How to saw an electric saw. Chain brake

How to cut electric saw

Sometimes the operator faces some difficulties during the operation of the electric saw. The main question that torments the owners of sawing equipment on an electric drive. Why did the saw drink poorly or does not saw at all? Very often the manufacturer at the end of the instruction indicates the list of the most common breakdowns. Thus, you can independently carry out a saw service and try to eliminate problems.

Operators also often wonder why the saw saws crookedly. As a rule, on the forums you can find out the approximate causes of such phenomena. Most often, if the saw saws in the side, this indicates the blunt of the links of the chain. It often happens that the chain is bluntly uneven. Try to sharpen the working chain and continue to work. In 90% of cases, this solves the current situation.

Valka of trees on your site

Usually old fruiting trees are subjected to a roll. It is generally accepted that the old tree loses its ability to fruit over the years. The crop becomes rare and small.

Valka of large tall trees is a rather complicated and dangerous task. There are many cases when, with a roll, the tree fell in the wrong direction where it was necessary. In this case, the tree can break the roof of the nearby structure, tie the fence, damage the equipment parked next.D.

Below is a video on which techniques are clearly shown how to work with a chainsaw correctly.

The most affordable and simple way to roll wood is to cut the barrel at the very base. At the same time, the tree trunk must be cut at once on both sides. An example of a bilateral trim of the barrel in the picture below.

The technique of sawing is simple. From the side in the direction of which the tree will fall, you need to make a wedge.Shaped neckline. The presence of a wedge.Shaped cut allows you to set the direction of the roll. The length of the wedge-shaped slot should be at least 25-30% of the diameter of the barrel. On the back, you need to make just even drink. The length of the flat sawing cut should be at least 40-50% of the diameter of the barrel.

So that the chain does not jam in a flat drink, you need to tilt the tree trunk towards the roll. The tilt of the barrel is best entrusted to the partner/assistant. If the second pair of hands is not, then you can resort to the help of a special jack. The video presented below shows how to saw a chainsaw, as well as as possible alone, using a special jack.Off jack, cut a fairly large tree.

Preparation for work

The first thing where work begins with a chainsaw is its assembly. The assembly scheme of various models is practically no different. A saw tire and circuit are installed on the saw, the chain is tending.

Next, it is necessary to control the sharpening of the circuit, for this, the cutting edge of each working tooth is visually inspected. The edges should be even without dents and Zazubrin.

The next stage is the gas station refueling. The fuel mixture is prepared in a certain proportion, to find out which by reading the user’s guide supplied with a saw. Basically, the fuel mixture is diluted in a proportion of 1:50, that is, one liter of AI gasoline. 92 must add 20 grams of oil for two.Stroke engines.

Important: When pouring fuel and oil for lubricating the chain into the tanks, you need to be extremely careful and not confuse. If you pour oil into a tank for the fuel mixture, then the chainsaw will not work. To restore performance, it will be necessary to rinse the fuel tank with gasoline, as well as clean the fuel highway and carburetor, which is quite difficult

To restore performance, it will be necessary to rinse the fuel tank with gasoline, as well as clean the fuel highway and carburetor, which is quite difficult.

How to cut electric saw?

Firstly, you should be particularly attentive to the surrounding area. Clean the site of the working area from stones, nails. Secondly, take a stable, convenient position for sawing. Thirdly, install the electric saw on the tree with a serrated emphasis and turn on the motor so that the saw does not touch the surface yet. Next, raising the rear handle and directing the front handle, enter the saw into the log, and then pull it back. The following movement: enter the saw even deeper, but do not make great efforts for this, as this may incur a quick breakdown of the tool or its wrong work.

Chain electric saws are suitable only for wood work: whether it was cut logs, woodwork, dried, branches, sawing boards and filled. Wood volumes can be different. However, it is worth noting that both the techniques of sawing and how to properly saw a certain diameter of the log is different.

Types of jobs

The scope of the circular saw depends on its size and type.

Hand disk saw

Such electric saws are designed for the exact direct saw of wood materials of small thickness. The manual circular device has small sizes and is most often used to work at home.

Small.Sized equipment for cutting wood is necessary with the interior design of houses. Often manual circular saws are used during repairs to cut a laminate or finishing material for walls.

Circular machine

Stationary circular saws are equipment for daily operation. Such professional machines are capable of processing a large amount of wood per day. They have a fairly large weight. More than 10 kilograms and high capacity up to 2500 watts.

Circular machine

Circular machines are used mainly in industrial products. The cost of such a device is quite high. Some small models of circular equipment also have a functional use function. They are successfully used in home workshops.

Video reviews

Below is a detailed video review on working with electric saw


I used to saw it with a hand saw and lit up, and then I decided to buy a power plant. I was surprised for a long time why I hadn’t bought it before. It is light, powerful and perfectly copes with cutting the crown. The only thing that I don’t like is regular trips to the service center for sharpening the circuit.

Ivan Ivanovich:

My son.In.Law gave an electrical saw, so I’m not getting enough. Work in the garden went faster. I even began to cook firewood for barbecue. You just need to follow the grease regularly. I once missed that it was over, so the sound went another right away and it became harder to work.

How to work with a saber’s saw?

Sable saw did not find widespread among domestic consumers. By structure and principle of operation, it is most similar to a hacksaw. Only instead of human strength, the electric motor works. It is easy to use such a tool, because the ergonomic handle lies well in the hand.

electric, chain, brake

Ideal for working in a garden, where you need to cut down a few branches. Thanks to the thin working surface, the saw will not cut off the excess. The advantage of the saber saw is that it can be sawed not only by wood, but also with a stone, ceramic materials, a gas block, glass, plastic, etc.D.

Storage and care rules

Do not neglect the operating rules of the tool specified by the manufacturer in the technical passport. During its use, it is necessary to take breaks in work, prevent overloading the apparatus. Protect the power cord from damage.

Like any power tool, the saber saw does not tolerate a long stay in a humid environment, and is subjected to rust. Therefore, the place of storage must be selected by a dry room, prevent water from entering the unit. After the work is completed, the tool must be cleaned of dust and other contaminants. When transporting, it is best to move the device in the case.

Sharpening a Chainsaw the easy way with a cordless drill

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to use the tool in good condition for a long time.

How to operate electric ones

Often than the electrolobsiks only hamsters die. The capricious tool itself, and the inaccurate owner will not stand.

Typical breakdowns

The failure of the electric motor. Often blocks the anchor, inductor, stator. There is a malfunction due to overheating of the motor, aging of insulation, hence the breakdown. Also, notch on the shaft often wear out due to shock loads in the rod, which occurs when the files are incorrectly selected. To avoid overloads, when buying an electrician, you need to choose a model with a power supply. I recommend watching models from 580 watts minimum. Because, a jigsaw up to 580 watts saws a sheet of wood, with a thickness of not more than 80 mm.

Wear of the notch. In order to avoid such breakdowns, you need to choose a saw blade in accordance with the characteristics of the material. Also incorrectly selected, or a blunt saw can lead to a breakdown of the support roller. The right file will relieve shock loads, hence a larger resource. Video about how to choose a file:

electric, chain, brake

Wear of the worm transmission of the anchor. Common breakdown in an electrician. It arises due to the fact that the jigsaw begins to saw, not yet gaining the optimal speed of the canvas. Therefore, let the jigsaw work a couple of seconds at idle. Modern electrolobsics have a non.Inspection knot fixation unit. This allows you to quickly change files during operation. However, this node often breaks, or begins to fix the canvas unreliable. Breakage mainly occurs due to dust. Therefore, you should periodically clean this knot and lubricate the wider (WD-40). The next video about eliminating a common breakdown is the wedge of the file holder:

CENTED ELECOMPILS: characteristics, operation, choice

Chain electric saw. An indispensable assistant with a variety of household and professional tasks. There is no special difference between the functioning of the power plant and the chainsaw. The difference is only in the type of engine. Many users positively speak about the operation of an electric drive, noting the ease of use and maintenance, the lack of need to refuel saw equipment with fuel and a long service life with proper use with proper use. Since it is correct to saw with an electric saw?

Before sawing, the equipment must be assembled. As a rule, the power unit itself is delivered in the collected form. Separately in the box there is a guide tire, a chain and a set of necessary keys for assembling and servicing a saw. When installing the chain on the tire, you need to be careful, since it is sharply sharpened.

The setting of the chain itself is correct from the tire tip. Mount the tire with a chain on the bolts, start the chain on the asterisk and check the correct direction of the cloves of the chain. If the direction coincides with what is indicated on the lid, put it on and twist the fastener nut with the key that comes in the kit.

Hand disk saws

An indispensable tool at a construction site is a hand.Based wood drive. It is capable of cutting leaf material (plywood, various boots on wood.Based, metal), with its help it is easy to cut a small thickness board.

The disc saw is universal. She will cope equally well with the transverse cutting of the tree, it can be performed by an accurate longitudinal incision. For any material and work method, it is easy to choose a disk with suitable parameters. Thanks to the right disk, the saw will provide a thin even saw with clean smooth edges.

When choosing this power tool, it is necessary to take into account its main characteristics.

Engine power. The greater the capacity, the “more all.Terrible” I drank, but its cost is more.

Rotation speed (number of revolutions per minute). The higher this indicator, the harder the material is on the teeth of the saw and the cleaner the resulting cut.

The depth drank. The maximum disk exit. In household devices, this indicator is at a level of 50-65 mm, in professional models-up to 130 mm.

Among other things, choosing a disk electric saw, you should pay attention to its weight. The mini-tool is highly maneuverability, when working with it, it is not required to make excessive efforts, but small weight will certainly affect power indicators

Rules for the safe use of chain electric saws

A similar tool for home operation and small industries is more convenient and profitable than gasoline. Electric saws:

In addition to the ease of use, its environmental friendliness is a significant advantage of the power tool due to the lack of exhaust gases. This is especially true when sawing indoors.

The disadvantages include the need for a long electrosnur and a power source nearby, the inability to work in the rain. But there are saws on the battery, their application is solved by the issue with maneuverability.

What is sawing?

The principle of electrical and manual saws are the same: the teeth of the saw when the tool moves act like small sharp incisors, which crush the material and then take it out of the cut in the form of sawdust. The performance of the saw depends on the size of the angle of cutting the tooth and the step of the teeth, that is, the distance between the teeth along the length of the saw, this distance is also called the sinus.

Items in a tree are best performed by saws with large sinuses in order to ensure the Rapid removal of sawdust from cut. Sawly saw wood and transverse cuts require saws with small sinuses. They are more effective when working with solid materials.

European saws work when moving on their own, that is, when the saw goes to the material. But the Japanese drank teeth are directed towards the handle, they work when moving on themselves. Thanks to this, the saw canvas can be very thin. Japanese saws make it possible to perform very accurate cuts.


Long work with a saw will require considerable strength if the hand and handle of the tool is not suitable for each other. Thanks to the modern structure of saw teeth, it is not so difficult to achieve excellent quality of the saw. However, even working with modern tools will be very tiring if the handle of the saw glides, has angular shapes or just small for the master.

Therefore, check the ergonomics of the saw before buying, holding it in your hand for several minutes. The cutting process will always be under your control if the saw lies tightly in the hand, and the thumb is conveniently wrapping around the handle. Soft pads on the handle of hand saws are completely optional.

How to choose: main characteristics

Answering the question of how to choose a saber’s saw, it is worth paying attention to the main criteria on which the choice should be based.


This is the most important parameter that affects the choice of tool. The higher the power indicator, the heavier and more in size there will be a saw, and its performance will also be higher. Devices are presented on sale, the power of which is from 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW.


This option is responsible for reducing the level of load on the canvas. The function will be very useful when performing a large volume of work, as it increases the productivity of the apparatus. If you choose between the instrument that has a pendulum course and a tool without a pendulum course, it is better to choose the first option, since this function is useful.

Adjusting the support shoe

In the process of sawing, this detail plays a large role. The support shoe allows you to conveniently fix the workpiece, so the cut will be more even and accurate. If there is a supporting shoe, it is more convenient to add great strength with a cut. The presence of a mobile shoe frame allows you to adjust the outlet of the tool and make a cut at any angle.

Steel saw shoe

Blocking from random inclusion and fixation of the launch trigger

Some models have a button that protects against randomly turning on the tool. The launch of the electric motor occurs only after clicking on such a button or lever.

Also, such models have a latch, which allows, starting the electrical appliance, release the trigger. Such an option is necessary for a more convenient retention of the device and the implementation of the exact sawing.

Speed ​​adjustment

Changing the speed mode usually changes in two ways. In the first case, this happens using a slider or wheel. In the second case, the speed of the saber saw changes the degree of pressing the button. The latter method requires certain skills, so more often this method of changing the speed of work is found in devices designed for professional use.

Speed ​​adjustment

The mechanism of replacing the canvas

The good quality of the connecting unit in professional models ensures the unnecessarity of additional tools in order to switch from wood to metal during the cut. When using cheaper models that do not have a “hot replacement” system of a hacksaw canvas, the necessary strength will be achieved only by the use of fasteners.

Cracking protection

This option is built into all professional models, since in case of breakdown, their repair will cost much more than installing the security unit.

Cheaper models designed for operation in everyday life are most often not equipped with this option.

Smooth start and brake

Smooth start is necessary to protect the tool from breakdown. This option also increases the service life of the gearbox and electric motor. The electromagnetic brake allows you to place the saw on the surface after work without the risk of damage to the tool and coating.

XCORT power tools 16″ ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW XML04-405

These functions can only be found in more powerful professional models.

Double isolation of live nodes

This technical solution increases the service life of an electric unit and allows the operator to work from a socket that is not grounded. Sable saws equipped with such a protection system allow you to work even on the street in raw weather.

How the electric saw is arranged

The speed of rotation is often not indicated. It is clear that there is a collector engine inside, but how fast it is. Pay attention to the parameter of the speed of the circuit. It is expressed by meters in sec (13.5) and shows how quickly the links move. It is known that the length of the tire is 14 inches (35.5 centimeters). For reference: the electric engine tire is called the metal frame, the chain runs along it.

The total length of the links is about 85 centimeters. We take a reserve for the tension mechanism and the transverse size. This means that in a second the full number of revolutions is n = 13.5 / 0.85 = 16. About 950 it turns out per minute. This is not the engine frequency, but the number of revolutions. But there is information on the drive asterisk, it is written: 6t x 9.53. This means that the teeth are 6, and the distance between the teeth is 3/8 inches (9.53 millimeters). It remains to change these two digits to obtain the length of the circle: 6 x 9.53 = 60 millimeters (rounded).

Chainsaw Chain Won’t Stop at idleFIX

It turns out that the drive star makes a circle 85/6 = 15 revolutions, which gives the speed of rotation of the shaft about 14000 rpm. Provided that there is no gearbox inside. Inside there is a high.Cost collector engine (you can’t bring asynchronous to such a speed), which means that there is no choice. Sometimes a gearbox is used, in other cases the drive of a direct. In the second case, the electric saw weighs less and there are fewer details that can break.

The motor lies in the transverse relative to the movement of the plane circuit for obvious reasons. The shaft star extends out and the chain is put on. It is pulled around the tire, and then attached to the body. Important mechanisms are located here:

How to Reset the Chain Brake on a Chainsaw | Husqvarna

For this purpose, long slots under the spikes of the case are made on the plane of steel. Further, the mounting systems begin to vary. Electro-saw manufacturers solve the problem in their own way. For example, the tension is provided with a symmetrical spiral screw, like Champion, or a lonely spike, like Makita.

It is usually delayed by the key. But Makit has a special folding screw. It is good that it is part of the design, but users complain that the elasticity of the springs is reduced, and the head begins to hang out. Pay attention to what is said if you consider it important. It’s good if there is a rubber nest under the mentioned key on the cord.

But there is in addition to the on.Duty mechanism of adjustment. During operation, the chain is weakened, and it would be inconvenient to constantly remove the casing, turning the screw. The mechanism on duty is implemented in different ways. For example, the Champion needs to be pulled with a screwdriver, and the nest is located from the side of the canvas.

Sparky does not have a screw, but there is a large diameter plastic tuning wheel. It is convenient, located on the side. In the duty mode, pulling the chain does not take much time. In appearance, the wheeled is fragile, there are fears that the mechanism is prone to breakdown. When choosing an electric saw, pay attention to the on.Duty tools for maintaining the tension of the chain.

So the friction coefficient is reduced, and heat release decreases. Users complain that Makita pumps easily fail, and the oil either stops serving or injects too quickly. To control the level on the lateral part of the electric saw, the observation window is located. The type of oil is indicated in the instructions. If during the cut of the logs the smoke from the tire of the electric pill appeared, it is recommended to stop work immediately.

The electric saw usually has two pens. The first is located in the front of the case on the left. Arched and durable. In this place there is a shield, an employee both to protect against flying chips and as a spare switch. In many cases, during the operation of the electric saw, the so.Called reverse blow occurs: the tire with a moving chain bounces up towards the lumberjack. As a result, the shield hits hands and crosses the switch that breaks the supply of power to the engine. Electric saw stops immediately, blocking the possibility of an accident.

In this sense, all devices are designed the same, but the part has additional protection against seizing the chain. In practice, electric saw refuses to cut thick wet logs. In the case of fatal locking, the motor will be saved from imminent death. The chance that the chain will get stuck on the tire minimal, but it is present. If it jams, then the gearbox may fail. Products of this type without additional measures are not recommended.

The back handle is designed for the right hand. Having taken the electric saw in your hands, try whether it is well balanced. Modern 2 kW models weigh a little more than 2 kg, which facilitates the work. Electric spil should be free in hand, for convenient cutting. The technical data provides maximum log diameters. The size is limited by the length of the tire.

In the off state, the electric saw chain is hidden in the casing, removed during operation. The front case of the electric saw is equipped with plastic or steel teeth. They need to rest against the workpiece, and then rock the blade up and down. It’s easier to cut, and the teeth serve as a limiter from this side. The last thing we want to say is food:

How to care for a chain electric saw

In the standard, inspect the oil level and undermine the chain should be every time after work. If the model does not have an automatic pump, then the saw tire must often be lowered into a bucket with butter. Apart from this, you should check the reliability of the mounting of the parts and the serviceability of the wiring. A good aspect of the control of the tool properties. Ease of work. In the usual state, the chain electric saw does not actually ask for physical effort. At the end of the work, the circuit is removed, the opal is removed, cleaned and laid down the box.

Often for the cool season, the tool is stored in an unheated room. In the case of electric saw, this can lead to a short circuit, since the condensation will accumulate. In order to avoid this problem, you need to withstand the saw after winter for a couple of days in a warm dry room. Battery models cannot be overheated if the storage temperature is achieved 50 ° C, they may fail. Direct sunlight to this instrument are categorically contraindicated.

Such a macar, a chain saw is a successful, relatively economical tool that requires, but, accurately compliance with safety regulations. With relatively easy care, he can last a couple of years, in fact, without requiring additional expenses with all this. The choice of a certain model of the chain power saw is determined by the goals for which it is acquired by the alleged regime of its operation.