How to Sharpen a Disk For a Brush Cutter

Hedgerows and neatly trimmed shrubs create a cozy atmosphere on the site. To maintain a given shape, summer residents have to constantly cut branches. If for thin and soft branches the secateurs are most often used, then for a more global haircut a brush cutter is needed.

What is a brush cutter

A brush cutter is an inventory for trimming and forming the correct shape of shrubs and hedges. The main distinguishing feature is that the scissors-brush cutter have powerful handles in order to apply less physical force, and elongated sharp blades. Therefore, you can use a brush cutter for trees. There are two main types of tools: manual and mechanized. The second type, in turn, is divided into several types, depending on the power source.

Why do I need a brush cutter

In general, a garden brush cutter is a versatile garden care product. It is used to trim fruit and berry plantations (trees and large bushes), to trim hedges and shape decorative shrubs, to remove excess plants from the infield. Very often, gardeners think about whether it is possible to mow grass with a brush cutter. To date, several models have been created that are suitable for mowing the lawn.

Electric garden brush cutter

A good brush cutter greatly facilitates the maintenance of the garden, as it has several advantages:

  1. You can choose a universal unit or limit yourself to direct functionality;
  2. No need to purchase a secateurs separately, as the brush cutter completely replaces it and is superior in performance;
  3. The design greatly simplifies the work, since you do not need to hold branches with your hands;
  4. High power allows you to cope even with large trees.

Electric garden brush cutter

How to choose a tool

Choosing the right model is no easy task. There are several varieties of brush cutters, each of which has its own characteristics and nuances:

  • Brushcutter Trimmer;
  • Rechargeable;
  • Petrol;
  • Electric;
  • Manual (scissors).

Work with a brush cutter

How to choose a brush cutter for a summer residence depends on some conditions:

  1. Land area and its remoteness from power sources;
  2. What type of bushes prevails in the garden (branch thickness, tree height and total crown girth);
  3. How much work remains to be done;
  4. Frequency of use of the tool;
  5. Who will do the work.

Manual brush cutter

If you plan to cut single bushes once or twice a season, it is quite enough to have scissors in the arsenal. Outwardly, they look like a large secateurs. a 0.25 m long blade and the same size of the handle. Since cutting bushes manually with a brush cutter is a task requiring physical effort, when choosing a model, you need to focus on the convenience of location. Handles should lie comfortably in the palms. In addition, an important characteristic is the ease of compression and expansion of the mechanism.

Important! Best of all, wave-shaped blades cope with branches. They firmly grab the branch, so you do not need to additionally hold the bush with your hands.

Electric brush cutter

Garden shears should be selected based on the following characteristics:

  1. Power. the maximum figure is 0.6 kW, but for high performance and a large amount of work on the site, 0.5 kW is enough;
  2. An effective brushcutter knife has a length of 0.4-0.5 m;
  3. The upper blade is made of self-sharpening material;
  4. The frequency of operation of the blades is an important indicator on which the evenness of the cut depends;
  5. For simple work, you need to take a single-sided blade. When performing curly work. two-way;
  6. The handle configuration greatly affects usability, so it is important that the rubber pads are included.

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The main advantages of an electric tool:

  1. Does not pollute air;
  2. Lightweight and compact device (maximum weight. 4 kg);
  3. High productivity and reduced work time;
  4. An electric telescopic brush cutter is very convenient in trimming hedges;
  5. Models with a large gap between the blades can be used as a trimmer for the lawn;
  6. The average diameter of the cut branches is 2 cm.

The only drawback of this type of brush cutter is its dependence on the power source. The standard length of the wire in the kit is 30 m. If the bushes are located further, care must be taken to carry it. In addition, there is a risk of accidentally cutting the wire during operation.

Cordless brush cutter

A kind of electric type with an autonomous power source. Despite the significant advantage in the form of mobility, such an instrument has a limited charge. Therefore, you will have to constantly adapt to the duration of the recharge. In addition, long-term storage (in winter) significantly reduces the performance (capacity) of the battery, and it begins to discharge even faster. The battery makes the device heavier by 1.5-2 kg.

Note! A cordless brush cutter is best chosen for a large area, but with a small number of shrubs and trees. In this case, it will be easy to move around the territory without reference to electricity, the charge will be enough for a small amount of work. In such a situation, the device will fully justify itself.

Gas brush cutter

The most powerful tool that is used in a professional environment (for cutting bushes in a forested area). A gasoline powered tool needs certain skills to use. To start the engine, you need to mix oil and gasoline.

Cons of this type:

  1. Large mass of the device (more than 5 kg);
  2. Exhaust into the atmosphere;
  3. The high cost of fuel;
  4. High noise level;
  5. The need for ongoing maintenance.

But the power of the gasoline engine is enough to cut thick branches up to 5 cm (for example, arborvitae), as well as rough dead tree trunks. Despite the high power of such a tool, acquiring it for personal use is not practical. This is an option for industrial use.

The best models of brush cutters

  1. Raco 4210 | 53 handheld brush cutter with 51 cm wave-shaped blades. The junction of the knives is regulated by a screw. Ergonomic wooden handles with rubber stop.

Manual brush cutter RACO 4210-53

Stihl FS 560 C-EM petrol brush cutter

Battery-powered brush cutter Makita UH200DWE

Bosch Brush Cutter AHS 45-16

Scissors GARDENA Comfort 600

Use and care

Basic rules for operating the brush cutter:

  1. Before starting work, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the tool. all nuts must be tightened, there should be no visible damage;
  2. Work must be carried out in suitable clothing. The suit should fit snugly to the body, but not constrain movement. Hanging jewelry (chains, bracelets, long earrings) must be removed, braided and removed;
  3. The tool needs to be tightly fixed with a belt, handle, conveniently placed in your hands and held tight, take a stable position;

Work with a brush cutter in gloves

Work with a brush cutter in gloves and goggles

Work with a brush cutter in goggles and gloves

You can sharpen blades at home. To do this, you need a fine-grained emery stone. Having spread the knives on the surface, you can start grinding. Periodically, you need to rinse the crumbs with cold water. When all defects are smoothed out, sharpening can be stopped. If you have the skill to work on the ebony, you can use it.

DIY brush cutter

You can make a brush cutter from a chainsaw type. To do this, you need a saw, M6 hardware (nuts, bolts, washers) and a steel strip of 25 mm. On the chain of the chainsaw you need to attach the knives, which are made of steel strip. To do this, the strip is divided into identical parts, the edges need to be cut off with an angle grinder at an angle of 45 °. From the same strip you need to make a base on which the knives will be attached to the saw blade. It is necessary to make through holes for attaching the tire with knives to the canvas. The knives are welded to the tire, then this design is bolted to the saw.

How to Sharpen a Disk For a Brush Cutter

Interesting. Do-it-yourself brush cutter from a chainsaw is quite simple to do with the necessary tools and materials. The result of the work is very high and does not differ in effectiveness from purchased options.

A brush cutter is a necessary tool for fans of hedges, ornamental shrubs and large gardens. It allows you to bring the crown into perfect shape in a matter of hours, remove protruding branches, arrange a hedge or bush. It is necessary to choose a brush cutter based on the needs, type and number of plantings and the cultivated area.