How to run a new benzotrimer. Features of fuel preparation

How to run a gasoline trimmer correctly

That’s right, the best solution will be the exact adherence of the instructions that conscientious manufacturers deliver together with the general instructions for using braids. But before performing this time for running.In correctly and accurately, you should prepare a special fuel mixture containing high.Quality gasoline and oil, the brands of which are indicated in the operating instructions used for the trimmer. The greatest effect is achieved if:

  • Octane number of gasoline is not lower than 95;
  • Oil should be used only the desired consistency;
  • Playing and adjustment of the trimmer in complex mode is performed, taking into account the total time of work, forced breaks and gangways.

You should also not forget that the detour of the motorcycle contribution and the series of other well.Known brands does not protect the device from preventive work performed every six months.

Today there are many video reviews of gasoline motorcycles explaining the following stages:

Verifying the flow of Petrol in the tank

  • Using gasoline and corporate production oil, mix them in a clean vessel in a ratio of 1:25, where for 100 g. Oils (for example 2-stroke) are 2.5 liters of fuel.
  • Check the lubricant of the lower gearbox, adding as necessary.
  • Start and allow to work for 5 minutes in idle, and then perform the puggle of every 20-30 nets. Half a power without sharp feeds. The total length of the process is up to 15 minutes.
  • Perform the plant and let it work for 5 minutes in idle, and then carry out the pugus every 20-30 nets. Half a power without sharp feeds. The total length of the process is up to 15 minutes.
  • Give the tool to relax for 20 minutes.
  • Having loaded the necessary diameter into the coil, the lower gearbox is rolled through the mowing of soft grasses for 5 minutes with a break of 5-10 minutes. 4 repetitions are performed.
  • If everything has passed according to the instructions, the benzotrimer is ready for operation.
  • If necessary, every 2-3 hours of work in the lower gearbox, additional lubricant is introduced.
  • The total time of the running-in-3-4 hours.

Carrying out the run.In, do not forget about observing the time of mowing and rest, so as not to cause overheating of the engine and gearbox. In this case, it is recommended to organize the working mode in the ratio of 15x15min. With severe heat. 10×20.


The prerequisite by which the trimmer is crashed can be:

  • Tank overflow;
  • Excessive pumping of fuel into engines equipped with manual supercharger;
  • Wear in the motor of valves, cylinders, nozzles, fist pushers and other mobile parts;
  • In the tanks, gasoline and/or oil ended;
  • Not in the order of the spark plug;
  • Clogging of fuel or air filters;
  • The valves in the motor were resolved or burned.

Criteria for self.Selection of motor and chain oils

The composition of motor and chain oils recommended by the manufacturer contains special additives that provide working surfaces with full lubricant in a wide range of operating temperatures.

You should not save on the quality of lubricants, so when choosing you need to give preference to the lubricants of brands Stil, Khuskvarn or Oregon. Motor oils of these manufacturers for two.Stroke ICE can be bought in specialized stores or trading representatives of dealerships.

“The key to start!

Well, the preparation is completed and the time has come for the first launch.

Put the trimmer on the ground, pressing the motor part with a knee and stretching out the starter handle until the resistance appears (hook). It is important that nothing is in contact with the cutting part of the motorcycle.

So that all the internal mechanisms of the motor are lubricated, several times slowly pull the starter cord completely.

Run the engine with a closed air damper, only after the head of the starter, a sharp rhythmic stretch of the cord. When you started it, the damper opens and usually be in the middle position. Before spent, give the trimmer to work at idle for 5 minutes.

You can not run the motor in the room or in the same place where the refueling was carried out. Exhaust gases during fuel combustion are of great toxicity, and their high concentration can lead to very negative consequences for human health.

The presence of an open flame is unacceptable next to the place of preparation or pouring the fuel mixture. It is also strictly forbidden to smoke during these processes.

What else is important? The new trimmer needs the so.Called running.In. Do not immediately burn sharply for gas. At least for the first time, work with short breaks. This is necessary so that all the details are “injured” and grease well.

Why run up a chainsaw?

The production of parts, their connection together, pacing and delivery to the consumer stores are only a small part of the history of gasoline technology. Another thing is to make certain nodes be lost to each other and function harmoniously as one. And this can only be done running. What will it give? Firstly, the best preservation of the motor resource that the manufacturer laid in each modification individually, and secondly, more productive work of both the motor itself and the tire-like headset.

Before the initial processing of a gasoline saw, you should pay attention to the following points:

Gasoline trimmer CHAMPION T438 S-2 how to start a gasoline trimmer, how to run and work correctly

  • The instruction instructions that need to be studied in detail, because it is in it that all requirements are usually prescribed for starting work;
  • Get oil corresponding to this particular saw and gasoline with a high octane number;
  • Purchase a new suitable chain that should be put after the clock circuit, which all new saws are equipped;
  • Stock up on, because these efforts will be justified by 100 %.

How to achieve the development of details?

The just described method of starting is completely applicable even for Chinese technology. But from time to time, the launch does not succeed the first time or the trimmer stalls at all. In this case, the same manipulations are carried out with the air duct.Ajar. If then nothing comes out, you should contact the specialists. If the system works normally, you still should not run the device right away.

At first, the motor should be used to idle for 5 minutes. Fundamentally: if another time is indicated in the annotation, then it is necessary to follow specifically its requirements. During heating, it is required to adjust the air supply. By setting the different positions of the lever of the air damper, they achieve so that the cutting part does not move. After waiting for warming up, they open the damper absolutely and set the power of 50% of the maximum.

In this position, the lever is kept from 20 to 30 seconds. Dropping the gas to a minimum, they allow the spit to work 30-40 seconds. Later they set a capacity of 20%, and expect 10-15 minutes. After which the motor is drowned out and left alone for ¼ hours. When the trimmer has cooled, the engine is created according to the already described scheme, but from the beginning opened by the obscene.

It is necessary to renounce the long.Term delay of gas, because poorly used parts can be damaged. Long work at idle is also contraindicated. It will lead to overheating. This is where the engine is completed, then you need to run the gearbox. This function is carried out in an open area where the soft fresh grass grows. It is mowed from 5 to 10 minutes without a break, at times gasing to a power of 50-75%.

After such a session, the motorcycle is stopped for 20 or 25 minutes. Usually there are enough 3-4 cycles so that the trimmer gearbox regularly worked for long and long years. In most cases, they try to run into the device until the 1st fuel refueling ends.

benzotrimer, features, fuel, preparation

But you still need to look behind the temperature of the gearbox and motor units. After running in the oil, you must certainly change.

Features of the gas.Couture run.In in the subsequent video.

Prior to using a gasoline trimmer for grass (benzokos), it is required to carry out its preparatory running.In. Playing is needed to extend the motor service, since moving parts during the period of the run.Up should be established at first to each other. In addition, during running.In, you can purchase certain ability to work with a two.Stroke gasoline technique. This is fundamentally for those users who work with the Kamoto brand for the first time for the first time.

The gas troops of the gas.Cockes must be created with medium and a bit higher than the average load on the engine in the repeating mode of operation: the mowing of the grass lasts 1. 1.5 minutes, then 15. 20 seconds idle. The highest power of the motor will acquire after the production of several full tank gas stations.

You can not run into the engine at idle, since the formation of a huge amount of soil provokes the occurrence of piston rings or the output of the spark plug out of the system. Recommended proportion of gasoline A-95-2T oil: 1000 ml-30 ml of oil.

  • Read the annotation to work and make sure that the tool is quite and correctly assembled. Check the correctness of the installation and reliability of the attachment of all parts of the tool, especially the trimmer coil and cutting knife/disk;
  • Two.Stroke oil is better to type honey with a syringe and then add to the mixing container with gasoline. This must be done for a more clear measurement of the amount of oil added;
  • Combine oil and gasoline should be exclusively in the unspoken dishes. Place attention that in the container where you will mix two.Stroke oil with gasoline, there is no waste, water residues or other water;
  • Following the operating mode with the inventory: 30 minutes of work, 10-15 minutes break;
  • After each use by the inventory, we advise you to drain the fuel mixture into a clean container, then start a benzos to the full consumption of the fuel consistency remaining in the carburetor. Try to use only the latest fuel mixture. A mixture of 2T oil with gasoline, defended for more than 10-14 days, changes its characteristics;
  • If necessary, add grease (not counting the lubricant on the graphite base) to the gearbox with benzokos;
  • At the end of the work, clean the tool from the remnants of the grass and the sticky dirt;
  • Often inspect protracted bolts on the starter, base of the tank and others. Due to large revolutions, the bolts are at times promoted and they need to be tightened;
  • Often blow the air filter and the spark plug. Clean the carpet on the spark plug with an ordinary rag. If necessary, replace the spark plug.

The main rules for running in the saw and engine of the chainsaw

The newly acquired tool, like the one that has passed the repair, differs in that individual parts have roughness, tolerances in manufacture. As you take place, there is an increased wear of some sections, and then most of the inconsistencies are smoothed out, and the wear operation is suspended. This process of controlled wear is called the tooling of the tool.

An unexplored tool, working with maximum load, has increased and uncontrolled wear, which leads to a reduction in the service life. Timely and properly performed rosopiene running up the Rapid acquisition of the stated technical characteristics with the tool.

Preparation for the first launch

The launch of a chainsaw purchased in a store or overpass, requires attentiveness and the fulfillment of the conditions. It is necessary to carefully observe the sequence of actions:

  • Properly prepared fuel mixture;
  • The presence of oil in the lubrication system of the saw chain;
  • Air filter serviceability;
  • Correct tension of the chain;
  • Waste operation of the emergency brake of the quapi.

Many do not know this secret of a gas cartridge! Great idea with your own hands!

Some manufacturers of a gasoline tool require a different ratio of the amount of oil and gasoline in the fuel mixture. If this is not directly mentioned in the instructions, then the mixture must be prepared as for constant work using high.Octane gasoline (no worse than 92 and 95 brands) and special oil for two.Stroke high.Speed engines.

Those parts of the teeth of the saw chain that move in the grooves of the guide tire should be lubricated to reduce friction and reduce wear of the saw headset. You need to use special oil for lubrication of circuits.

It is necessary to lubricate the driven star of the guide tire with liquid oil through the technological holes at the end of the tire.

It is important to properly perform a chain tension. Excessively stretched circuit creates a large load on the engine and friction mechanism and is worn out. The size of the chain tension is checked by pulling the chain from the tire. The guides of the teeth of the chain should not come out completely from the grooves of the tire.

First Start

When everything is ready to launch, you can try to start the engine:

  • The ignition switch is transferred to the working position.
  • If there is a primer on the carburetor, a button is pressed until the fuel mixture enters there.
  • The saw is installed on the flat platform so that the chain does not touch the ground.
  • With the left hand, the hand is pressed by the handle down.
  • With the right foot step on the inside of the protective shield of the working handle.
  • Fully overlap the air damper.
  • The starter handle is smoothly pulled up to the choice of backlash in the ratchet mechanism, and then sharply jerked it, turning the crankshaft of the engine.
  • After the ignition signs appear (pops in the cylinder), the air damper is opened and try to start the saw.

The first launch of the chainsaw may require some time to start with a closed air damper, especially in cold weather.

How to run a chainsaw correctly

Proper runnership of the chainsaw serves as the key to further trouble.Free work. It is important to strictly follow the instrument manufacturer’s instructions. There are tips of this type that you need to run into a new chainsaw at idle until the full tank is generated. It is not right. Work at idle is harmful to the tool, because:

It is better to use the gentle mode of operation, which combines several tens of seconds of the idle stroke and the cut of non-weed logs (10-15 cm) from soft wood. With this mode, the run.In the most qualitatively.

The engine acquires the declared technical characteristics after the production of several fuel tanks. At this time, you cannot overload and overheat the tool.

Do I need to run in and why

They run up a chainsaw for the reason that new or replaced details require an accurate fit for each other. It is impossible to produce all components with the required high accuracy. To develop roughness of the surface of the cylinders, piston rings, friction nodes for some time.

During the period of the running.In, stabilization and alignment of the necessary gaps, backlash in pairs of engagement and friction occurs.

The engine is running

The engine is the main process of preparing a gasoline tool for constant load.

After the running.In, the carburetor may require reconfigure. In the absence of experience, this work must be provided to the service center, since an incorrectly adjusted carburetor can lead to the Rapid failure of the engine.

Playing the saw set

Running a new chain or tire does not require as much attention as the engine. The main task of the running.In is the uniform distribution of the lubrication between the links of the chain and the grinding of mobile joints of the links. Contrary to the common opinion about the need to ensure the chain and the leading star, this is not necessary. The saw, which has worked for a long time on one chain, already has a production on a leading asterisk, and no running.In can fully fit a new chain and an old star to each other.

The run.In the new chainsaw or the new guide tire with its simplicity requires attentiveness and accuracy. The instrument of the budget segment of little.Known manufacturers is inclined to identify problems during the processing process.

Gas trimmer loves cleanliness. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the air filter and fuel. It is better to defend gasoline bought at a gas station for 2 days and pass through the simplest filter. A piece of bike matter.

We check the electrical equipment as follows:

One. We unscrew the candle, examine the gap between the electrodes. We set the right gap between the electrodes can be a “grandfather” way. We take a blade from a razor, scraps in half and insert a home.Made probe between the electrodes. If the blades enter tightly, then the gap is perfect.

We put on a candle cap of a high.Voltage wire and lean the candle against the metal surface of the engine. Twist several times by the starter. If the spark beats well at one point, then the gap is adjusted correctly. If not, the spark is weak or “wanders”, then it is necessary to re.Adjust the gap between the electrodes.

How to adjust the ignition of a benzotrimer

The ignition system is involved in starting the engine. If it does not include in the work, then sometimes the ignition adjustment may be solved by the problem. This system is the same on all types of benzotrimmers, so the rules of the ignition setting will be united for all models.

The ignition system consists of two parts: Magneto (coils) and a flywheel with a impeller. When accelerating the flywheel, a spark is created that lights a candle that ignites the fuel mixture.

Short guide to regulate the ignition system

Here you will learn how to adjust the ignition in the benzotrimer. This is a fairly simple procedure. You will need screwdrivers and a piece of thin cardboard.

  • First you need to unscrew the bolts holding the engine casing and remove it. For some models, first you need to remove the air filter casing, and then get to the engine housing.
  • Unscrew the two bolts (not to the end) with a screwdriver, which hold the coil.
  • The flywheel should be expanded so that the magnets are from above.
  • Then you should form an optimal gap between Magneto and the flywheel, this can be done with a small piece of thin cardboard size with a business card. Place the cardboard between the magnets and the coil.
  • In this position, the magnetic field will draw Magneto to the flywheel. Gently hold it and at the same time twist the bolts on it.
  • Take a piece of cardboard.

In such a non.Weighted way, you can independently adjust the ignition system in your gas trimmer.

Playing a two.Stroke engine of a trimmer for grass (benzokos)

The use of gasoline cobs is due to the need to process adjoining or garden territories, open areas. In the process of use, on a benzoocos, and in particular its mechanical nodes, there is a large load on the part of internal and external factors. For the tool to work as efficiently from the very beginning of the purchase, and for a long time does not break, it is necessary Playing Motokos gasoline Before starting use. This is done in stationary conditions with a trained specialist or the owner of the product, since there are no difficult operations in the process. The main thing is to know how to correctly carry out the location of the gas instrument, so as not to entail errors. You can also turn to this issue to specialists who sell you a new not.So.Rolled braid, or performing a major overhaul to replace the drive nodes.

Explaining whether your tuning is needed, we will highlight the advantages of such an event:

  • The new tool is evenly lubricated;
  • Grinding all parts is performed;
  • The product smoothly goes into working mode;
  • A comfortable examination of the tool is performed in case of identifying the need to regulate the interaction of mechanisms to stabilize work processes.

The last paragraph also allows you to check the quality of the engine when running after overhaul, when smooth commissioning also takes place. In a similar gender, running in the same time is performed after the spare parts for motorcycles in the engine, gearbox and other mechanisms have been changed.

What was there in the instructions?

According to psychologists’ research, half of us does not read instructions, even if he encounters an unfamiliar device or task. And half of those who, before the start of any business, still look into the reference documentation, views it superficially. And only 25% carefully study the user’s management before moving on to action.

Only a quarter of users carefully study the manual before moving on to action

Of course, each manufacturer of equipment complete its devices with exhaustive operating instructions (do not be lazy and spend time reading it), so we mention only the main points.

Presentation preparations

So, let’s start with preparation for work. How to bring a gas tank in a state of full readiness for use?

First of all, collect it if it is disassembled. Strong the detachable bar in the latches. Carefully check the fixation of cutting equipment, especially if it is a knife or a saw disk. Gasoline trimmers are usually extremely powerful, and the speed of rotation of cutting equipment in them is simply fantastic. Therefore, a poorly fixed blade, firstly, can injure the employee, and, secondly, causes additional vibration in the tool, which can lead to his breakdown.

Gasoline models are most often equipped with a two.Stroke engine, so they need to prepare the fuel mixture. What is its purpose? Since in such engines there is no crankcase and a separate system for oil lubricant, this role is played directly by the combustible mixture.

It is prepared in certain proportions and for one dressing. Immediately dilute several liters, with a “margin”, should not be, since the composition should always be fresh.

Error 2. Run the engine at idle

Many people think that a two-stroke engine is necessary at idle, namely, to develop 1-2 tank of fuel. These are echoes of the past. Earlier this method of running.In was practiced for the Ural and Friendship chainsaws. Today it is considered a rough mistake, since the modern engine has already passed partial running in the factory.

When the engine is idle, the fuel does not completely burn out at idle, the piston and on the candle.

I also note that at idle, the engine is deprived of full.Fledged cooling.

Proper runaway is done as follows:

It is necessary to dilute the fuel mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Book a gas station and let her work at idle for the first 5 minutes, but do a gangway every minute every minute.

benzotrimer, features, fuel, preparation

Then you need to drown out the engine and wait until it cools (10-15 minutes).

After that, you need to get a motorcycle and start work, but you need to start with the mowing of small grass.

Important! In no case should you mow knives, since the mechanics should pass the running.In. You need to mow a spool (coil), but with minimal liabilities (7-10 cm).

Which company is better to buy a gasoline trimmer?

For frequent use and work, 6-8 hours a day Better to buy gas trimmer of high power and good quality, from the well.Known manufacturer of professional tools (Echo, Husqvarna, STIHL, etc. The long service life and reliability in the work justify the high price of such units.

With an increase in the load, temperature rejection of the contaminated spark plug may occur. Benzokos when Heating, Glakes, And the launch will be possible after a certain time after cooling. Loosely screwed candle does not give a normal spark, the gaps increase, and so added to this.

Kosim under hay

Harmity for a village resident is a necessity. This is animal food in winter, fertilizer and covering material that protects the landing from cold weather. Of course, with such a versatility of use, the question arises about a man’s advance harvesting. Kosba for the workpiece differs from the usual aesthetic cleaning of the perimeter in some features.

  • For example, in order not to grind the mulch, you need to mow under the root, lowering the bar with the disk as lower.
  • The bums should be outlined in which the mowed grass will go to. This will help to avoid piles and crowding. In addition, at the end of work, it will be easier to clean.
  • Another very important point is to shield large weeds. For example, a formed bush of a burdock, which not every knife is able to cut. If such a large weed is found on your way, you should bake it in a circle and continue to work. When the work around the perimeter is completed, lonely sticking weeds will remain on the site, which are easy to remove with their hands, moreover, they are not mixed with grass.
  • The main thing in the span for hay is to leave the length of the grass, not allowing it to lose shape. Otherwise, the resulting mulch can only be used as covering material.
  • The width of the mowing should remain strictly fixed, t.To. It is necessary to remember the average size and length of the workpiece.

Some experts recommend using trimmer line when running for hay, but this is not always right. Firstly, usually the grass in such a section is high, moreover, its base is a more dense and formed. The use of trimmer line will increase engine wear, as it will have to work at high speeds.

The best option is a disk designed for shrubs. It is designed for increased loads. In addition, the high grass is rude at the base, and it will roll the blade most productively than a trimmer line designed for soft, silky lawn grass.

There are additional devices for navigation by a trimmer for hay, but all of them are unofficial modifications. In other words, homemade improvements, the use of which is extremely not recommended, t.To. The behavior of the device in unexplored conditions can be unpredictable. Following simple recommendations, you can quickly gain the necessary experience and harvest hay in large volumes.

Preparation for the first launch of benzokos

Before carrying out the first launch of benzokos, it is necessary to perform a number of consecutive actions:

Basic rules and techniques when working with a motorcycle

For the merit of not bad cat results, it is also fundamentally correct to operate and care for a motorcycle. Even if you have been holding a motorcycle for the first time, you will master the right Kosba technique rapidly. The device is simply rotated by a semicircle from right to left, With all this, evenly moving forward.

Below we will show for you the main technique and certain techniques, with which you can rapidly mow even huge areas and achieve the best results as a kota.

The main technique of kosba is most often used.

Because the cutting tool is spinning counterclockwise, then in working practice the movement of mowing on the right to the left is more often found.The advantage of this method: mowed grass falls on an already mowed surface.

Large, even surfaces. The right reception.

Large even the surface for you is most perfect to mow in a square way. The area is distributed in squares, then you always work along the outside to the center.

The main technique in the case of high grass.

With a very highest grass or stiff weed grass, it is recommended to mow in both directions of movement: at first you cut off the right part of the mowing weed in one movement, with the oncoming movement (on the left). The lower. Mowed grass and in this case it remains to lie on the left.

Along the slope. Mowing behind mowing.

You will advance perfectly in the way of direct mowing in particular on the slope: scrape one mowing parallel to the slope, and then return back in a beveled strip. Then mow the subsequent mowing. And then mowed grass always fits on an already mowed surface.

Masterfully bypass obstacles. To bump playlessly.

In order to squint at the trees or shrubs, I do not damage knots or trunks, the cutting thread is most ideal. If many plants are at a small distance from each other, then in front of the kosa is offered a harassment. To do this, use the protection of your motorcycles as a guideline. Always lead it specifically along a wood barrel or shrub, and move around them. The barrel remains protected, the territory around the barrel will be scorched.

We start running.In gas troops

After starting, do not rush to immediately run the trimmer. Let the engine idle for 5 minutes. While heating is going on, adjust the air supply to the air damper with a lever so that the rogue with a trimmer line or with a knife does not rotate. As soon as the tool warmed up, we completely open the air supply to the corresponding lever to the “ON” position and squeeze the gas trigger for 1/2 and hold the seconds of seconds 30. Then we drop the gas, let the trimmer work on xx 30.40 seconds. In this mode we continue 10 minutes 15. Then we mock and let it rest for 15 20 minutes.

By cooling the benzokos, we continue to run the engine according to the previous scheme. Start hot, trimmer should already be with an open air damper. Try not to hold the gas for a long time, since the movable details of the tool only rubbing each other. And do not let the engine work at idle for a long time as it can overheat.

benzotrimer, features, fuel, preparation

The next stage is the running.In the gearbox of a gasoline braid. To do this, select a plot with soft young grass. Kosim 5 10 minutes with 1/2 2/3 from full gas. After we take a break for 20 25 minutes. Repeat the cycle 3 4 times.

In general, the roller.Described gas troops according to the described algorithm are carried out until the fuel mixture in the tank is fully generated. After which the tool is ready for long.Term work. In the process, follow the temperature regime of the gearbox and the motor. They should not overheat.