How to seal a plastic tank for gasoline motorcycles. The nuances of the choice

Repair of plastic gas tank, independently eliminate leak

The leakage of the gas tank is a rare phenomenon, but such a problem can happen to each. In general, plastic gas tank is eternal (namely plastic gas tanks are installed on most existing cars), as it is protected from corroding gasoline. However, he is threatened with other problems. sandblast and any mechanical damage. Even if the gas tank leaked, this is not a reason to throw it out, because it can be quite budgetary to repair it.

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Plastic gas tank trimmer for grass, crack 2 cm.

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seal, plastic, tank, gasoline

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Plastic. quite durable material. Nevertheless, under the influence of adverse external factors, a plastic tank can be deformed. Its integrity is violated with careless strikes, contact with sharp objects, falling heavy cargoes into an open tank. Damage can be pointed, like an injection with a sharp object, or vast. in this case cracks appear. In both cases, a leak appears, and over time, the structure can fall apart. Small tanks most often simply change to serviceable ones, large tanks have to be repaired. they are expensive, and the delivery of new ones is usually several days and even weeks.

There are many opportunities for quick and practical restoration of the surface of plastic tanks with a complete return of their primary functionality.

Plastic restoration methods depend on the characteristics of polymers and the structure of the starting raw materials from which tanks are made.


Such a material is characterized by a combination of fluidity and hardness. This greatly simplifies the process of processing plastic when gluing. However, it must be borne in mind that low pressure polyethylene is characterized by resistance to organic and inorganic media. In addition, it retains its physical and technical parameters in a wide temperature range from –50 to 80 degrees Celsius.


Characterized by high strength, hardness and chemical inertia.

Polyvinyl chloride

Able to maintain its shape and structure in the temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. It does not react with aggressive chemical components, is exceptional hardness, strength and density.

Polymer characteristics have a direct effect on the choice of technology, with which leaks are eliminated. For each type of plastic, there is a certain technology for its restoration: in some cases, the barrel can simply be sealed, in others, welding is required, and in others the use of extrusion will be the only effective solution.

How can you glue cracks and holes?

When repairing tanks from polyethylene, the restoration of the integrity of the tanks is complicated by the reduced parameters of adhesion of this material. Due to weak adhesion, the surface rejects adhesives, sealants, compounds for cold welding, as well as epoxy resin.

If the crack is small, then you can get rid of it with a bitumen tape. If the bottom bursts, then you can eliminate damage using a patch from a piece of plastic and a special adhesive composition for modeling. this is a working technology that creates reliable fixation and allows you to extend the term for using the container for a year or more.

If the polypropylene tank has cracked 200 or more liters, it can be poured with fiberglass and fixed with a molten polymer. To fix the container, it is necessary to perform several simple actions:

how to remove dents from motorcycle gas tank dent fix how to remove dings parody video

The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned and degreased;

the surface is heated by a building hairdryer;

Plastic is melted from a special pistol to the deformation zone and a piece of fiberglass optimal size is quickly applied;

The repaired section of the container is once again heated with a hairdryer to ensure maximum fixation strength.

If the area of ​​damage to polypropylene container is small, then a good result will give epoxy glue on a two.component basis. This composition is inertia, resistance to chemical components, it is not destroyed when in contact with moisture. The glue is non-combustible, it takes only 50-60 minutes to polymerization. To carry out restoration work, it is necessary to cut off a small amount of glue, knead it in the hands until a homogeneous substance is obtained, then fly out and fix it in the hole of the tank. Glue-plastilin is fixed for several minutes and left for a couple of hours. After that, the container is ready for operation.

Epoxy glue “Contact” has special efficiency. Unlike other compounds for work, it is not at all necessary to devastate the tank. you can carry out repairs even under water and other liquids. The advantages of glue “Contact” include:

the ability to quickly restore the shape of products;

inertia to the action of oils and solvents;

the ability to use in a wide temperature range from –40 to 150 degrees Celsius;

preservation of plasticity for 3-5 minutes;

Sale in a ready.made form.

It takes about an hour to solidify plasticine, after which it can be sharpened, cleaned and subjected to any other mechanical influences.

How to seal a metal gas tank

There are many options than to seal the iron gas tank of the car, where everyone has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Before starting work, a number of preparatory measures are required to ensure security and achieve a quality result.

The recommended procedure before repairing the fuel tank with your own hands:

  • In the instructions for the vehicle, find a section on the fuel tank. Find out what it is made of and the sequence of removal. The idea to seal the gas tank of the car without removing is attractive, but difficult.
  • Disconnect the fuel pump and a sensor float. Put them on clean material.
  • Put a container under the car and drain the remnants of fuel in them. After that, close them hermeted.
  • Clean the tank. First it is poured with hot water, and then with a soap solution. Rinse with clean water.
  • Wipe the metal outside, and if possible and from the inside. Wait for complete drying.
  • Examine the detail for corrosion and bullying. Place these places as those in need of repairs. It is better to take preventive measures than after a short time to solve a similar problem again.

Having received complete information about the features of the tank and the nature of the damage, you can make the optimal decision than to seal the gas tank from the metal.

Glue the gas tank with cold welding

If you seal the gas tank with cold welding, you can get a fairly high.quality and long.term result for relatively small money. The material allows you to eliminate defects such as cracks, holes and extensive damage to the metal with corrosion.

Basy cold welding has excellent adhesion to iron and aluminum, high strength and certain elasticity, resistance to strong vibration. It does not corrode gasoline, which is especially important, since the fuel contains a number of additives that destroy ordinary household sealing products.

It is not difficult to cook putty in any conditions, and also simply apply to the object. Flasping occurs within a few minutes, after which you can pour fuel and continue to move. It is recommended to always have at least one packaging of this tool in the remote complex. It is not worth saving on it. it is better to overpay for the proven goods than to save and at a difficult moment to be with a useless fake.

Clean the gas tank glue the moment

The moment or its analogues are a quick and effective tool for a short.term solution to problems with a leaking fuel tank. The solution is distinguished by excellent adhesion to the metal, ensures the tightness of the cracks, holes and damaged areas.

The compositions are not used independently, but only as a lock for patches that do not pass the liquid. It can be rubber, or grid materials, after applying covered with paint, which will not corrode gasoline.

The moment dries quickly, no more than an hour will go to the imposition of several layers. But, this measure is temporary, it is extremely risky to go far with such a repair, but getting with it to the next hundred is quite real.

Two.component epoxy glue and fiberglass

The frozen two.component epoxy glue is one of the most durable materials that surpasses steel, and even more so aluminum. The decision to seal them the iron gas tank of the car is an excellent option for solving the problem of fuel leakage problem.

In combination with fiberglass, epoxy resin forms a strong, elastic patch, perfectly tolerates vibration and does not respond to fuel. Subject to repair technology, it may be enough for several years. The only minus is that the hardening of the composition takes several hours, and therefore there is no question of a quick consumption.

DoneDeal line glue

This tool is characterized by high efficiency, versatility and fast polymerization period. It is designed specifically for operational repairs in any environmental conditions. Donedeal DD6561 5-minute epoxy-adhesive can be used independently.

You can not put patches, since glue has great viscosity and strength. Grasping occurs for several minutes, and after half an hour this gas.resistant, glue for the gas tank forms a strong layer, which is designed for many years of operation.

Other options

If there are no factory manufacturing products at hand, then the repair of the fuel tank with your own hands can be carried out with non.standard methods.

The repair options for the tank are as follows:

  • Bolt, nut, washers and rubber. If necessary, the hole is drilled to the diameter of the methysis. Then on both sides the hole is closed with rubber patches, after which they are pulled together. If the hole is small, then fixation is carried out by one self.tapping screw from the outside.
  • Silicone sealant. Applied in a preheated state, better the thermal pistol. After cooling, it forms a dense patch that is resistant to fuel and vibration.
  • Soldering or welding. Both the method allows you to reliably close the gas tank with any damage. But, such types of repair are carried out only if there are special equipment and an electricity source.

In the most extreme case, you can use a piece of soap. After kneading in their hands, a hole is sealed on both sides. Unreliable, but will help to get to the nearest workshop.

How to seal a metal gas tank

Crack with a crack in the gas tank is dangerous not only for the driver, but also for other road users. The elimination of the problem is carried out in one of the ways that is determined by the presence of materials and equipment.

There are such methods of repairing the gas tank with your own hands:

seal, plastic, tank, gasoline
  • Adhesive compounds and patches. Take stripes of matter, bandage, fiberglass and soak in the solution. After drying the glue, apply each layer of fabric with an area of ​​an area of ​​several centimeters more than the previous. Thus, rubber and epoxy compounds are used.
  • Loading. To cover the gas tank, compounds with high viscosity and high setting speed are used. But even DoneDeal DD6561 is suitable only for sealing small cracks, holes and fistulas from metal corrosion.
  • Soldering. This work is complex, long and painstaking. The metal is first cleaned, degreased and treated with acid. And only then welding is carried out. It is carried out using a soldering lamp, electrodes, gas or a powerful soldering iron. Sealing is carried out by applying patches or filling with metal.

If you glue the gas tank with a qualitatively, then it can last the entire service life of the machine.

Features of elimination of leaks

When transferring to a hundred damaged car, its owner does not need to worry about something and make responsible decisions. But when you have to make repairs with your own hands, you need to think well and carefully, the better to close the hole in the car tank.

In this matter, one must take into account the following nuances:

  • Properties of materials. This refers to their adhesion with an adhesive composition, as well as a reaction to contact. Some substances can change their structure and qualities under the influence of other.
  • Size and nature of damage. Small holes can be cooked, and large ones will need to be found in several layers of patches.
  • The need to remove the tank. This is not always required, especially when the defect is in an easily accessible place.
  • The fixed patch should be covered with a protective composition to prevent its premature damage.
  • At the end of work before installation, check the container for tightness.

It will not be superfluous to repeat that it is necessary to give preference to trusted manufacturers guaranteeing the quality and safety of products.

Repair tips

During the operation of a trimmer for grass, the operator may encounter various breakdowns and malfunctions. One of the common ones is a malfunction of the container for storing gasoline or other fuel. In case of violation of tightness, it can be found that fuel flows. To extend the service life of the tank, it is worth listening to some tips.

  • In the case of cracks, you can make a patch with your own hands using a warden bolt and a dense rubber gasket. To do this, using improvised tools, make a tank hole suitable for the size of the bolt. Then, on the narrow part of the bolt, you should put a puck equipped with a gasket, and install the structure through the neck in the hole. It is important that the rubber is gas.resistant.
  • You can eliminate damage to the tank using the glue “moment” or such a superglue. This repair is relevant if the damage is not very serious. To form a patch from glue, a piece of tissue of high density and adhesive will be required. The fabric is pre.wetted in an adhesive solution, and then tightly pressed to the place of damage. Когда материал схватится, а состав застынет, необходимо будет обработать заплатку нитрокраской.
  • If the gas tank fails, it can be temporarily replaced with a bottle. This repair option is relevant in case of breakdown of the fuel capacity. Instead of a tank, a plastic or other bottle is installed, which is then filled with gasoline. After a homemade container, the hose is immersed for the transportation of fuel. To get to a hundred, you need to carefully fix the container, otherwise it will turn over.
  • You can eliminate the frivolous damage to the tank using laundry soap. Thus remove light scratches and microcracks of the tank. In case of serious damage, such a repair will not give the desired result.
  • If cracks have formed on the surface of the tank, they can be sealed with epoxy glue or fiberglass. Before applying the composition, it is necessary to carefully clean the surface, and then walk along it with sandpaper, degrease and dry. In the case of using fiberglass, you should glue at least 3 patch.

In case of damage to the gas tanks made of metal, can be eliminated using the cold welding method. This is the simplest way to combat holes and other types of deformations. Epoxy resin is used for welding.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • First, the surface is wiped using sandpaper;
  • Then, in a separate container, the resin is kneaded with the hardener in order to obtain a homogeneous solution;
  • The third stage involves lowering the patch from dense fabric into the solution;
  • When the fabric is saturated, it is fixed to the place of deformation, pressing tightly until the composition.

The last stage is to give a patch to dry, after which it is worth applying a protective layer on it. It is noteworthy that this method of combating holes is quite effective and durable. In the most severe cases, it is not recommended to make repairs yourself. Better to contact specialists.

A trimmer for grass is a strong and sealed container, inside which there is gasoline. Timely elimination of deformations of such a container will help extend the life of the structure and ensure safe operation of motorcycles.

Tell me how to seal, or seize a tank on a chainsaw?

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I glued with cold welding and keeps even pressure if degreased and cleaned before applying welding!

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Cold welding the only thing I managed to seal the tank on the wad (plastic) passed two years until I changed it.

On Husvarn, an epoxy was sealed with a groaned piece of a banzobak. And so, in principle, there are no problems with replacement problems with the services.

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On a trimer mower after a time after the purchase, the tank flowed, a knife heated on the gas and simply stolen a cracked area.Has been working for 9 years and has not missed anything.

That’s exactly how I glued the fuel swimming float in the Zhiguli tank about 20 years ago.

Right now, a team of psychics will come and answer.At least for a start, you need to know what this current tank is made of: polyethylene, steel, aluminum, plastic, etc ?

You can try to seal with armoclay. Which is sold in construction stores, it is charged in the Chinese electric gun in the form of a white rod. I glued a tank for them from a hydraulic booster by car, for two years already drives, it has not leaked anywhere.

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Quality is now becoming close to disposable Chinese crafts.

Repair of a plastic tank for water

A plastic tank or barrel used in everyday life is a tank in which it is good to maintain a water supply. These convenient and practical containers with careless use or blow can flow. This is not a reason to throw the desired tank or barrel. It is necessary to give them a second life. You can eliminate the resulting defect in various ways.

The material from which plastic containers are made have their own characteristics. This is manifested in the form of its bad fortress, if the effect on the barrel occurs mechanically. The unevenness of the site for a barrel or tank can lead to a bias of the container and the formation of a small gap, which under pressure from water will leak and turn into a large defect.

Each plastic container has its own marking, which reflects the temperature range of use and the property of plastic. Low pressure plastic capacity of low-pressure polyethylene is marked with the “PE-HD” sign, which withstands temperature fluctuations from.50 ° C to 80 ° C and does not change its properties. In its structure, this plastic has a high coefficient of hardness, which makes products from it resistant to the influence of chemicals of organic and inorganic origin.

Marking “PVC-U” is applied to products made of polyvinyl chloride. A plastic barrel of such material cannot be used at a temperature below 0 ° C, since the mismatch of the thermal indicators from 0 ° C to 60 ° C changes its parameters, which can lead to a violation of the integrity of the plastic product. This type of material is characterized by significant strength and significant resistance to oxidative and other substances.

Polypropylene (PP), from which they make significant water capacitance in volume, is characterized by strength, resistance to gap, aggressive effects of household chemicals. Due to invulnerability to increased insolation, water in such a barrel can be stored for a long time and not deteriorated.

Ways to eliminate leaks

If the container gave a leak, then how to seal a plastic tank for water so that it will continue to perform its functions? Due to the fact that polymeric materials have a low clutch coefficient with heterogeneous substances, the repair of such products has its own distinctive features. If you do not think of buying a new plastic container. then we give several ways to repair.

Bitumen tape

If a slight damage appears on the surface of the barrel, similar to a small, in the form of a web, a grid, then the question arises: how to restore the integrity of the damaged surface and how to seal a plastic tank for water? The easiest way is to use a special adhesive tape on a bitumen basis. It is a synthetic tool for repair, the structure of which consists of several layers. Such a tape perfectly repeats the contours of the tank or barrel and gives good clutch with plastic.

Before sealed the defect, you must:

  • Prepare the surface of the container, that is, clean from contaminants and degrease the damage area.
  • Wipe the working area with a dry rag.
  • Cut off sufficient length a piece of the tape so that its size protrudes behind the edges of the defect by 2-3 cm.
  • Remove the protective film.
  • Stick a patch on a crack, tightly pressing it to the outer surface of the barrel.

The repair operation simple in technical design allows you to maintain a plastic capacity in working condition for its further use.

The best degreasing agent in the repair of a plastic barrel is acetone, which perfectly removes complex contaminants and does not damage its synthetic surface.

Epoxy adhesive

Synthetic glue has pronounced moisture resistance and is ideal in order to stick a plastic tank. Almost all of its varieties are 2 component. With it, you can quickly solve this problem. Glue differs not only in resistance to water, but also to various chemicals. The synthetic agent has a short polymerization period (1 hour). To eliminate the crack, it follows:

  • Cut off the required amount of glue.
  • Knead it with your hands until a homogeneous mass is similar in consistency with plasticine.
  • Give the resulting volume the shape of the cone.
  • Fill a formed defect in the barrel as tightly as possible, leaving for 1-2 hours to dry.

You should also use the Contact glue, which can be repaired by the tank even without draining water. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that when in contact with the liquid, the glue hards and restores the shape of the capacity.

This synthetic agent is characterized by the speed of action and the ability to hermetically fill the voids in plastic. The readiness of the plastic mass occurs quickly, within 3 minutes, and polymerization lasts up to half an hour. After this time, the remaining glue in the repair area can be removed with various methods, that is, scraped, grind, cut off with a sharp knife.

Welding with a construction hairdryer

A water storage tank can be repaired not only using various adhesives on a synthetic basis. You should also use the welding of damaged surfaces. Its effect is based on the ability of plastic to change its physical condition, that is, subject to softening under the influence of high temperatures.

For the repair of a plastic container in this way, the barrel should be empty. Work to eliminate the defect is performed in the following order:

  • The container is freed from the liquid.
  • The problem area is cleaned of pollution and degreased.
  • They heat the plastic with a construction hairdryer in the area of ​​damage using the low power of the device, and melted to a certain depth.
  • Fill the resulting recess with a heated piece of polymer with the side that adjacent to the defect.
  • Continue to do heating, increasing its intensity.
  • Polymer fragment on the surface being repaired, as it cools, smoothed with your fingers.

After cooling, the seam must be leveled and fucked from excess plastic.

Fresh crack, which did not have time to disperse and take a hole, can easily be removed by the sting of the soldering iron, which needs to be drawn along the entire length of the crack, along the outer and inside of the barrel. The molten plastic will fill the defect and restore the tightness of the capacity.

Using a grid

Defects in a plastic container can be eliminated using a grid of aluminum, copper or stainless steel with small cells. To the required set of tools for work, add a soldering iron for 100 watts, scissors and a knife. This method is more suitable for restoring damage in large containers.

For repair of a significant size of cracks, it is necessary:

  • Cut the net into strips or squares of several centimeters corresponding to the size of a hole or crack, but with a allowance by 1-2 cm.
  • The prepared fragment of the grid is applied to the defect.
  • The sting of the heated soldering iron immerse the grid in plastic to the depth of its cross section.
  • Press the molten area with a knife, which is necessary behind the sting of the soldering iron, which makes it possible to penetrate the net into plastic to a greater depth.

Work should be carefully, not hastily and solder a mesh with plastic several centimeters. When they become one, the following centimeters can be connected. The mesh on the crack is superimposed in its direction. First repairs one side of the defect, then the other. The resulting sutures of the seam must be smoothed using a soldering iron. This action gives a more dense compound of the design.

The net, in this case, acts as an additional reinforcement, pulling off the opposite sides of the defect. You can get an even greater effect of repair work by doing the same manipulations in the inside of the barrel. In this case, the quality of the sealing of a crack or hole in the damaged container increases by an order of magnitude higher.

Plastic tanks and barrels for water having high operational characteristics can serve for a long time. Their damage, formed in time, can be eliminated with your own hands without large financial and temporary costs, while receiving moral satisfaction, skill in repair work and a thing suitable for further use.

The procedure for cleaning the soundtress

Simple purification method. use a sewing needle. Before cleaning the valve, make sure that it is clogged. It is not difficult to do it.

  • Remove the carburetor (it must be disconnected from the fuel hose), estimate the number of traces of fuel.
  • If the fuel flows, and the saapun remains clean, then everything is in order with it and you need to continue diagnostics. If a weak stream of fuel arises from the gas pipeline, you can have no doubt that the sapoon needs thorough cleaning.

Important! If, after cleaning, the chainsaw shows an increase in revolutions when idling, do not rush to panic and disassemble the tool or attribute to the workshop. After cleansing, this behavior of the engine and carburetor (their interaction leads to an increase in the speed at idle) is considered the norm. If this feature is alarming, you can slightly adjust the idle screw located on the carburetor and has a mark of T.

What is a sapun and why it is needed on a trimmer

The fact of the trimmer is, and why it is intended, far from many experienced kosari and instrument owners know. What is it, and how the detail affects the work of the lawn mower, it’s time to figure it out. Before you understand the question of what is called a benzokos as a benzocosa, it should be noted that this part has a direct impact on the launch of the tool engine.

The cabin is called the valve that passes the air in one direction. This part is called a check valve, through which the pressure in a closed container occurs. This tank on a gas tank is a fuel tank. Why do you need to balance the pressure in the tank of the lawn mower, and how the check valve affects the operation of the tool engine?

To understand the purpose of the check valve on a gas station, we will briefly consider the features of fuel supply to the carburetor.

  • The fuel poured into the tank is sucked into the carburetor during engine operation. For this, the tank has a hose that is connected to a carburetor
  • The membrane, which, by creating a vacuum, absorbs its absorption, is responsible for the pumping of the fuel from the tank to the carburetor
  • When operating the engine, a gradual devastation of the tank occurs, and since the tank is a completely tight container, in the process of reducing the fuel, a vacuum or vacuum is created
  • The higher the vacuum (grows with a decrease in the amount of fuel in the tank), the more difficult it is for the carburetor to pump fuel
  • To eliminate the effect of the vacuum in the gas mushroom tank, a check valve is used, which passes the air in one direction, and does not allow fuel to flow out

The sapun is aligned with the pressure of the trimmer for the grass in the gas tank, and if this part is malfunction, the engine starts up. This difficulty is that the carburetor membrane simply does not have the opportunity to suck fuel due to the vacuum formed inside the container. The check valve works as follows:

  • When creating pressure inside the tank, air leaks occurs, thereby the vacuum decreases
  • Air leakage into the tank when the chainsaw is operating excludes the flow of the fuel mixture from the tank

How to seal the fuel tank of a trimmer for grass

  • We drive a car to the observation pit or overpass;
  • We outline the place of flow with chalk;
  • We dismantle the fuel tank from the car;
  • We pour the remnants of gasoline in other words of diesel fuel;
  • We dry out in the open air, because the pairs of chemical reagent are explosive;
  • Using a rag and soap solution, we clean the gas tank from the residues of the resin, dirt, and other impurities on the outside;
  • For cleaning heavily derived compounds, we use rough sandpaper;
  • The surface of the gas tank is degreased using acetone. This function must be carried out a couple of times, because how excluded the degreasing of the glue of the gas tank material is carried out;

Even more information about repairing and choosing a tool here www.Looktool.Ru enter, of course, everyone is happy about everyone.

For gluing, you need to use glue of a viscous mixture, otherwise the effect is not to achieve an option.

  • We cut the fiberglass shreds with such a macar so that they protrude 1-2 cm. more perimeter of crack or other damage. We impregnate the fabric shreds carefully in the eboxite;
  • Gently apply fiberglass on the surface of the gas tank so that there are no air bubbles left, otherwise eliminate the shortcomings;
  • With the help of a rag, remove excess glue and resin;
  • Smoothes the glass wheel with a small piece of plastic for the even platform;
  • After that, we proceed to the imposition of the second ball, we carry out a similar procedure. Depending on the degree of damage to the gas tank, it is determined with the number of balls of fiberglass. Accordingly, the minimum damage will require the minimum number of fiberglass balls, the deeper zones of the lesion will require more balls.

The driver is note, it must be remembered that the quality of the rest of the structure depends on how the first layer is laid.

Each subsequent layer should be slightly wider than the previous one and with an interval of 15-20 minutes.

In addition, the last layer is impregnated with additionally aluminum powder, which can be purchased in a car shop.

After a day, the design will completely dry and harden. You can process it using fine grinding paper.

We proceed to painting or primer, depending on the need.

Cold welding is used similarly to the above processes. Despite advanced technologies in the form of welding, many drivers prefer old proven and durable methods. So that the question is than Clog The gas tank is already disassembled. A similar procedure can be carried out both in garage conditions and at a car service, depending on your decision.

How and with what can you close a crack or hole in a gas tank

What are the effective methods and how to seal the gas tank for the possibility of its further operation? Such issues will be considered in this section. After all, this topic is more concerned with used cars, and even then domestic production.

Structurally, gas troops are practically not protected by external damage, in contrast, from foreign analogues. Often small fractions of gravel, gravel, asphalt, bouncing off the rear wheels gradually ruin the shell of paint and primer, bringing irreparable harm to the metal. After some time, the metal begins to rust. The driver begins to notice a fuel leak.

What can be glued?

You can seal a plastic canister with glue. For example, special glue Loctite 406 will help in this. A very strong substance is also dichloretan, which can glue plastic and plexiglass. Adhesives are different in quality and properties: liquid, contact, reactionary, thermocles.

Liquid fabric is used for porous plastic. Contact glue, such as the “moment”, fastens the surfaces that should be pressed with force to each other.

He has a poisonous smell, so you need to ventilate the room. The emulsions “BF-2” and “BF-4” are also suitable for polyethylene canister.

The reactionary glue very quickly grasps the material and fastens it. Such glue includes “superglines”, “second” and others. Thermic mesh manifests its effectiveness only when heated to 120 ° C. Therefore, it is better to use a construction gun to work for work, which can warm up the substance.

Small injuries on the canister can be removed by waterproofing bitumen ribbons. This type of material is able to recreate adhesion with metals and dissolve the external matters of plastics. Water polypropylene tanks can be well lended in a molten polymer. You can also make homemade glue from gasoline and foam. To do this, dissolve a piece of foam in gasoline.

Welding copes very well with damage to plastic tanks. Basin canists can also be sealed easily and quickly. During welding, the plastic goes into a liquid state, which helps to effectively fill empty areas with material or special buns.

How to repair it correctly?

It is necessary to clean well and sanding areas where it is planned to reconstruct. Grinding is best done with sandpaper. The damaged surface should be cleaned with high quality so that there are no residues of fat or dirt, then the glue will be attached well. Patches can be made from pieces of plastic or fiberglass.

To correctly attach patches, you need to correctly calculate the amount of necessary materials, as well as the level of pressure in the barrel itself. To do this, determine the size of the gap that must be sealed, cut off the material with a margin for each side. The crack should be well smeared with glue on both sides and put a patch.

The patch also needs to be smeared with glue. Next, press the material tightly to the tank, and let the containers dry.

If the choice fell on welding, then it must be borne in mind that it is undesirable to repair a polyethylene canister in this way, since the material is very fragile, and Spike will not solve the problem for a long time. If the damage in the tank is large, then you should take a filler material in the form of a plastic bag or a piece of plastic. During welding, a crack is seized using the desired material.

About how to solder a bursting plastic canister or tank, see further.