How To Start A Hand Lawn Mower

How to choose an electric lawnmower: tips from the pros Should your meadow become a graceful lawn? We will tell you about the difference between gasoline, electric and manual lawn mowers. In addition, we present to your attention 10 lawn mowers most popular among Amazon users.

Way to travel

Before choosing a lawn mower, you should immediately decide whether you will move it around the site yourself, or it should be able to move on its own. The first ones are distinguished by an affordable price, lighter weight and dimensions. It is easier to store and transport them, but physical effort is required to move. Women and elderly people should not use non-self-propelled mowers.

By choosing a self-propelled version that moves independently, you can serve larger areas. Human intervention in the operation of such a device is reduced only to the task of the direction of movement.

The equipment is distinguished by relatively large dimensions, weight and price, but it is suitable for work on an area of ​​up to 1.2 hectares and does not greatly affect operator fatigue.

In addition to two-, three- and four-wheeled lawn mowers, there are hover models. Their advantages are high maneuverability and cross-country ability on the territory with uneven terrain. But the costs for such mowers are higher than for the wheeled versions, and they are more difficult to operate the hovercraft technique is not in great demand and is rare. One of the few electric models of this type available for purchase in 2019, the Flymo Turbo Lite 330, with a mains supply, a 1.15 kW motor and a mowing width of 330 mm.

Mowing options

How To Start A Hand Lawn Mower

Before choosing an electric lawn mower, it is worth learning about the recommended compliance of such a parameter as the mowing width of the plot area. The dimensions of the serviced area are related to the characteristics of the mower as follows:

  • For a summer cottage with a plot of up to 500 square meters, choose a model with a mowing width of up to 40 cm;
  • If the area is within 5-10 acres, the width should be 40-50 cm;
  • Maintenance of a plot of 1000-2000 sq.M. Will be provided by equipment with a mowing width of 50-60 cm;
  • For large areas, mowers with a strip width of 0.6-1.2 m are suitable.

The cutting height is a parameter that can be adjusted on most lawn mowers. Changing the characteristic is done by rearranging the axle or wheels, by pressing a lever or button. The easiest and most profitable option is manual adjustment of the cutting height. The axle is installed in another hole in the mower frame.

The electronically controlled model will cost more. Although, if the mowed grass must always be at the same level, the more important is not the method, but the limits of height adjustment.

How to choose an electric lawnmower: tips from the pros

Should your meadow become a graceful lawn? We will tell you about the difference between gasoline, electric and manual lawn mowers. In addition, we present to your attention 10 lawn mowers most popular among Amazon users.

Oddly enough, the wide range of models complicates the selection of the right device. Therefore, before choosing an electric lawn mower for a summer cottage or a country house, you should get acquainted with the basic parameters of technology. It is not only the manufacturer of the device that is important, the power of the device and the method of movement are also of great importance. In this review, we’ll show you what to look for before buying an electric lawn mower and present the best models from our ranking.

Electric motor power

One of the main questions when buying an electric lawn mower is which performance to choose.

Most models are equipped with 500-3000 W motors. The more powerful the engine, the faster and longer the equipment will work.

But buying too powerful a device is not worth it, it will consume a lot of electricity without a noticeable effect. The performance should correspond to the area of ​​the plot and the height of the grass.

For giving a standard size (6-10 acres), a lawn mower with a 0.6-1.0 kW motor is enough. The capabilities of the same equipment will be enough to service the plots at least once a week. If the grass is rarely mowed (1-3 times per season) or the area of ​​the plot is large enough, you should think about purchasing a lawn mower with a power of at least 1.5 kW.


Another criterion for choosing a good quality and long-lasting electric lawn mower is the device manufacturer. To buy the most functional and reliable model, you should look for products from the brands Bosch, Oleo-Mac, AL-KO or Gardena. Such equipment will last longer, and it is easier to find a service center serving it.

You can find a lawn mower of good quality in the budget segment, up to 10,000 rubles. One of them is the Makita DLM380Z model with a 620 W electric motor. However, the area of ​​the serviced site is small, only 270 sq. M. This means that the buyer of the mower will have to make a compromise between its performance, costs and reliability.

Food type

According to the type of power supply, electric mowers are divided into network and battery. Models requiring a mains connection are chosen for easy maintenance and long run times. This technique allows you to mow the grass as long as there is current in the network. The only major drawback is the limitation of the service area by the length of the cable. Although the problem is easily solved by purchasing a reel extension cord that extends the power cord by 30, 40 and even 50 meters.

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The mower can also be powered by an electric battery. The advantages of such a model are the absence of restrictions on movement within the territory of the site. The cord will not get tangled between trees, bushes and other elements of the landscape, it does not need to be lengthened, it is possible to serve areas with no power supply.

The disadvantages of battery technology include less power and operating time. But the second drawback is not so significant, most self-powered mowers work for at least an hour, and you can also use an additional battery.

Among the battery models, one of the best is the Makita DLM380PM2 non-self-propelled wheeled device with a 4 Ah battery. The equipment is designed to service 600 sq. M of area, mows a strip 380 mm wide at a height of 250 to 750 mm.

When deciding which electric lawnmower to choose for a summer residence, you can pay attention to robotic devices. The robot is quieter and completely eliminates operator intervention. Cons: high price, small service area, long recharging, the need to limit the perimeter using special cords.

Looking through the rating of robotic lawnmowers, you can find in one of the top positions the Robomow RX20u model with a 200 W electric motor. The device can serve a plot of up to 200 sq. M, almost no noise (noise level 64 dB) and works for at least 1.5 hours.

Which line to choose to refuel the lawn mower

The thickness of the polyethylene thread depends on the model of equipment and varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. She may be:

  • With a round cross section, it is the most durable material for mowing grassy plants;
  • With a figured section is used for mowing soft plants;
  • Twisted is used for thin grass;
  • Professional type, not suitable for all models of equipment.

To change the line on a lawnmower, you need to purchase a cutting thread, which will be ideal for each type of mower.

Replacement instructions how to insert the line

It should be noted that the reels in mowers can be different:

  • For functioning with one antenna;
  • For functioning with two antennae;
  • The fishing line must be threaded through the through hole located inside the element.

And do not confuse this part with an extension cord for a lawn mower on a reel, because despite the similar name, these are two completely different elements.

This article will tell you about how much the ZIL 130 dump truck weighs and what this transport is capable of.

In the first option, winding the cutting element is very simple:

  • There is a locking tab on the inside of the spool element.
  • One tendril of the thread is inserted into it.
  • It is necessary to thread the nylon thread in the direction opposite to the rotation of the spool element.
  • You will need only 2 to 4 meters of fishing line. When the winding process is complete, put the small end of this cutting element outward and fix it in the groove that is necessary for fixing the line so that it does not unwind during the mower operation.
  • If there is no special groove, then the end should be held by hand so that the cutting element does not unwind during further assembly of the element.
  • At the last stage, it is necessary to thread the outer end of the thread into a special hole located on the outer part of the element. The spool can then be inserted into the mower.

When the roller is working with both ends of the plastic filament, then the following steps must be taken to thread the line into the mower:

  • Inside, on the spool, you will see how many recesses there are for winding (two or one). If there is only one groove, then both ends of the thread will be guided through this groove. If there are two of them, then the antennae are laid out separately. Each in its own notch.
  • It is necessary to unwind from 2 to 4 meters of polyethylene thread and thread its two ends into the hole.
  • Wind both threads in the opposite direction to the rotation of the drum.
  • When all the line is wound, the ends should be fixed in the grooves or held by hand.
  • Both ends are threaded into an eyelet on the outside of the roller housing.
  • The drum is then assembled and inserted into the mower.

The spool element or roller may have a completely different design from the previous two options. The line can be threaded through the eyelet, which is through and located inside the spool. In this case, you do not need to disassemble the roller drum and manually wind the polyethylene thread.

The polyethylene thread is threaded through the hole and rotated by pressing a special button. This the button is located on the body and is intended for the operation of equipment, so that you can release the line as it wears out.

Safety engineering

To quickly and safely change the line on the reel of the mower, you must observe safety precautions. Before removing the reel to wind the line around the mower, the technician must be disconnected from the power supply (if the mower is powered by electricity). Here I would like to mention the reliability rating of electric lawn mowers, which will help you choose a safe helper.

Another important a safety rule that must be observed is pressing the lock button. You can find out its location on the vehicle body using the instruction manual. For example, you can find the operating instructions for the manual petrol lawn mower here.

Do not forget that the cutting element needs to be adjusted. There is an adjustment button on the unit body. If the process does not start automatically and the thread tension has loosened, then the button is clamped and the fishing line is pulled out of the spool with force.

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Line device in the mower

The device of the element on which the nylon thread is wound is very simple. This element is called a coil. It has two “tracks”, upper and lower. There is a special partition with a recess between these tracks. A fishing line is wound on these tracks. It must first be pulled through the recess.

How to fill a line in a lawn mower: how to change and load into a reel, how to change and how much to wind into a trimmer

When spring comes, people often spend their free time at their summer cottage. They try to rid their site of problems such as weeds and grass with the onset of warm days. It is difficult to do this manually, especially if the area is very large, so a lawn mower will help. Thanks to this technique, you can trim the grass and remove weeds.This is a suitable device for mowing unnecessary plants near the fence, at home, between rows in the garden on a flower bed, and so on. Read how to choose the right mower for your needs here. The cutting element in this device is a fishing line (strong polyethylene thread), which is wound on a special spool element. But over time, the line wears out and it becomes necessary to replace it. This article will talk about how to fill the line in a lawn mower.


If you have a summer cottage or a large plot of land near your individual house or cottage, then for the convenience of cleaning grass and weeds, you must use a lawn mower. In case you are thinking of choosing an electric lawn mower or a gasoline one, then click here and you will find comparative characteristics of different models.

Over time, the line on the mower wears out and you need to replace it, you can do it yourself. The choice of this polyethylene thread is necessary depending on the model of the mower. It is also worth keeping an eye on the rest of the unit’s details, here, for example, you will find information about Craftsman lawn mower knives, which also wear out and can lead to irreversible consequences.

The device of the reel into which the fishing line is inserted is very simple. But it differs depending on whether the coil is operating with one or two tendrils of thread. It is important to observe safety precautions when changing the line in the reel.

The best model STIHL lawn mower FS 55

Many people ask themselves the question of how to choose a gasoline manual lawnmower so that they are practical, not expensive and productive? The answer is simple enough, all you need is to opt for the STIHL FS 55.

It refers to light devices in this direction, which, moreover, has a high level of practicality and quality, in fact, there is no need to say too much, since the Stihl trademark will speak for itself.

Over, the device has features of the design direction, which play an important role in the process of mowing, which is done quite easily and naturally.

In addition, its range includes a fuel hand pump. Even if the tool has been, say, inactive for a long time, this does not interfere with the ease of its direct launch. Such lawn mowers are gasoline hand trimmers, the price of which ranges from 200 to 250, undoubtedly they will become irreplaceable assistants for you.

  • Motor power: 1.0 l. S or 750 W;
  • Gas tank weight: 0.33 l;
  • Cylinder weight: 27.2 cu. Cm;
  • Hose length: 1.47 m;
  • Starting system: manual;
  • Drive: gasoline;
  • Dimensions: 4.9 kg.

The principle of operation of a gasoline mower

What actually makes it possible for each of us to purchase a device in this direction, which has sufficient power and at the same time the price for which is extremely low. However, there is a cheaper method for manufacturing the unit, for example, we suggest you assemble a mower from the rear axle with your own hands.

Before you start considering the question of whether one model differs from another, you need to find out what this machine is actually intended for. It is important that each instrument has a definite and basic difference from the other, namely, his direct activity. That is, each device is designed to perform a specific function and has its own personal characteristics. For example, there are special lawn mowers for tall grass and weeds, which we will discuss here.

It is worth noting that this kind of tool is a kind of completely separate and different type of unit, which in turn has certain and qualitative features that take into account the very process of making hay.

It is also important that in order for the mower to solve the issue of mowing thick grass, it is necessary to equip it with a special knife made of strong and durable material. Since, for example, regular knives in the process of the work itself are very quickly subjected to grinding, therefore, they cannot perform a large amount of work. However, if this part was not supplied with your unit, then you can assemble a lawn mower knife with your own hands by following this link.

It should be noted that a petrol-powered mower is not very productive, since the cutting blade can cut extremely low and flat grass. In addition, it can fit absolutely any gasoline mower, but it is still safer to purchase such a model that the manufacturer has equipped with special bicycle handles.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this device goes on sale, both as devices of an independent direction, and in the form of equipment of a hinged nature. In operation, electric lawn mowers do not require much work, as they are quite simple and convenient to use.

In fact, the operation of the device itself is very similar to the principle of operation of the most ordinary scissors, which in this case simply have enormous dimensions. It is important that the stems that have been cut are stacked in the place where the tool was passed.

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It is also worth noting the main advantages that mowers have, namely: they are able to cut not only soft, but also hard grass almost to the root itself; the hay is laid in a uniform and thin layer thanks to the action of special rollers. And gas-powered lawn mowers with mulching, which we will discuss in more detail here, are able not only to mow the lawn, but also to prepare natural fertilizer.

But you must remember that there are times when the mower simply fails, for the reason that on its way there are both large and solid debris, artisanal shoots, but, as well as mounds that moles left behind. It is for this reason that, before starting the operation of the device itself, it is necessary first of all to make a thorough check of the area on which the work will be carried out.

Operating instructions for the hand lawn mower

First of all, it should be noted that the engine should in no case be turned on in a room that is closed, as this is fraught with disastrous consequences and poisoning, this is still the minimum that can happen. As for the work with the device itself, it must be performed with high-quality lighting or during the day.

It is also important to remember that if you want the mower to be able to serve you for many years, then do not drive it, since the optimal speed of the device is equal to the normal speed of a person’s calm walking. Over, it is important to note the fact that the mowing itself should be carried out exclusively in the opposite direction of the slope, that is, you cannot mow from top to bottom or vice versa, only across.

In order to fully protect yourself, you must pay due attention to the degree of the slope itself, since it should not exceed an indicator of 15. Also use extreme caution when making direct turn changes on the slopes themselves. It is important to be very careful when maneuvering the device while moving backward, in fact, at the moment when you pull the device in your direction.

You should also remember that the mower itself is quite vulnerable with respect to stones and hard debris, therefore, when you move it in areas where there is no grass, it must be turned off in order to minimize the possibility of damage to both its device and the knives themselves. This also applies to the moment when you move the machine to the place of work.

Also, the direct start of the starter and the engine itself must be carried out taking into account the manufacturer’s instructions. Over, you should position your feet at an optimal and safe distance from the cutting guide device.

Do not tilt the mower while you are starting the engine itself. Even if there is a need for a slope, then it should have a minimum indicator. In addition, the lifting of the device should be carried out exclusively from the side opposite to you.

It is also important to remember that oneself the engine must not be started when you are in front of the direct ejector. Take due care to keep your hands and feet away from the rotating knife. If it is in motion, then at this moment you should be exclusively in front of the area of ​​the hole intended for the discharge of cut grass.

It is also important that there are certain situations when it is necessary to stop the operation of the knife, the engine, and also remove the drive to the spark plug, namely:

  • Before performing the elimination of the mechanical blockage itself, as well as when it is necessary to clean the instrument channel from grass;
  • Before you are going to clean and check the device itself, or you, for example, need to adjust the shear height of the mower;
  • In cases where the level of direct vibration of the device is increased. But you must remember that only a specialist can deal with this problem.

Stopping the engine is necessary when:

  • You have finished the work, or you need to move the mechanism to another location;
  • You need to refuel the mower;
  • You need to remove the container itself, intended for herbal collection.

In addition, if your assistant has a special rear ejection device, in this case you cannot work with it if the device does not have a reflector or a container.

Manual grass mower gasoline: how a lawn mower, a mower and a mower works, how to start the trimmer

Today, lawn mowers for grass occupy an honorable place in the market for maintenance equipment and this is not surprising, since the optimal cost and high level of productivity cannot leave indifferent most of the population of different countries. At the moment, various manufacturers have presented a huge amount of equipment in this direction for everyone to see.

The lineup is huge and diverse. But it is worth noting that manual gasoline lawn mowers are in special demand. The reason for this is the low cost. But these tools also have a number of disadvantages, which we will actually talk about in this article.

Over, the best models of hand mowers will be presented to your attention. And who knows, perhaps you will also find the most optimal assistant for caring for your site. So, let’s get down to the topic.


In this article, you learned how much a lawn mower costs, and also were able to familiarize yourself with aspects of its design and operation. It is worth noting that it does not matter which model of the device in this direction you choose for yourself, in any case your lawn will sparkle with cleanliness and order, since this is the main task of the tool.