How To Start A Stihl 180 Chainsaw

Preparing and refueling the mixture

How To Start A Stihl 180 Chainsaw

All modern chainsaws, with rare exceptions, are equipped with compact two-stroke internal combustion engines running on high-octane motor gasoline. A metered amount of special engine oil is introduced into the fuel in a ratio of 40: 1 or 50: 1.

There are few requirements for the quality of gasoline. these are:

  • Minimum storage time;
  • Octane number is not less than 92;
  • Lack of water and foreign matter.

Features of the first and subsequent launches

Learning how to start a chainsaw correctly is, in principle, not difficult. The necessary skills are acquired directly during operation.

The chainsaw is started with a recoil starter, in most modern models combined with an inertial or spring system for easy starting. Correctly adjusted mechanism Reduces the force required to start the engine by almost half.

Since it is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter, in order to extend its resource, it is necessary to develop a smooth, with a slight acceleration of the cord jerk, and not creating large loads on the design of the starting device.

  • For the first start, the tool, fueled with fuel and chain oil, should be placed on a level surface, unblock the accident prevention system and the emergency stop brake of the saw headset. If primer is present, fuel should be pumped into the carburetor.
  • To start the engine, set the throttle trigger to low speed and, holding the tool by the handle, pull the starter handle. Starting a chainsaw for the first time, as they say, with a half turn, most likely will NOT work. Even a fully serviceable and adjusted tool “grasps” after 3-4 attempts.
  • At idle, the piston group and the connecting rod-crank assembly operate under oil starvation conditions, so the idling time must be limited to a minimum.

How to start a chainsaw: tips and tricks

Beginners of sawfillers, and those who do not have the skills to work with chainsaw equipment, have to develop their own maintenance skills. How to prepare the fuel mixture and how to start the chainsaw is described in detail in the instructions attached to the tool.

At the initial stage of preparation for the first start, the new chainsaw is freed of preservative grease, after which you should make sure that it is complete, reliable heavy-weight threaded fasteners, especially in the area of ​​attachment of the headset, correct tension of the saw chain.

Launch of Chinese-made chainsaws

A significant part of the Chinese chainsaw tools are copies of well-known European brands, while they are not always successful. In order to start a Chinese chainsaw, Special skills are NOT required.

A feature of working with Chinese chainsaws is the recommendation for the use of branded motor and chain oils. Leading Chinese manufacturers have developed a wide range of Specialty Additives that positively impact the performance and durability of Chinese domestic and professional chainsaws.

Fuel system tuning

The factory adjustment of the carburetor is made according to averaged parameters, therefore the necessary adjustments to the operation of the fuel system are made during the operation of the chainsaw.

The sequence of self-tuning the fuel system by the owner himself is given in the instructions. To bring the engine to the optimum in terms of thrust and economy of consumption of fuels and lubricants, it is advisable to perform the adjustment using special equipment, which is equipped with service and repair services.

A running engine is checked for interruptions in the ignition system, extraneous noise, crankcase overheating and other shortcomings. Full lapping of loaded parts and assemblies of a new chainsaw is carried out in an operating mode with moderate loads. With short breaks for engine cooling, you can cut wood with a diameter of 100-150 mm.

Reasons for a failed launch

To search for failures characteristic of internal combustion engines, there are Developed algorithms that help to detect and eliminate a malfunction with a small investment of working time.

In a simpler version, it is an excess of fuel in the combustion chamber that makes it difficult to ignite the mixture, an unregulated gap in the spark plug, air leakage in the fuel supply system.

It is also possible that the carburetor flap control drive is disconnected, the nozzles are dirty and the presence of water condensate in the float chamber.

Engine oil selection criteria

A complete alternative to the recommended branded oils can be products of the same performance from leading manufacturers. As a result of natural selection, Stihl and Husqvarna motor oils and chain oils have been leading on unofficial consumer ratings for many years.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use cheap analogues of unknown origin for the preparation of a combustible mixture for a chainsaw, as well as motor oils for mopeds and outboard motors.
  • In order to avoid the risks of acquiring a cheaper, but low-quality counterfeit, it is recommended to buy consumables from branded and licensed trade enterprises.

The working mixture is prepared in a small amount, sufficient to perform a one-time job. For long-term use, more than one month, the combustible composition is NOT designed due to significant deterioration in performance.

A mixture of a fine-mesh filter or suede is poured into the gas tank, from which the gas lines are fed to the carburetor inlet.

Running in

Many models of household and professional chainsaws are factory run-in. Nevertheless, experienced experts advise using the first fillings to operate the tool at gentle modes and on fuel with increased m of engine oil.

What happens at the moment of priming fuel with a primer, and how it helps to make dust more efficiently?

At the moment of starting the saw without a primer, several movements of the starter are carried out only so that the fuel pump, under the influence of an impulse from the saw crankcase, pump fuel into the carburetor.

A pump installed in the fuel line allows you to manually pump gasoline into the carburetor without unnecessary movements with the starter. The effect of this action is obvious, the saw will start much faster.

It is necessary to use a primer on a hot chainsaw, because there is enough fuel in the carburetor to start.

How to start a Stihl chainsaw

All Stihl chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines, the cold start of which has a similar algorithm. But there are models on which additional equipment is installed that allows you to bring in dust without excessive efforts. For this reason, the algorithm for starting them may differ slightly.

Let’s take a look at how to start regular dust and how the process differs from starting a modified model.

We start Stihl MS 180 C

The device of this model, in comparison with the previous one, has some differences in the trigger mechanism, but it does NOT carry any changes in the triggering algorithm. The fact is that the ErgoStart system is installed in the Stihl 180 C, which, due to an additional spring installed in the chainsaw starter, reduces the engine resistance when starting.

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We start Stihl MS 211 C-BE

The fuel supply system to the Stihl MS 211 C-BE Chainsaw is additionally equipped with a manual fuel pump, which makes it easier to start the chainsaw on a cold.

The instruction for starting this model of the Stihl chainsaw contains one additional point, which is that before starting the chainsaw on a cold one, it is necessary to pump fuel into the carburetor using a pump. Further, the instruction does NOT differ from starting Stihl 180 and follows the same algorithm.

How to start a chain saw with a decompression valve

Before starting a Stihl chainsaw on which a decompression valve is installed, you must turn it on. It should be noted that there is no decompression valve on the Stihl 250 saw.

After the first flash has passed, the valve will return to normal operation, respectively, after the engine control lever is set to the open position and starting continues, the decompression valve must be pressed again.

The valve operation is shown schematically in the figure below.

In fact, the valve does not make the start faster, it just simplifies the process and makes it more comfortable, because For during launch, a person will have to Apply significantly less effort.

How to get dust after long periods of inactivity

I can’t start the chainsaw after a long period of inactivity. Such comments can be found on the forums dedicated to the repair and maintenance of dust. Let’s figure out how to start a chainsaw after a long downtime.

The fact is that a successful start after downtime must be taken care of in advance and the dust must be properly prepared for storage. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, before storing, it is necessary to drain the fuel from the tank, then start the engine and burn off the fuel in the fuel system.

Preparation is necessary so that during storage, the carburetor membranes do NOT stick together. Performing this simple operation will allow you to successfully add dust after long-term storage.

It is much easier to start the chainsaw six months after idle time, if just before starting, through the spark plug hole, add 1. 2 ml of the fuel mixture to the cylinder. This can be done with a syringe.

We start Stihl 180

In order to start the Stihl 180 chainsaw on a cold one, you must follow the algorithm specified by the manufacturer in the instructions for the Stihl 180 chainsaw, namely:

  • Turn on the ignition and set the engine control lever to the lowest position (in this position, the air damper of the Stihl 180 carburetor blocks air from the air filter, and the throttle valve is fully open, thus the fuel mixture is enriched)
  • Pull the starter handle several times until the first flash passes (the flash signals that the fuel mixture has entered the cylinder and the saw is ready to start)
  • Move the control lever one position up from fully lowering (in this position, the choke opens, and the throttle remains in the same position as before)
  • Pull the starter and start. The saw will start and run at higher rpm due to the fact that the throttle valve is open as much as possible. To set the damper to idle, you must press the gas trigger and immediately release, the tool immediately normalizes the speed.

The Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw is not equipped with any additional devices that can facilitate starting as standard.

Below you can see how to start Stihl 180. Reflects in detail all the main points, and the author’s comments allow you to understand the whole process to the smallest detail.

Starting a Stihl chainsaw almost always follows the same algorithm, with the exception of those cases when a decompression valve and a fuel primer are additionally installed on the chainsaw. These gadgets are designed to facilitate the startup process and do an excellent job of their functions.

How to dilute oil for chainsaw Stihl 180. Choosing oil for chain lubrication

In addition to the motor, for which all the proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw have already been found out, there is another important part, consisting of many moving links. the chain. For its lubrication, NOT motor oil, but chain oil is used. It has completely different properties and is cheaper.

For a new tool, only oils from the manufacturer are used, which are recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, if the saw breaks down, it will be removed from warranty service due to non-compliance with the operating conditions. It should be noted that the oils from the manufacturer are of really high quality. After the end of the warranty period, you can use any engine oil, making it change twice a year.

Which Stihl oil to choose for a chainsaw

Any two-stroke chainsaw engine runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil, respectively, how long it will last depends on the quality and correct mixture of THESE components. Also in chainsaws it is necessary to Lubricate the bar and chain, and the quality of the lubricant is NOT the last factor affecting the duration of use of THESE parts of the chainsaw. In this article, we will talk about the oils that Stihl produces and recommends for use Not only on chainsaws of its own production.

What to do if the saw stalls at idle speed?

If the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw stalls some time after starting in idle mode, then this indicates a breakdown of the fuel pump. To verify this, you need to use a vacuum gauge. If the device showed a pump malfunction, then the mechanism will need to be replaced.

Another reason for the malfunction is the wear of the Stihl MS 180 oil seals. After a long use of the saw, they lose their shape and elasticity, and pass a large amount of fuel. In case of wear of the oil seals, they will need to be replaced.

Stihl HP Ultra Review

Unlike conventional Stihl HP oil, HP Ultra is designed for high engine loads during operation and is recommended for use on professional chainsaws. This oil is synthetic. In order for consumers NOT to confuse diluted fuel, it has a green color, respectively, a ready-made mixture of gasoline with Stihl HP Ultra also has a greenish tint.

There are only two packages of this oil. This is Stihl HP Ultra 100 ml and 1 liter with dispenser.

The cost of Stihl HP Ultra is almost twice the price of Stihl HP and for this reason it is less popular in our country.

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Stihl HP Ultra has a four-year shelf life.

What oil to choose for the chain

BioPlus is the best choice for chain lubrication and should be chosen by those who use a chainsaw from time to time. The optimal price and quality of BioPlus has made it the Most Popular Stihl Chain Oil.

It is also worth remembering that BioPlus does not harm the environment, because it is made on a plant basis and decomposes in the shortest possible time, which is also important when working with a chainsaw on your own site.

Consumer reviews of Stihl saws are mostly positive. It is lightweight and affordable. There are some complaints about the low power of the instrument. But for occasional use at home, it is quite suitable. And if you use the correct proportions of oil and gasoline for your Stihl chainsaw, it will last for many years.

Oil selection

Unlike four-stroke engines, Stihl 180 chainsaw oil is poured directly into the gas tank, after being mixed with gasoline. It is recommended to fill the chainsaw with oil specified in the instructions for this model.

It can significantly reduce the life of the engine, and if traces of such a substance in the cylinder-piston group are found, the tool will be considered withdrawn from the warranty, i.e. it will no longer be subject to warranty repair or exchange.

Synthetic and mineral oils for Stihl chainsaws are sold in bottles or cans in different capacities: from 100 ml to 5 liters. Mineral ones have a lower cost, while semi-synthetic and synthetic ones provide complete combustion during engine operation, i.e. no carbon deposits and a minimum of toxic compounds in the exhaust.

In addition, synthetic oils retain their properties over a much wider temperature range, and also contain special additives that are useful for engine operation: antioxidant, detergent, preservative, etc.

You can choose engine oil for your tasks depending on the saw model and the frequency of its use: the oil consumption during the operation of the device is low, and Given the shelf life of semi-synthetic and mineral lubricants, there is a risk of simply not having time to use even a liter bottle to the end.

So, with a small estimated volume of work, one cannot but buy a bulk canister, but limit oneself to a bottle. Only Stihl mineral greases do not have an expiration date.

Chainsaws Stihl (Stihl) 180

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is one of the most popular models on the market. This saw stands out for its endurance, reliability, ease of use. Thanks to the solid reserve of torque, the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be used not only in private farms, but also in the felling forest. At the same time, the tool shows a modest fuel consumption and high accuracy of cutting any wood species.

General information

The characteristics of this saw are a reason for the pride of the German manufacturer. In this case, the unit is a tool, which is designed to perform a small amount of work. The tool is positioned for domestic use, which confirms the intensity of its use, which does not have to exceed 20 hours per month. Having at your disposal such a unit, it will not be difficult to maintain order in your garden, to prepare firewood for the winter, as well as to clear areas. At the same time, he will be able to help you in solving other problems where there is no need to perform complex manipulations.

Main characteristics

The dust in question can be considered a compact option, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. At the same time, it has a large oil and fuel tank. The device helps to perform its working functions by a two-stroke engine, the power of which is sufficient for solving simple tasks. In addition, this instrument does NOT generate a lot of noise during operation, the level of which does NOT exceed 98 dB. For ease of understanding, it is enough to say that human speech creates noise at a level of 76 dB.

  • The Stihl 180 chainsaw has a power of 2.6 watts. In principle, this is enough, remember that we are talking about a tool for household use.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 0.145 l, the fuel tank is 0.25 l.
  • Designed for 350mm tire with 0.325 inch pitch.

Clockwork device

As with other saws, the carburetor acts as the main starting device. Considering in more detail the carburetor, which the Stihl 180 chainsaw is equipped with, it should be noted that it has a single tuning screw. In other words, it is a kind of idle speed adjustment screw. In this case, the nozzle, which has a full load, is stationary all the time.

In other words, the regulation is not applicable to it. In turn, there is no way to influence the full load in any way. You also need to pay attention to the factory settings, because of which the air / fuel mixture is supplied directly to the engine. over, this principle remains regardless of the operating conditions of the tool.

Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start: main reasons

Today, many manufacturers are engaged in the production of units for agricultural and construction work, among which the most popular is the equipment manufactured by Stihl. The high level of quality is not the only reason why the products of this manufacturer are popular in the market. This was also facilitated by the democratic price and optimal power that the models of this brand have.

It seems that many have had to use a chainsaw of a similar brand. And not just use it, but regularly perform a wide variety of work and make sure of the high performance characteristics of this tool. Such distribution of THESE products is no coincidence, considering that in addition to power, this instrument stands out for its graceful design. However, one must remember that this is still a technique in which the resource of work is limited. Therefore, each owner of such a unit at some point is faced with the need for repair. Next, we will talk about the features of repairing the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

Defective spark plug: troubleshooting methods

  • Sometimes during the check it is possible to find out that the problem lies in a faulty spark plug. In this case, it is removed, then allowed to dry. Some owners may try to ignite it, but this should not be done, because otherwise this element will be damaged and after that it will only be necessary to throw it away. During troubleshooting, you will have to remove excess fuel by draining it through a special hole.
  • You also need to keep in mind that the drying time should be at least half an hour. After completing a similar operation, you can return it to its place, and then test it in action.
  • In some cases, the candle may fail due to the depletion of its resource. Usually, when this is confirmed, the only option is to find a replacement for it. In this case, it does NOT hurt to have a spare candle, or even better, when you have a whole set of such elements at hand. In this case, you can always put a new candle instead of the existing one and make sure whether a broken candle is a prerequisite for a breakdown.
  • At the same time, the inability to start the chainsaw can be caused by a weak contact provided by the high-voltage wire and the end of the candle. The problem with starting the chainsaw may be due to the failure of the ignition unit. In such situations, the only solution to the problem is to replace the faulty unit, since it is not repairable.
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Other malfunctions

  • For many owners, the question of the correct idle speed after emptying the fuel from the gasoline tanks is relevant for many owners. According to experts, there is no need to worry too much about this. However, if you have to deal with a similar problem often, then it is enough to manipulate the carburetor by reducing the engine speed in order to restore the normal operation of the tool.
  • In some cases, the owner may need to clean the muffler as this part may be the cause of the malfunction. This operation is easy enough. It must be remembered that many owners are faced with problematic chainsaw operation due to a faulty carburetor.
  • Although in SEPARATE cases it can be quite simple to eliminate the malfunction, it is most preferable if specialists will repair this equipment. After all, not each of us has the necessary knowledge and skills, and this is fraught with the fact that during self-elimination of the malfunction there is a risk of completely disabling the tool.

Saw won’t start: reasons and solutions

  • Speaking of dust 180, it must be said that this tool has many advantages. At the same time, NOT only this unit and disadvantages. Attention will be paid to them.
  • It is a common situation that many owners find themselves in when the Stihl chainsaw does not start and fills in a candle. This is usually attributed to the theca formation of the oil used to lubricate the chain. The same happens for the reason that over time, the area where the hose of the oil pump and the oil tank joins loses its former tightness.
  • In principle, this problem is solvable, but in order to do everything correctly, you need to take into account the design of the chainsaw in question. By itself, this process provides for certain nuances, first of all, it is necessary to disassemble the unit, and without this it will be impossible to get to the right place.
  • For many owners of this saw, the question is, why does the Stihl 180 chainsaw not start? Experts give the following recommendation on this matter: the first thing to do for those who have encountered a similar problem is to open and then close the lid located on the gas tank. There is another solution. you need to remove the candle and let it dry. You can also create the effect of artificial ventilation for the combustion chamber. Most often, these recommendations are enough to bring the device back to working condition. However, this does not always help to restore the operation of the Stihl chainsaw.
  • If there is a spark, but attempts to start the chainsaw lead to nothing, then in this case you need to check the supply of gasoline, the air filter, and then make sure that the spark plug is working. Such manipulations must be done for the reason that most often this kind of malfunction is caused by contamination of the breather. And if a plug forms in it, then, naturally, a vacuum environment will be created in the gas tank, due to which the fuel will not flow. A similar problem can be solved quite simply, for which it is enough to remove the dirt using a needle.
  • Some owners face this problem when the saw itself starts, but immediately starts to stall. Look for the reason that the saw does not start, you should go to the carburetor. Most likely, he managed to get clogged and afterwards does not allow the tool to work correctly.
  • To make sure that the breather is NOT the cause of the malfunction, and it is in working order, you must first disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor, and then find out if this or fuel is generated.
  • Keep in mind that it is natural for your chainsaw to have a strong and stable jet of gasoline. In addition, it is often possible to observe a situation when the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start hot and immediately stalls at the same moment or after a while. Usually a similar malfunction is associated with a muffler. Most likely, it has accumulated a lot of deposits associated with long-term operation of the tool, which is usually accompanied by the formation of exhaust.
  • At the same time, the saw may stop starting if the tool chain is poorly lubricated. This can be facilitated by channels that have a plug, or the reason should be looked for in an oil line that has a leak.
  • Theca in the connecting pipes or in the place where the oil pump fittings are installed can become a serious problem.
  • There are cases when the Stihl 180 chainsaw begins to stall due to a failed cylinder. To make sure if this is really so, it is enough to conduct an inspection. If, as a result of the examination, you find irregularities and chips, then this is a clear sign of breakage.

The chainsaw simplifies many operations. However, for a long time she cannot demonstrate her original level of work. Therefore, at some point, problems may arise. Naturally, the owner can fix some malfunctions on his own, but in any case there is a risk that he will incorrectly determine them, and this is fraught with the fact that by his actions he can completely disable the instrument. Therefore, it is advisable NOT to take the initiative, but to entrust this work to a specialist.