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CS: GO-2, 1 mowering device and adjustments

The braid is used to mow natural and seeded herbs.

Brief technical characteristics.

Performance for 1 hour of the main work. 1.25. 2.3 hectares. Capture width. 2.1 m. Working speeds. 6. 12 km/h. The average cut height is 60 mm (natural herbs) and 80 mm (seeded herbs). Finger step. 76.2 mm. Eccentricity of the curvature mechanism. 32 mm. Aggregate with tractors, the traction class is 0.6; 0.9; 1.4. Mass. 225 kg.

General device.

The braid consists of a frame, a cutting device, a traction bar, a connecting rod and a drive with a mechanism for lifting a cutting device. The technological process of work. when the mowing is moved, the grass is cut off by the cutting apparatus and is laid on the ground in the bums.

Frame of the mowing

Traction bar

Rice 2. Traction rod with a shoe joint and a tilt device.

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Cutting device (Fig. 3)

Rice 3. Cutting apparatus with a cut on the finger.

The position of the fingers on the finger beam. the contradicting plate of the fingers should be located in the same plane to facilitate the installation of the required clearance in the cutting pairs.

Achieve a fingertips with a finger or setting adjusting gaskets between the fingers and the finger beam.

The distance between the fingers should be constant and equal to 76.2 mm. Permissible deviation of 3 mm.

The gap between the stops (shoulders) of the fingers. the gap should not exceed 0.3 mm. With a larger gap, the fastening of the fingers on the finger beam is weakened, which leads to an increase in the gaps between segments and fingers, as a result of which the quality of the cut of grass worsens. This can also cause a breakdown of a knife or finger. Eliminate the cutting of fingers without heating.

The position of the segments on the back of the knife. segments should be located in one plane. The permissible deviation at the vertices of the segments should not exceed 0.3 mm. Adjustment is achieved by the knife back, segments.

The position of the segments of the knife relative to the fingers. the gap between the cutting edges of the segments and fingers should be at the vertices of segments 0. 0.3 mm, and at the base of their 0.3. 1.0 mm.

With small gaps, premature wear of the segments and contradictory fingertips occurs, the resistance to the movement of the knife in the finger beam increases, which in turn leads to a breakdown of parts of the cutting apparatus and the mechanism of its drive.


The model of a single-block KSF 2.1-b mitch consists of such main components as:

  • a metal frame, on which all other elements of the equipment are mounted and the mounting of the hitch to the power unit;
  • traction bar, connecting the cutting elements with a mowing frame;
  • working node with cutting elements (fingers);
  • a connecting rod connecting the cutting elements to the drive mechanism;
  • The unit drive consists of an exentric pulley, boxes, wedge belts and cardan gear.

When operating the unit, a canvas with cutting elements is brought into the progressive-offset movement of a parallel processed surface. The stalks of plants are pressed by moving blades to the motionless elements of the canvas and cut off, laying into the roll.

  • – head of the cutting element; 2 guide heads; 3 cover of the head of the cutting element; four internal shoe; 5 a divert rod; 6 external shoe; 7 field board; eight finger; 9 finger liner; ten segment of the cutting element; eleven press the cutting element; 12 the back of the knife; 13 friction plate.

Principle of operation

The rotary mower for a mini.tractor is the best solution for caring for a large territory, which is confirmed by years of practice and comparison with other similar designs. It is very easy to operate, does not require special efforts to care and maintenance, which is due to a fairly simple design of the unit.

The main principle of the rotor mowing is based on a design, which contains a disk with knives rotating and cutting off the grass surface. As we see, the design is extremely simple, which significantly facilitates the repair of the failed spare parts.

Features of work

In addition, with a serious approach and the necessary knowledge, you can make a home.made rotary mower for a mini.tractor, without spending a lot of money and effort on it.

Rotor mower for a motor

This is the most common type of mowal, which not only enjoys great success in the market, but also actively manufactured by many craftsmen. The success of such equipment lies in the reliability and simplicity of the design, as well as in high performance.

The principle of operation of such a device is very simple: several discs are attached on a metal beam (frame). Several knives (2. 8) from hardened steel are installed on the joints on the disks. When the disks rotates, the knives unfold and cut the grass. Thanks to such a simple mechanism, a rotary mower in the event of a breakdown can be fixed on your own.

Today, such mowers are sold together with the grass collector. This makes additional amenities when working with such equipment. You can also make a rotary mower with your own hands, but we will talk about this a little later.

Rotary mowers are single.rope and two.rope. The former coordinate the doused grass relative to the equipment in one direction, and the latter. in the center between the rotors.

Such braids are designed for motorists with a capacity of 10. 25 liters.With. Models of such technology are distinguished according to mobility, functionality, strength and performance. Among the half-wainted rotary braids are popularity AGROSERVICE SB-1200. Among the budget hinged mowers for a mini.vector and at the same time, DM 135 is high.quality.

Trailed rotor braids are distinguished by their safety and require less power from a mini.tractor. Basically, all work comes from the thrust of the wheels. The fastening of such equipment can be both from behind and in front with the help of Voma.

  • Bolt M8-6GX16.58.016
  • Washer 8 65g 016
  • Right skis
  • Transmission case
  • Bolt M8-6GX20.58.016
  • The transmission is lateral
  • A-950-II belt
  • Shplint 2.5×25.005
  • Haye M10-7N.5.019
  • Pulley
  • Stretching device
  • The transmission is upper
  • pad
  • The corps of the angular gearbox
  • The transmission is the main thing
  • Washer
  • A disk with knives
  • The puck is protective
  • The transmission is left
  • Left ski
  • Reducer case
  • The transmission is average
  • Casing

What does the electric municipal mower consist of

Of course, the most important part of it, including a home.made electric gas mowing, is the motor. Engines are able to convert energy into mechanical any other type.

They are divided into primary, which convert energy resources into mechanical energy, and secondary, transforming energy that is produced by other sources:

  • chemical energy of fuel. an internal combustion engine;
  • Fuel, t.e. with fuel combustion. a piston motor;
  • a compressed air mixture in cylinders. gasoline;
  • working due to ignition of fuel under pressure is diesel, which differs with cheapness and the possibility of prolonged operation;
  • gas, functioning due to heat supply (with a constant volume);
  • electric.

When choosing a motor, you need to know that the quality of the haircut directly depends on the number of engine speeds: the greater this value, the higher the quality. That is, it depends on the linear speed, which is directly dependent on the speed of the incisors: the higher it, the greater the capture.

From practice, it is known that the optimal option is the homemade electrical design with the following characteristics:

  • motor power 1 kW;
  • The number of revolutions is 1.5 thousand rpm;
  • Capture. 50 cm. Weeds will mow and less powerful engine. 500 kW (1500 rpm). But to do it will be worse. At the same time, in low.power engines, knives dull faster.

The electric mower has a comfortable control handle and knives. Since the power of a home.made structure comes from the network, a long cord is needed. It was convenient to work, you can’t do without wheels, which are attached to the lower part of the frame, which holds all the details together.

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For convenience, a protective casing is used.

How to make a rotary mower with your own hands

The rotary mower is selected taking into account the characteristics of the cultivated land. Models for a walk.behind tractor and mini.tractor are distinguished by transportation methods, dimensions, functionality. Any rotary lawn mower is designed for mowing grass.

Technical characteristics of the rotary mowing

Specialists classify the considered units for the following types:

  • devices that mow and put grass in creams;
  • devices that mow and put grass in the rolls;
  • Rotor mowers on a single tractor that mow and crushed grass.

Some models immerse, flatten the grass, simultaneously mowing and laying in the worship. Taking into account the installation method, experts highlight devices such as a trailer, and a rotary hinged mower.

The device in question consists of the rear, front and side cutting systems. Devices with 1.2.3 or 5 bars are installed on the tractor. The rotary braid for the grass is launched under the action of the shaft or wheel of a tractor.

mower, rotary, price, mowers

In the photo rotor mower on a mini.tractor

The units in question are installed on a tractor and a single tractor in a horizontal position. Knife and connecting rod should move in one plane. To work on a small plot of land, a Polish mower is used for a tractor. The front.mounted hinged model divides the land into corrals.

How to change knives on a rotary mower

The issue is solved simply, cheap, excellent and non.hazardous. The fastener node is not overloaded with an excess weight of the knife, and the position of the cutting teeth of the knife of the aggressive, which is rotated, cuts the grass. Who will repeat this option, I think is very pleased. I will add that our client remains similar in shape and weight, cut the blanks in a pile and leaving them into the plane along the cutting edge we tighten the bolt and nut. After that, we align the melodious edges on the sharpener, a grinder or a corner grinder.

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Rotor mower dawn replacing knives

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Factory knives dismantling. Produced knives of parts.

How to make knives for a rotary mower

Homemade rotary mower from the rear axle: specifics of work

Work on its own land is a rather difficult occupation. In order to facilitate the whole process, special labor devices were invented, which over time evolved and automated.

However, in addition to large.scale production units, there is a need for individual means of cultivation of land, which will differ in mobility, efficiency, environmental friendliness, etc.D. And at the same time, without fail, the whole agricultural vehicle should cope with maximum efficiency with the task set before it, whether it be a single tractor or mower, which will be discussed today.

DIY device manufacturing

It is not difficult to build both rotary and segmented mowers with your own hands. Experts do not advise collecting a bulky frontal structure. it requires extensive knowledge in mechanics and the presence of a large number of articulated parts and mechanisms.

It is much easier to build small devices of simple configuration, but according to the rotary or segmental principle. To create such structures, special equipment and mechanisms will not be required.

Creation of a rotary unit

The manufacture of any mechanism begins with the drawing. If there is no specialized knowledge, draw it yourself, you will have to study the finished.

Drawings should contain not only the appearance of the details, but also their dimensions, methods of attachment to each other. instructions for the construction of a rotary mower:

  • Choose the details of the mechanism. Disks will be required (2 pcs.). are taken from any other faulty or obsolete mechanism; Reducer chain. remove from the chainsaw; gearbox; knives (1 disk 4 pcs. x 65 gr.). hardened steel.
  • The axis is taken from carbon steel (size 1 cm in diameter).
  • Holes are drilled on the disks with a drill (4 pcs.), in them, with the help of Shinka and Soshnik, knives are fixed. Between the blade and the tire leave the space 2 mm more than the thickness of the blade. Knives have a rotation angle of 360 °.
  • The frame is welded independently according to the drawing.
  • Casts with knives are fixed on the frame and connected to the motor lock drive. To do this, use gears with a checkpoint from a vase.
  • A protective element is installed on the electric drive.
  • They conduct a check. discs with knives should rotate to each other, so plants will be fitted into even rows.

The construction collected according to this instruction rarely needs to be repaired or any additional maintenance.

Production of a segment mowing

The segment hinged structure is made and assembled independently quite simply. The following details and tools are taken for her:

  • Holes (12 pcs were drunk in metal bars.), size for bolts m 8.
  • Brows with teeth and knives are attached to the guide axis (89 cm).
  • Regulations and presses are installed from both ends of the axis.
  • The wheel is fixed from below (suitable from the stroller).
  • The mechanism is connected to the walk.behind tractor.

An important point. the resulting design must be checked and, if necessary, the center of gravity is verified. If it is shifted, then weighting fleshs are fixed to the other end.

Both rotary and segmented mechanisms assembled and connected independently are well suited for the following models of motoblocks equipped with a mole, cascade, MTZ, dawn, Neva, salute, centaur, MB. 1 and 2, bison, Urals and others.

Instructions for installing the performed mechanism on a single tractor

It is not enough just to build a device. It is important to connect it correctly and connect to the walk.behind tractor. Perform these actions in the following order:

  • The same.based tractor is switched to a reverse mode, they are packed in a casing for safety. Shkvoren, designed to lock the node for connection, must be equipped with a spring.
  • Fix the tension device (belt) from the designed design.
  • The pulley located on the mower is put on the upper friction. It is important to make sure that the front of the front part is directed to the stretch device flange.
  • All available parts fasten the screw.
  • Fix the mower, putting on a stretch belt. Fix it with pins.
  • Fixed to the one.axle tractor apron. He will not let the grass get to the owner.

It is important to accurately adjust the tensioner. Do this, turning the handle in the direction of motobo block movement.

Additional recommendations

There are generally recognized safety recommendations that they are not advised even to specialists:

  • Working with a haymaking (homemade or factory), it is required to regularly take breaks for a technical examination of the mechanism. Particular attention is required by fasteners and a stretch belt.
  • If there is a need to replace a part or fully design, the entire mechanism should be de.energized.
  • When working, put on special clothes and protective glasses.
  • If the front or lateral mower works, it is bypassed only from behind.
  • Do not increase speed, it will affect the quality.
  • The cutting elements are not touched even in the off state, only to the de.energized mechanism.

The last step will be checking the mowing in a small territory and the smallest revolutions, turning on the clutch clutch. All goods are removed before work, so the engine performance increases, it does not overheat.

With independent assembly of the design, the main thing is to comply with safety measures. All details are securely fixed, t. to. mower. a means of increased danger. Therefore, if control skills with mechanisms are not enough, it is more reliable to purchase ready.made attachments.

How to make a mower for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands. manufacturing options

Almost each of the listed types of mowers for the motor block available on the household is quite easy to make on your own. The only thing is that the problems can arise during the assembly of frontal equipment, since it is quite bulky, and requires the acquisition of many articulated mechanisms.

The greatest popularity among farmers-enthusiasts is rotary and segment devices for motoblocks. They have a simple design, and for their manufacture it is not necessary to have specialized equipment in stock.

Rotary mower. how to do it with your own hands?

This type of common attachment equipment will be as effective as possible on any site. If low grass sprouted on it, then the device will simply grind it, and if the weeds are quite high, then the mower will download them.

For the manufacture of a rotary mower, you must definitely study drawings. They should indicate the dimensions of each part details and methods of their fastening.

The further procedure for assembly is as follows:

  • First you need to find 2 disks. they can be taken from the grain seeder or any other equipment available in the farm. Also, a gearbox and a chain from a chainsaw will be required to work;
  • To make the axis on which the knives will be mounted, you should use a pipe made of carbon steel, with a diameter along the entire length of about 1 cm. In order for the knives to rotate freely, the axis is tightened by the disk to the stop;
  • The previously manufactured disks will need to be fixed on the welded frame and connect it to the drive provided in the design of the powerage power shaft. Make sure that when rotating, the disks will rotate towards each other. in this way they will put the mowed grass in neat rows.

A homemade rotary mower made in this way will quickly get rid of weeds and bushes of any height and thickness. The collected equipment does not need frequent repair and special maintenance.

mower, rotary, price, mowers

Tractor braids. design and principle of action

A braid is a type of attachment designed to mow weeds and bushes of grown tuber cultures immediately before assembling them. The practical use of a mower for a walk.behind tractor allows you to get rid of excess vegetation of almost any height and thickness, saving, while the time and strength of the farmer.

The rotary mower to the walk.behind tractor is a type of attachment equipment, the function of which is to mow weeds and bushes in meadows and fields. This device successfully copes with the removal of grass in large areas, the soil of which is not treated with herbicides.

Often, the rotary mower is also called disk. this is due to the principle of its operation and constructive features. Depending on the method of connection with the walk.behind tractor, such a mower can be half.waist, hinged or trailed. Also hinged equipment of this type is classified by the location of the cutting elements in relation to the used motoblock. Therefore, the factors distinguish rotary mowers with the front, rear and lateral arrangement of cutting knives.

During operation on the site, the rotary mower is set in motion through the transmission and wheel of a motor block. The design of such attached equipment is extremely simple. one or more cutting discs along with the support wheel are fixed on the frame. As soon as the support wheel begins to move, the discs that make the mowing of vegetation begin to rotate with it.

Areas the use of rotary mowing is quite extensive. it can be used in pastures, meadows and large gardens. At the same time, the more discs are included in the design of the equipment, the greater the processed area can be.

Segment mower for a walk.behind tractor. area of ​​application

Segmented mower on a single tractor is one of the simplest equipment options. Its design consists of a frame on which 2 bars are installed. The cutting elements are placed between them. In the process of performing progressive movements directly from the drive of the used motoblock, the cutting elements of the mowing begin to move like scissors, thus cutting the grass. At the same time, one of the segments is constantly moving to the right and left, and the second is in a stationary state. When the grass gets between the fingers of the braid, its stems are quickly and evenly cut off. This kind of design allows a segment mower to work successfully in areas with a complex relief.

The entire device is held on the support wheels, and can be attached to the front or rear of the walk.behind tractor. On the edges of the structure are slide, designed to adjust the height of the mowing of vegetation.

The segment mower does not differ in modest dimensions, which does not allow you to effectively use it in areas with a large territory. Nevertheless, the adaptation of this type successfully copes with the mowing of weeds with high and thick stems, which allows you to use it for mowing dry grass. Thanks to this, the segmented haying carpet for a walk.behind tractor is quite high in demand among farmers who own cattle.

The main advantages of the segmented mower are ease of operation, the lack of the need for frequent repair, as well as a low cost. Among the minuses of the equipment, low performance and low efficiency in areas with low grass are highlighted.

Principle of operation

First of all, it is worth noting that this kind of mechanism is intended for work, which are performed in meadows and fields, namely, relating to the mowing. over, these can be not only cultures that are grown in the agricultural area, but the device is also quite easily and simply capable of cope with weeds, which in fact also overwhelm our fields.

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Using a detailed repair instructions, Khuskvarna 137, you easily eliminate the malfunctions in the work of the saw.

There are a huge number of nozzles for a chainsaw, here // MachinSpec.COM/Lesozagotovitelnaya/Benzopila/Nasadki.html you will find the one that is suitable for your work.

On this site you will find an introductory video about the Stihl 180 chainsaw, which will tell you about the proper operation of the tool.

It is precisely this kind of activity that is the main direction of the functionality of a rotary mowel, which are peculiar trailers to the tractor that moves them.

It is worth noting that this mower has three types of peculiar accession to transport, namely: a hinged, trailed and semi.wainted way.

Features of work

over, this cutting device has the possibility of a kind of separation, which consists in the fact that the tool can be installed as from the side of the braid, in the front, as well as in the rear area of ​​the device.

As for the start of the operation of the mowing of this kind of direction, it actually can be carried out both from the transmission of the tractor itself and by moving the wheels of this vehicle. On the frame made of metal, the support wheel is attached, it is it that has an element with the cutting.

Actually producing its movement, it, let’s say, provokes a cutting system to move, it is thanks to this kind of process that the mowing itself is produced.

over, this kind of mitch can have the presence of three peculiar knives. In fact, their number directly depends on the model of the device itself.

Assembly scheme

It is worth noting that such a number of these elements is the most optimal and effective, as the productivity level of the tool itself increases. And in general, rotary mowers have quite significant indicators relatively safe and quality.

mower, rotary, price, mowers

DIY shift

Typically, an incentive for choosing the type of homemade dumplings on a tractor, in addition to the tractor itself, is the presence of a ready.made workable drive (hydraulic cylinder, rack transmission, gearbox), but if there is no one, the most rational solution would be to make a cheeky car of a screw. A screw cone with two.mounted stubborn thread allows you to prick the chocks of any diameter with almost effort, since it itself is baked into wood and split it along the fibers. Having a ready.made cone in stock, it remains only to think through the design, the way to conjure it with VOM and embody the invented in iron.

This will be the most budget option, because the cost of the screw cone itself is small. You can buy a screw shift-glass made on high-precision Japanese equipment at the price of the manufacturer in the online store, by the way, here on the site you can purchase a ready.made solution in the form of a kit for a tractor.


Safety safety precautions for a homemade rotary mowing

In this article you had the opportunity to find out how you can make a rotary mower with your own hands. In fact, as you have seen yourself, there is nothing particularly complicated in this process, therefore, even a professional can easily cope with this kind of manipulation. However, if you do not want to take risks and start with a small one, we bring to your attention a manual gasoline mower for the grass.

The most important thing in the manufacture of a rotary mower is that you are extremely carefully repelled from our advice on both regarding manufacture and safety.

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