How to set up Chinese calm. Features and differences in the adjustment of the carburetor on the Chinese chainsaw

How to set up a single stroke of a riveting

To independently configure the carburetor, you need to familiarize yourself with its device and remember the order of work that are carried out to adjust the parts responsible for the correct functioning of the constituent elements of the device and the parts near it. It is necessary to carefully handle objects to adjust the chainsaw system, as well as determine the compliance of the set parameters with the most acceptable values.

5800 58cc Chinese chainsaw intake mod and Ms290 029 carburetor.

The carburetor serves to mix the combustible mixture with air, subject to pre.Established proportions. If the exact doses are not respected, the serviceability of the engine is at risk. When a large amount of air arrives during the mixing of the components, and the fuel is not enough, then Such a mixture is considered “poor”.

Oversaturation must not be allowed, since with a large amount of fuel compared to air, malfunctions or engine wear are also possible. The carburetor adjustment is needed not only before the initial use, but also when any deviations in its work are detected. Before you start working with a chainsaw, do not forget to carry out its run.In.

The design of the carburetor contains a standard set of elements, but it can change slightly depending on the manufacturer. Components:

  • The basis. This is a special tube that is visually similar to an aerodynamic structure. Air passes through it. In the transverse direction in the middle of the pipe there is a damper. Its position can be changed. The more it is extended to the passage, the less air enters the engine.
  • Diffuser. This is a lean part of the tube. With its help, the speed of air supply increases in the segment from where the fuel comes out.
  • Channels For fuel supply. The fuel mixture is contained in a float chamber, then passes into a jick, from which it flows into a spray.
  • Float chamber. Is a separate structural element, resembles the shape of the tank. Designed to constantly maintain the optimal level of fuel fluid in front of the entrance to the channel, from where the air comes.

Looking for a cheaper model, but reliable and tested by time? Pay attention to Russian.Made chainsaws.

Or study foreign manufacturers of chainsaws such as calm.

Carburetor 1142/00. Detailing of the chainsaw of STIHL (calm) MS 462.

DIY Carburetor Settings

For an independent option of the carburetor, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its device and understand the work order that is carried out to adjust the parts responsible for the correct functioning of the components of the device and the parts close to it.

It is necessary to carefully handle objects for the option, also determine the compliance of the displayed characteristics of very acceptable values.

About the device of the carburetor

The carburetor serves to mix the combustible mixture with air, subject to in advance of the established proportions. If clear doses are not respected, the serviceability of the motor is under danger. When a huge amount of air acts during mixing, and fuel is not enough, then Such a mixture is considered “poor”.

Drinking must not be allowed, because with a large amount of fuel to compare with air, malfunctions in operation or wear of the motor are also likely to. The carburetor adjustment is needed not only before the initial implementation, and when any differences in its work are detected. Before working with a chainsaw, do not forget to carry out its run.In.

The design of the carburetor contains a standard set of parts, but it can change a little depending on the manufacturer. Components:

  • The basis. This is a special tube that is visually similar to an aerodynamic structure. Carburetor adjustment you need a chainsaw with your own hands as a calm 180? Causes. Air passes through it. In the transverse direction in the middle of the pipe there is a damper. Its position can be changed. The more it is extended to the passage, the less air enters the engine.
  • Diffuser. This is a lean part of the tube. With its help, the speed of air supply increases in the segment from where the fuel comes out.
  • Channels For fuel supply. The fuel mixture is contained in a float chamber, then passes into a jick, from which it flows into a spray.
  • Float chamber. Is a separate structural element, resembles the shape of the tank. Designed to constantly maintain the optimal level of fuel fluid in front of the entrance to the channel, from where the air comes.

Do not know which chainsaw to choose? Read our article.

Looking for a cheaper model, but reliable and tested by time? Pay attention to Russian.Made chainsaws.

Or study foreign manufacturers of chainsaws such as calm.

What to have for configuration

Each owner of the carburetor must have the necessary tools to adjust this system. There are three adjusting screws that are located on the device case. They have their own markings:

  • L. Screw for correction of low speeds.
  • H. Screw for adjusting high speeds.
  • T. Regulates the idle speed, in most cases it is used for experiments.

Before adjusting the carburetor, you need to prepare the device:

  • The engine warms up, that is, it starts about 10 minutes before the repair, and turns off at the beginning of work (see. How to get a chainsaw).
  • Air filter is checked and washed.
  • The circuit stops by turning the screw t to the stop (see. Oil for the chain).

To carry out safe repair, you need to prepare an even surface, where you can carefully place the device, and turn the circuit in the opposite direction. Need a tachometer. Calobe 250 Carburetor adjustment and configuration. It determines the presence of a violation in the carburetor. When revolutions, the sound should be perfect and absolutely even. If screaming notes are noticed, then the mixture is oversaturated.

Setting instructions

Carburetor adjustment is divided into two main stages. The first is called basic. It is produced when the engine is turned on. The second is performed when the engine warms up.

To carry out the procedure for setting the carburetor successfully, you need to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions in advance a specific model to identify additional features of setting up the device.

First stage

The adjusting screws of the highest and low revolutions should be closed clockwise until the moment of the highest resistance. When the screws reach the stop, you need to translate them in the opposite direction and leave them with 1.5 turnover.

The main stage

The engine is turned on for average speeds and warms up for about 10 minutes. The screw responsible for adjusting the idle stroke should move clockwise. It is released only when the engine arrives in the stable functioning mode. Need to be controlled so that the chain does not move during this process.

Chinese calm ignition and tuning of a carburetor.

In this video, I will show how to correctly install the ignition on a chainsaw And how to set up carburetor on benz

How to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw. Service of the chainsaw. Adjusting the carburetor on the Husqvarna chainsaw chainsaw after we are them. Part 11

In this video, we will answer the question of how to configure or adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw with your own hands

In idle mode, the engine may stall (reason. Here). In this case, you need to immediately bring the adjusting screw clockwise to the stop. Sometimes the chain begins to move. In this case, the adjusting screw should be twisted in the opposite direction.

Checking the acceleration work

You need to perform a small study. The acceleration of the operation of the device is initiated. The serviceability of the engine should be evaluated during maximum revolutions. When the engine functions correctly, then When you press the accelerator, the speed increases rapidly to 15,000 rpm.

How to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw of the Huskvarn

Adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor away from the service workshop

Instructions on how to set up a chainsaw. Of course, in the technical documentation for your tool. The two or more, typical operations to improve the performance of the tool will be considered.

Carburetor adjustments are located in an accessible place. To get to them, you do not need to remove the case cover. In different models, holes for adjustment will be located differently, the illustration shows a typical combination.

On the carburetor not The screw n. At the same time, a failure is observed when pressing the gas. Idle works.

The settings procedure are as follows

The screw “t” is designed to configure the engine in idle mode. On different models, it can be designated as “la” as it is also called “s”. The parameter is exhibited, rotating the screw in the left side to the state of sustainable work at minimum speeds. But some idle stroke was not even. Hello, Huter BS45 chainsaw is not started. If the engine stalls, you need to take a screw a little to the right side. The working shaft should not rotate while working at idle.

If when adjusting the chain moves off, unscrew the screw back a quarter. The more precisely you will catch the moment when there are very few revolutions left before the chain movement, the more economical the fuel consumption will be.

The “L” screw sets the degree of acceleration of the chainsaw when pressed on the accelerator. When you open the throttle, the turnover must be smoothly increased to the maximum value. If the chainsaw stalls at load, this is a sure sign of an incorrect installation of an acceleration regulator. It is necessary to unscrew the screw counterclockwise a little, achieving smooth confident acceleration when opening the accelerator.

The screw “H” limits the speed of the working shaft. If you do not fix this value, the ignition is failing, the chainsaw will not work with jerks, as it is also called as the lumberjacks say. “Divine”. This mode leads to injury.

In models with a simplified design of the carburetor, adjusting the acceleration of non.Maximum speed may be absent. And then our client remains the operating modes of the internal combustion engine are installed by the idle screw.

Signs of proper adjustment

  • At idle speed, the working chain remains motionless. The third screw regulates the idle of the idle and that the necessary conditions are not. When adding “gas” immediately comes in motion;
  • When the accelerator is opened, the chainsaw engine instantly accelerates. The acceleration process occurs evenly, quickly reaching the maximum;
  • When reaching the limit revolutions, the saw works smoothly, without jerking. The sound of the engine is uniform, without detonations;
  • The exhaust is clean, a little sized in color. When the speed changes, only the intensity of the exhaust grows, the color does not change.

The procedure for setting up the Partner chainsaw carburetor See the video in this matter.

If you managed to adjust the carburetor without disassembling the chainsaw case, the symptoms of malfunctions are not gone. Continue to work further. If not, you have to remove the top cover of the tool not to dismantle the carburetor.

There is an air filter inside the cover. You are a piece of foam rubber in other words of such material. Try not to clog your filter. If the chainsaw is not regulated idle idle, not a bolt. After that, carefully disconnect the fuel pipeline is not the accelerator cable from the carburetor.

Make sure that the fuel does not get into the body. Try to catch the remnants of gasoline from the hose using a clean cotton rags. Then it is necessary to remove the carburetor from the body, do not lay on a clean surface for disassembling not washing.

Advice! Before disassembly, not when working, photograph our clients remains the stages. This will help not to be mistaken with the reverse installation.

chinese, calm, features, differences, adjustment, carburetor

Try to remember (and it is better to measure not to fix on paper) the position of the installation screws. Otherwise, adjustment Carburetor of the chainsaw after assembly, it will be difficult due to the disagreement of all attitudes.

At the end of the work, check if there are “extra” parts left on the assembly table, and if the tool is not left inside the case.

There are questions, watch the video: how to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw.

Features of the launch of Chinese chainsaws on the example of the Hunter chainsaw. A detailed story is not a demonstration of carburetor repair, and the same adjustment.

Which carburetor is used on the chainsaw partner 350

On chainsaws, partner 350 uses carburetors of the Japanese company WALBRO, which is the largest global manufacturer of fuel units for gas technology.

On the carburetor housing from this company there is a Walbro inscription cast in large letters, and there is also a product number. If such an inscription is absent, this means that on a specific chainsaw partner 350 costs exactly the same carburetor, but from another, less well.Known manufacturer. In Russia, there are 350 chainsaws with both carburetors from WALBRO and with nemarkized products. By design and working parameters, they are identical.

The principle of operation and the device of the carburetor partner 350

The carburetor receives fuel from the gas tank, sprays it in the Diffusor nozzle and serves the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber.

The supply of fuel from the tank into the accumulative container of the carburetor is dosed by the membrane, which opens and closes the needle valve. Calibrated hole in a jacket and adjusting screws dose the supply of fuel from the carburetor to the combustion chamber.

The speed of the engine depends on the amount of fuel mixture entering the combustion chamber. This amount is regulated during operation, a throttle, which opens when the gas handle is pressed, and vice versa.


The most elementary settings that everyone who acquired for himself should know Chinese phone.

Increase volume in a Chinese phone through an engineering menu

To increase the volume in Chinese phone We need to go to the engineering menu. To enter the engineering menu, you should dial the combination:

#3646633#( #9646633#or #83646633#or #856633#)

The following is a list of all other well.Known codes for entering engineering menu:

Choosing the section “Audio”, “Ordinary mode” and instead of the point “Speech”, select the item “Microphone”

The list “Level 0”, “Level 1” will open. “Level 6”.

In each item, set values ​​187 192. You can set large values, but this can lead to noise, Echo, whistle, etc.D.

Click “OK”, then “back” and again “back”. The phone will offer to update the values, click the “OK” button. Then we leave the engineering menu, by pressing the “Hatch” button and reboot the phone.

Do not touch the settings of the engineering menu, except considered in this article!


62cc ? Chinese chainsaw Steve’s saw tear down

Reset all the settings from the Chinese phone

Most often, the following combinations of the factory reset code are used to reset the settings to the default value:

1122, 1234, 0000, 0123, 2233, 3344

Chinese phone. How to set up a TV

Before starting setting, it is necessary to pull out the built.In antenna.

We go to Menu. TV. Options. Setting area. Choosing “Russia”.

Now that the Chinese phone is configured to receive the Russian broadcast, set the channels.

We go to Menu. TV. Avtopoisk. The phone will automatically set all available channels.

In Chinese phones, analogue a television, Therefore, the number of channels and the quality of the image depends only on the quality of the signal received.

Chinese phone. Settings of Internet applications: Opera, ICQ, QIP, Jimm, Skype

One. Basically, select “Entertainment and Games” menu.

We find the right application and click the “Option” button

Profile mode. User settings.

Eight. Java profile for SIM1. Here we select a configured Internet profile

Nine. If you want, you can install a profile for the second SIM card.

Phone synchronization with PC. Transferring data from a computer to a Chinese phone

Connect the phone to the computer using Data. Cable. After connecting on the phone screen, a list of actions will appear, select the upper line “memorable device” (the name may be different, but it is always at the very top of the list). On the computer screen, the operating system will give a message about the detection of a new device. A removable disk. A window with a list of actions proposed will also be displayed. Select “View files and folders”.

Transfer the files we need to the corresponding folder. For example, games in the folder Games, music in My music, Video in the folder Video etc.

Wi-Fi in a Chinese phone

Open the main menu, select the section “Services”, there we find “data account”. “wlan”. “turn on”. “network search”. Find the access point we need and select it. Enter access password. If everything went safely and we connected to the network, then the indicator on the phone blows in blue.

Now you need to configure the phone so that it uses the new access point found, connecting to the Internet. In the menu, select “Services”, then “WAP”. “Settings”. “Profiles”, select SIM1/SIM2, “WLAN”, activate the profile. Now you can go to the Internet (menu. Services. WAP and dial the site address)

Using Opera mini, Do not forget to change the application settings, as described earlier. In the Java profile you need to choose Wlan.

MMS setting on a Chinese phone

MMS settings for Chinese operators Beeline, Megaphone, Tele2 and MTS.

1) in the menu. “Services”, “Accounting data”, “GPRS”.

2) select any account and edit it, select the desired operator and prescribe all values ​​as in the given table:

Account name Tele2 MMS account name MTS MMS
Username empty Username MTS
Password empty Password MTS
Type of identification normal Type of identification normal
account name Beeline MMS account name Megafon MMS
Username Beeline Username MMS
Password Beeline Password MMS
Type of identification normal Type of identification normal

3) in the menu. “messages”, “mms”, “settings of MMS”, “server profile”, “SIM1/SIM2”. We create a new profile, select the operator you need and prescribe all the values ​​as in the table:

chinese, calm, features, differences, adjustment, carburetor
The name of the profile MMS The name of the profile MMS
Homepage MMSC.Tele2.Ru Homepage http: // mmsc/
Data account Tele2 MMS Data account MTS MMS
Type of connection http Type of connection http
Use proxy Yes Use proxy NO
Proxy address Proxy address
Port 8080 Port 8080
Username empty Username empty
Password empty Password empty

How to distinguish real oil calm from fake

High.Quality oil is the key to the productivity of the device. You want to use a saw all the time without repair?! Therefore, the company Stil and recommends filling only branded oil. Here, too, it was not without counterfeit.

In order not to be left without money and chainsaw, choose a lubricant in the fuel liquid correctly. And here are a few signs of fake:

  • Real motor oil from the company is supplied to the store in the covered lids. If this was not found, then there are two options: someone sells marriage or quietly drains part of the liquid for himself.
  • The inscriptions should be convex.
  • The original contains the quality of the EAS quality.
  • Date of Rosliva and party number. On the lid of the product.

A clear sign of counterfeit products is a poor sticker-fucker, wiped inscriptions or completely their absence.

Why such popularity among fakes of chainsaw?

The devices of the observed manufacturer are distinguished by a mass of characteristics, among which:

  • High performance indicators in practice;
  • The vibration jacket system allows you to keep the saw tightly and confidently;
  • Additional safety in the form of a brake that slows down the links of a chainsaw during a sharp blow;
  • Setting up the stroke and functionality are thought out to the smallest details;
  • The main feature with which many manufacturers cannot compete are an exceptionally smooth move;
  • Assembly quality and availability of components;
  • Warranty service, which may not be useful for the entire time of the chainsaw.

It is not surprising that fakes on the side are increasingly appearing, and now it is critical to know the answer to the question: “How to distinguish Chinese calm from the original?””. We tell in detail further.

Symptoms of malfunctions and breakdowns, which requires setting a carburetor.

The following signs and malfunctions indicate the need to adjust the carburetor:

  • The engine starts with a strain and stalls almost instantly;
  • The consumption of gasoline is excessively large, the exhaust is too thick, the combustible mixture in the cylinder does not completely burn;
  • The factory settings of the carburetor of the chainsaw are shot down (due to vibrations or unsuccessful attempts to regulate);
  • Malfunctions of the air cleaning system, which led to the fall of particles of garbage into the distribution of the fuel mixture of the mechanism;
  • Significant wear of the piston group. Setting up the carburetor in this case acts as a temporary measure.

It is clear that when dirt gets into the fuel system with one setting, the problem cannot be solved. It is necessary to flush it. In the case of worn piston, major repairs are required. However, in all these cases, the carburetor is also adjusted.

Carburetor setup in case of changing working conditions

In this case, you do not need to identify a breakdown, and the carburetor adjustment is performed so that the chainsaw can work in new conditions for it. First, start the chainsaw and let the engine warm up within 10 minutes. After that, you need to determine the position of the idle screw so that the speed is maximum. To do this, very slowly and smoothly turn the screw in one direction, then in the other and so on until you find the position of the screw. After that, turn this screw for a quarter of turning counterclockwise (hereinafter PEF).

Then continue adjusting the idle stroke, using the screw “s”:

  • If the chain, after manipulations with the first screw, is motionless, then you need to smoothly rotate the “S” screw clockwise (hereinafter referred to as you) until it starts moving, and then twist the screw “S” to a quarter of the turn in the opposite direction;
  • If the chain moves, then you need to rotate the screw “S” of the PFS until the chain stops, and then twist the screw “S” to a quarter of turning in the same direction.

After this setup, the engines should work evenly and the engine acceleration should be normal. Normal engine acceleration is when when clicking on the fuel supply button, the revolutions gain maximum values ​​without failures. If the engine does not work evenly or very poorly accelerate, then you need to twist the “l” of the PCH on 1/8. After that, you need to again make the setting of the screw “S” described above. These manipulations need to be repeated until the engine begins uniform operation and acceleration will be normal.

After that, you need to check the setting of the bolt “h”. To check it, you need to disperse the engine to maximum speed. Be sure to pause and do not hold maximum turns without load for a very long time. Watch the exhaust and sound of the motor. If a lot of blue smoke comes from the muffler and the motor works very loudly, then your carburetor makes a very rich mixture. In this case, you need to turn the bolt »H” by a quarter of bad. After that, check the engine operation again and repeat the adjustment if necessary.

When a motorcycle makes a screeching sound, the motor is very hot, the exhaust is accompanied by a crack and/or interruptions in the ignition are heard, that is, detonation is underway. The mixture is too poor, and the maximum engine speeds are higher than should be. This leads to overheating of the power unit, the burning of the piston, the Rapid wear of the cylinder and the burnout of the candle. In this case, you need to “h” for 1/4 turnover, turn the prom.

At the end of the adjustment, check the saw at idle. With properly adjusted UPT, it should work as follows:

  • One. The chain is motionless.
  • 2. Engine sound almost like a four.Stroke.
  • 3. Accelerator pressing a quick set of maximum speed.

If these conditions are not fully respected, “S” (“LA”, “T”) should be used, as indicated above, or repeat the setting from the very beginning.

This is how approximate setting is carried out. For accurate, you need a tachometer. We do everything the same, only turn the adjusting bolts, focusing on the testimony of this device. This will allow accurately and most likely the first time to configure the carburetor, having achieved depending on the model of the tool for working with the wood installation tree at 2800–3300 rpm or higher and maximum. 11000–15000 rpm of/min. Which ones should be exhibited, you need to look in the technical documentation (operating instructions) at the saw.

STIHL MS 660 Adjustment Carburetor

The carburetors of most chainsaws have three screws for adjustment:

  • L. Nozzle screw for adjusting low speeds
  • H. Nozzle screw for adjusting large revolutions
  • Screw. T U has a partner and Khuskvarna (Stiel La). AdjustmentThe idle stroke of the chainsaw

The screws H and L regulate the ratio of a mixture of gasoline and air determined by the opening of the throttle valve of the carburetor. When the screws are unscrewed, the mixture is enriched, and the revolutions grow accordingly, when twisting, the mixture is lined. The turns fall.

Screw T (LA) is designed to adjust idle speed. The main “setup” of the chainsaw is made at the manufacturer at the final test. Carburetor, As a rule, adjusted to the supply of a richer (than optimal) fuel mixture. Factory adjustment must be saved the first hours of saw saw. Then (optionally) more accurate adjustment carburetor.

We start adjustment with the idle setting, for this we rotate the T (LA) screw counterclockwise, achieving a complete stop of the circuit with stable engine speeds.

Repair of the chainsaw of STIHL MS 660

Question: I use the Chinese chainsaw of STIHL MS 660 in the work. It starts very poorly, if it starts, it seems to work fine, it is worth drowning out and not start up again.

I twisted the candle, shorted off on the case, spun the spark red. What to advise replacing the candle or you need a new magneto. AI-80 is filled with gasoline.

Answer: I think you can’t do with half measures. It is possible that the problem is not in the ignition. Perhaps the carburetor is not working, perhaps something with the engine.

Well, try to replace the ignition. If you find where to get new. Will not help. A carburetor for a deliberately serviceable.

Question: STIHL MS 660 Motopila. Is it possible to install the index 3002 000 8058, what are the differences between 3002 and 3003 by fastening?

Answer: It is impossible. 3003 from 3002 differ in a shank.

Question: Basil Shtil MS 660. It started well on the cold, then to hot with half a turn. But after several cuts, she stalled sharply.

Attempts to start nothing led to. The muffler unscrewed at home, the piston is clean, there is not a big scratch on the piston at the very bottom, I think this is not critical.

5800 58cc Chinese chainsaw intake mod and Ms290 029 carburetor.

I decided to clean the carburetor, began to unscrew, and it is weakened, twisted, pulled the starter, zero emotions. Unscrewed the carburetor, washed the blow, collected.

Again zero in the factory. Two tubes are approached by the carburetor, one from the fuel tank, from the bottom, the second from the top and goes down down under the cylinder, for which it?

True, when I shot the needle, I was afraid that the spring would not fly away, distracted, and missed the moment as Ironer stood correctly. What lifts the needle.

Maybe he didn’t put it correctly later, on the plate, there is a bulge and depth of how it should press the spring, which side? And the rings on the piston should rotate freely?

Answer: The saddest thing is that it was sharply stalled. Most likely, change the piston (at best).

The most common breakdown of the piston on Chinese models is that the bearing of the lower connecting rod head and needle from the bearing (or a piece of separator) cuts the rings as a knife, and in most cases the cylinder breaks.

Maybe in your chainsaw and not everything is so scary, but if the air leaks would first drank at idle, stalled under load and would not have started half a turn.

The pipe from above, leaving for the cylinder is the impulse channel, but it holds there tightly, there were no cases of problems with it. The bulge on the needle valve lever should be facing the spring, presses it.

I advise you to remove the cylinder (not difficult and not long), except for the silencer and carburetor, you still need to remove the carburetor rack.

There two bolts hold it. Pipe carburetor. Cylinder can not be removed. When you raise the cylinder. Carefully so as not to damage the gasket (if not a spare).

And then everything is visible. In addition to the cylinder, piston, rings, look carefully the bearing of the lower connecting rod head and is there any radial backlash when twitching the connecting rod (axial backlash is normal).

Question: saw Shtil MS 660 with a sharp click on gas stalls how to fix it?

Answer: A problem with the carburetor is possible.

Question: Certifle Shtil 660. High idle speeds. How to adjust. Disassemble to access to the carburetor or there are other methods or reasons for increasing the speed of idle?

Answer: Carburetor settings are shot down. It is not necessary to disassemble, on the right side there are holes, under the screwdriver, access to the carburetor screws to the screws.

Question: How to run up a new chainsaw Shtil MS 660?

One. Refun the saw. 2. Bind. 3. For half a minute let stand on idle.4. Work without overload! That’s right?

Answer: Yes, that’s right. But since the ambient temperature is high, try not to overheat the engine.

After each cut, let the saw work on idle 3-5 seconds. Well, after 10-15 minutes, turn off and let’s cool the saw (at least 10 minutes).

The logs are thicker to cut on full gas, a thinner (not thicker than 15 cm.) you can saw a little drop in the gas.

Usually they advise work in such modes before the production of two or four tanks, in general it is better to play it a bit. Somewhere in this mode, the engine should be used (rolled up).

Mixture of gasoline/oil, as indicated in the instructions. Well, you can add a little more oil for the period of the run, this will not hurt the engine. At idle do not run in any case!

Question: Tell me, please, jumps off the chain from the leading star, the chainsaw of the STIHL MS 660, how to eliminate the fault?

Answer: There may be several reasons: wear of the leading stars; Wear of the saw tire; Wear of the saw chain.

Question: I bought a chainsaw, it was written by a calm MS 660, after the first breakdown I realized that a fake. In general it was pleased to work perfectly started well. Tell me what improvements can be done for further use?

Answer: Install an enhanced starter. Change the fuel filter (stands without a filter element).

Change the spark plug (China will fail, will not start). Change the tire with 15 inches (take off the load on the engine). Change the chain (Chinese are torn).

Question: I acquired the Chinese chainsaw of the STIHL MS 660, but I don’t know what to refuel. In idle two barrels were driven away in butter from Khuskvarn, he poured VMGZ-30 into the gearbox. Saws. Tell me if you need it for the right oil for the mixture.

Answer: Oil for refueling you only need specialized special for two-stroke engines with AI-92 gasoline in the proportion for Chinese saws 1:25, and it is advisable not to run into idle speed, but at minimum revolutions about the minimum load.

Drink for 5 minutes and 30 seconds on idle, while spent two three tanks, drink something small. When running in oil, you can slightly more.


Technical characteristics of the STIHL MS 660 chainsaw

Working volume: 91.6 cm3 Int. Cylinder diameter: 54mm Piston stroke: 40.0 mm Power: MS 660. 5.2 kW (7.1 HP); MS 660 Magnum. 5.6 kW The number of revolutions at idle: 2500

Contactly Magneto with electronic control Spend of the ignition (with interference protection): NGK BPMR 7 A, Bosch WSR 6 F Gap between electrodes 0.5mm

A membrane carburetor working regardless of the position with a built.In fuel pump Fuel tank volume: 0.825 liters

Automatic oil pump with a rotary piston depending on the speed. Additionally manual adjustment of the oil consumption. Oil tank volume: 0.36 l

Malfunctions and repair

Carburetor of the chainsaw of Shtil 180 requires both initial and periodic adjustment. You can find out about its need by the following signs:

  • Problems with the engine, for example, it does not start or immediately stalls after the start of work. Most often, the reason is the use of poor.Quality fuel mixture.
  • Fuel consumption and exhaust increase. Exhaust gases are becoming larger due to incomplete combustion of fuel. Most often this problem may occur due to oversaturation of fuel.

Other breakdowns may appear, for example, blockage due to damage to the air filter or the formation of scale. The reasons may be due to the fact that with a long.Term simple in the fuel tank, gasoline remains. This is due to the fact that fuel is exhausted, which spoils the device.

Regardless of the reason, the carburetor repair will be required, which is most often reduced to adjustment. The method of performing this procedure depends on the chainsaw model, but you can adhere to general principles.

How to remove a carburetor from a chainsaw

Before adjustment, you need to remove it from the chainsaw. For this you need:

  • Turn the lock to the left to remove the lid.
  • Remove the filter, why unscrew two nuts that hold it. For simplicity of work, it is recommended to use special screwdrivers with suitable nozzles.
  • Remove all the rods, including the carburetor lever.
  • Remove the carburetor, and then disconnect the fuel hose.

It is recommended to remember the location of the parts so that then you can put the carburetor in place and there are no extra fasteners left or there are no distortions and cracks.

How to clean

In the event that the chainsaw stalls at idle, it is necessary to disassemble the part and clean it. First of all, this applies to cleaning the additional filter. This part is a net. To get to her, you need:

Take the largest lid. Remove the membrane located under the lid. Clean the net, which is located in the recess

This must be done extremely carefully, since the net may fall out. To clean the copper wire for cleaning

Additionally you need to rinse and blow all the channels. The last procedure is necessary if gasoline does not enter the carburetor.

How to setup

Adjusting the ribbon of the chainsaw of the Stil 180 is carried out in order to improve the performance and saving of fuel.

  • Clean the fuel system, including the tank, from the remnants of a mixture of gasoline and oil. Blow out air channel and filters.
  • The tuning of the carburetor of the chainsaw is performed using b, l and s bolts. The bolt controls the nozzle, provides maximum speed. Bolt L performs the same function, but provides minimum turns. Screw S is responsible for the accuracy of idle speed. This procedure must be performed when the engine is turned off.
  • It is necessary to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw by the task of the corresponding angles of rotation of the first two bolts. You can set basic values ​​as follows. Turn the first two bolts slowly in the direction of the clockwise, after the stop to return back to two turns.
  • Turn on the engine and adjust the ignition on the chainsaw of the calm and its carburetor finally. To do this, you need to find the highest blast speed by turning the bolt L in different directions. After this maximum is found, the bolt must be returned by a quarter of the course. In the event that the chain begins to move, the engine needs to be stopped.
  • Conduct a technical check. In particular, you need to determine the maximum number of revolutions, check the acceleration and stability of the engine at idle, as well as the correspondence of these parameters to the basic values ​​in the instructions. The quality of the mixture for verification should be the highest.

Setting up a chainsaw carburetor. Or how not to pay repairmen!

The possession of a chainsaw in many ways makes life even lover, and in some professions this tool is actually indispensable. However, as any relatively complex device, chainsaws require periodic maintenance. Due to the untimely or not of the most high-quality maintenance, as well as as a result of the influence of both planned and excessive loads, various malfunctions may appear. For professionals, interruptions or unstable saw work reduces the efficiency of work or may cause a spoiled working day. One of the fairly common faults is the incorrect tuning of the carburetor of the chainsaw, which is lost due to unsuccessful attempts to adjust or displacement of adjusting screws for other reasons.

When it is necessary to configure the carburetor?

There are several signs that help to understand that you need to configure the carburetor on your chainsaw, these signs are indicated below:

  • The factory settings of the chainsaws were changed due to the weakening of the adjusting bolt of the carburetor;
  • Damaged lid of the UPT case;
  • The engine starts poorly or does not start at all;
  • The chainsaw does not hold idling or works unstable at idle;
  • The exhaust of the chainsaw is too thick;
  • Fuel overrun;
  • The spark plugs are quickly blackened or covered with a white coating;
  • A chainsaw does not gain the declared characteristics of the power;
  • During a speed set, the chainsaw motor stalls;
  • Basopile vibrates greatly at idle;

Of course, these reasons can be caused by other problems with your chainsaw, and in order to exclude excess, you need to carry out a number of events. If dirt got into the fuel system, then the engine can also jump at idle and in this case you just need to rinse it. If you have a piston group worn out, then power disappears, but in this case, when working at idle, a characteristic knock will be heard. You need to change the piston group.

You will also need to adjust the carburetor if you started using other fuel, or use a chainsaw in other atmospheric conditions.

Poor and rich mixtures

A little more about the “poor” and “rich” mixtures.

“Rich mixture”

The “rich” mixture is a fuel mixture in which the amount of fuel supplied to the carburetor exceeds the norm. In this case, the fuel does not have time to burn completely and less energy is produced than with an optimal ratio of fuel and air. Partially irrepressible fuel enters the muffler, then the chainsaw is greatly smoke.

“Poor mixture”

In the “poor” mixture, an excess of air, that the same is not good, since it has its cons of. Namely: insufficient energy during the outbreak (which means power loss in the end), excessive heating of the cylinder due to insufficient lubrication and high revolutions, which leads to the nozzles, and there is not far from the “jamming” of the engine.

Carburetor adjustment after the chainsaw is running

After the gas station runout, it is necessary to adjust the carburetor. In this case, you will definitely need a tachometer and technical documentation from the chainsaw used. The fact is that when running in the chainsaw engine, several other carburetor settings are used, which are configured to prepare a slightly more enriched mixture, unlike that. Which is used in permanent work. The engine is running out in a gentle mode and therefore after it you need to reconfigure the chainsaw engine.

We strongly recommend that the points of the positions of the bolts before setting up the carburetor. With the help of marks, in the event of an unsuccessful attempt, you can return them to your former place and start adjusting them again. Adjustment should be started with the bolt “h”. After you set maximum speed, check the idle. If they differ from normal, then first expose them using “l”, and then “s”. But turn the screws, focusing on the testimony of the tachometer.

Stable sustainable work at any speed, developed capacity, efficiency, use of technical capabilities in the volume provided for and laid down by the manufacturer, and even a motorcycle resource. All this depends on its carburetor. In addition to the fact that this node must also be kept in the proper condition and served in a timely manner, it must still be correctly adjusted. Setting up the chainsaw carburetor is not easy, but with a unhurried thoughtful approach and clear following the instructions, it is feasible for almost anyone, and it should be carried out at the first signs of the need for this, and regardless of whether the new motorcycle is operated or the types of types is operated.

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The need to adjust the fuel supply unit (hereinafter referred to as the UPT, that is, the carburetor) is evidenced by the following reasons, signs and malfunctions:

  • Factory or own settings were shot down due to weakening of adjusting bolts and vibration or in the process of unsuccessful attempts to adjust the carburetor in a new one;
  • Damaged lid of the UPT case;
  • The engine does not start or starts with a strain, and then stalls almost immediately;
  • The saw does not work steadily at idle or does not keep them at all;
  • Excess of fuel and too thick exhaust;
  • Electrodes of the spark plugs are black (supply to the re.Enriched mixture motor) or with a white plaque (impaired);
  • Motopila does not develop maximum turns or power;
  • The motor stalls during a speed set;
  • Strong vibration of the chainsaw is observed;
  • Due to violations in the operation of the air cleaning system into the distribution of the fuel-air mixture of the mechanism, particles of garbage hit;
  • The piston group has significant wear. In this case, the regulation of the UPT is used as a temporary measure that allows you to make the work of the tool more stable.

Naturally, when the mud gets into it, the fuel system needs to be washed. This problem cannot be solved by adjusting the carburetor. And a worn piston needs overhaul. However, in these cases, they also set up.

It can also be needed even when the brand or quality of fuel, atmospheric pressure, humidity and ambient temperature, height above sea level (when the place of operation changes from the plain to the mountainous terrain, and vice versa) can also be adjusted.

Before regulating the UPT, you must make sure that both filters (air and fuel) are clean. In addition, there should not be an air leak into the motor from the side (through the seals, laying under the UPT or its accelerating pump or somewhere else), otherwise it will not be possible to adjust the carburetor.

Almost any UPT is regulated by 3 screws:

  • One. The bolt of the chief nozzle designated “H” and used to set the maximum speed of the saw engine.
  • 2. Bolt of the idle jacket, designated “L” and used to set low speeds. That is, to regulate the idle.
  • 3. Bolt of the idle adjustment designated in various, “la” (STIHL), “t” (Partner, Husqvarna).

There are also carburetors with fewer adjusting screws. So manufacturers protect their products from unprofessional intervention and at the same time try to simplify their configuration.

For safe regulation during its implementation, the rules should be followed:

  • One. The tool must be steadily installed on a flat surface of a rigidly fixed object (workbench, rack, table).
  • 2. The chain should be directed away from itself and other present.
  • 3. There should be a safe distance between the chain and any surrounding objects that guarantees the impossibility of their mutual contact.

In such cases, adjusting the carburetor on the chainsaw can be as follows. First start the tool and warm it up for 10 minutes.

We begin adjustment of the UPT by determining the position of the mood “L”, in which the idle speed will be the greatest. To do this, we very slowly and smoothly turn this bolt in one direction or the other. And so several times, until the right position is found. After that, we turn “l” by 1/8–1/4 turn (the required value is indicated in the technical documentation for the tool) counterclockwise (hereinafter PEF).

Then we continue to regulate the idle stroke using the screw “s” (“la”, “t”):

chinese, calm, features, differences, adjustment, carburetor
  • If the chain after manipulations with the bolt of “l” is motionless, then it is necessary to smoothly rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) clockwise (hereinafter referred to as it) until it starts to move. Then twist the “s” to 1/8–1/4 turns back.
  • If the chain moves, rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) of the PFS until it stops, and then twist “S” to 1/8–1/4 turns in the same direction.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. There are only two problems with this element more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If dirt just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purging will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, you must definitely put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

The starting device of the carburetor in most cases does not function due to blockages. Should be used for flushing acetone or the same gasoline.

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. Permissible and convenient repair practice.

Candle malfunctions

We unscrew the candle with a special key from a set of tools and evaluate its condition. The normal color of the central and lateral electrodes of the candle is light brown. All other options indicate deviations in individual engine systems. Perhaps three options for the state of the candle:

If the candle is clean and dry, then, probably, the fuel does not enter the cylinder for the following reasons:

  • A vacuum is created in the tank due to clogging the holes in the cork of the tank that communicates the cavity of the container with the atmosphere.
  • The fuel filter is contaminated.
  • Jamper or carburetor channels are polluted.
  • Clean the hole with a thin wire or needle.
  • We remove the fuel filter from the tank, examine it. If it is clogged, then blow out or wash it from dirt.
  • We disassemble the chainsaw, remove the carburetor, eliminate clogs.

Actually, a carburetor is a rather complicated device, it is advisable to entrust the repair of which a specialist, and its adjustment is better, of course, to carry out on a special stand. But the rest of the repair operations, for example, the chainsaws of Khuskvarna 142, and the repair of the chainsaw partner with their own hands are completely available and do not require additional equipment.

If the candle is covered with fuel and is in a humid state, this is a clear sign that there is too much fuel in the cylinder. The volume of the chamber is sent in pairs, and it cannot ignite from the category of candle due to violation of the proportionality of the ratio of gasoline and air. The reasons are as follows:

  • When the piston moves down, the suction of fuel and air into the cylinder occurs. If the air filter is clogged or contaminated, then the working mixture due to lack of air becomes so enriched that it floods the candle on the chainsaw. Fuel loses the ability to ignite. In this case, the malfunction can be eliminated by cleaning or replacing the filter.
  • When repairing “Shtil 180” are available for repairing with your own hands only idle frequency adjustment. If the problem is somewhere inside the carburetor, then due to the great laboriousness of the process, you need to use the services of specialists. When repairing the Huskvarna 142 chainsaw, three carburetor adjustment screws are available with their own hands. For low, high and idle revolutions.
  • To check this, we unscrew the candle, put on a high.Voltage wire on it, and connect the candles with the hexagon with the cylinder, providing contact. Trying to run the saw several times. In this case, we observe the presence of a spark. In its absence, we replace the candle and carry out a second check. If it turns out that there is no spark, then we will revise the high.Voltage wires and the ignition unit. Since these defects can only be eliminated by replacement, and not by repair, we do so.

The candle is covered with a soil mainly due to excess oil in fuel. The engines of the chainsaws, in the vast majority, are two.Stroke and work on the fuel mixture consisting of oil with oil. You just need to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer and accurately measure the components. Do not use unnecessary prepared solutions. If fuel remains in the tank and a break is expected to work at least more than a week, drain it, excluding storage. In the process of irreversible chemical reactions, it loses the necessary properties and only harm the chainsaw.

Cleaning a candle of carbon fiber is carried out with a scraper of soft materials. Copper, plastic, hard wooden rocks.