How to set up the Stihl 55 trimmer


The petrol / lawn trimmer Stihl FS 55 is a light, mobile scythe with a large reserve of power. An irreplaceable helper for mowing meadow and ornamental grass, when mowing on undulating or uneven terrain. With the same productivity, the machine shines soft grass and clears thick bushes or overgrown grass. A small bar allows you to mow in hard-to-reach places: along the wall of the house, around bushes, poles, benches.

Trimmer petrol / lawn mowers Stihl FS 55. Description of the advantages of the model

  • Ergonomic two-handed handle in silver color. Fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip out during work.
  • The engine control mechanism is built into the handle. This is done to improve the safety of use.
  • Replaceable cutting equipment expands the functionality of the tool. The Stihl FS 55 petrol / lawn mower trimmer includes a disc for hard and overgrown grass, a disc for pruning shrubs.
  • Glasses for the protection of eyes. Provide direct and lateral protection, blown inside, do not create the greenhouse effect of glass, provide a good panoramic view.
  • STIHL shoulder strap. Comfortable use of the trimmer increases productivity, reduces energy loss, evenly distributes the load, and does not put pressure on the shoulder. Frees hands for productive mowing, fixes the scythe during operation.
  • The tank is made of a translucent material that allows the operator to visually monitor the fuel level.
  • Fuel consumption is controlled by a special system. Thanks to her, the trimmer consumes fuel economically, produces little exhaust.
  • Easy trimmer control. No special knowledge or experience is required to work with the tool. The user can easily figure out the buttons on the handle, indicated by generally accepted symbols.
  • Lack of electric drive. The chainsaw works anywhere in a large area without a network connection.

Trimmer petrol / lawnmower Stihl FS 55. Technical description of the model

  • Total weight 5 kg.
  • Power 1.1 HP.
  • Straight boom design.
  • T-shaped handle design.
  • Cutting tools fishing line, metal disc.
  • Maximum permissible cutting area up to 1000 m2.

Running in petrol trimmer / lawn mowers Stihl FS 55. Instructions for users

Trimmer running-in is necessary for subsequent normal and long-term operation. During running-in, the moving parts are rubbed in, the initial resistance in the drive mechanism is increased, to reduce it, the parts are slightly “worn out”. Also, the running-in process gives the beginner the opportunity to learn how to operate the trimmer.

  • Before starting work, prepare a fuel mixture from the recommended brands of oil and gasoline specified in the data sheet. The proportions are approximately as follows: for 2.5 liters of AI.95, add 100 grams of Stihl oil in a red package. For mixing, purchase a container made of plastic resistant to aggressive liquids or an aluminum container. An ordinary canister is always with rusted micro-areas, accumulating in the saw carburetor, rust leads to clogging and breakage of the unit.
stihl, trimmer

  • The cumulative running-in time is from 3 to 4 hours. During this period, it is not recommended to operate the tool at idle speed for more than 15 minutes. Requires constant filling for 20-30 seconds.
  • It is possible to combine running in and perform simple work without load, for example, cutting soft vegetation.
  • Once every six months, the instrument with a warranty period must be brought to the service center for technical inspection and carburetor adjustment.

instruction for the device m416


Manuals, Instructions, Forms

New files

  • Lactiale 230 Mg Application Instruction
  • Reference Letter It Sample
  • Memorandum Write-off Sample
  • Burgundy Blend Application Instruction
  • Sample Complaint In Utilities For Roof Leakage
stihl, trimmer

Customers also love the bike handle, which improves handling comfort. When working, the arms will be wide apart, so it is easier to operate the unit. He is very manoeuvrable. Customers love that the handle and strap can be adjusted to suit the operator’s needs.

The tool can be easily adjusted for comfortable use. The controls are on one handle. You don’t need to reach anywhere, everything is located under the palm of your hand. The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, according to consumers, is also convenient in that it has a pair of protective covers, one of which is installed for the knife, while the other is for the fishing line. The casing for the latter has a narrowing at the bar.

Stihl FS55 RC Blade Install and Re-Grease. How To

Starting the motor

The engine is started at a distance of 3 m or more from the place where the device is filled with fuel. These works cannot be carried out indoors. Before starting, you need to take a stable, secure position. At the same time, the motorized device is held as firmly as possible. The cutting tool must not come into contact with the ground or objects, as it can rotate when started.

The unit is serviced by only one person, while there should be no unauthorized persons in an area with a radius of up to 15 m. Failure to do so may result in injury from thrown objects. Starting the engine of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mowers, the characteristics of which are presented in the article, should not be done by hand. After releasing the throttle, the cutting tool will coast for some time. Flammable materials must be kept away from the hot gas stream and the surface of the hot muffler, as this could cause a fire.

STIHL FS55 lawn mowers carburetor repair

Replacing the O-ring, the accelerator in the carburetor STIHL FS55 lawn mowers (benzotrimer).

Guidelines for holding and guiding the device

the mower must be held securely with both hands. The operator should take a stable position while doing this. Stihl fs 55 carburetor repair stihl fs55 lawn mowers adjust the carburetor Stihl fs-38. You need to grab the handles with both hands. Lawn mowers with a round handle are presented for sale, while the left hand should be on a hill, and the right hand should be on the working handle. If there is a danger of an accident, the motor must be turned off immediately. The engine must run flawlessly when idling. The cutting tool must not rotate after releasing the throttle.

The idle setting needs to be monitored and adjusted from time to time. If the cutting tool continues to rotate at idle speed, the unit must be returned for repair. When guiding the scythe, you must pay attention to obstacles in the form of tree roots and stumps. It is necessary to work while standing on the ground. Do not use a ladder or lifting work platform.

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Lawn mowers device

The device of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mowers should be clear to you if you plan to operate the equipment, let alone repair it. The gasoline engine in this unit is almost the same as in the chainsaw. But the tire is the latter fixed to the motor reducer by a long tubular rod. Inside there is a shaft that transmits torque from the motor to the working tool. This design is suspended from a strap that is thrown over the shoulder. This allows you to hold the tool on the weight, which is fundamentally with the sensitive weight of the chainsaw.

A handle is fixed to the bar of the unit, with the help of it you can move the end of the bar with the working equipment. the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, the repair summary of which is presented in the article, has a protective shield in the form of a casing on the human side, which excludes injuries during operation. The tool itself is a round drum with thick line coming out of the holes on both sides. When the drum spins, the line is pulled by centrifugal force and hits the grass, chopping it.

Lawnmower “Stihl FS 55”, the technical properties of which will be presented to your attention below, has a wear-resistant nylon line. It is renewed at times by the way of unwinding the reel, which is inside the drum.


The lawn mower is powered by gasoline, which is highly flammable. Therefore, do not smoke in the vicinity while refueling. The engine turns off before refueling. Such manipulations should not be carried out until the engine has cooled down, as fuel can overflow and begin to pose a fire hazard.

The fuel filler cap should be opened with extreme caution, as excessive pressure can cause fuel to splatter. The Stihl FS 55 Lawn Mower, the user manual of which you must read before using the device, is refueled in a well-ventilated area. If fuel is spilled, the device should be immediately cleaned of it so that it does not come into contact with clothing, otherwise the clothing should be changed immediately.

After refueling is complete, tighten the fuel tank screw lock to the full. This will reduce the likelihood of it being unscrewed by motor vibration. If this is not provided, there is a danger of fuel escaping. It is important to pay attention to leaks. If fuel is spilled, then the engine should not be started, otherwise there may be a risk of burns.


Adjustment and repair of the carburetor lawn mowers

The trimmer does not belong to complex household appliances, therefore, most of its breakdowns are mechanical in nature and are quite successfully eliminated with their own hands. Even if the engine fails for serious reasons. damage to the piston ring, for example, repairs are reduced to replacing a part.

But even with a relatively simple design, such a part of the device as a carburetor needs to be adjusted.

Principle of operation

The carburetor is a power system module in which liquid fuel and air are mixed before being fed into the engine cylinders. Mixing and flow are adjusted accordingly depending on the tool and its mode of operation.

The carburetor device for lawn mowers is the same for almost all cases. It belongs to the category of float devices. The latter provide stable parameters of ready-made mixtures.

The principle of the module is as follows.

stihl, trimmer
  • Air enters the body of the air damper tube. The latter increases or decreases the air flow depending on its position.
  • In the area where the hole for the gasoline supply is formed, the tube has a narrowing. a diffuser. Here the flow rate increases.
  • Fuel from the float chamber is fed through the nozzle into the tube. The float level determines the amount of fuel supplied. Since the pressure in the chamber is normal, and in the tube it is low due to the greater rarefaction of the air, gasoline is sucked in through the nozzle.
  • The accelerated air flow picks up the fuel and atomizes it, forming an air-fuel mixture of the desired density.
  • The mixture is sucked into the cylinder through the pipeline.

The more open the air damper in the tube, the higher the density of the air flow, and, therefore, more fuel enters the cylinder. Setting up the carburetor of lawn mowers is reduced to setting such a ratio of flaps at which the density of the fuel mixture becomes optimal.

Signs of imbalance

Debugging the carburetor must be done during the manufacture of the device. As a rule, the owners will find out about the need to adjust the fuel supply with their own hands only after serious enough breakdowns, in the process of correcting which, the module was removed and, for example, cleaned.

The following are the symptoms of a configuration failure:

  • starts, but the engine immediately stalls. since the engine can only work when a certain amount of gasoline is supplied, with too “lean” fuel, that is, blocking the supply channel, the engine will stop;
  • too high fuel consumption, a lot of exhaust gases. the result of incomplete combustion of the mixture. In this case, on the contrary, there is too much fuel and the mixture is too dense.

The carburetor for lawn mowers Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna and others is adjusted using the adjusting screws. Sometimes the reason for the malfunction is a violation of fixation. due to vibration or damage to the protective cap. Such a breakdown can be detected by simply trying to turn the screw slightly: if the fixation is not rigid, it is worth checking the setting.

DIY lawn mowers carburetor adjustment

Setting up the module does not apply to repair and replacement of spare parts is not required. In this case, the lawn mowers carburetor repair kit will not be needed.

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Three screws are provided for debugging:

  • L. is regulated first, since it is responsible for supplying fuel at low speeds;
  • H. he is responsible for the supply of gasoline at high speeds, as well as for fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T. it is used to debug idle.

There are options, as a rule, this is the carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower, when only one screw remains on the body for debugging. for adjusting the idle speed. This does not mean that the module is configured automatically. it means that it will be difficult to carry out even such a type of repair as debugging. In the photo. adjusting the carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower.

  • The module is configured only when the engine is warm: for this, the device is pre-switched on for 10 minutes. If the mowing head rotates at idle speed, then the debugging is started immediately: turn the screw T counterclockwise until the rotation stops.
  • Adjustment begins with screw L. The screw is turned to the right and left until it finds such a position at which the idle speed does not become maximum.
  • Then the screw is turned ¼ turn counterclockwise. This will be his working position.
  • Idle speed must be adjusted by turning counterclockwise to increase the number of revolutions and clockwise to decrease it. Its debugging consists in achieving such a mode in which a sufficient number of revolutions are made before the start of rotation of the mowing head. In this case, the engine must work stably at different positions.
  • The position of screw L is determined last. at maximum speed, the trimmer should not work for more than 10 seconds. The throttle opens, the screw turns clockwise, very slowly, until the decrease in the number of revolutions is audible.
  • Then, also slowly, the screw rotates counterclockwise until the motor starts to malfunction. Then the screw is turned back clockwise until the engine starts working normally again.

If there is a tanometer, and if the recommended rpm values ​​are indicated in the product passport, the correction can be made more accurate, focusing not on hearing, but on the readings of the device.

The adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mowers in the video was carried out by ear.

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Please clarify. In the adjustment section p. 5, screw L. error? Should you read screw A? Thank you.

prompt the initial position of the screws H L LA


prompt the initial position of the screws H L LA

Thank you very much for the video about the accelerator and didn’t know, but the defect is very important and creates a huge problem that almost everyone is silent about. BRAVO….

Maybe all the same tachometer is a rpm meter, not a tonometer blood pressure meter

and I have L, H, LA, it’s LA instead of T?

The video shows some kind of tightness, so you need to be able to chew snot.

Carburetor repair and cleaning without spare parts

There are situations in life in which it is simply vital to repair the saw, but the necessary components are not at hand. For such cases, there is the following method: take out the carburetor, remove the membranes, and then put the rest in acetone and let it soak. Acetone will remove debris that is blocking the passage of various fluids. This method will not hit your. but it is not reliable. Such repairs will not ensure the long operation of the chainsaw, since outdated membranes have not been replaced.

Characteristics of Stihl chainsaws

Model Working volume (cm 3) Power (kW / hp) Weight, kg) Specific gravity (kW / kg) Standard tire (cm) Standard chain Launch aids Chain tensioner engine’s type
Petrol-powered saws for sawing firewood and for maintenance of the land
MS 170 30.1 1.3 / 1.7 3.9 3.0 35 50. 3/8 ″ P.1.3 In front 2-stroke
MS 180 31.8 1.5 / 2.0 3.9 2.6 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 In front 2-stroke
MS 180 C-BE 31.8 1.5 / 2.0 4.2 2.8 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 ErgoStart Fast 2-stroke
MS 181 31.8 1.5 / 2.0 4.3 2.9 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P- 1.3 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 181 C-BE 31.8 1.5 / 2.0 4.6 3.1 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P- 1.3 ErgoStart Fast 2-MIX
MS 192 C-E 30.1 1.3 / 1.8 3.3 2.5 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 ErgoStart Lateral 2-stroke
MS 211 35.2 1.7 / 2.3 4.3 2.5 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 211 C-BE 35.2 1.7 / 2.3 4.6 2.7 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 ErgoStart Fast 2-MIX
MS 230 40.2 2.0 / 2.7 4.6 2,3 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 In front 2-stroke
MS 231 40.6 2.0 / 2.7 4.9 2.4 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 250 45.4 2.3 / 3.1 4.6 2.0 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Lateral 2-stroke
MS 250 C-BE 45.4 2.3 / 3.1 4.9 2.2 40 55-3 / 8 ″ P- 1.3 ErgoStart Fast 2-stroke
MS 251 45.6 2.2 / 3.0 4.9 2.2 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P- 1.3 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 271 50.2 2.6 / 3.5 5.6 2.2 37 62-0.325 ″. 1.6 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 291 55.5 2.8 / 3.8 5.6 2.0 40 67-0.325 ″. 1.6 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 390 64.1 3.4 / 4.6 5.9 1.7 45 66-3 / 8 ″. 1.6 Lateral 2-stroke
Petrol saws for forestry
MS 201 35.2 1.8 / 2.4 4.0 2.2 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P- 1.3 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 241 C-M 42.6 2.2 / 3.0 4.7 2.1 40 55-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX M-Tronik
MS 260 50.2 2.6 / 3.5 4.8 1.8 37 62-0.325 ″. 1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-stroke
MS 261 50.2 2.8 / 3.8 5.2 1.9 37 62-0.325 ″. 1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX
MS 261-VW 50.2 2.8 / 3.8 5.4 1.9 37 62-0.325 ″. 1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX
MS 361 59.0 3.4 / 4.6 5.6 1.6 40 60-3 / 8 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-stroke
MS 362 59.0 3.4 / 4.6 5.9 1.7 40 60-3 / 8 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX
MS 362-VW 59.0 3.4 / 4.6 6.0 1.8 40 60-3 / 8 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX
MS 440 70.7 4.0 / 5.4 6.3 1.6 fifty 72-3 / 8 ″. 1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-stroke
MS 440-W 70.7 4.0 / 5.4 6.5 1.6 fifty 72. 3/8 ″. 1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-stroke
MS 441 70.7 4.2 / 5.7 6.6 1.6 45 66-3 / 8 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX
MS 441 C-M 70.7 4.2 / 5.7 6.6 1.6 45 66-3 / 8 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-MIX M-Tronik
MS 660 91.6 5.2 / 7.1 7.3 1.4 fifty 72-3 / 8 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-stroke
MS 880 121.6 6.4 / 8.7 9.8 1.5 90 108-0.404 ″.1.6 Decompressor Lateral 2-stroke
Special saws
MS 150 TC-E 23.6 1.0 / 1.3 2.6 2.6 thirty 64. 1/4 ″ P. 1.1 ErgoStart Lateral 2-MIX
MS 192 T 30.1 1.3 / 1.8 3.1 2.4 thirty 44-3 / 8 ″ P-1.1 Lateral 2-stroke
MS 201 T 35.2 1.8 / 2.4 3.7 2.1 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Lateral 2-MIX
MS 192 C-E Carving 30.1 1.3 / 1.8 3.3 2.5 thirty 64- 1/4 ″ P- 1.3 ErgoStart Lateral 2-stroke
MSE 160 C-BQ 1.6 4.1 35 50-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Fast
MSE 180 C-BQ 1.8 4.2 40 55-3 / 8 ″ P-1.3 Fast
MSE 220 C-Q 2.2 6.2 45 66. 3/8 ″. 1.6 Lateral
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Stihl 180 chainsaw carburetor tuning

Repair and adjustment of the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw

The Stihl 180 is a German chainsaw designed for gardening, logging, site clearing and other woodworking. Many people love it for its compactness and ease of use. The tool combines seemingly opposite qualities. power and maneuverability. German designers have tried to create this sample, but the MS 180 Stihl also has disadvantages that users face in various operating modes. Like all mechanisms, it tends to fail. What to do in such cases and is it worth contacting the workshops?

Stihl 180 chainsaw performance

Model MS180
Engine displacement (ml) 31.8
Max power (hp) 2.0
Max speed (rpm) 14000
Weight (without bar, chain, oil and fuel) (kg) 3.9
Fuel tank volume (ml) 250.0
Oil tank volume (ml) 145.0

Checking and subsequent replacement of defective membranes

Stihl 180 chainsaw carburetor membrane repair kit

Common malfunctions of the Stihl 180 carburetor

Malfunctions that can be solved by repairing the carburetor: It is worth noting that the diagnostics cannot always correctly indicate the problem. There are times when, due to different reasons, the same “symptom” occurs. And sometimes diagnostics can give false information, as a result of which you cannot correctly eliminate the cause of the breakdown. Pay due attention to diagnostics, but do not overestimate its importance.

The tool does not hold idle revolutions, and sometimes the revolutions “walk”. Most likely the idle jet is clogged. It is urgent to clean it, otherwise the saw will not be able to perform its functions. Another possible cause is a malfunction of the fuel system.

Sometimes this problem is solved by unclogging the valve that restricts the fuel tank. This valve regulates the output of gasoline and the passage of air. Do not forget to adjust the carburetor by changing the amount of air that is supplied to it. details about this operation can be found in the instructions included with the brand new chainsaw.

The carburetor of the Stihl chainsaw, without disassembling, can only be adjusted for the number of revolutions produced at idle. It is impossible to increase or decrease the fuel supply in various modes. Manufacturers have limited access to this adjustment by removing special screws. If faults are found in this system, it is possible, with experience, to increase the gap between the needle valve and the wall.
The saw does not start. The solution is the same as in the previous paragraph.

The tool began to consume more fuel, while its power was significantly reduced. Gasoline consumption and power are subjective concepts. To accurately determine these indicators, you can not do without visiting special firms specializing in this tool.

Well, if these two indicators are visible “on the face”, then follow these steps:

Check if the chain is dull. A dull chain has a lower efficiency, and therefore the saw consumes more fuel.

stihl, trimmer

Examine the fuel tank. Perhaps it has formed a small mechanical damage, through which gasoline leaves imperceptibly.

Examine the muffler carefully.

Clean the cooling system and exhaust system.

The unit stalls immediately after operation or warming up. Experts call it hot.

The most common reasons are:

  • Lack of air entering the carburetor. Replace inlet and outlet valves.
  • Breakdown of the cooling system (overheating). It is possible that foreign objects have entered the pipes with cold air, which will need to be removed.
  • Chainsaw stalls when position is changed. This only applies to tilting to the side, in the vertical state the saw functions normally. This problem even applies to serviceable chainsaws, because during the development the designers made a small mistake. The Stihl 180 fuel system has a special design, in which the fuel cannot escape from the tank on its side. Sometimes the problem lies in the clogging of the fuel pump.

The procedure for parsing, as well as tuning the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw: In order to carry out a high-quality repair of the carburetor, you will need to remove it. This is not difficult to do, but you need to be extremely careful. First, we will prepare the workplace: install the lighting, lay out all the necessary tools. Understand that the carburetor is the main saw unit where the fuel and gasoline flows intersect. For stable operation, they must be cleaned of foreign debris.

Therefore, before the main work, you need to do the following:

  • Remove and clean the muffler.
  • Make sure there are no problems with fuel supply and combustion.
  • Check the serviceability of the air and cooling filters.

The main stages of work (removal of the carburetor)

The best option would be to watch a training video. Fortunately, there are dozens of them on the Internet. There they will tell you everything in detail and professionally. As the saying goes: “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times” (in our case, read it). Schematically, this process can be written as follows: remove the protective cover, remove the rods and, finally, unscrew the unit to work with it.

Stihl Trimmer Line Replacement