How to saw a round hole in wood

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Quality ballerina is made of high-strength steel, which makes it possible to use the device in work with soft as well as with hard types of wood.

This tool has an adjustable drill diameter. This makes it possible to make holes of almost any diameter. The limit of the drilling range depends on the size of the ballerina. Manufacturers produce tools with the following cutter spacing limits:

The maximum drilling diameter is limited by the bar on which the cutters are mounted. Minimum. by the thickness of the shank.

The ballerina drill can be used in any location where the use of an electric jigsaw or hand router would be inconvenient. For example, it can be assembled and installed furniture, in the part of which you need to drill a neat hole, taking into account the limited space. Another example is an uneven (curved or concave) surface. The jigsaw or router is unlikely to make everything smoothly and accurately. It will be hard to control the inclination of the tool in relation to the surface. A ballerina will easily accomplish this task.

The task of drilling a large hole in wood. The solution of a wood drill bit.

Greetings to all visitors of my site, on which I tell about various kinds of tools, give advice and recommendations on the choice and work with this or that tool. Today we are going to look at a tool with which you can easily drill a large diameter hole in not thick wood, most often plywood, fiberboard and particleboard.

The tool ring saw for wood, most often sold in sets with different diameters of saws. It’s very convenient to buy one such set and you can drill holes of any big diameter, of course, if the saws that come in the set are of needed diameter for you. A picture of such a set:

For use at home is quite suitable set of the company Stayer, the price-quality optimal, moderately expensive, the kit has a lot of saws of different diameters. It is worth noting that there are several diameter variations and more complete sets with more bits, starting from the smallest to very large diameters.

The most popular and best-selling set 19-127 mm, this set has 12 circular saws of different diameters, it’s a universal set, because you can almost always find a core under the right diameter. But also if you buy sets with fewer bits, it will cost cheaper.

So, let’s analyze pros and cons of such tools.

  • Versatility: you can choose a drill bit for almost any diameter.
  • Convenient case, everything is stored in one place.
  • Fast drilling Fibreboard, Particle board, Plywood.
  • Clean cut, unlike holes drilled with a forstner.
  • Sometimes it is not possible to find the right diameter, for example for some spotlights.
  • drilling depths of only 30 mm. Of course, you can drill deeper, but you have to knock out the wood every time when the core bit hits the wood, because it is not deep.

In general, a circular saw is a necessary tool for the home. For example, I recently pulled a pipe 110 mm through a thin partition (a double layer of particle board, between them a bar 50 mm). How to drill a 110 mm hole in plywood?

Several options are possible with an electric jigsaw, using a thin shape saw. it is quite feasible to drill a round hole, but you still will not get a perfect circle.

But to take a set of circular saws, choose the closest to 110 mm diameter drill bit, assemble it and drill a nice flat hole in a few minutes.

How to make a hole in a bar 100 mm

If you need to make a large diameter hole in the wood, you have to use special tools, each of which has its own characteristics. We will consider all possible options and tell you about their main advantages and disadvantages, so that you can choose the best option according to the specifics of the work in a particular situation.

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How To Cut PERFECTLY CIRCULAR HOLES! (Hole Saw Bit/Circle BitCut Circles in Wood, Drywall, PVC!)


Selection criteria for a quality variant

Below we will consider the main types of devices for cutting holes in wood, but for now we will outline the criteria that any variant must meet, regardless of its modification:

Reliable material of manufacture Of course, to determine this criterion by eye is unlikely to succeed, so it is best to ask the seller a certificate of quality for the product. Unreliable counterfeit versions from China most often do not have any documents.
Qualitative performance Look carefully at the product: the surface should be flat and without flaws, the cutting part should be accurately sharpened. If you buy a long wood drill. check if it is straight, you can do it by eye or by rolling it on the flat surface, any violations will be immediately visible on it.
Good quality packaging Low-quality fakes are most often poorly packaged, moreover. there are mistakes in the words. No well-known brand will allow itself unsightly packaging, remember this.
Cost Price is also an indicator of quality, as a rule, the most budget options are short-lived, especially when it comes to drills and tools of large size. After all, they are subjected to very high stress in the process.

Tip! In order to be sure to get a quality product, whether it is an electric wood jigsaw or a circular saw, you need to contact an official representative of a particular brand or buy the products in reputable stores that care about their reputation and do not sell cheap knockoffs.

Sets of cheap annular drills are so unreliable that they may only last for a single use

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Cutting in the sink according to the template

The sink is one of the most important elements of kitchen equipment. If you have decided to cut the sink into the kitchen worktop by yourself, the first thing to do is to prepare an accurate template.

First, on a heavy piece of paper, trace the outline of the sink. Next, measure the width of its sides with which it will rest on the tabletop. Usually it is 2-3 cm. Now step back from the outline drawn on the paper inwards by the width of the bead and draw a parallel line. This will be the sawing line.

When marking, make sure that the position of the template itself on the plate is correct. Of course, if all the corners of the sink are symmetrical, then nothing bad will happen, if it turns out according to the marking as if in a mirror image. But if the sink has a trapezoid shape and the rounding at the front corners is different from the rounding of the rear, then by all means do not confuse the front and rear.

According to a similar scheme, make templates and cut holes for wall lighting devices or for the loudspeaker, installed on wooden panels.

The fishing line around the sink is auxiliary. The second one, drawn parallel closer to the center, is the sawing line.

How to choose the right one and what to look for

Choosing a quality circular drill bit is quite easy. The main thing is to know the main points that you should pay attention to first, but also not to overlook the little things.

Design, a very important point: the wood balerina comes with one cutter or two or more. For frequent use, it is better to buy a version with two or three cutting elements. These tools are easier to work with and the quality of the work performed will be at an acceptable level.

It is not superfluous to be able to replace individual parts. Inexpensive circular drills can have a one-piece shank with a fixed center drill bit and rod.

Metal, its quality determines the strength and ability to withstand work loads. Quality tools are made of high-strength steel or alloys. Machine tool tool tool shanks and toolholders are shaped. The rod is usually stamped and made of the same metal.

Cheap versions often use soft metal or alloys that may be brittle. Parts can deform or fail under load. Such tools do not last long, and accuracy is also difficult to achieve.

Manufacturing quality, the main attribute is the absence of backlashes and misalignments. All parts must fit together and be securely fastened by means of retaining screws.

The bar marking of a quality ballerina is stamped. Sometimes the graduations are highlighted with bright paint for better visibility.

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Cutters, quality cutting elements are made of tool hardened steel. They can be riveted or brazed to their holders. One-piece cutters with holders (made of the same metal) dull quickly and are not durable.

Manufacturer, when choosing any tool and consumables, preference should be given to well-known and long-proven brands and makes. The most common. Topfix, Stayer, Irwin, Strum.

The purchase of an adjustable circular drill bit for domestic use, or in the case of the need to drill several holes, fully justifies itself. This eliminates the need to buy expensive tools that may be needed only a few times.

Let’s talk about wood pens

Very often home craftsmen use feather drills for drilling wood, both ordinary and glued. Read about their advantages and disadvantages in this article.

The first drill (hereinafter the jaw) is used when drilling holes in wood of large diameter, the most important thing here is that the quality of the cut should not worry the master, the edges of the hole are obtained a little uneven and hairy. However, if you need to run a water pipe from the basement into the house through the floorboard, you will not find a better drill, price-performance-wise.

This type of consumable is times cheaper than a twist drill, and for one-time jobs, it fits really well.

Of course, large diameter holes can also be drilled with the Forstner, but note that the Fosner is not deep enough. The length of the nib is about 18 cm, while Forstner’s is very short, about 10 cm, and it is more suitable for big-diameter holes (up to 60 mm).

The Forstner is cleaner, the edges are hairy.

  • Low price (compared to other wood drill bits)
  • Many diameters (you choose for your work)
  • Versatility (people drill with them even sheet metal/iron)
  • It is possible to lengthen drill bit by another 300 mm

The wood piercing has a center, with the help of which one plunges into the wood and 2 cutting teeth on the edges, which take a circle and plunge on the circumference. Drilling with it is very easy, especially if the diameter is required up to 30 mm. Drilling over 30mm is not as good. For work, you need a regular drill, even with a small power of 500 watts. You can also drill with a screwdriver and a pen.

In the video below the wizard is working with different types of nibs, all killed a Soviet one with a thick shank. But they are no longer available on the market ))

The range of ring saws starts with 10 mm and ends with a rather large diameter of 60 mm. If you need to drill a hole more than 60mm, you can use circular saws, the so-called core bits. Of course, they will cost more, because they usually come in sets.

The answer is simply on sale you can find special extensions that cost in the neighborhood of 100, but fit most sizes. They look like this:

You put in a jig, clamp it with a 3 mm Allen key and you are ready to go. Such drill extensions are 300 mm long. Of course, for drilling deep holes of large diameter it is better to use screw drill bits, because perka with an extension cord is a very flimsy construction, what can I say.

And note that special jigsaw blades for curved sawing will also help us in sawing the big diameter in the wood. You just first drill a board with a regular drill bit for wood or metal (diameter cm 5-6), then put a jigsaw saw and start sawing in a circle. Of course it will be a bit difficult to saw a perfectly round hole with the jigsaw with a diameter less than 80mm, but what to do if you have no choice.

In general, the pen is an excellent option in the price-quality category, when you need to make a hole with a diameter of 14-50 mm, shallow (up to 150 mm). In such cases, do not look for something special, buy the pen, it will work perfectly, in addition, you will not spend a lot of money, because the price of such drills are small (if compared to the same screw drill or Forstner).

Feather drills are sold both individually and in sets that include the most popular diameters. In the arsenal of the home craftsman must necessarily be and such a tool, preferably at least 4-5 diameters.

When buying an electric drill, a basic set of universal drills is usually included. For some types of machining this set is not enough, so there are drills designed for a particular job and to achieve the desired result.

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Screw drill

Screw drill bits externally similar to metal drills, differing only in the shape of the cutting edge. Their working part resembles an auger. There are two types of twist drill bits, the only difference is in the tip: twist drill bit with a conical tip and drill bit with an undercut. Due to the screw-type drill bit design, chips are effectively removed from the machining area when using them. These tools provide high accuracy and near perfect machining quality. They are used for drilling holes of great depth and small diameter, as in the construction of a log house.

Levis progressive twist drill bits, which have a more advanced working part and are usually used for deeper holes of considerable diameter, are referred to the twist drill bit category. Pointed part resembles a screw. Spiral drills also allow for perfectly flat hole walls and greater drilling accuracy, thanks to the helical tip.Screw drills and twist drills, designed for woodworking, are available in a wide range of working diameters and lengths.

They can be used on all types and hardness of wood, but also on chipboard, hardboard and plywood.

Forstner drill

You can say that it is both a drill and a cutter. It is used for drilling blind holes of large diameter (up to 50 mm) and to the depth of 10 centimeters. Drill bits make very high quality holes with perfectly straight edges and smooth inner surface. They are most commonly used to make holes for locks or cup hinges. When using such a drill bit with additional accessories it is possible to drill a square-shaped hole in a wooden product. A good set with lots of orders and positive feedback TEXT

Feather drills

Drill bits of this type are used for drilling holes of large diameter (up to 50 mm), up to 150 mm depth. It is reasonable to use such a tool when the accuracy of geometry and quality of holes are not too stringent requirements. Advantages of feather drill bits are their low cost and easy maintenance. The minus of using such a drill is that the chips have to be removed manually, since due to the peculiarities of its design, the chips are not removed, and the fragility of the tool itself. Order an inexpensive, but well rated set of feather drill bits HERE

Milling wood drill bit (milling cutter)

The drill bit differs from all other types by having cutting edges along the entire length of the drill bit, which helps to drill the hole first, and then bore it to the desired size. Drill bits of this type are most often used when complex machining of wooden parts is required.

Wood crown (annular drill bit)

Core type tools are used for drilling large holes (from 19 to 127 mm) in boards, plywood and linings. For example, such a drill bit can make round workpieces, or wide holes to install spotlights not only in wood, but also in PVC-woodwork, polycarbonate and drywall. Sold in kits of different diameters and with removable bases. And to order inexpensive good wood drill bits you can of course from China HERE.


Drilled holes for connecting elements almost always need to be masked. The countersink is used in combination with a depth stop for proper woodworking. The replaceable pilot drill bit is held in place by a clamping mechanism with a screw.

To do this, you can use an ordinary gas torch and an awl. Heat the awl red with a torch and pierce the plastic carefully. You will get an even hole in the plastic, which is quickly done without a drill. Instead of the awl, you can use a nail clamped in the pliers.

How to be? For this, there are so-called feather drill bits, or, if to put it simply, feathers. To do this, just make a marking on the front side of the table top, put in the center of the future hole a feather installed in an ordinary drill, and “pull the trigger”. It’s very simple.