How to sharpen a chainsaw at home

Sharpening with a file

The first thing you need to sharpen the chain, or tweak it a little, are special files.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with your own hands

The use of a chain that is not sharpened can lead to overheating of the engine and the formation of scoring on the cylinder.

We will analyze the main ways with which you can, without problems, sharpen the chain on a chainsaw.

Description of the sharpening process with files

The first thing to start with straightening the saw chain on the saw is placing the tool on a flat surface or table. In forest conditions, a large diameter chock is well suited for this. Next, you need to inspect the saw chain for any defects, it can be cracks, completely broken off teeth. After inspection, you need to set the brake in working condition, thereby blocking its movement on the tire.

The chain must be taut when sharpening with a file.

It is advisable to put a stand under the tire, as it you can use a log, a piece of a branch of a suitable diameter, or the manufacturers of sharpening tools have special clamps to hold the bar in the process of sharpening the chain.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

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The chain is sharpened by moving the file from the inside of the tooth outward. In this case, the file should be located parallel to the special mark on the chain. This mark is applied by the chain manufacturer to indicate the standard sharpening angle.

The sharpened tooth should be located approximately in the middle of the tire, this is necessary for the convenience of work, during the sharpening process, you need to move the chain along the tire, not forgetting to set the brake to the working position each time.

Work on sharpening the chain on a chainsaw must be carried out using gloves made of coarse material, otherwise it is quite easy to injure yourself, because the working surface of the teeth is very sharp.

Ideally, manufacturers advise to make the same number of file movements for each tooth, but in practice this is not always possible. teeth have different degrees of damage to the working edge.

To facilitate sharpening the saw chain with a file, special holders can be used, with corner markings applied to them. The markings are made not only for the standard cross-cut, but also for the longitudinal.

Tool holders are also handy if you don’t have sufficient sharpening experience. Experienced sharpeners do not use holders for sharpening, but can only use special devices that support the file.

Another sharpening device is a hand-held saw chain straightener. It uses a regular file as a sharpening tool, which can be replaced independently. The machine is mounted directly on the tire, it also has the ability to adjust the angle of sharpening of the tooth and a special stop that holds the sharpened tooth.

Manual sharpening machine, perfect for beginners. Along with electric models of sharpening machines, manual has its undeniable plus in the form of a low price. Depending on the manufacturer of the hand-held machine, their appearance may differ, but the principle of operation is the same for all.

The depth of cut is adjusted with a flat file, so that there is a difference between the upper cutting edge of the tooth and the height stop.

As you can see from the figure, the depth gauge is grinded in such a way as to bring the gap indicator to the factory value. Below is a table that shows the main values ​​of the angles, as well as clearances for the most common types of chains.

As a rule, the size of the gap is corrected using a special die. It is installed on the chain during sharpening, after which the depth gauge is grinded.

Electric grinding machines

For straightening a large number of chains, as a rule, in service centers or in manufacturing plants, electric sharpening machines are used. Depending on the manufacturer, the design of the machines may vary, but they have the same principle of operation.

The saw chain is installed in a special guide, which is mounted on the basis of the turntable and has a special retainer to hold the sharpened tooth. The latch can be moved horizontally. An electric emery is installed at an adjustable angle to the sharpened tooth, which is turned on by the operator by pressing the start button. The immersion depth of the emery, as well as the angle at which the sharpening is performed, can be adjusted. The dive itself is performed by the operator. The chain is straightened with a special sharpening wheel, which can be changed if necessary.


For sharpening and straightening saw chains, two types of files are used. The first is a round file with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the rounding of the working edge of the saw tooth.

For sharpening saw chains of household tools, round files with a diameter of 4, 4.8 mm are used, due to the fact that they have a small tooth. For professional models, more powerful chains with a larger tooth are used, and accordingly files with a diameter of 5.2, 5.5 mm are needed.

In order to sharpen correctly, it is not enough to sharpen only the cutting edges of the tooth, you also need to adjust the cutting depth limiter. If this is not done, the chain will not cut into the material being cut to the required depth, which will noticeably reduce the speed of work and, just like in a situation with a blunt chain, can lead to overheating of the saw motor due to insufficient load on the motor. This work is done with a flat file.

How to sharpen a chain on a chainsaw with your own hands

A person who has a chainsaw in his household should know how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with his own hands. There are several ways:

How the Pro’s sharpen a chainsaw

  • Sharpening with a file (the most common method of sharpening, because it allows you to sharpen the tool directly at the cutting site.)
  • Sharpening using a special machine (this method is used in service centers, but can also be used on a personal farm)
  • Sharpen using an angle grinder. To sharpen in this way, certain skills are required. Uncommon method, because it is quite difficult to sharpen with an angle grinder correctly.

In this video, you can familiarize yourself with the sharpening process, the most popular methods and tools used for this.

How to file a chainsaw chain yourself

Everyone knows that the saw chain, which is used in chainsaws, needs to be sharpened periodically, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. It is very easy to determine that the saw needs sharpening of the chain, for this you need to inspect the sawdust, and if they consist of fine dust, then the tool needs to be sharpened.

How to sharpen with an angle grinder (angle grinder)

The method of sharpening the saw chain using an angle grinder, the least common due to its insecurity. In order to straighten the teeth of the chain using an angle grinder as a sharpening tool, it is necessary to install it in a vice and clamp it securely. Then the tool is switched on and the sharpened edge of the tooth is placed on the rotating surface of the disc. A tooth sharpened in this way can differ significantly from that sharpened with a file, because in the process of dressing using an angle grinder, it is rather difficult to control the sharpening angle.

A big disadvantage can be considered the possibility of a notch with an angle grinder with an angle grinder of the eyelet for attaching the connecting link of the chain, which in the future will lead to rupture during work. If, in the process of carrying out work using a chainsaw, the need arose for sharpening, it is better to use a special tool than to come up with various tricks that can result not only in financial losses, but cause serious injuries during their implementation.

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Sharpening the chain is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Any person, after studying the process of straightening chains, is able to sharpen the cutting set of his tool on his own. Even if the first time you manage to do it not very well, you should not despair, because with every next try, the result will be better and better.

How often do you need to sharpen the chain on a chainsaw?

With the operation of even high-quality equipment, the cutting element is worn out, it loses its original factory sharpness, and sharpening is required.

The main signs that it is time to sharpen the chain on a chainsaw are:

  • the tool loses stability in work, strong vibration appears, and the saw breaks out of the hands;
  • the chainsaw begins to produce fine shavings;
  • there is no slight deepening of the tire of the equipment into the wood; to perform the cut, it is required to apply force to sink its cutting part;
  • when cutting, a curved cut is formed;
  • there is a rapid heating of the gasoline engine;
  • there is an increased wear of the cutting element;
  • fuel consumption increases.

It is required to check and sharpen the chain if any of the listed signs of a malfunction of the tool appear.

The chain must be sharpened at regular intervals, which depends on the intensity of use of the tool.

How to sharpen with an angle grinder?

Sharpening the chain angle grinder is considered by professionals to be a primitive work. When using this tool, there is a high probability of damage to both the saw elements and the bar.

The process looks easy on the surface, but it requires a lot of skill. During the procedure, the chain remains on the bus.

Sharpening an angle grinder chain consists of the following steps:

  • A metal cutting disc with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm is fixed to the angle grinder. For this purpose, it is recommended to use not a new disc, but with a worn edge.
  • An obstacle is placed in front of the bar and chain.
  • Sharpening is carried out at the desired angle.

With a professional approach, the number of sharpenings in this way can reach 7 times.

It is better not to use this method for a beginner, as there is a high probability of damaging not only the saw segments and the bar, but also parts of your body.

The advantages of the method are fast implementation, low cost and minimal expenditure of physical forces. Disadvantages of the technique. the need for a person to have special skills in handling tools and strict adherence to safety precautions, violation of which can provoke injury.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with your own hands

Correct use and care affects the quality and performance of your chainsaw.

One of the most common brands of gasoline powered tools is Stihl. For comfortable operation, it is required to sharpen the chainsaw in a timely manner. A dull saw chain can be handed over to specialists or sharpened independently, especially since the process is not particularly difficult.

Powersharp system

Powersharp is Oregon’s patented self-sharpening saw chain system. This is the only technology in the world that allows an employee to make sawing elements on the tool as new directly during the working process without the use of additional tools and fixtures.

The technology is based on 4 elements, the use of which allows self-sharpening in a short time and anywhere.

To use this technology you will need:

  • The original PowerSharp chain. Its peculiarity is the presence of super-sharpened cutters and minimal vibration during operation. Due to the use of special profiled connecting links, the operation of this element of the chainsaw is of higher quality, and an excellent removal of the formed chips is carried out.
  • PowerSharp special abrasive stone. The bar is original in terms of the composition of the abrasives used. It is installed inside a sharpening tool, which is designed for use over the life of 1 chain. Its replacement is carried out simultaneously with the chain.
  • Oregon Power Sharp guide bar. A special feature of this element is that it is specially designed for sharpening. Due to the presence of holes on the bar, which are created to secure the chain under a special sharpener, high-quality and accurate tension calibration is carried out when working on a sharpening device.
  • Sharpener PowerSharp. It is a high-quality block made of high-strength plastic, inside which an abrasive bar is installed. On the back of the device there is a stop handle.

To sharpen a chain using the PowerSharp system, you will need:

  • Attach the sharpener to the guide bar.
  • Support the sharpening device with the stop handle on a hard and stable surface.
  • Run the saw at maximum speed for 3-5 seconds.

The use of this system allows you to keep the tool always in good condition, even in the absence of experience in sharpening.

How to sharpen a chain on a chainsaw with your own hands?

The procedure for sharpening a saw chain with your own hands is not very difficult. A chainsaw chain at home can be sharpened in several ways, using various tools and sharpening devices for this purpose.

  • Sharpen Chainsaw Chain Angle Grinder.
  • To carry out such a technical procedure, use a special file.
  • Use Powersharp technology.
  • Sharpen a chainsaw chain with a machine.

Each of the above sharpening methods has its own nuances that must be taken into account when carrying out the operation.

Using a file

Sharpening the saw blades with a file is the best solution for a beginner. For this procedure, you need to prepare an appropriate set of tools:

  • 2 types of files. round and flat;
  • holders;
  • calibration template;
  • chip remover.

Structurally, all devices may differ, but functionally they must perform the necessary operations.

The choice of the diameter of the round file depends on the dimensions of the saw blades:

  • at step 1.3, use a file with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • pitch 1.6. 5.2 mm.

Sharpening of the cut limiter is carried out with a file with flat edges.

In order to properly sharpen the chainsaw chain with a file, you should adhere to the following sequence when working:

  • The chain brake is pre-activated, the tire is secured in a vice. A well-clamped tire is the key to high-quality sharpening.
  • The template is installed so that the risk guide is directed towards the free end of the bar. The chalk marks the tooth from which the procedure was started. This is required in order not to go on the second circle to sharpen the sawing elements.
  • Sharpening is carried out with a suitable file pitch in accordance with the factory cut indicating the maximum angle.
  • In addition to the cutting itch, there are stops on each link. Sharpening of this element is carried out as needed. It needs to be straightened if, as a result of sharpening, the tooth height of the saw segment is reduced. The limiter is straightened after 2-3 sharpening of the teeth.

The advantage of this method is the ability to carry out work in the field. The disadvantages include a large waste of time for the operation and the rapid wear of the file. For the procedure, it is better to choose files from a good manufacturer.

Sharpening machines

Grinding machines are available in 2 types: electric and manual.

Electric units are equipped with special setting options that help to position the saw blades at the desired angle. These functions make it possible to accurately and accurately drive the blade to the saw teeth. There are models of machine tools that are equipped with auto-discs. They are started when the disc approaches the sharpened edge. This equipment is characterized by a high degree of functionality.

Structurally, the equipment with a manual drive resembles a bow saw, in which the saw blade is replaced by a round file. This machine can be used for the procedure of sharpening and dressing the teeth while adjusting the proportionality of the edges of the teeth to the minimum size.

The mechanism of such equipment makes it possible to fine-tune all the required technical parameters. After the adjustment, the sharpening procedure is carried out using 2-3 movements, after which they move on to the next tooth. If it is necessary to sharpen the limiter, the round file is changed to a flat file.

The advantages of using this equipment are fast and high-quality sharpening of saw links without significant physical costs. The use of machine tools allows you to restore the work of teeth that have lost their original shape. The disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of using electrical equipment away from power grids.

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How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with a file

This method is appreciated for the ability to perform work in any, even field, conditions, the simplicity of the procedure and the absence of the need to use an expensive tool. A tool with an exceptionally round section will help to properly sharpen the chainsaw chain with a file. To determine the parameters of the file, you need to know the dimensions of the saw itself, in particular, it is required to determine the pitch of the teeth. For processing the depth gauge of the guide tooth, the use of a flat variation is allowed.

Templates or patterns will give the right direction to the tool and can make work easier. They must be fixed to the treated area. After completing the preparatory work, you can proceed directly to the procedure according to the recommendations of specialists:

  • Secure the chain to the clamp.
  • Align the file for sharpening the chain according to the template.
  • Grind the teeth in one direction at the selected angle. The latter should not change. The working tool itself should be held so that its tip protrudes only a fifth of its thickness. You need to move the file as smoothly as possible, the movements should be light. The reverse must be done idle. It is recommended to turn the tool periodically to reduce the risk of wear on the sharpening side.
  • The angle of inclination of the tool should be right, and the angle of sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw horizontally. sharp, while its changes are allowed in the range from 10 to 30 °. The smallest tooth in the row should be taken as a basis.
  • Turn the tire over and do the same job for the teeth that go in the opposite direction.

Has such a method and small disadvantages. In particular, a lot of time is needed. But on the other hand, you will not need to purchase expensive equipment or special tools.

Electric chainsaw sharpeners

Automatic saw sharpeners are equipped with an electric motor, from which the main abrasive element starts to rotate.

Electric sharpening machines involve installing the saw into a special hole in the device, after which you will need to choose the optimal angle for sharpening the teeth and turn on the chainsaw. After that, the chain teeth are self-sharpening against the emery stone. But the best sharpening machines are not cheap, so they are rarely purchased for home use.

Chainsaw sharpening machines with “manual drive”

It is simple to use the machine to sharpen chains by hand. The actions will have to be performed in the following sequence:

  • Loosen the screw that secures the chain.
  • Adjust the appropriate level of sharpening, while it is necessary to determine the maximum degree of sharpening after visual inspection of the bluest tooth. The angles of sharpening on a manual machine are also selected. You can use special tables that are presented in the instructions for the saw.
  • Sharpen according to all selected parameters.
  • Treat the chain with clean machine oil.

There are 2 ways to use a hand held machine for this purpose:

  • Serial implies the impact on each tooth one after another, while it is necessary to periodically change the polarity.
  • Sharpening every second tooth, that is, the right tooth is sharpened first, and then the left. This does not require polarity reversal.

Chainsaw sharpening angles and tooth configuration

Chainsaw chain teeth have the following characteristics:

  • The sharpening angle for rip sawing should be in the range of 6-12 °, and from 25 ° to 30 °. with a predominance of cross-cut.
  • Chain profile height: professional models have a high profile of 0.762 mm, and household saws have a 0.625 mm.
  • The shape of the chain teeth can be rounded, semi-chisel, chisel and with carbide plates.
  • The thickness of the drive links. this parameter is the same for most household chainsaws, and has a value of 1.27 mm. There are edges that are 1.1 mm thick on low-power saws that are only suitable for branching. Thicker shanks (1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 2 mm) are typical for semi-professional and professional saws.
  • Tooth pitch is the distance between the connecting elements of the chain. Has a value that depends on the power and torque of the tool motor. the higher these parameters, the larger the pitch: 1/4 ″ (6.35 mm), 0.325 ″ (8.25 mm), 3/8 ″ (9.53 mm), 0.404 “(10.26 mm), 3/4” (19.05 mm).

Why is the chainsaw chain blunt

The chainsaw chain can quickly become dull for the following reasons:

  • if you work with the saw too often;
  • when the operator presses heavily on the saw when cutting;
  • if the chain is made of low-quality metal, or the steel has undergone improper heat treatment;
  • with frequent sawing of damp or resinous wood;
  • when sawing trees with hard wood, such as: oak, Karelian birch, cherry, acacia, elm, ash and others;
  • if the chain meets obstacles in the form of sand or stones on the way;
  • if the chain is not sharpened correctly or has insufficient tension during operation.

Chainsaw chain sharpening with a drill

In order to sharpen the chain yourself with a drill or screwdriver, you will need a round file. To select it, it is necessary to clarify the value of the rounding diameter of the chain cutting tooth. Most household chain saws can be sharpened with a 4.8 mm file.

In addition to the sharpening tool, you will need any bearing that will be convenient to hold with your fingers on the outer race.

  • First you need to remove the file shank of the angle grinder.
  • Insert the file into the chuck and secure.
  • Make a bushing of such a diameter from plastic, cork or a small piece of wood so that it fits snugly into the bearing.
  • Fix the free end of the file in the resulting sleeve inserted into the bearing.

The sharpening of the chain with the resulting device is as follows. First you need to fix the saw, it is best to clamp the tire with a vise, after loosening the chain for its free movement. Before starting sharpening, it is advisable to mark the first tooth with a marker. Now you need to place the file in the curvature of the cutting element blade, focusing on the required sharpening angle, which is usually marked with a line on the outside of the teeth. Further, holding the homemade device with two hands (one for the handle of a drill or screwdriver, and the other for the outer bearing race), turn on the power tool and, holding the file to the edge of the tooth, sharpen. Sharpen each cutting link in the same way, gradually moving the chain along the saw bar.

details about this method of sharpening a chainsaw chain can be found by watching video or photo instructions of various craftsmen on the Internet.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain at home

The saw chain is a metal base with series-connected links that have teeth characterized by cutting properties. You can improve them if you sharpen the chainsaw chain at home, but you must follow the rules and use a tool specially designed for this. The latter can be homemade or factory made.

File sharpening

When working with round and flat files, be aware of the distance between the teeth, which should be adhered to. It is unlikely that everything will work out the first time with an inexperienced specialist. This is a very laborious process that requires close attention.

First you need to sharpen the cutting teeth, to which it is better to attach a template. Without applying excessive force, you need to carry out equivalent clicks at an angle with smooth movements, gradually approaching the saw bar. The angle of inclination can be very different, depending on the pitch of the chain.

After the sharpening of the teeth has been finished, you should start grinding the stop tooth. In this case, it is also better to use a template so as not to accidentally protrude beyond the mark. When working with the limiter, a flat file is useful.

Using an angle grinder

As a rule, it will be difficult for an inexperienced person to handle an angle grinder in such a matter. So there is a risk of ruining the instrument. This is a very difficult method, and it is better to refuse it by a person who does not know how to handle this equipment.

How to get rid of a toothache, read the article.

It is necessary to take a disc for metal with a thickness of 2.5 mm and put it on an angle grinder. There is absolutely no need to remove the chain from the chainsaw. The sharpening angle is chosen exclusively by eye. Experts recommend only installing a wooden wedge between the chain and the underside of the bar.

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The positive aspects of this method are that you have to spend a little time, and the service life of the equipment can be extended even at home.

The disadvantages when working with an angle grinder include the need to adhere to safety measures. It is imperative to have a protective face mask and gloves for hands.

Chainsaw chain sharpening

It is better to entrust such a difficult matter as sharpening the cutters of such a device to a specialist who at least has an idea of ​​the tools with which to work in the process. It is not difficult to determine the time when to take emergency sharpening measures. As a rule, the chainsaw itself manifests itself from the bad side and this happens at the moment:

  • reducing the speed of rotation of the saw;
  • when the instrument starts twitching in different directions;
  • characteristic changes in the quality of the shavings, it seems to turn not into sawdust, but into needles.

In addition, you can understand that it is time to sharpen the teeth of the tool by dust in the chips. It simply should not be noticeable during the workflow.

Every owner wants to try to do it on his own, relying on the good result of his work. over, there are many ways and tools to help you do this. For this you will need:

  • files of various sizes and shapes;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • sharpening kit;
  • quality chain sharpening machines.

Sharpening of the tool can be carried out in time depending on the intensity of use of the chainsaw. Of course, if there is no special need to turn it on, then the teeth will remain sharp. Of course, it is more difficult for lumberjacks, because they practically do not part with this tool, and summer residents constantly grind down the chain during the pruning season.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining the Chain

Only with proper maintenance of the tool, you can not worry about its service life. You can take the saw to the workshop in a timely manner as a preventive measure, or you can just talk with specialists in order to understand how to sharpen its chain yourself.
Here are some helpful tips for caring for this tool:

  • it is necessary to control the sharpness of the chain so that the teeth do not grind off completely;
  • periodically, for example, before starting work, you need to lubricate the drive sprocket with machine oil;
  • the tire should be rearranged from time to time so that it does not wear off on one side;
  • it is necessary to regularly check the condition of the fuel, as well as the air filter, which are in the engine, in the tool for water and dirt;
  • before starting to work with the tool, you need to check the tightening of the nuts and screws so as not to injure.

Not many people use a chainsaw regularly. It is usually only needed during the pruning season. It also happens that the tool is gathering dust for a long time, no one uses it. To protect it from breakdown, you need to pour the fuel mixture into the engine, start it so that it can stand for a while. It is better to inspect the tool in a timely manner than to pay for the repair of the carburetor and engine later.

The video will clearly demonstrate the process of sharpening the tool chain.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw by hand with a file

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain yourself

In order to ensure the quality of work with the chainsaw and increase its service life, it is necessary to regularly sharpen the tool chain. It is important to do this in a timely manner, as you can violate safety rules when working with a chainsaw and injure yourself. The final result of the laborious process depends on how to sharpen the chain. According to experts, the sharpening of the teeth should be done as their sharpness deteriorates.

Using a sharpening machine

Such a machine may be needed when the situation is completely neglected and the files can no longer cope with their work. These devices are of two types: manual and electrical.
The principle of operation of the manual machine depends on the bow saw, which must be installed on top. With its help, the teeth of the tool will be sharpened. Thus, each link can be adjusted to the same size.

You should not change the settings of the machine during operation, so as not to knock down the entire mechanism. All links must work with the same precision, thanks to the same type of movement of the machine. It is also worth remembering about the limiter, the work on which begins only at the end of the sharpening of the teeth. Change the round file to a flat file. On an electric machine, this process is also reduced to automation.

Find out how to sharpen a ceramic knife here.

It would seem to be a pleasure to work with an automatic machine. You do not need to set the settings yourself and monitor the chain clamping. True, there are some nuances here:

  • before installing the chain in the machine, you need to loosen the screw, and direct the teeth towards the grindstone;
  • the sharpening angle must be sharp;
  • in order not to be confused with the polarity, if the machine does not change it on its own, you must initially sharpen the even teeth, and then the odd ones, counting from the control one;
  • the chain should be carefully placed so as not to sharpen very deeply, as this may affect the performance of the chainsaw in the future;
  • at the end of work, it is necessary to process the chain: clean it of dust and debris and leave it in engine oil for a couple of hours.

Using a hand-held machine, you also need to clean the chain from metal dust at the end of the work. Machine oil has always been lubricated with such parts for better gliding of the tool on wood.

Sharpening with a special set

Typically, such a set consists of two files, a round and a flat file, a holder, hooks for easy cleaning of the teeth, a template, gauges and several handles that can be put on files.

The holder contributes to the successful fixing of the position of the file in the working process in relation to the chain, controlling the protrusion in the chainsaw above the edge of the tooth and responding to all possible tilt angles.

The gauge allows you to adjust the exact depth of the tooth edge. It is a metal plate on which there is a limiter, which is required specifically before sharpening.

The template performs useful functions of both the gauge and the holder, as it is responsible for sharpening the cutting teeth and the stop.

When working with a sharpening kit, you must adhere to a certain sequence of actions:

  • Install a tight clip for the chain, which will slow down its sliding.
  • Secure the template as much as possible. It is important that the arrows embossed on the template point exactly to the nose of the tire.
  • Make a mark on the first tooth, from which sharpening will begin, so as not to get confused.
  • Carry out work with sharpeners from yourself.
  • Change a round file to a flat file and take a control tooth.

If the teeth of the chain are not dull, then you can get by with a sharpening kit. For more serious work with the tool, you will have to use the machine.

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I bought a device. an ordinary round file, plus something like a template to control the angle. All this cost 250-300 rubles. I sharpened for a long time, probably an hour, it seemed like it got better, but still I can’t compare it with a new one. My hands are probably crooked. Then I got tired of it, and bought a special electric sharpener for 900 rubles. Although it is China, it sharpens very quickly and well. about 5 minutes per chain. So advice. do not suffer, but immediately take an electric sharpener

Chainsaw chain sharpening is not so difficult and anyone with any experience in sharpening any cutting tool can handle it. But still, without special devices, you cannot cope with it.

The chainsaw tooth has a complex geometric shape, it consists of two edges: side and beveled at a certain angle. the top. All this complicates the operation a little.

In this article we will give several correct ways to sharpen a chainsaw chain with your own hands.