How to Start a Lawn Mower Without a Starter

How to Start a Lawn Mower Without a Starter

How to start a lawn mower? Pull the cord! Ok, we agree. Sometimes this is not enough. Given that some lawn mowers start up differently, depending on the model, in this article we will give you some general tips. Continue reading!

Fill the mower with gasoline and check the oil level in it. It is possible that you forgot to do this. It happens to everyone. But if there is no oil and gasoline in it, then you can pull the cord for at least a whole day, and you will not achieve anything other than muscle pain and the chance that your children will learn from you not quite good words.

  • Open the fuel tank cap and look into it. If necessary, refuel the mower to the recommended level. The tank should have a marking to indicate to what level the tank should be filled, but if it is not, fill it up to the neck. Do not overfill the tank.
  • Be sure to check the oil level. If there is not enough oil, then you can easily ruin the engine. Oil is usually poured through the cap on the top of the mower housing, which says "oil" or an oil can. Just like a car, your mower may have a special dipstick with which you can check the engine oil level.
  • Please note that some mowers (mainly with a two-stroke engine) use a fuel-oil mixture. If so, carefully read the user manual before refueling the mower.

Bleed the fuel pump! Find a soft cap next to the spark plug, usually red or black. Press it 3-4 times to fill the carburetor with gasoline. Just do not overdo it and do not fill the engine.

  • But not all mowers have such a pump. In this case, you will need to fully open the throttle.

Check out the candle. The candle should be near the engine and have a rubber cap. It produces a spark that starts the engine, so make sure the cap sits tightly on it.

Open the throttle. Shift the throttle lever to the middle or to the last position. Otherwise, the engine will not receive enough fuel to operate.

Use caution when starting the engine. Now most new mowers come with a safety switch that must be held at startup. If your mower does not have such a switch, then make sure that it is stable on the ground.

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Pull the cord sharply! Bend the mower body with one hand and grasp the cord with the other and pull it up sharply. You may need to do this several times before the engine starts.

  • If the engine sneezes but does not start, then check if there is enough gas in the tank.
  • If the engine does not sneeze and does not start, then check the spark plug.

Read the mower’s operating instructions. If the mower still does not start, read the instructions in the troubleshooting section. It is possible there will be an answer to your question.

Some reasons

It often happens that users of such machines try to “save” by pouring into the tank not fuel with the usual octane number, but something incomprehensible that has been in a plastic canister for almost a dozen years.


  • Always clean your lawn mower after work. Withered grass may adhere firmly to it. In addition, it smells bad when it begins to rot. Therefore, as soon as you finish mowing, clean the mower of grass.
  • Never leave the mower for the winter with gasoline in the tank. During storage, it may thicken and clog the carburetor.
  • Never run your mower without proper lubrication, unless you like to buy new mowers every time.

The main thing is the fuel mixture!

In this case, the remnants of the plastic dissolved in the brutal medium do so terrible things in the combustion chamber that you just can’t do without completely sorting out the mechanism. Gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers are the choice. But you certainly remember forever how to properly store fuel.

What is there to do when the fuel was exactly normal, there is a spark, but the gas trimmer does not start? It may be that you just filled the candle with gasoline. In this case, you need to unscrew it, wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it. reliable electronic braid trimmers. By the way, checking the candle itself for performance will be completely out of place.

Reasons the lawnmower might not start

A gas mower may not start for the following reasons:

  • First, before starting the engine, you need to check the fuel in the tank. A small amount of it will create airiness in the system, but it is also impossible to fill the tank full to the brim. When refueling, you must adhere to the mark of the highest fuel level. If the lawnmower sets sail for winter storage, the fuel must be drained, because gasoline tends to evaporate. Fueling is done using a funnel. Before a case of spilled gasoline dries out on the mower parts, the engine must not be started in order to avoid ignition of combustible water.
  • Often, the engine of the lawn mower does not start due to the fact that the user does not know how to correctly wind up. Before starting, the lever sets the maximum speed, and then pump gasoline into the carburetor with a primer. The starter cord is gently pulled a little over, and then sharply pulled.
  • After unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, you can try to change the spark plug. Often the reason lies precisely in it. If there is no spare candle at hand, and the old one is covered with heavy soot, it must be cleaned with fine-grained emery paper.
  • Clogged air filter leads to the preparation of low-quality fuel mixture, and the engine begins to stall or, in general, does not start. To fix the problem easily rinse the removed filter in pure gasoline and then dry it in air. Rinse the air filters every 25 hours, even if the mower does not stall.
  • Immediately after starting, the engine may stall due to a jammed piston or crankshaft. Having unscrewed the spark plug with a starter cord, it is necessary to pump the engine several times. It is possible that moving parts will develop and the problem will be resolved.
  • A low oil level in the crankcase may cause the engine to not start.

Electric lawn mowers also have their own easily solved problems:

  • The commonplace reason that the mower’s electric motor does not work may be a lack of electricity or low voltage. Find out if there is current in the network using a screwdriver indicator, but you need a multimeter to measure voltage.
  • The electric mower is equipped with engine thermal protection. Due to grass clogged ventilation holes, the protection will constantly operate, preventing the motor from running. Easily solve the problem by cleaning the ventilation holes.
  • The cause of the mower’s electric motor not working may be a failed switch. Here you will have to contact the service center or replace the broken part yourself.

If none of the above tips helped to start the unit, you do not need to touch anything else, but it is better to contact specialists.

The video tells about the preparation of the lawnmower for launch: