How to replace the belt on a Makita lawnmower

Makita lawnmower does not start. Typical breakdowns and lawnmower repair with their own hands. How to prevent the occurrence of sudden breakdowns during the operation of the grass trimmer

Lawn mower is an indispensable helper in the countryside and on your own home. The technique is used not only to process the lawn, but also for wild grass. There are two types of dacha equipment are:

There are many reasons for equipment failure. Among which we can single out:

  • Battery problems. Its discharged partially or completely;
  • The engine belt is often deformed;
  • Problems with starting are caused by soot deposits on the spark plug;
  • Mower failure can be caused by a faulty fuel-distributing mechanism;
  • and piston wear and tear. engine belt often deforms;. component part of the powertrain.

About what should be done to make the technique come to life, read below.

The most common malfunctions of gasoline lawn mowers are

Power train not working . It is necessary to check the fuel. If there is no oil in the crankcase, the lawn mower may not start. The cause of engine malfunction may be the spark plug. Remove the carbon deposits and restart the engine.

Engine started, but immediately stalled. The cause of failure may be due to insufficient oil in the engine crankcase. Often the piston or crankshaft can become jammed. Try manually cranking it. Often these actions have a positive result. Then add the missing oil before restarting.

replace, belt, makita, lawnmower

To revive the machine, it may be enough just to pump fuel with a primer into the carburetor. Adjusting the revs to the maximum will help. Then pull the cord smoothly towards yourself. Twenty centimeters is enough and pull it toward you with a jerk.

Often problems arise if the choke is not in the correct position. when starting the engine for the first time. It is recommended to open the choke completely.

The cause of engine failure the air filter may be the cause of the problem. With the mower switched off, disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Then take out the filter, first unscrewing the cover. Flush it with gasoline and let it dry. Put in place, conduct a restart of the engine. If this procedure was not successful, replace the old filter with a new one.

Recall. The air filter has to be changed after 25 hours of use. If the lawnmower is battery operated, you need to check the battery charge level.

You can check the safety interlock. If the installation is not done correctly, the lawnmower will not start. Experts advise regular inspection of the underside of home appliances. Various malfunctions in this part can cause the engine to stop working.

If your efforts are unsuccessful, contact the service center for advice and help from specialists, who will be able to perform any repair of the lawnmower, in particular its.

The power belt as a drive: What’s good and what’s bad

Belt transmission transmits mechanical energy from the motor shaft to the blade shaft by means of a flexible belt and two cylindrical pulleys (master and slave). The belt is tensioned on these pulleys, forming a closed structure. Main transmission element. The actual flexible belt. It is made of rubber or dense synthetic fabric.

Why do you need a belt in this design?? The engine, which is installed in this type of mowers. brushed. And the number of revolutions can reach several tens of thousands, so there is no way to install the knife directly. A gearbox in this case can add extra weight, inconvenience in service and high cost of repair. And the belt. the cheapest and most practical option to reduce the speed and a person can quite independently make the replacement without visiting service centers. Now let’s look at all the pros and cons of the belt drive.

For all its simplicity and lightness, the belt drive often receives reproaches for low productivity, rapid wear and the need for frequent replacement. And why is that?? In the beginning of my article I hinted at correct use of technique and adherence to grass cutting regime. This is intentional, because users often neglect the rules of cutting the grass. It needs to be mowed in the morning no earlier than 10 a.m., but no later than 11 a.m. Then it is easy to mow, the mower does not overheat, and on a hot summer day, when the temperature can exceed 30 degrees, you will not harm yourself or the tool with which you work. If you try to adhere to this rule, it reduces the likelihood of belt failure as well as the entire assembly.

  • Easy and economical to produce;
  • There are no added parallel shafts in the composition;
  • Overload and jamming protection is present;
  • Vibration and noise levels are attenuated by special dampers, which increases the service life of the lawnmower;
  • This assembly does not require lubrication and high maintenance costs;
  • In case of failure, the repair price may not be so high and in most cases, you can fix the mower yourself.
  • There is a high load on both shafts;
  • Low life of the belt;
  • Recommended operating temperature. no higher than 35 degrees.;
  • Increased size of the housing, which is not always acceptable;
  • For less wear and tear on the belt drive, periodic adjustments should be made to the idler pulley.

Direct drive. advantages and disadvantages

With direct drive, the lawnmower has an asynchronous motor. It does not require replacement of brushes, there is no additional node, where you need to change the belt. The housing of the lawnmower may be slightly smaller and lighter. And if installed and a powerful motor, it’s quite a serious argument that can incline you to buy just such a lawnmower. And if you look at all these facts, it begs the logical question. Why make a lawn mower with a belt drive, because the asynchronous direct drive has so many advantages? In fact, even here there are pitfalls, and quite significant.

As we know, in our country, unfortunately, there are old power networks and the voltage is usually not 220 V. Practice shows that in the countryside in private homes, where, and is mainly used electric garden equipment, voltage is, on average, at the mark of 180 to 200 V. What is the risk of this for an induction motor? It cannot get the necessary RPM, its efficiency will drop, and the blade will not cut the grass effectively. But a brush mower. It is the other way round. It increases the starting current to maintain the desired RPM and maintains operating efficiency. But it makes the engine heat up faster. Let’s see the pros and cons of direct drives.

  • High efficiency and high wear resistance;
  • Has a low noise level and reduced vibration transmitted to the body of the lawnmower;
  • The service life reaches 3-5 thousand hours, especially when installed in the shaft universal joints;
  • Gives high torque at low motor speeds.
  • Heavy in weight, although the dimensions are smaller than the belt design;
  • The price can be higher than a belt drive;
  • If the mower blade hits a rock or a thick branch, overload goes straight to the engine, which can cause serious damage and complete failure, which, in turn, can lead to replacement of the entire mower.

Electric models

Advantages of Makita electric models:

  • lightweight design; low weight;
  • environmentally friendly, no exhaust of combustion products;
  • electric grass trimmer is quieter;
  • lower price;
  • insulation is duplicated;
  • availability of an extra handle;
  • protection against accidental start;
  • excellent cooling;
  • Improved gearbox;
  • safety, no flammable liquids.

Makita UR 3500

Electric grass trimmer weighs only 4.3 kg. The electric motor has a power of 700 W and consumes electricity from 220 V mains. The electric motor is placed in the upper part of the construction. Curved boom with d-shaped rubberized handle.

The shoulder strap holds the scythe in place, allowing the operator to manipulate the tool. The working device is a court with a 2 mm diameter fishing line. Mowing width of the trimmer is 35 cm. Comes with a court, shroud and belt. For connection to the electric mains a 35 cm cord (via extension cord) is used.

Makita UR 3502

This electric mower weighs 4.9 kg. There is a 1000 watt electric motor on top of the straight trimmer shaft. Electric motor is powered from 220 V mains.

Cable length for connection to extension cord 35 cm. Working device. automatic mowing head with a 2 mm thick line. Working width 35 cm. Rubber coated loop-shaped handle. There is a protective cover and a shoulder strap.

Makita UR 3501

This electric grass trimmer weighs 4.3 kg. The boom is curved and has a flexible drive shaft. The 1000 watt electric motor is mounted on top of the electric mower. Power supply 220 V. Cable length 35 cm.

Hinged rubber-coated handle (d-shaped). Cutting element. 2 mm thick fishing line. Grip. 35 cm. Includes shoulder strap, reel, and safety cover.

Makita UR 2300

This Electric Lawnmower weighs 4,7 kg. Power of the electric motor mounted in the upper part of the straight boom 1000 watts.

Drive shaft is of the rigid type. The motor is powered by a 220 V mains supply. Hinged handle, shoulder straps and protective hood. Cutting element is a paddle blade.

Possible problems

Before you tackle any repairs, the machine needs to be switched off. Stops the engine and takes out the spark plug. In case of problems with warm starting the carburettor must be cleaned first. If you are not satisfied with the machine’s performance, it could be a problem with the muffler, carburetor or filter. In some cases the engine can stop right after you start it. In this case, first check the idle speed settings. After that, the carburetor needs to be cleaned.

Problems with starting the engine can start due to problems with the ignition spark, mechanical failures. This can also be affected by compression problems and malfunctions in the fuel system. All of these points should be checked carefully and corrected if necessary. To avoid possible trouble, you should assemble only original elements of the design in your arsenal. Do not use spare parts of other brands.

It is also necessary to follow the basic rules of operation. For example, a Makita trimmer must not cut more than 3 cm thick branches.

In the following video you will find a review of the Makita (Makita) DUR 181 RF cordless grass trimmer.

Care for the gasoline trimmer

Proper care of the tool. the guarantee of its durability and reliability. So, periodically clean the gearbox, fuel and air filters. The oil must be changed after every 50 hours of operation, and spark plugs after 100 hours. It is best to clean the air filter and sharpen the cutting element after every 3 hours of operation. If the engine is not used for a long time (more than 30 days), first drain the fuel tank and then dry it. This is also done before you store the machine for the winter. At the end of the season it is also useful to clean filters, to remove the cutting element (by the way, it is better to put the knife in an oily paper to prevent corrosion), to grease the shaft. Store the mower over the winter in a dry, ventilated room. At the same time you can not put the device in a film. moisture will condense on it, which will eventually lead to the appearance of rust on the metal elements of the structure of the device. It is much better to use a thick cloth.

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The most frequently replaced elements of the gasoline grass trimmer are, of course, the blades and cutting heads. When selecting an item, follow the instructions for use and do not purchase an accessory with an outside diameter that exceeds the maximum allowable for the specific model. Buying such an accessory is justified if you have to deal with stubborn weeds or large mowing volumes (e.g. when preparing fodder for livestock). If, however, the mower is supposed to be used mainly for occasional lawn care with low soft grass, it makes sense to pay attention to the lines. Makita reels can be divided into three main categories according to the type of feed:

  • manual. if the fishing line is significantly worn out, the operation of the engine stops, and the length of the ends is increased manually.
  • semi-automatic. extension of the working part is made by pressing the spool to the ground. A special button on the bottom of the accessory opens the anchoring mechanism and the trimmer’s line extends to the sides due to the centrifugal force. You do not need to stop the engine.
  • automatic. the line is fed when you increase the speed. The most convenient, but the most expensive type of coil.

Anyway, the choice of spool or knife must be made on the basis of compatibility with the existing model of grass trimmer.

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Power transmission belt Z=27 for Alpina A 460/AL3 46 SB/AL5 46/BL 460 S/Castelgarden XS 50 MBS/XSE 50/Stiga Collector 48/Turbo 48/ (35063800/0) Replacement 135063800/0

Original spare part

Order, inspect and pay. When buying with the service “novapay” money is transferred only after checking and confirming the purchase.

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Carrot belt Z=27 for Alpina A 460/AL3 46 SB/AL5 46/BL 460 S/Castelgarden XS 50 MBS/XSE 50/Stiga Collector 48/Turbo 48/ (35063800/0) Replacement 135063800/0

Delivery Minor belt Z=27 for Alpina A 460/AL3 46 SB/AL5 46/BL 460 S/Castelgarden XS 50 MBS/XSE 50/Stiga Collector 48/Turbo 48/ (35063800/0) Replacement 135063800/0

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Spare parts for Powerpack Z=27 for Alpina A 460/AL3 46 SB/AL5 46/BL 460 S/Castelgarden XS 50 MBS/XSE 50/Stiga Collector 48/Turbo 48/ (35063800/0) Replacement 135063800/0 please look for spare parts

replace, belt, makita, lawnmower

Repair of gasoline lawn mower Makita with their own hands

We will try to answer the question: repair gasoline lawn mower Makita with their own hands on the recommendations of the true master with the most detailed description.

replace, belt, makita, lawnmower

Active use of garden equipment leads to the rapid failure of individual assemblies or parts. There is no need to dispose of the technique, because it may still be useful in the future. After all, sometimes conducting a small repair lawn mower with their own hands, you can return it to its previous working condition.

Depending on the area of the lawn and the growth of grass on it the owners choose the optimal technique. It comes in several types:

An average-priced mower withstands in the climatic conditions of St. Petersburg, Moscow or similar regions about four seasons. expensive or less operated garden helpers can withstand 5 to 6 seasons in the field.

You’ll also need to rebuild lawn mowers with your own hands if the winter storage conditions were improper. For example, the working surfaces were not cleaned after use or there was no off-season preventive maintenance. A variety of problems occur as a result:

  • Frequent sharpening of the mower blades is required;
  • simply does not start the lawnmower;
  • the engine starts, but after a short period of time the lawnmower stops;
  • malfunctions appear in the carburetor, which requires not only disassembly, but also cleaning with repair;
  • lawnmower repair with their own hands is required in case of a significant decrease in power during work.

It’s not worth the trip to an expensive service center. Many problems can be solved with minimal cost and conduct repairs on their own.

After each use of the tool it is necessary to clean the cutting elements. Change oil and service regularly to minimize risk of breakdowns.

Mowers with electric motors on the inside most often start getting cranky because of oxidized contacts. Terminals become encrusted with scale from excessive moisture in the room or in another storage location. It is also worth checking for broken wires in problem areas. For this operation use a multimeter or other type of tester.

When a set of gardening equipment contains a brush motor, then we identify the operability of the moving unit. Brushes can wear out quickly, causing a loss of contact. Repair kits with them are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found at specialized stores where they sell spare parts for such equipment.

Asynchronous motors can also malfunction. Failure of phase-shifting capacitors occurs in them. The situation is diagnosed at home is problematic. It can be detected by circumstantial symptoms:

  • humming sound can be heard;
  • When starting the engine, the housing jerks a little;
  • There is a considerable heating up of the motor even at a small load;
  • revolutions are reduced.

It is worth carrying out diagnostics of the state of the toggle switch/button and the power supply to the electric motor. When the testing of the described nodes has been carried out, and no abnormalities in performance have been detected, then it is unlikely to fix the breakdown of the lawnmower with your own hands. Then it is necessary to use the services of a firm service.

Initial diagnosis is carried out from the stage of eliminating the most obvious breakdowns. When the engine does not start, it is worth checking the presence of fuel in the tank. If there are leftovers from last season, it is worth replacing it. Low-quality gasoline after wintering can lose its characteristics, give an undesirable sediment or even stratify into fractions in density. In this form it is not able to start the engine, but only clogs the system.

The second step is to find out why there is no spark. Its loss will not allow the fuel to ignite. Remove the spark plug cover and unscrew it from its housing with the spark plug socket. Then put the cap on the spark plug, bring it close to the threaded part or metal parts of the engine, and at this time your partner will pull the starter.

With such manipulation, a blue, powerful spark should appear in the work node. It can be seen even in daylight. It is important to test it near an unpainted metal part of the engine that can conduct current.

When there is no spark, you need to go to the store for a new spark plug. It is not worth returning to the motor even if the spark is weak or unstable. It is better to clean working pins from carbon deposits on the head.

During operation, it is possible that the rattling in the structure. It does not affect the overall efficiency of the machine at first. However, it can lead to imbalance and increased noise during operation. It is worth retightening the fastening bolts on the frame in a timely manner.

Tightening the mounting bolts on the frame

Uneven cutting of the grass is a sign that the mower blade needs sharpening. It is not difficult to get to them, but it is important to disconnect all of the equipment from the power supply. The work can be carried out by yourself using a vice and file or a sharpening stone. It is important to ensure that the angle of cut is uniform throughout the line of 30 degrees. If there are scraped areas in the surface, this is an indication of hitting a hard surface. It is rather expensive to replace them.

There is a whistling sound after you turn it on. Unpleasant acoustic effect caused by foreign bodies penetrating the machine. They can block the roller in the aerator. The problem can be solved by disengaging the blocked roller and then removing the foreign object.

Motor of gasoline-powered equipment becomes almost immediately after a short period of work. The culprits. a jammed crankshaft or piston. We check oil presence in the crankcase at the same time. With the engine turned off, manually start rotation or add oil as needed. However, in such a situation, more often you have to turn to specialists for recovery.

Repair work for gasoline lawnmowers

Тhe exact cost and terms of repair is defined by a mechanic after the diagnostics. Repair cost consists of the cost of spare parts and labor. Availability of our own spare parts warehouse for lawn mowers, allows most repairs to be made on the day of treatment.

Lawn mowers gasoline, repair and maintenance of which you can order in our service center, different properties and are divided into several types (rotary, cylindrical, on the air cushion, riders, robots). Rotor. is the most common and popular type of mowers. They are easy to use and fairly reliable, subject to professional service and if necessary repairs.

To ensure the best results, the gardening equipment service center in Minsk has a staff of experienced and qualified professionals, modern technical facilities and its own spare parts warehouse for gasoline and electric tools.

Repair of electric lawn mowers

The most common breakdowns are mechanical and electrical parts of the mower. To the mechanical part of the mower can include devices for accumulation and ejection of mowed grass, blades, moving parts. Our service is ready to repair your lawn mower in Minsk. Assistance with delivery of equipment to the repair and back to the address of the customer.

When repairing the electrical part of lawn mowers, it was found that the most frequent failures are low-power electric motors. It is recommended to take into account the size of the lawn to be mowed when choosing a mower. It would be a good idea to buy a lawn mower for larger areas.

Regardless of the complexity of the repair, the workshop will diagnose and repair the mower in the shortest possible time to eliminate the declared and detected faults.

Carbon brushes for Makita tools

Carbon brushes Makita CB-325 (9558HN, 9554NB, 9555NB, 9557NB, 9557K, 9558NB, 9558K, 9564H, 9565H, GD0600, GD0601, GD0602, HR2230, HR2460, HR2470, HR2470T, HR2800, HR2810, HR2810T, HR2811F, HR2811FT, GA5040, GA5040R, GA5041, GA6040,BO6050 )

Makita CB-459 carbon brushes (GA4030, GA4530, GA5030, GA5030KSP3, JS1000, JS1601, JS1601, M8701, M8701, PJ7000, TM3000C, TM3010C)

Makita CB-419 carbon brushes (HR2440, DP2010, DP2011, 4350CT, 4350FCT, 4351CT, 4351FCT, 4351T, 6821, 6822, 6823, 6824, 6825R, 6826, 6827, 9046, BO4555, BO4556, BO4557, BO4565, BO4900V, BO5030, BO5031, BO6030, DA3010F, DA3011F, DP3003, DP4001, DP4003, DP4003K, DP4010, DP4011, FS2300, FS2700, FS4000, FS4300, FS6300K, HP1620, HP1620K, HP1621K, HP1640, HP1640K, HP1641K, HP1641K1X, HP2050, HP2051, HP2051F, HP2070, HP2071 HP2071F, HR2450, HR1830, HR2432, JR1000FTK, UH4260, UH4261, UH4570, UH4860, UH4861, UH5260, UH5260, UH5261, UH5570, UH5580, UH6570, UH6580, UH7580.)

Угольные щетки Makita CB-153 (LS1019L, 1805B, 1806B, 2012, 2012NB, 2400B, 2412N, 2414, 2414K, 2702, 2704, 2708, 3600B, 3612BR, 4107R, 4110C, 4157KB, 5008MG, 5012B, 5014B, 5014NB, 5016NB, 5100BR, 5500S, 5900BR, 7104L, 9105, 9401, 9402, 9607GB, 9609GB, 9609HB, 9609NB, LF1000, LH1040, LH1040F, LS1013, LS1013F, LS1013L, LS1016, LS1016L, LS1030, LS1040, LS1040F, LS1214, LS1214F, LS1214L, LS1216, LS1216L, LS1440, M9400, MT941, N5900N, TW1000, UC3030A, UC3051A, UC3530A, UC3050A, UC3551A, UC4030A, UC4050A, UC4051A, UC4530A, UC4551A )

Угольные щетки Makita CB-303 (M9002, M9003, M5802, HS7611, HS7601, HS6601, 2107FK, 4101RH, 4131, 5017RKB, 5603R, 5604R, 5704R, 5705R, 5705RK, 6305, 9227CB, 9403, 9404, 9903, 9920, DA4000LR, JR3050T, JR3060T, JR3061T, JR3070CT, LS0714, LS0714FL, PV7000C, RP0910, RP1110C, SP6000, SP6000K, UB1101, UT1305, UT2204, M4500, M4501, JS3201)

Makita CB-64 carbon brushes (GD0603, M0600, 3706, 4322, 4323, 4324, 4325, 4326, 4327, 4328, 4329, 6410, 6010BVR, 6410, 6412, 6413, 6510B2, 6510LVR, 6510PB, 6805BV, 6802BV, 6800DBV, 906, 9035SB, 9035N, 9035, BO3700, BO3710, BO3711, BO4510, BO4540, BO4550, BO4553, BO4554, BO4560, BO4561, BO4563, BO5010, BO5012, BO5020, BO5021, BO5041, DP4700, MT923, MT431, JV0600, GV6010, GV5010, DP4700, M4301, M9203 )

Makita CB-100 carbon brushes ( 1100, 2106, 4014NV, 4105KB, 6906, 9005B, 9045N, 9207SPB, 9217SPC, 9218SB, 9741, 9900B, 9901, 9924DB, DA6300, DA6301, GA5000, JN3200, JN3201, LS0810, PC1100, SR1600, SR1800)

Makita CB-51 carbon brushes (1901, 1902, N1923B, 3700B, 4300BV, 4301BV, 6013B, 6013BR, 6300-4, 6300L, 8419B, 9030, JR3000)

Makita CB-411 carbon brushes (M3700, DS4012, 3707, 3708, 3709, 3710, 3901, 6842, 6844, 6951, 6953, 9031, 9032, 9910, 9911, BJR181RFE, DS4010, DS4011, JN1601, KP0800, TD0101F, TW0200, TW0350, DF0300, HP0300)