tree mechanically. So, for starters, we stock up on materials:

  • wooden block;
  • sandpaper of varying degrees of abrasiveness;
  • brush with metal bristles.

The process should begin with the preparation of the product. If this is a piece of furniture, then you should first disassemble it into separate elements for ease of work. Then we perform the work according to the following instructions:

  • perform rough processing of the old varnish on the surface with a metal brush;
  • then take sandpaper with coarse grain, pre-fixing it on a wooden block, and gradually remove the old layer with longitudinal movements over the area of ​​the product;
  • after the varnish is completely removed, change the emery paper to another with fine abrasion, and carefully sand the surface to a perfectly smooth state;
  • finally, thoroughly clean the wooden object from fine dust and proceed to other types of work.

Please note that when processing surfaces with a large area, for example, with a parquet board, it is better to use looping machines.

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Heat treatment

Removing varnish from a wooden surface can be done thermally. The process is carried out by heating the varnish layer. As a result of the increase in temperature, the paint material melts, and its adhesion to the wooden surface decreases. This method has several important nuances:

  • Work must be done carefully. It is necessary to use it in special gloves that will protect the skin of the hands. The room must be ventilated so that there is no accumulation of toxic and carbon monoxide gases during processing. You should also think about glasses for protecting the eyes, since removing the varnish with a spatula can form fragments that can accidentally damage the organs of vision.
  • Sometimes during heat treatment, the coating does not melt, but begins to char. In this case, it is better to choose another method for removing varnish from the tree. This lacquer coating is best removed by chemical flushing.

Important! Be sure to adhere to all the necessary fire safety rules.

On video: removal of factory varnish.

Heat Treatment Instruction

Before you remove the varnish from a wooden, for example, door by heat treatment, you should decide on the tools that are used in this process. Experts advise to pay attention to two of them:

1. At home, very often use a gas or gas burner. This is the best option, so it is affordable, its price is not high and the cost of refueling also does not cause difficulties. The disadvantage of this method is the increased degree of fire and burns. That is, to work as a burner in the event that there is at least a little experience.

2. A more modern way is to use a hair dryer. Work with it is quite simple. The temperature that a hair dryer can produce reaches 600 0 C.

The heat treatment process is very simple. To begin with, a certain part of the surface is heated until bubbles appear, and then it is gently pryed off and removed with a metal spatula. The advantage of the above method is the high processing speed, but requires some skill.

After removal of the coating by heat treatment, the surface must be sanded with sandpaper. We pay special attention to the end parts of objects.

Chemical way

Let’s talk about how to remove old varnish from wooden surfaces through chemical treatment. This method is often used when removing varnish from wooden objects that have an uneven texture. To implement this process, different chemical compositions are used: powder, gel, liquid and solvent.

It is advisable to use the tool to remove the old coating in the form of a liquid if up to three layers of paintwork are applied to wooden objects. It is justified by the fact that the remover for varnish from wood has a high degree of volatility, and it is not able to quickly and deeply absorb into the layers of paint.

The best option for washing items that have a multi-layer old coating are gels and varnishes. But powders are best used when performing work with a large area of ​​the treated surfaces.

Advice! Washing in the form of a powder will work more efficiently if a small amount of water is added to it and brought to a pasty state. Gel and powder cleaners can wash up to ten layers of paint in one application.

Flushing technology

Now we will tell in detail how to remove varnish using chemistry. We note that it consists of four stages. And with any of them, you should adhere to a high degree of protection of the skin, eyes and respiratory organs. Here is an example of how to remove varnish from a wooden door:

  1. Using ordinary paintbrushes, a uniform wash is applied to the door surface. Application should be made so that the product on the surface was applied only in one layer.
  2. Work is underway to enhance the effect of dissolving the varnish and preventing the evaporation of the composition. To do this, experts recommend "wrapping" the door with a plastic film. The time for which it is necessary to leave the door in this condition is about 3 hours. If the number of layers is large, then the solvent can be extended to 4 hours.
  3. It is necessary to remove the dissolved layers of varnish with a metal spatula. In order not to damage the structure of the tree and not leave a large number of dents, a spatula for such work should be prepared. Its edges need to be sharpened a little to round them. Do not press the spatula too much.
  4. It is necessary to wash off the remnants of chemical solvents from the door surface. Use ordinary water for this. For the best effect, rinse the formulations with vinegar in a ratio of: 5 parts water 1 part vinegar. Work should be done carefully, but in a short time, after which the product is covered with a new varnish.

Most often, achieving the desired result at a time does not work. In this case, the process must be repeated. If, after the first treatment, insignificant patches of varnish remain, then they can be removed using sandpaper.

This method of removing varnish from a wooden surface can be used for both large elements and small ones. For example, you can wash off the acrylic varnish from decorative interior items or remove the varnish from the lining in the bath. Wash off chemical varnish with chipboard is not recommended, since chemical elements can ruin its structure. Only wood products are suitable for this process.

In all the above technologies for removing old varnish from wood, there are no special difficulties, which allows you to perform the process yourself. But the work must be performed with all the necessary precautions. If there is no self-confidence, then it is better to entrust this business to professionals.