How to sharpen a saw chain with a file. Files and devices

How to choose the right angle of sharpening of the chain of the chainship for longitudinal and transverse saws in dependence on the material

The need to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw is a prerequisite that is relevant for chainsaws with daily use, for example, on logging, and during periodic use in garden plots and households. Like any process associated with the technique, the sharpening of the chain has a number of nuances, for example, the angle of sharpening, it must be taken into account and selected a certain value for a specific work.

The angle of sharpening the chain is an important characteristic, the performance of the chainsaw mainly depends on the value of which. It also affects the following parameters:

  • The intensity of pressing increases, as the ability of the chain to “enter” the tree without pressing is reduced. This leads to an increase in tension in the human body.
  • Fuel consumption increases.
  • The load on the links of the saw chain increases.
  • Significantly reduced the service life of the chainsaw due to additional efforts to the gearbox and motor.

There are two important rules that relate to the sharpening of chain saws:

  • The higher the performance, the greater the angle.
  • A decrease in the angle of sharpening during the cut of solid wood can be significantly reduced by vibration.

How the Pro’s sharpen a chainsaw

When to work?

With intensive use of the chainsaw, sharpening is carried out quite often, often several times in one day. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the meeting of the chain with the soil significantly accelerates the process. Therefore, the chainsaws should be used in such a way as to exclude the likelihood of contacting the chain and soil. After several contacts, the chips will be very small, and the chain will deepen into the material slightly.When considering such a question, it can be noted: the more often you have to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw, the smaller layer of the metal is removed. Also if you sharpen often, then the service life of the cutting element of the chainsaw is significantly increased. The main condition can be called the correct performance of the work if you do it with your own hands. It is possible to perform the procedure correctly only on condition, if there is a special machine.A sign that the cutting element of a hand chainsaw has dulled can be called a significant supply effort. Correctly conducted sharpening of the circuits determines a significant reduction in the indicator of the supply force, that is, the chainsaws are easy to enter with a slight press. Another sign of the need to sharpen the circuits can be called a very shallow shavings.Carrying out the sharpening of the chainsaw when the signs of considered are required. Sharpening of circuits is carried out in order to reduce the voltage in the body, reduce the cyclic load, fuel consumption. Also, if you do not sharpen the teeth of the chains in time, there is a possibility of increasing wear of all nodes, as a result of this, there is a reduction in the service life of a hand chainsaw.

In order to properly sharpen with your own hands, even if the machine is used, you should know the geometry of the tooth. Its components include:

In this case, the tooth blades consists of the following elements:

It is necessary to sharpen it correctly with your own hands, taking into account the fact that the end and upper blade should be located correctly relative to each other to ensure the best cutting indicators. The back of the tooth forms a certain angle of the upper blade. A similar angle is formed to cut the blades into the material. With your own hands should also be sharpened with the fact that the blade back has a narrowing. This design feature forms the angle of the end blade. It is created to ensure side cutting of chips.

Sliding surface and the end part of the blade forms the front angle. In this case, the angle has a fixed value, it varies from 60 to 85 degrees.If you sharpen the teeth with your own hands, it is worth considering that it is the upper blade that is the main one, and the angle formed by it is the most important angle.Summing up when considering the issue of geometry features, we note that the angle of sharpening may vary depending on the conditions of application. The basic rule that should be observed, if you sharpen the tooth with your own hands, can be attributed to the following: the higher the angle, the greater the performance of the chainsaw, but the reduction in the indicator provides greater smoothness of the stroke of the blades, a decrease in vibration and an increase in the service life. It is worth sharpening taking into account the fact that the indicator should be in the range from 25 to 35 degrees. An exception can be called the option of execution of the blade, which is intended for the longitudinal saw. 10 degrees are maintained by many manufacturers of the cutting element of the chainsaw.

External signs of a dull cutting edge of the tooth of a chainsaw

Sharpening of the chain for longitudinal sawing, as a rule, is carried out exclusively with wear, periodically the procedure is extremely rare. That is why you need to know what signs indicate the need to carry out such a procedure. Among the features of the issue under consideration, we note the following:

  • The tooth of the longitudinal sawing chain of the chainsaw is characterized by a complex configuration, so it simply does not work to determine the defects with visual examination.
  • To check the condition of the teeth, trial sawing is carried out. If a vibration occurs when performing such a work, then this indicates the need to sharpen.
  • You can also determine the condition of the chain for longitudinal sawing with visual inspection of the shavings. Gross chips and dents also indicate the need for service.
  • The force of pressure of the chainsaw is also taken into account when assessing the state of the chain. At first, when sawing, the plate easily enter the material, but with strong wear, even at the beginning, you have to apply force.

During visual examination, roundings and conical areas can also be detected, which indicate the wear of the chain and other defects. However, such a sign can be identified exclusively by a specialist with extensive experience.

Sharping algorithm of the teeth of the chain

To sharpen the electric saw chain with an ordinary file with your own hands, you need to perform a simple methodology.

  • Put on the cutting part on the electric saw in the working position, fix the clip.
  • With slots made in the side walls, the device is put on the tire, thereby setting the angle of sharpening.
  • The file is inserted into special holes so that it tightly adjacent to the hidden edge, which will allow you to properly sharpen the electric saw chain
  • The sharpener makes 1-2 movements in the direction of “from yourself”.
  • The cutting of the cutting element is weakened, it moves along the bus “to itself”, according to the principle “through the tooth”.
  • The file is inserted again into the holes, the movements are repeated in the same amount.

The procedure is repeated until all the teeth of one side are sharpened. Then the device is rearranged on the opposite side, and the technique is repeated for the other side.

The sharpening procedure for the cutting part of the electric saw on the machine at home is not very different from the sharpening methodology with a regular file.

  • The cutting element is fixed in a special guide machine imitating the saw tire.
  • The machine is included in the network and the engine mounted in a movable sharpening carriage begins to rotate.
  • Holding the movable carriage by a special handle, the sharpener lowers the carriage down.
  • The rotating stack of the machine, mounted on the engine shaft, is pressed to the cutting edge, pulling it.
  • The carriage rises up the operator up, the mounting of the cutting element is weakened, it is scrollful in the guide according to the same principle “through the tooth”.

In order to completely sharpen the cutting element of the electric saw with your own hands on the machine, it is necessary, as well as with manual operation, to tighten the entire cutting part with the same number of touches of the disk of the lined edge (1-2 times).

The method of wiping the cutting part of the electric saw by a grinder, popular in our time, is the most dangerous and difficult way. The danger of the method lies not only that the disk of the grinder can burst and, scattering into fragments, injure not only the operator, but also other people nearby. The speed of rotation of the disk of the grinder is very high (up to 10 thousand. About \ min.), so they need to touch the tooth very quickly, literally instantly. The slightest delay will lead to instant tooth overheating, the color of the runner will appear on it, which indicates the “vacation” of steel and its transformation into plasticine. The cutting part will have to be thrown away.

Another “underwater stone” in working with a grinder can be its weight. Professional and semi.Professional tools are very difficult, and it is easy for them to “go further”, damaging the base of the tooth. Then he will quickly break, and he can not only break off the top. He can burst in the middle, thereby breaking away the cutting part. Such a cutting element can be repaired by applying the reprimatum complex, but this is already additional and at all the necessary costs. Therefore, only a specialist who knows how to work with Ushm can properly sharpen the cutting part of the electric saw with a grinder.

Methods of sharpening the chain of the chain

To date, you can highlight several possible ways to sharpen a saw chain:

Next, we will examine in detail each of the proposed methods of returning the chain of the former severity. Important! Regardless of the selected method, do not forget about security measures. For work, be sure to use goggles (or shield) and gloves.


One way to sharpen a saw chain is a grinder

This method is not very approved by professionals, since there is a high risk of damage to both the tool and the one who will be directed directly to the saw. Over, at first glance, many people like this method, but in practice everything is much more complicated than it seems.

  • The chain should remain on the tire.
  • A disk (preferably not new) is attached to the grinder of one and a half to two millimeters.
  • A small barrier should be in front of the chain and tire.
  • The angle when sharpening is the same as described in the first method.
  • After the process, be sure to tighten the chain.

Professionals especially do not recommend this method for beginners, since there is a high risk of inflicting heavy injuries and injuries.

  • Comparative speed compared to a file.
  • Cheapness (too small the opportunity to bring the disk of the grinder to subsequent unsuitability).
  • Practically do not need physical efforts.

Electric machine

Electric machine tools for sharpening

Such machines are equipped with special functions for sharpening at a certain angle. Thanks to the machine, a guarantee appears that the disk to the chain will be summed up with maximum accuracy and accuracy. There are also machines with a special grip for closing a chain. This method is as suitable for beginners, since convenience and safety are guaranteed. The cost of such a machine directly depends on its functionality.

sharpen, chain, file, files

Manual machine

In appearance, a hand.Drive machine resembles a beam saw. Unless in the place where the canvas of such a saw was located, there is a file. Such a machine makes it possible to sharpen and fit the teeth of a chainsaw to the right size. A mechanism is built into the machine, thanks to which you can build the desired size.

During the process, you need only two or three movements, after which you can proceed to the next tooth. The same machine can be sharpened and limiter. The difference is only in the file itself, or rather, in its form. Since a round file is needed when the teeth is needed, and when sharpening the limiter, a flat.

Manual drive machines

  • Before starting sharpening in any way, you need to turn on the saw for about a minute. This is done so that the lubricant gets into each part.
  • Mandatory from time to time to tighten the chain and never postpone this business for later.
  • Observe the chain tension during operation. If you find problems, you should immediately fix them. Poorly stretched chain is a traumatic object.

The most common methods of sharpening the chainsaws are described above. Your method should be chosen based on skills, knowledge of safety rules and experience with tools.

How to understand that it’s time to hide a chainsaw?

There are several ways to understand that the main element of the chainsaw is time to sharpen, namely:

  • You make more efforts to work with a saw;
  • Sagging of the chain is observed;
  • There is a vibration during the cut;
  • The cut is torn.

Chainsaw sharpening school.Your saw will cut faster after this video

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening With a File Holder.

If in the process of carrying out any actions with the tool you observe at least one of these reasons, then you need to give the chainsaw for sharpening, or sharpen the chain on the chainsaw with your own hands. Those who are engaged in a roll of forest or actively work with wood, often have to sharpen the chainsaw. In some cases, the saw needs to be sharpened several times during the day.

The shape of the teeth

The sharpening process begins with determining the principle of operation of cutting teeth. The cutting part of the teeth directly cuts a layer of wood as a rubble, and the cut depth is controlled by the limiter located above.

sharpen, chain, file, files

Hand tools (files and templates) are usually used for sharpening, but you can process the chain on the machine.

The element should be tightened only at a certain angle, this directly affects the performance of the chainsaw.

For an effective cut of blades, bent at a certain angle. The back of the back of the teeth creates the rear angle and provides light cut into the wood.

A blade located behind, is needed for side cutting of wood fibers. Therefore, it is hidden at an angle.

sharpen, chain, file, files

The edge of the upper blade should create the front angle from 60 to 85 degrees relative to the lower part of the tooth.

The upper blade can have a tilt of 50-60 degrees, depending on the type of saw.

The angle of sharpening can depend on the type of chainsaw work. For an effective cut of very dense frozen wood, a sharp angle is required (but not less than 25 degrees!), for soft wood, this parameter must be increased. In addition to the quick sawing, this solution allows you to reduce vibration during operation and contributes to a smoother chain.

The distance between the emphasis and the upper edge should be in the range from 0.5 to 0.8 mm. An increase in this distance as a result of excessive overwhelming leads to a decrease in the cut rate, excessive vibration and increasing the risk of recoil when sawing. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly sharpen a chainsaw, so that sawing is as easy and productive as possible, and the chain serves properly and for a long time.

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