How To Start A Chainsaw Ural

How to start a chain saw of different brands

For information on how to start a chainsaw, you must carefully read the instruction manual. In it, the manufacturer describes the sequence of actions typical for a particular model of a chainsaw, be it Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner, Ural, Druzhba.

How To Start A Chainsaw Ural

How to start a chainsaw correctly: instructions

Consider the main steps that must be followed in order to properly start the Stihl chainsaw.

  • Before starting, the chain brake must be applied. It is activated by pressing it forward (as shown in the photo).
  • Remove the protective cover from the tire.
  • If the model has a decompression valve, it should be brought to the on position, which will make it easier to wind the instrument motor.
  • Press down on the fuel pump to reduce the number of pumpings and facilitate starting.
  • The combo arm must be in cold start mode. To do this, lock the gas lever, and push the combined lever down to the stop.
  • Ensure a level surface before starting the system. In this case, the cutting part must be at a distance from the ground, otherwise it will become dull when starting.
  • Take the tool with both hands while keeping it on the ground. The left hand should be on the handle of the chainsaw, and the right hand should be at the starter rope. Use your right foot to secure the tool by stepping on the rear handle.
  • Pull the starter rope gently with your right hand until you feel strong resistance. Using force, pull the starter rope several times, briefly starting the engine. In this case, in order to avoid abrasion, it is recommended to pull the cable upward from the body.
  • After a short start, the engine stalls. Now move the combo lever up one click. The lever should take the half-throttle position.
  • Pull the starter rope again to start the chainsaw engine.
  • With the engine running with a short finger press, activate the throttle lever. The combination lever will automatically be set to idle.
  • Without touching the throttle lever, move the chainsaw.
  • Pull the handle toward you and release the chain brake. The position of the left hand remains unchanged, the hand is on the handle. The chain will be unlocked after a corresponding click.

You can see a detailed description of how to start the chainsaw correctly. Using this detailed instruction, you can learn how to start a chainsaw.

What to do if your chainsaw won’t start?

But what to do in the event that all the steps specified in the operating instructions are followed, and the chainsaw still does not start? Regardless of the manufacturer of the chainsaw. Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner, Ural, Druzhba. a number of general measures for the tool factory can be distinguished.

The following are practical tips from professionals that have been tried and tested and proven to be effective:

  • Don’t be nervous, don’t try to adjust the carburetor of your chainsaw.
  • Set the instrument aside and let it rest. The reason may simply be that the candles are flooded. Let them dry.
  • Take the instruction manual. Try to start the saw again. The saw brake does not need to be engaged.
  • If that doesn’t work, try removing the cover from the chainsaw body and removing the air filter. This way you can check the cleanliness of the filter and at the same time facilitate the start-up process.
  • Replace candles. If it is not possible to install new candles, you can use the old ones, having previously removed and ignited them.
  • In the event that an extraneous pungent smell appears, it means that excess fuel has got into the engine of the chainsaw. To correct this situation, it is necessary to remove the candle and, turning the saw upside down, drain the excess. Without returning the saw to its normal position, pull the starter sharply several times. This will ensure that the combustion products leave the chamber. The candle must be wiped dry and ignited, and then screwed in and started again without installing the filter.
  • It is necessary to check the piston surface for the presence of fuel in it. If you unscrew the candle and notice through the hole that it is dry inside, you need to inject some fuel into the chamber with a syringe. The cause of problems in this case can be a blockage that interferes with the supply of fuel to the engine. If the engine can be started with a small amount of fuel, then the thrust will eliminate the blockage and the problem will be solved.
  • The last two actions can be performed only if there is a dry candle.
  • Check the starter for good condition. It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter.
  • Check ignition unit for spark.
  • Try to carefully remove the tool muffler and start it without it.
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Each saw has its own plant characteristics. How to start a Husqvarna chainsaw, you can look at. Follow the instructions carefully and the saw will serve you for a long time.

Reasons for a failed launch

To search for failures typical of internal combustion engines, there are developed algorithms that help to detect and eliminate a malfunction with a small investment of working time.

In a simpler version, this is an excess of fuel in the combustion chamber that makes it difficult to ignite the mixture, an unregulated gap in the spark plug, air leakage in the fuel supply system.

Disconnection of the carburetor flap control drive, contamination of the nozzles and the presence of water condensate in the float chamber is also not excluded.

Fuel system tuning

The factory adjustment of the carburetor is carried out according to the average parameters, therefore the necessary adjustments to the operation of the fuel system are made during the operation of the chainsaw.

The sequence of self-tuning the fuel system by the owner himself is given in the instructions. To bring the engine to the optimal thrust and economy of fuel consumption, it is advisable to perform the adjustment using special equipment, which is equipped with service and repair services.

A running engine is checked for interruptions in the ignition system, extraneous noise, crankcase overheating and other shortcomings. Full lapping of the loaded parts and assemblies of the new chainsaw is carried out in operating mode with moderate loads. With short breaks for engine cooling, you can cut wood with a diameter of 100-150 mm.

How to start a chainsaw: tips and tricks

Novice sawers who do not have the skills to work with chainsaw equipment have to develop their own maintenance skills. How to prepare the fuel mixture and how to start the chainsaw is described in detail in the instructions attached to the tool.

At the initial stage of preparation for the first start-up, the new chainsaw is freed of preservative grease, after which you should make sure that it is complete, securely tightened the threaded fasteners, especially in the area where the headset is attached, and the saw chain is correctly tensioned.

Engine oil selection criteria

A full-fledged alternative to the recommended branded oils can be products from leading manufacturers that are similar in performance. As a result of natural selection, Stihl and Husqvarna motor oils and chain oils have been leading in unofficial consumer ratings for many years.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use cheap analogues of unknown origin for the preparation of a combustible mixture for a chainsaw, as well as motor oils for mopeds and outboard motors.
  • In order to avoid the risks of acquiring a cheaper, but low-quality counterfeit, it is recommended to buy consumables from branded and licensed trade enterprises.

The working mixture is prepared in a small amount, sufficient to perform a one-time job. For long-term use, more than one month, the combustible composition is not calculated due to significant deterioration in performance.

The mixture is poured through a fine-mesh filter or suede into a gas tank, from which a gas line is fed to the carburetor inlet.

Features of the first and subsequent launches

Learning how to start a chainsaw correctly is, in principle, not difficult. The necessary skills are acquired directly during operation.

The chainsaw is started with a recoil starter, in most modern models combined with an inertial or spring system for easy starting. A properly adjusted mechanism reduces the force required to start the engine by almost half.

Since it is impossible to start the chainsaw without a starter, in order to extend its resource, it is necessary to develop a smooth, with a slight acceleration of the cord pull, which does not create large loads on the design of the starting device.

  • For the first start, the tool, fueled with fuel and chain oil, must be placed on a level surface, unlocked the accident prevention system and the emergency stop brake of the saw headset. If primer is present, fuel should be pumped into the carburetor.
  • To start the engine, set the throttle trigger to low speed and, holding the tool by the handle, pull the starter handle. Starting a chainsaw for the first time, as they say, with a half-turn, most likely will not work. Even a completely serviceable and adjusted tool “grasps” from 3-4 attempts.
  • At idle, the piston group and the connecting rod-crank assembly operate under oil starvation conditions, so the idling time must be limited to a minimum.

Launch of Chinese-made chainsaws

A significant part of the Chinese chainsaw tools are copies of well-known European brands, while they are not always successful. In order to start a Chinese chainsaw, special skills are not required.

A feature of working with Chinese chainsaws is the recommendation for the use of branded motor and chain oils. Leading Chinese manufacturers have developed a wide range of specialty additives that have a positive effect on the performance and durability of Chinese domestic and professional chainsaws.

"Profi" UBP-4500

Industrial grade chain saw. Forces of 5.1 hp Enough for all woodworking.

  • Gasoline tank. 0.55 l;
  • Carter. 0.25 L;
  • Tire. 45 cm;
  • Weight. 7.8 kg.

Advantages of Ural gasoline chain saws

Chainsaws "Ural". receivers of another famous brand "Druzhba", which are considered its improved counterparts. Compared to Druzhba chainsaws, they have:

  • High power;
  • Gearbox equipment;
  • Removable tank for chain lubrication. crankcase;
  • Improved cylinder and starter;
  • Easily removable saw blade;
  • Upper handle composition;
  • Hydraulic wedge added to the construction.
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How to properly run in a new Ural chainsaw?

  • The proportion for the break-in mixture is 15: 1, i.E. The amount of lubricant increases;
  • The first 25 hours of running-in should start with idle speed, which is gradually replaced by minimum and average working speed;
  • This process ends after the consumption of 4 full gas tanks of the fuel mixture.

For successful operation, it is necessary to adjust the tool. adjust the idle speed and the ignition system so that it gives out the power put into it, works economically and breaks less often.

Use, maintenance and repair of Ural chainsaws: expert advice

It is advisable to begin acquaintance with such a technique with the instruction manual. Covers such issues:

  • The internal structure of chainsaws;
  • Nuances of refueling;
  • Running-in and engine starting rules;
  • Preparing the device for sawing;
  • Care and storage;
  • Safety standards.

Let us dwell on some of them, which can be encountered in the process of using Ural chainsaws.

Chainsaw "Ural" 2t Electron

Gasoline hand tools designed specifically for tough working conditions and advanced tasks.

The device of the Ural 2t Electron chainsaw is quite simple. The main working details are:

  • Engine;
  • Starter;
  • Reducer;
  • Switch;
  • Cutting headset;
  • Gas tank.

There is also a steering wheel and an element on which the structure can be supported.

Technical features of the chainsaw "Ural" 2t Electron

  • 2-stroke engine that consumes 632 ml of fuel per hour of operation;
  • High power. 3.68 kW;
  • 46 cm tire with removable chain;
  • Heavy weight. 11.7 kg.

Chainsaws "Ural": malfunctions and repairs

Any tool breaks. And that’s a fact. As practice shows, foreign modern chainsaws suffer from breakdowns at least as often as domestic gas powered tools.

Among the typical breakdowns of Ural chainsaws, malfunctions with motors are most common. They may not turn on, keep idling poorly, stall under load, or not turn off at all.

There may be several explanations that the Ural chainsaw will not start:

  • Lack of fuel, poor quality or improper cooking ratio;
  • Malfunctions with the fuel system: once the gas tank or fuel supply pipes are sealed, which, in addition to everything else, are littered;
  • Faulty spark plug or flywheel. as a result, there is no spark required to ignite the fuel;
  • A dirty air filter, through which air does not pass, which means oxygen to start the combustion process;

If the chain saw starts and stalls, the cause should be looked for in the carburetor. It is necessary to adjust its jets so that fuel and oxygen are supplied according to the load that is expected of it.

The situation when the engine heats up and stalls is also familiar to many users of the Ural gasoline-powered tool. Replacing the spark plug, oil, cleaning the air filter or replacing the piston will help fix it.

A serviceable motor should run smoothly without jerking. The ringing knock of the engine on idle Ural chainsaws is a reason to pay attention to the cylinder. It could be damaged and need to be replaced.

How to start a chainsaw

With the development of gasoline-powered tools, a chain saw with a gasoline internal combustion engine (ICE) appeared in almost everyone who lives in rural areas or has a summer cottage. Household models, semi-professional-grade tools and professional units start up about the same. But not everyone knows how to start a chainsaw correctly. We will try to understand this issue and figure out how to start a chainsaw.

The answer to the popular question about starting a chainsaw

On the Internet, you can often find questions about how you can start a chainsaw without the help of a starter. The answer is simple. it is impossible in principle to start a chainsaw without a starter. Manufacturers do not provide for any alternative starting methods, since even if you remove it and start the saw in some way, it will be impossible for it to work, due to violations in the cooling system. A volute is installed in it, which transfers the flow of cold air from the flywheel impeller to the cylinder.

If you remove it, the engine will overheat and most likely jam.

Purge after algorithm violation

If you did not manage to start the chainsaw the first time, do not worry, it happens, most likely the problem lies in the excess fuel in the cylinder. It is necessary to carry out preparatory operations, namely, remove fuel from the cylinder, and try to start again.

To eliminate the problem, you will have to unscrew the spark plug and blow out the cylinder. To do this, it will be necessary to turn the tool with the candle hole down, turn off the ignition button and make several movements with the starter in this position. Due to the compression, the engine will squeeze out excess fuel, after which you can try to start the saw with a fully open choke.

How to hold a chainsaw

To carry out the correct start of the chainsaw, an important point is how the saw is located at this moment, more precisely, how the operator holds it. There are two options for correctly holding the saw at the moment of starting.

The first option: the saw is placed on a level surface, the operator’s left hand is straight and holds the saw by the upper handle, the right foot is placed on the right-hand guard and presses the saw to the ground.

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In this position, it is most convenient for the operator to launch the tool, because the right hand is free and the tool is securely fixed.

Option two: The operator stands, the left hand holds the upper handle of the saw, while the operator squeezes the rear handle between his legs.

This position allows you to easily start a low-power saw, and at the same time reliably fix it, preventing yourself from accidents.

You can see how to start a chainsaw and visually study the startup actions below. The specialist of the Stihl company talks about how to work the tool correctly, and how to start it on the example of the Stihl MS 211 chainsaw is very informative and contains reliable information from the manufacturer.

Chainsaw start algorithm

In order to start the chainsaw, several processes must occur simultaneously. This is the supply of the fuel mixture under the engine piston, its maximum compression and the supply at this moment of the spark for ignition and start.

All these processes occur at the moment when we pull the starter handle. If you have a new chainsaw, then do not forget that it must be run in.

But not everything is as simple as it seems, the fuel for starting in cold and hot engine modes must differ in the quality of the air mixture. For example, a hot internal combustion engine can start with a normal air level, at which it works stably and keeps idling speed confidently. The same amount of air will be too much to start a cold engine, and before starting the chainsaw, you will have to pull the starter 10 times, or maybe more. How to solve this problem?

To reduce the amount of air and increase the fuel supply, the manufacturers of chainsaws installed a special damper in the carburetor, which is responsible precisely for the process of adjusting the amount of air at the time of starting the internal combustion engine.

It turns out to start the saw engine several times faster, which increases the operating time of the starter and the entire saw as a whole.

So how do you start the saw correctly? The startup algorithm is as follows:

  • Close the air damper completely. To do this, in all chainsaws, a special lever is installed, pulling which closes.
  • Using a primer, pump fuel into the carburetor. This is necessary so that the internal combustion engine does not require several working cycles to fill the carburetor.
  • Perform several movements of the starter until the first ignition in the cylinder. It is called the first outbreak. We will dwell on this point in more detail because of its extreme importance for a correct launch. It is at the time of the initial ignition that optimal conditions are created for the subsequent launch. Under the influence of the temperature from the first flash, the fuel in the cylinder evaporates, forming gas vapors, and as everyone knows, it is they who participate in the operation of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, the next stage should complete the process, and finally start the chainsaw engine.
  • Open the choke halfway and move the starter motor. After these actions, the chainsaw should start and start working at high speeds; to normalize them, you must press the control lever for the number of revolutions to the maximum and immediately lower it. After these actions, a properly adjusted engine will go into idle mode and reduce the speed.

What happens if you don’t open the air damper after the first flash? The answer is simple, the carburetor will not reduce the flow of fuel into the cylinder, and it will flood the spark plug electrode. After that, even a large number of movements with the starter will not allow starting the chainsaw.

Method for starting a hot engine and an engine equipped with a decompression system.

A hot engine does not need to enrich the fuel mixture with air, so you can start the saw without closing the air damper. The ignition is simply turned on and the starter is moved, after which a serviceable chainsaw should start.

Large displacement engines have significant compression that makes cranking extremely difficult. To reduce the effort required to start a saw with a large volume and power, manufacturers use special decompression valves, when pressed, the compression is noticeably reduced and the engine turns more easily.

Valves can be of different types, so read the instructions for the tool in advance.

Thus, before any kind of starting, be it hot or cold, it is necessary to press this valve, designed to reduce the resistance, and thereby increase the life of the starting device.

In conclusion of the article, you can summarize the key points of starting a chainsaw. First, you need to start with maximum safety. Second, any deviations from the startup algorithm are not allowed. And finally, you can’t start a chainsaw without a starter! Consider the information from the article and use your tool correctly.