How to serve a benzotrimer after winter. Signs of common faults

What care does the benzotrimer need

Regular mowing of herbs in their own site is the task of each owner of his home. And the benzotrimer will become a reliable assistant in this matter. You can buy a benzotrimmer today a variety of models and with different features. However, care for this type of agricultural machinery must be mandatory and regular. Because the quality of his work and durability directly depend on this.

Consider what the process of caring for any benzotrimer model consists of. The given algorithm of actions will prevent its breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Why is prophylactic care for a benzotrimer

Thanks to the simplicity of its design, the benzotrimer is simple in operation. As well as in care. After all, modern manufacturers offer customers more and more advanced options. Their device allows regular care for technology and independently. With your own hands, each owner and user will be able to perform a gas station.

The goals of caring for this type of technique should be considered:

  • Maintaining the ignition of a benzotrimer in good condition. After all, the process of working tools largely depends on his work. As well as its functionality and performance;
  • prevention of damage to the chassis;
  • preservation of the integrity of all components of gasoline braid for grass;
  • the possibility of the longest operation of the tool.

Since the benzotrimer will need to be used every summer season, you should immediately choose the right model. And sometimes it’s not easy to make a competent choice! After all, a large number of different models are offered on sale. About how to choose a trimmer for grass for your site, read in the next article of our site.

Choosing a trimmer for the grass for giving. My experience

The coil of my “Alpina” exploded right under my feet when I mowed weeds by the fence. When searching for this spare part, I came across options for 1500-1800 (it was three years ago). Well, very expensive, as it seemed to me. Then a colleague told me that he had recently bought a powerful trimmer for Baikal 4500 grass for only 4900 (. The price for everything is very tempting.

I immediately called this company, but the manager upset me, saying that the same “Baikal” is no longer. However, he offered me a lawn mower of the Chinese Safun brand with a capacity of 2.5 kW for 4000. Getting stuck, in a word. And besides, I was pleased to buy a mitch for the price of two coils for a trimmer for Alpina grass. Among other things, I really wanted to check how long the cheap Chinese model will work and how much the engine power corresponds to the description in the description.

A trimmer for the grass that my colleague acquired, with a weight of slightly more than 5 kg and the engine volume 52 cm³ has a declared power of 5.5 kW. Just some kind of miracle! In the kit. two knives and a reel with a fishing line. The recommended fishing thickness is 2.4 mm, which seemed strange to me, because the engine power is twice as much as that of the Chinese Safun offered to me, and the recommended fishing line for a trimmer is thinner. “Baikal” we slightly shared the weeds in the far corner of the site. He cuts the grass well, but after half an hour of work I got the feeling that Safun copes with a similar task better, and this with the declared power of 2.5 kW.

trimmer for the grass “Baikal”, the declared capacity. 5.5 kW. Photo by the author when the ordered Safun was brought to the office, my other colleague became interested in my purchase. He had recently broken an electric trimmer for grass, which was fixed in the workshop in a couple of thousand, but after the repair he broke again, and finally. I told him about my trimmer purchased for mere pennies, he thought a little and acquired a similar, but more expensive-Procraft T-4350 for 6000. I was not too lazy and came to his cottage, helped to assemble the device, at the same time and tried to mow.

ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower. Photo by the author

The declared capacity of the ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower engine is 4.35 kW, but when it is triggered by the difference with my own, I did not feel. Gasoline and fishing line consumption. The engine works quieter than Safun. In the first season of operation, this trimmer was dedicated to 100 acres in total. The engine started stably on cold and hot. The motor resource of the mowing is usually not indicated in the description. I could not find this information about my trimmer Safun. I had to evaluate it by the number of mowing per season. The mower worked out three seasons. I regularly open a summer area of ​​36 acres. To date, the “mileage” of the mower has amounted to 9-10 hectares.

Powerful Safun cuts fishing line and grass and weeds. Photo by the author

Next, I want to share the experience of operating a trimmer for grass, small errors and breakdowns that I have encountered over the past three years.

The wrong selection of cutting elements

As a rule, owners of gasoline braids are divided into two camps. Some mowing both grass and weeds only with fishing line. Others, faced with high grass, immediately install a metal disk. I belong to representatives of the first camp. On a powerful two-kilowatt lawn mower, I am just scared to put a disk: everything flies from under it like from a gun. And with a worthy power of a braid for grass and fishing line, it easily cuts everything from hogweed to small bushes.

A fishing line for 3.2 mm with a diameter of 3.2 mm is installed on the Safun mower. Even three.month.old weeds on her teeth. Photo by the author

Working with a disk knife. Bad experience

For a very long time, my and I put a disk on a powerful EFCO braid, she chopped bushes as in a fairy tale, which ended in the second season. They tore off the gearbox, and the workshop announced just an indecent amount for repairs. This case proves that the knife is not always the best option. When a metallic disk for a gearbox, an increased load, especially when the cutting part finds a stump or brick in the grass. Here the gearbox is overloaded, up to the breakdown of the teeth or jamming of the shaft.

Which line is it better for a trimmer

With a new trimmer, I began to experiment and tried a fishing line for a trimmer, which will be most effective. The instructions were allowed to install a fishing line for a trimmer with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. For the first season I tried four species. a square 2.4 mm, a round 2.4 mm and 3.2 mm, a 2.4 mm twisted. With this power of the engine, I did not notice the difference. The consumption of thin fishing line was slightly larger, but for me it is not fundamentally. All fishing lines chopped thick weeds well.

Install a square fishing line for a trimmer on a “native” coil of a trimmer for grass. Photo by the author

I really felt the advantages of a square fishing line on a less powerful Honda. it cuts grass better at a lower engine power.

serve, benzotrimer, winter

Good coil

The native coil of the new braid at first seemed to me flimsy, painfully thin walls! The forebodings did not deceive me: the first holes began to appear at the end of the second season, and finally it was rubbed after the first mowing in the third season. Replacement I found more reliable. The choice was small. you can buy the same, with thin walls, rubles for 300 or look more serious, which will live longer. I bought a more reliable coil with thick walls for 700. Everything is as usual: a good coil is more expensive and lasts longer. And there is no point in saving here.

The complete coil (left) did not last long. The new coil (right) has more reliable walls. Photo by the author

serve, benzotrimer, winter

If the motor does not start or works incorrectly

The reasons that the motor does not start with a two or four jerks of the manual starter cable can be:

Most often, this is due to the incorrectly executed trimmer for the grass, when the procedure is violated or some important point is not executed, so the launch is quite correctly carried out and the motor will work. If the mower is poorly started after storage, then most likely, old gasoline is exhausted, so it is enough to change it.

If the trimmer for the grass was not served for several seasons, then the poor launch can be due to dirty air or fuel filter, so it is enough to rinse or replace it.

If all actions are performed correctly, but there is no positive result, contact the workshop or independently diagnose or repair.

Fuel filling through the candles for candles

If there is no manual pumping on the engine of the trimmer for the grass and the device did not start, pour a little fuel into the motor itself through candle moves. Make the following.

  • Check if the fuel level is sufficient in the tank for draining a small amount of it. It takes only 20 ml.
  • Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it with a candle key.
  • If the candle is polluted on the former use of the trimmer, rinse and buy it. There should not be any deposits on the electrodes of the candle. Do not damage the ceramic insulator of the central conductor. In the new trimmer, check the candles for the factory defect.
  • Return the candle back and check the spark look (category between electrodes) when the starter triggers.
  • Remove the candle again. Using a 20- or 50-cup syringe, pour 20 ml of gasoline into a candle hole from under a candle.
  • Insert and fix the candle by setting the magnitude of its technological clearance at least and no more than a millimeter.
  • Skip fuel using a button (or lever) of swinging. if it is on your model of a trimmer for grass. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the motor. Close the air conditioning immediately after starting.

Checking the ignition system

If the trimmer for the grass has already been used, then check the serviceability of the removed (at the moment) candles, changing it places with any other. If, when examining a candle, for example, a ceramic dielectric crumbled, electrodes bent. buy exactly the same, focusing on the product code, knocked out on the parts itself and checked it with a marker in the operating manual of a trimmer for grass. A candle without an insulator and/or with bent electrodes will not give normal sparks when triggered.

If the candles are in order, but the fuel is not observed, check the ignition coil using an ohmmeter (multimeter). Lack of indications (infinite resistance). a sign of a shift in the winding. If it was spent on overheating due to inter-flip circuit, there will not be enough stress for spark breakdown.

Since a very thin wire is used for it, so it converts 12.6 volts from the battery of 30,000, it is very difficult to fix it (rewind) in garage conditions. You will need to replace the coil.

General recommendations of specialists

Avoiding repairs and contributing a long service life of a gas station is completely easy. The first thing to start with is to familiarize yourself with the instructions before work. It is important when the lawn mower is operated, monitor how well the engine is cooled. Be sure to maintain a pure starter and a cylinder ribs. Otherwise, the engine may quickly deteriorate due to overheating.

Periodic maintenance of the engine can significantly extend the life of a motorcycle. It consists in constant inspection and cleaning of the motor. A brush with a soft pile is taken to wash the cold engine. She needs to remove dirt from the surface. and.

Plastic parts are cleaned with special solvents

You can not leave fuel in a motorcycle for a period exceeding 30 days. If the mower is idle without work, it is better to drain the fuel mixture. For most tools, 92nd gasoline is suitable, which in no case can be replaced with diesel fuel or gasoline with a smaller octane number. The mixture is best used for two.stroke engines. It is not recommended to make fuel compositions for the future, since they eventually lose their original properties and can lead to breakdown motorcycles.

Upon completion of frequent operation of braids for grass, for example, with the advent of late autumn, the lawn mower should be prepared for storage. First you need to drain the fuel mixture, and then start the engine. This is necessary so that the remnants of the mixture in the carburetor are developed. After that, the unit is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and removed for storage. If you monitor the motorcycle, then even the Chinese can show high performance for a long time.

Do not work in severe heat

For the same reason. a possible overheating of the engine. do not work in the sun: in strong heat, the engine overheats much faster than the fuel ends. This can lead to damage to the piston group of the engine. And for the operator, the midday heat does not benefit. work in the morning or in the evening.

Overheating of the engine leads to premature wear and breakdowns

What to clean and what to replace?

The new trimmer for grass or a lawn mower loves the owner and carefully wipes the rag after work. But it is worth passing the first joy from the acquisition, and now the apparatus, stained with oil and covered with garbage, is pushed immediately after work into the corner of the shed.

Do not be lazy to clean the equipment after work

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  • Clean the air filter regularly: we have already talked about the importance of engine cooling. It is recommended to flush it every 25 hours, and after 100 hours it is worth buying a new.
  • Take a rule to mow dry grass, this will positively affect the cleaning process, and on the condition of the cutting elements and body.
  • The fuel filter also requires periodic cleaning or replacement, the clogging of which leads to regular engine overloads, and this can disable the technique.
  • Check for the presence of soot and a candle of ignition, if necessary. clean. This will ensure a stably fast engine start.

Why serve an electric trimmer for grass?

Service goals are:

  • maintaining all the mechanisms of the device in good condition;
  • timely detection of defects that have not yet managed to lead to breakdown;
  • Increasing the safety of working with the device.

The details and components of the mechanisms that make up the trimmer for the grass have a certain resource, after the development of which elements begin to lose their ability to effectively fulfill their function, therefore, one of the goals of maintenance (TO) is the replacement and elements that have developed a resource.

In addition, in any complex mechanism, unforeseen breakdowns caused by defects of elements are possible, the temporary resource of which has not yet ended.

That is, time to change the part or grease has not yet occurred, and their condition has deteriorated for various reasons.

The third task is to maintain a high level of safety when working with an electric shock, so the service applies not only to the trimmer itself for the grass, but also to additional equipment, that is:

Types of maintenance

Maintenance of electric cos, including with your own hands, can be divided into the following types:

  • regulatory, that is, spent after work for some time (5-50 hours or 1-3 times a season);
  • Before mowing. the task of this is the verification of the health of the tool, as well as the discovery of any, even the most insignificant, defects;
  • After mowing. the task of this is the cleaning of the tool from the remains of crushed grass and the search for any defects that the trimmer for the grass could get during work;
  • Preservation. the task is to prepare the apparatus for winter storage, so the conservation composition includes the search for the most successful place and setting a trimmer for grass there;
  • Realuation. during this service, the device is prepared for work in the new season, including carefully check its technical condition;
  • repair.


The main stages of regulatory services are:

  • lubrication;
  • Checking the state of the shaft;
  • checking the integrity of the insulation of wires;
  • replacing the sequins of the electric motor;
  • checking cable and outlet;
  • Study of the condition of the cutting tool.

Electrikos with the lower location of the motor in the lubricant do not need, however, the devices, the electric motor in which is installed on top, lubricate after 20-50 hours of operation, how to do it and what materials to use, read here (how to lubricate).

During the lubrication of the shaft, you can check the integrity of the slots on its surface and, if necessary, replace a defective part. In addition, the dismantling of the shaft for lubrication and verification involves opening the body, so you can check the integrity of the insulation on all wires, and not just on the external cord.

If somewhere isolation is damaged, determine the cause (friction, overheating, or something else), then eliminate it and restore insulation.

While the case is opened, you will have the opportunity to replace the electric motor brushes. Check these details every 20 hours of work, so you can not only evaluate their condition, but also find abnormally quick wear, which will determine you, then eliminate the cause of such a defect.

During the regulatory service with a frequency of 10-50 hours, check the condition of the cutting tool.

Remove and disassemble automatic or semi.automatic coils, make sure that there are no cracks or holes on the hull parts, and the fishing mechanism works correctly. If there are any defects in the coil work, then repair or replace it.

Wipe the cable and carefully inspect its entire surface, there should not be cracks or breaks on it. If they are, then close them with island and use this cable only after the vegetation is completely dry, but for mowing grass, which did not have time to dry with morning dew, buy a new extension cord.

Measure the resistance of each cable core by a tester or multimeter, if it exceeds 1.5 ohms by 50 meters of length, replace it.

Remember, the higher the power of the motor, the thicker the cable should be.

For electric cos with the lower location of the motor, a vein with a diameter of 1 mm is suitable, however, for devices whose power exceeds 500 watts, you need a thicker (1.5–1.8 mm) cable.

If the engine power exceeds 1 kW, and the cable length is 50 m, then the diameter of the core should be 2-3 mm.

If you use a powerful apparatus with a thin cable, then:

  • Due to the high resistance (the smaller the diameter, the higher the resistance) the voltage drop in the cable will increase, which means the power of the electric motor will drop;
  • Due to a large voltage drop in, the heating of the cable veins will increase, which can lead to melting their insulation and short circuit or fire.

Studge, then lich the knives and discs. Remember, the work with a blunt knife or disk greatly loads the engine, which means it reduces its resource, and even a small imbalance breaks the bearings and gears of the gearbox.

If you do not know how to do this, contact the workshop or buy new cutting tools. Do not use a knife or disc with a broken balance, this will not only lead to strong vibration, but also reduce the reducer resource, which is why it will require repairs earlier.

In front of mowing grass

The main goal of servicing electrocos before mowing grass is to detect any defects that pose a danger to the apparatus or operator, so before using the trimmer for the grass, make the following:

  • Carefully inspect the tool;
  • Check if the ventilation windows of the case in the engine area are clean, if they are clogged, then clean them;
  • Make sure that all threaded joints are well tightened, nothing dangles anywhere;
  • If you plan to mow grass with a knife or disk, make sure that they are installed by the right side;
  • Connect the extension cable to the trimmer (but do not connect the latter to the outlet) and check if the cable falls out of the mount;
  • Take the electric costs in your hands and make sure that the handle is conveniently located, if its position causes you discomfort, then move it to the right place;
  • Turn on and turn off the device to check the serviceability of the button and make sure of the absence of vibration, if at least something does not work differently, postpone the mowing until the problem is eliminated.

What To Do To Prevent Electrical Faults In Winter

After mowing grass

Having finished the mowing of the grass, do the following:

  • Carefully clean the device from vegetation residues, if you have a trimmer for grass with a lower engine, then pay special attention to ventilation windows on the engine housing;
  • Take the bar or gearbox, if they are cold or slightly warm, then everything is fine, if hot, then the device needs lubrication;
  • Check all threaded connections, nothing should hang out anywhere, if something hangs out, tighten;
  • Inspect the knife and disk, there should not be any damage to them, if the cutting edge is damaged, sharpen or replace them;
  • Disconnect the extension cord from the network and a trimmer for grass;
  • Take an electric car and extension cord to the place of storage.

How to use a trimmer correctly?

First take care of safety precautions. To do this, get with protective glasses, gloves, if necessary. headphones. Be sure to secure your legs. put on durable shoes or boots, long pants. This is especially important with Kosbe with a metal disk-stones, garbage and other foreign objects that can cause harm will fly out from under it.

Before you start working with the trimmer, make sure that the reliability of fastening all nodes and mobile parts. Choose the desired type of nozzle for mowing in accordance with the nature of the upcoming work. It can be a fishing line for a trimmer, a disk or saw. Check the oil level in the crankcase (in models with a 4-stroke engine) and reducer lubrication. Seal the appropriate fuel, start the device and let it work idle for about 3 minutes. It is also advisable to check the plot for mowing for the presence of foreign objects. stones, glass, stumps, etc. D.

During the mowing, try not to supply the nozzle of a trimmer for grass close to solid objects (borders, buildings, trees). Also take into account the nuance that the nozzle rotates counterclockwise, the mowed grass will lie down to the left of you. Do not make sharp and quick strokes along the entire length of the tool. it overloads the equipment and can lead to breakdown. Make smooth progressive movements from side to side, moving back with each step ahead 30-40 centimeters. Refrain from the mowing in rainy weather. most manufacturers of gasoline units warn about this in the instructions. By electric trimmers, mowing in conditions of high moisture is strictly prohibited.

Caring for a gasoline trimmer should include planned cleaning and lubrication of cutting and rotating parts, replacement or cleaning of air filters, cleaning the radiator. Before winter storage, drain fuel and let the unit work for several minutes (to produce all gasoline in the fuel system). It is also recommended to pour a little 2-stroke oil into the cylinder and manually (using the starter cable) cranple crankshaft. The lubrication of motorcycles with a special anti.corrosion coating is also important. Also take care of the external and internal lubrication of the trimmer rod for the grass, if it is versed.

Caring for electric and battery units is somewhat easier. They also require cleaning and protection against corrosion. The battery must be removed after the end of the work, during winter downtime. periodically recharge it and store it in a dry warm room.

What oil is used for a trimmer for grass?

Oil for 2-stroke engines of trimmers must comply with slightly different standards than oil for 4-stroke engines. Oil for the lawn mower should have a high degree of combustion so that the soil does not form on the internal parts of the fuel system (particles of soot can disappear and form scratches on the walls of the cylinder). Also, 2-stroke oil should dissolve well in gasoline and be designed to work at high temperature.

Taking into account such serious standards, modern manufacturers of garden equipment produce special lineups of 2-stroke oils, designed specifically for trimmers and motorcycle. Oils of manufacturers such as HADO and STIHL are ideal for this equipment, provide excellent grease and have a low level of fire.

How to prepare for winter storage?

To prepare a trimmer for grass for winter storage, do the following:

  • Carefully clean the entire surface of the trimmer for grass from the remains of grass;
  • Remove the cutting tool and grease all the metal parts with a thin layer of engine oil or treat with silicone spray;
  • Disconnect the drive shaft from the engine;
  • Remove both gearboxes;
  • Lubricate all the slots of the gearboxes (including from the cutting tool) and a drive shaft rod with any engine or transmission oil, including the development of the engine of the benzotrimer, if you plan to store the device assembly, or any thick lubricant, if separately;
  • Install the gearboxes on the drive shaft (if required);
  • Connect the engine and drive shaft (if required);
  • Install and adjust the handles (if you plan to store them on a trimmer);
  • Pour all gasoline from the tank and tighten the lid of the fuel tank, then start the engine and wait for its stop;
  • After cooling the engine, unscrew the candle from the engine;
  • Pour 1-3 ml of pure motor oil into the combustion chamber, then screw the candle in place and smoothly pull the hand starter cable so that the engine will make several revolutions and evenly distribute the oil;
  • Rinse and blow, or replace the air filter;
  • Rinse the fuel filter (if it is installed on a trimmer).

How to use a gas toss correctly?

The only way to extend the service life of a trimmer for grass is its proper operation. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers are not interested in the too long service life of their products, so part of the rules that help to more carefully spend the resource of the apparatus are not included in the instructions for the operation of the benzotrimmer.

For this reason, we recommend carefully comply with all the recommendations of this article, even if they are not in the operating manual, because we made recommendations on the basis of:

  • the experience of operating many owners of devices that they were divided on the pages of various forums;
  • tips of those who are engaged in the repair of motorcycle;
  • Recommendations from the operating manuals of trimmers of the most expensive and high.quality brands.

Since the operation of a trimmer for grass implies not only mowing grass, but also many other actions, we divided it into the following topics:

  • The engine is running.
  • The choice of revolutions.
  • The direction of the mowing.
  • Choosing clothes and protective equipment.
  • Security measures.
  • Transportation and storage.

The engine is running

Despite the fact that the engine of the newly purchased trimmer for the grass is already driven and you can immediately proceed to the mowing of the grass, avoid maximum speed for the first 3-5 hours, because the final grinding of the parts of the cylinder piston group occurs.

If we allow the motor output at maximum speed, then there is a high probability of the appearance of stray on the walls of the cylinders, and this will lead to a sharp drop in the efficiency of the motor, and will also greatly reduce its resource.

The choice of revolutions

The maximum torque of the motor appears at revolutions corresponding to 2/3 of the maximum, and the greatest power appears at revolutions corresponding to 3/4 of the maximum. Therefore, the most effective trimmer for grass mows grass in this range.

The exit to maximum turns slightly reduces power, so during the mowing of grass, focus on the sound of a trimmer for grass and evaluate the speed according to this parameter.

If the load is too high and the rotation speed of the power unit shaft is reduced, add the gas using the corresponding key on the working handle.

As soon as the load decreases and the turns increase, press the gas key less to return the speed of rotation of the motor shaft to the optimal value.

If before you have never used a motorcycle, then until the completion of the run.up, mow only low and non.thick vegetation, which a trimmer head with a fishing line easily copes with. After completing the, the engine will cease to be afraid of maximum revolutions, and you will acquire a sufficient skill to control the motor by ear.

serve, benzotrimer, winter

In addition, avoid the long operation of the motor at idle, because because of this, the lubrication of the crankshaft bearing is deteriorated, which can lead to its overheating and jamming.

The direction of the mowing

When working with a motorcycle system in the maximum capture mode, move it so that it goes against the direction of rotation of the cutting tool.

In this case, the knife or disk will repel the device from a possible obstacle, so the trimmer for the grass will not jump out of hands.

In addition, with such a movement, a knife or head is thrown back in front of you, so you will better feel the resistance of the mowing of grass, which means avoid too fast movement and caused by it:

For most trimmers, the right direction of mowing grass is movement from right to left. When moving in the opposite direction, the trimmer for grass continues the mowing of grass, so the probability of a reverse blow increases, due to which the device can be very jerking. Therefore, when moving in the opposite direction, try to capture smaller grass to reduce the load on the device and the probability of a reverse blow.

The choice of maximum maximum capture mode is especially important at:

In addition, when pruning trees, try not to raise a cutting tool very much, but also not to turn it perpendicular, because this can lead to a violation of the carburetor.

This requirement is not relevant only for trimmers-crossbars, whose carburetors work equally effectively in any position.

Choosing clothes and protective equipment

A trimmer for grass is a device of increased danger, so to work with it you need to choose the right clothes and protective equipment.

When going to mow grass, put on only clothes without any straps and fringe, which can tighten a rotating cutting tool.

If you put on shoes with laces, then take measures so that they do not untie. If you have long hair, then limit their mobility by putting on a hat or tied with something. Be sure to put on glasses or a protective mask, because it is likely that the grass cuts will not where it should and falls into the eye.