How to Set the Ignition On The Stihl 130 Trimmer

The question is, what then to do?

Here are some common cases:

  1. A chainsaw will not start;
  2. If it starts, it works intermittently;
  3. Missing power for proper operation.

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Possible malfunctions

If the saw does not start, the first thing to check is a spark giving a spark that ignites the fuel in the cylinder. Start by removing the high voltage wire to which the candle is connected. Then unscrew the candle itself from the cylinder cover and inspect its condition. The candle should work dry and have small deposits on light-colored ceramics:

  • If the candle is wet means there are difficulties with the carburetor. It is necessary to adjust and set the fuel level in it;
  • A deposit on the walls of a candle is dark or black, which means a malfunction in the piston group.

Video: How to Set the Ignition On The Stihl 130 Trimmer

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How to Set the Ignition On The Stihl 130 Trimmer

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If here you have not found visible circumstances of the malfunction, the candle is dry, light soot, continue to go from the return. Because this is the final point of ignition of the working consistency. Now check to see if the spark comes to the candle. This is the ignition system unit.

Check if the spark does not make any special troubles, for this it is enough to take the high-voltage cable to which the candle is connected, bring it to the cylinder block by setting not a large gap between them, so that you can see the spark slipping between them. Then we pull the starter’s starter cord and see if there is a spark and what color it is. A working, working candle should give a spark similar to lightning. How it looks, look at the photo offered to your attention, everything is perfectly visible on it.

If no spark is observed, check with a control light; if there is no probe, the high-voltage cable. A break is likely in the place where it was bent in most cases. If the wire is in order, there may be a problem in the incorrectly set ignition angle. It can be very early or very late in both cases, the chainsaw starts up fine and will not work.

Now let’s try to set the correct gap between the movable and the stationary contact. In a perfect version, it should be 0.2 mm. You can check with a probe, since it is not a drawback.

This was a description of the defects of the older generation of chainsaws. The new generation includes modern chainsaws Goodluck, Stihl and Husqvarna.

Modern systems

Modern systems are equipped with chips that regulate all of the above problems. The method of independently setting the ignition timing is dependent on the engine speed and the power transmitted to the cutting element. With all this, fuel is significantly saved not to the detriment of power. Starting the saw is also much easier regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to everything read, a video is offered here for a complete familiarization with the material provided.

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I bought a Stihl chainsaw, in fact it did not work. just repairing. I can’t start it.