How to start a trimmer for grass a lawn mower without a starter. Repair of electrogasonocosils

How to start a trimmer for grass without a starter with an electric screwdriver

It often happens that the starter on the trimmer is out of order, on Chinese braids due to the quality of the details, because the price there is low, and on elite trimmers due to “even hands” or after a large number of time in operation.

One way or another, a trimmer for the grass can be easily launched without a starter with an ordinary electric screwdriver and a head.

If the starter cannot be saved, then we tear off the entire inside of the starter and cut the head hole in the center, well, screw the starter body backward.

That’s how it should work out, but it will come out much more carefully than in the photo 🙂

Many will ask: why screw the starter body? You can, after all, without it!

Yes, you can without it, but it is not safe since the hooking mechanism is spinning there. At very large speeds, so it is better to put the case!

Taking a drill or an electric screwdriver, to whom it is more convenient, we put on the head, preferably of course through the extension cord, but this is just as more convenient as it is more convenient!

By inserting the head into the nut (the nut can be different by 13-14 and so on, depending on the manufacturer), well, we start our trimmer for the grass.

This is how it looks without the starter case:

In this way, I launched a trimmer for grass, a chainsaw, even a 4t engine from a walk.behind tractor a couple of times! Quite a working version.

Many will say Tolyan, you are raving, it is not easier to go and buy a new starter? And yes, they will be right. But there are situations in which there is no way to get to the store, and if you have a simple set of heads on the site and what kind of drill or electric screwdriver can be continued without any problems! And then, if possible, go to the store and buy a starter there. Although some people do not buy a starter anymore, they start to this day and do not particularly strain!

If you want to start a chainsaw without a starter, then the starter case must be. Since there is a flywheel that cools the saw. On the trimmer, on the other hand, on this, this is possible without the case, but on the saw it is necessary for any case so that the body is covered by a flywheel.

Without the case, cooling efficiency will decrease

A flywheel will spin under a high speed at a high speed

In common on a spit without a case, I would not recommend it, I would not recommend it, but there is a huge risk on the chainsaw will lose its limbs!

I hope this article will help you, if I missed something, be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will supplement.

What do you think is whether it makes sense to launch the tool in this way? Or is it better to go and buy a starter.

Keep in mind not all starter cost 500, there are 5000.

This is not the limit of dear friends, because there are more and more.

Forgot to mention that this option is not suitable for all trimmers for the grass

It will not be possible to do this not to the trimmers Oleo-Mac and EFCO (25 models), well, and all the trimmers for the grass that are made on their base, the benefit of them a little! Nevertheless, trimmers for good.quality grass!

In these trimmers, the starter is located immediately in front of the bar and not at the back of the engine.

Starter is a very important element in the motorcycle. He launches the tool and drives all its mechanisms into effect. However, if it happens that the starter breaks down, you have to look for other alternative outputs for starting the engine in motorcycles. It is not difficult to do this in the presence of suitable tools at hand. Consider how to launch a motorcycle without a starter correctly.

Necessary tools

You will need very few elements that can be easily found in any construction store. Basically, the adjustment will be carried out by popular improvised tools that are easy to find in every home.

The last element is best purchased in a diameter of 14 mm. This is the most optimal size that is suitable for any model. After all the collected details, you can start the process of launching motorcycles without a starter.

How to repair a starter on a trimmer

Repair of the starter of a gasoline trimmer for grass may be required at the most inopportune moment. In this case, you can solve the problem in two ways: replace the broken part or change the entire node. The latter option will cost more. To repair the device with your own hands in most cases, you need only a screwdriver with an appropriate tip from the tools. Repair work will not take much time and do not require special knowledge. It is enough to know the device, the principle of operation, the nuances of the assembly-disassembly of the starter on the trimmer in order to achieve the desired positive result.

Before starting work, you need to place the lawn mower on a flat stable surface. Remove the chain in the opposite direction. There are motorcycles with two and three adjusting screws. Two screws most often equip the tools produced in China. Consider the adjustment of the carburetor Motokos with three screws.

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before proceeding with the adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, you need to rinse the air filter. Cleaning is carried out with water with a detergent or soap, and if necessary, a new. Often in the poor work of the carburetor, scibberries are guilty. In order to prevent the filter, it is recommended to clean the filter after every 10 hours of operation of the tool. Do not forget to check the condition of the candle, if there is a dozen, you need to clean it. Candles are consumables and have their own resource. To ensure good operation of the engine of the lawn mower, candles periodically need to be changed. Next, we evaluate how well the carburetor is fixed to the cylinder-piston group. After the preparatory manipulations are completed, you need to start the motor. Let the engine work for 5-10 minutes. Then you need to identify how many adjusting screws on your tool.

There are the following adjusting screws on the gasoline trimmer:

Maximum speed adjustment

Further, for the full tuning of the carburetor of the lawn mower, it is necessary to adjust the maximum speed. It will not be superfluous to look into the instrument operating manual and see the maximum speed value. This amount will help to determine the tachometer most accurately. If such a device was not at hand, we set up by ear. Barely determining the maximum speed of revolutions by ear, we begin adjustment. A screw for limiting maximum revolutions will help in this matter. Control the engine operation at maximum speed. If necessary, reduce speed, weaken the fixing nut and unscrew the screw. If the turnover is too large, then you will need to screw the screw. These actions must be done in order to protect the engine from overheating. Scroll the screw until the clear even operation of the engine is established.

After the work done, if everything is done correctly, the stable work of the tool is provided.

Understand this by the following signs:

The device and principle of operation of the starter on the trimmer

The gasoline engine is, in principle, the main part of the motorcycles its power lies in the range of 0.5-2.5 liters.With. The movement from it is transmitted by the shaft located inside the hollow bar, and then through the gearbox, consisting of gears, already a fishing line or a knife (working body).

Also, the lawn mower has the following elements:

  • protective casing;
  • lever;
  • a belt designed for ease of use of the device;
  • Starter serving for launching a gasoline internal combustion engine.

All parts of the motorcycles are presented in the photo further.

The starter on the trimmer is an integral part, which performs the engine starting into operation. It is shown separately in two photos below.

The starter mechanisms of various models of the benzos work according to the same principle: during the launch of the ICE, the protrusions marked in the photograph above the number 1 are included in the hook with dogs 3. When the engine begins to work, they return to their previous position due to the effects of centrifugal. Similar role is also played by wires 2.

The process of returning to the initial position of the elements of the mechanism occurs due to the presence of a spring screwed around the axis. It unfolds when the rope is pulled. After releasing the cord, it is drawn and winding due to folding the spring. During the launch of the ICE of the lawn mower, the triggering mechanism turns its shaft until it starts to work (starts).

To date, gasoline motorcycles are equipped with two types of starter mechanisms:

The first option is much more common.

The starter on the trimmer can function without breakdowns for a long time. It is impossible to unambiguously indicate the deadline. Everything is determined by the initial quality of the device and compliance with the rules of handling it.

Minto.Crimean differs from a trimmer for grass in that a lumberjack for grass is not a fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth, but a mechanical gearbox or a winch based on gears equipped with a knife. The knife drive is much more powerful than the carriage mechanism. When cutting bushes, a powerful bush is also used. Both Chinese and European law mowers do not differ when the declared capacity is real.

Tough or solid oil is used to lubricate the gearbox wheels. After checking the gearbox, be prepared for the engine itself. According to the instructions above. If when starting, a failure occurs, the problem is already in the engine.

Share fuel through the spark plugs

If there is no manual pumping on a three.dimensional engine, and the unit does not start, pour a little fuel into the engine itself through the spark plugs. Make the following.

  • Make sure that in the tank there is not enough fuel to drain a small amount. It takes only 20 ml.
  • Remove the candle cover and unscrew it with a wrench.
  • If the candle is dirty on the used trimmer, rinse and bake it. There should be no deposits on the electrodes of the electrodes. Do not damage the ceramic insulator of the central conductor. In the new trimmer, check the candles for the factory defect.
  • Turn the spark plug back and check the ignition (discharge between the electrodes) when the starter lights up.
  • Remove the candle again. Using a syringe with a volume of 20 or 50 cm3, pour 20 ml of gasoline into the hole under the candle.
  • Insert and fix the candle by installing its technological gap at least a millimeter.
  • Slue the fuel with a pump (or lever) if it is installed on your model of a trimmer for grass. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the engine. Close the air damper as soon as it starts.

The main thing. Fuel mixture!

In this case, the remnants of plastic dissolved in harsh conditions make things in the combustion chamber so terrible that you simply cannot do without a complete sorting of the mechanism. Basy self.propelled lawn mowers. This is a choice. But, of course, you will always remember how to store fuel correctly.

What to do when the fuel was completely normal, a spark appeared, but the gas trimmer for the grass did not start? Perhaps you have just flooded the candle with gasoline. In this case, it must be unscrewed, wiped with a clean fabric and dried. reliable electronic trimmers for grass. By the way, checking the candle itself for effectiveness will be completely inappropriate.

The reasons for the lawn mower may not begin

It is forbidden to run the lawn mower for the following reasons:

  • First check the fuel tank before starting the engine. A small amount of this will create air in the system, but it is also impossible to fill the tank until the end. When refueling, follow the highest fuel mark. If the lawn mower is not intended for storage in winter, fuel must be drained, since gasoline tends to evaporate. Refueling is carried out using a funnel. Before spinning gasoline into parts of the lawn mower, the engine should not be launched to avoid burning water.
  • Often the braid engine does not start, because the user cannot do this properly the beginning. Before starting, the lever sets the maximum speed, and then rolls the gas into the carburetor using a primer. The starting cord is carefully pulling, and then tightly pulls.
  • After unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, you can try to replace the spark plug. Often the reason lies in this. If there is no spare candle at hand, and the old is covered with thick soot, it should be cleaned with fine.grained sandpaper paper.
  • The clogged air filter causes the formation of a poor fuel mixture, and the engine stagnates or does not start at all. To eliminate the problem, just rinse the filter removed with clean gasoline, and then dry it in the air. Rinse air filters every 25 hours, even if the braid does not linger.
  • Immediately after starting, the engine can drive through a jammed piston or crankshaft. With the light spark plug removed, the starter cord must be pumped several times. It is possible that moving parts will develop, and the problem will be solved.
  • Low oil level in the crankcase can lead to engine start.

Electric lawn mowers also have their own problems that are easily solved:

  • A common cause why the mowing engine does not work, there may be a lack of electricity or low voltage. Find out if there is a current on the network using the screwdriver indicator, but you need a multimeter to measure voltage.
  • Electric cosliner is equipped with engine heat protection. Due to the clogged ventilation holes, protection against grass will always work without starting the engine. This is easy to solve the problem by cleaning the ventilation holes.
  • The cause of the mowing engine may be a faulty switch. Here you will have to contact the service center or replace the faulty part yourself.

If none of the above tips helped you launch your device, nothing else needs to be touched, but it is better to consult a specialist.

The most common breakdown of technology

The lawn mower is sometimes poorly started and many factors affect this. For example, the Husqvarna law mower is not started, McCulloch STIHL lawn mower for almost the same reason.

The main problem is a malfunction in the ignition, carburetor, filters. If after the check it turned out that the fuel of high.quality in the correct volume and the air damper is closed, then the lawn mower is sometimes poorly started for reasons:

The spark plug is faulty, flooded. At the same time, the candle is twisted, dried and cleaned with a file, file. The remaining fuels is recommended to drain and dry the hole for the candle. Then insert the gap to a distance of 1 millimeter and screw the candle. It will take at least 30 minutes to dry the channel. Dry connection. You need to lubricate with gasoline. this will help sparks to flare up. There is no spark from candles. You need to check the contacts of the candle and wires. With normal contact, the device makes pops, stalls. it means that problems with ignition. In this case, it is better for the user to contact the service center. The presence of clogging in an air filter. It is recommended to extract the broken part and try to start the device without it. In the case of starting a stalled engine, you need to clean or change filters for new. Fuel filter pollution. Way to solve the problem. inspection of the filter element, its replacement

note! No need to operate equipment without filtering elements. Dirty Sapun. It regulates the pressure level in the tank for gasoline

When blocking the noble, the mechanism creates a vacuum. for this reason, the fuel ceases to enter the device. Serious breakdowns in which the technique can overheat and it is necessary to consult specialists: the presence of a jetter of a nozzle, channels in a carburetor. Solution. washing the mechanism using special liquids, blowing the carburetor with air jets. The wear of the gasket. It is enough to replace the part of the new. Damaged tightness. Diagnosis is carried out by a tonometer. With stable pressure. everything is fine with the mechanism, if it subsides over time, then you need to find a damaged part as soon as possible and change.

The above breakdowns are the most popular for 2019, as well as the answer to the question: “Why can the lawn mower overheat?””.

Possible problems

Unfortunately, gasoline generators after a long downtime may fail. And not all users understand what the cause of the system malfunction can be hidden. Accordingly, the instructions for operation in attempts to find a solution to the problem are leafed through. But the design of a gasoline generator is not so complicated, and you can find a malfunction without special knowledge. First you should consider the sequence of the generator system. To start the engine, free fuel is necessary and the presence of a spark.

To check the flow of fuel into the cylinder, it is necessary to unscrew the candle and inspect its electrodes. If they are dry, fuel does not come. Drowned electrodes talk about the receipt of gasoline. In some cases, it happens that the candles are filled with fuel at the generator factory. The spark seems to be there, but it is not possible to start the engine. This situation occurs after a prolonged stagnation of the generator. To solve the problem, it is necessary to wipe the candle electrodes dry and tighten back. Next, you need to check the presence of a spark. To do this, you will need to insert it into the mouthpiece and connect the outer electrode to any engine metal element.

Only must be connected at a long distance from the twisting place. Otherwise, the spark that appeared can erupt from gasoline fumes from the cylinder. After the Electrode of the candle is attached, you need to pull the starter. If there is a spark, then everything is in order. If the spark does not appear, you will have to look for a solution to the problem on a more global scale, since the absence of a spark speaks of the wear of the candles or malfunction of the generator electrician. This is proposed to familiarize yourself with several ways to eliminate problems in the absence of a generator factory.

  • In the presence of incoming fuel and sparks, it is necessary to wipe the candle with the subsequent twist. And again make an instruction according to the rules.
  • If the candle is dry after twisting, you can make a technical injection. This will require a syringe of 1 or 2 cubes. Gasoline is pumped into it, which subsequently poured into the cylinder. Next, the candle is quickly twisted, a mouthpiece is put on it, a plant is produced. With this approach, the engine will start from the 1st or 2nd attempt. But with further work it may stall. If, after all, the generator stalls, you will have to contact the service center.
  • If suddenly there is no sparks of the candle, and it was not possible to get it by replacing the mouthpiece, it means that the electrical system of the generator is necessary. And only a specialist will be able to fix the device.

Often, users, faced with a non.working system of the generator, begin to disassemble it and view the internal state. However, experts first of all recommend checking the oil level and the presence of fuel. In some cases, the generator stops working when clogging an air filter. It is not so difficult to clean it with your own hands, and to establish its location, it is enough to see the instruction manual.

Similarly, the solution to the problem if the fuel filter is polluted. It is also required to clean or replace it. If suddenly the generator engine after manipulations does not start, the problem is probably the problem of carburetor’s contamination.

In the next video you will see how to make a gasoline generator correctly.

Removing and disassembling the starter, replacing broken parts

To repair the starter of the trimmer for the grass, it first needs to be disassembled, and then collect it. This process is not particularly complicated. You will need to work the shape of the screwdriver.

Everything should be done carefully, observing precautions, especially so that the spring does not injure the owner in case of accidental departure

Starting analysis

Disassemble the starter mechanism to install new parts instead of broken in the following sequence:

Unscrew the screw that attaches the pulley with the starter lid using a screwdriver; Remove the spring and antennae; Carefully remove the pulley (you need to turn your head or work, after putting on your glasses and gloves); Determine why the trigger worked; If the spring fell apart almost completely, it is replaced; Когда пружина выходит из крючка, она устанавливается на прежнее место, предварительно сгибая антенну (фотографии показывают процесс установки);

After the spring plate is installed inside the groove, carefully tighten it. To change the spring, the work must be performed carefully and accurately: it can accidentally explode under the influence of the force caused by its bringing into effect

Even if you carefully remove the video, the spring tape is very quickly torn off the coil and can injure the hand with sharp edges

To change the spring, the work must be performed carefully and accurately: it can accidentally explode under the influence of the force caused by its bringing into effect. Even if you carefully remove the video, the spring tape is very quickly torn off the coil and can injure the hand with sharp edges.

Immediately put in place a spring plate does not always work. This often slips, so attempts should be repeated to achieve the desired result.

Starter assembly

The assembly of the starting installation is carried out in several stages:

The coil turns over, installing it so that the bend of the spring accurately fits into the groove of the case, as in the photo below;

When making the above manipulations, it is necessary to put two goals. If this is not done, the spring will ultimately damage the plastic cup, and when it is removed, jamming will begin. This makes you feel that spring has come. To eliminate this drawback, it is necessary to install this part of a larger length or an additional goal.

When such details are not enough, you can just unscrew the screw a little, and the starter assembly will start working without fixing. But this option is temporary. It is better to repair it as soon as possible.

Spring tension

After installing the spring, tighten it. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • Then the rope is inserted into the groove of the coil;
  • The spring is delayed by the rotation of the turn in the opposite direction clockwise (winding);
  • Make the required number of revolutions specified in the operating instructions for the used trimmer model for grass, and the corresponding length of the cord used;
  • At the very end, the rope is lowered into the hole provided for this, located in the starter cover;
  • Place the handle in place by fixing it with a node.

Read what gasoline is pouring into the Husqvarna lawn mower

If after the repair the spring continues to fly, you can get rid of it in the following ways:

  • Insert the corresponding piece of the plate into the groove at the location of the spring hook;
  • Drill holes on both sides of the groove in the coil, into which you need to insert a spring hook and fix it with wire.

Replacing a torn cord

A torn cable is replaced in the following sequence:

  • The old cord is removed;
  • Choose a rope of a suitable size (thickness and length);
  • Having passed it through a special hole located in the coil, tie a knot;
  • Spring valve producing the required number of revolutions;
  • Fix the pen

It is better to tighten the spring plate with Partner so that the edge of the cord does not twist inside the starter mechanism.

It is not difficult to assemble a starter on a trimmer and wound a spring, but this must be done carefully and carefully. For different models of gasoline engines, the breakdown of the starting mechanisms are the same, so they are repaired the same

However, there are some nuances associated with their constructive features.

Damage to the fork

Starter fork is a special lever made of plastic or metal material. Participates in the transfer of efforts from the retracting relay to the starter. The breakdown of this part leads to the impossibility of starting the engine, since the overall coupling does not advance.

  • wear of the mounting details. it is especially difficult to deal with a plastic fork, since the worn pins cannot be brewed and you have to replace the entire element;
  • overheating of the starter. due to jamming of the overall coupling or faulty contacts, the starter does not turn off after the engine starts and breaks the fork;
  • The overexposure of the ignition key is the same result, but the part is already damaged by the human factor.

It is noteworthy that on modern machines in which noise insulation is perfectly carried out, the forks of the starters break more often. Why? The fact is that the driver simply does not notice the start of the engine and continues to turn the key.

Useful information for those who do not have a trimmer for grass after winter

Why does a trimmer not start for the grass after wintering ? What are the main reasons for this problem?

Benzotrimmer may not start due to the fact that the fuel remained in the tank last year, which, simply put, was exhausted. Two signs may indicate this: the candle is dry and there is a spark. To eliminate this problem, you just need to replace the fuel.

In addition, a gasoline trimmer for grass after winter starts a little differently. Open the damper and pump up a little gasoline into the carburetor, and then take the handle until you feel some resistance. After that, you can launch.

With a long simple, an air filter can clog. Evidence of it may be the launch of “hot”, after which the trimmer for the grass immediately stalls. Perhaps in the cold season the filter managed to clog with dust. Two options are possible here: first you need to clean it, and if this does not help, then you need to purchase a new filter.

In general, a similar conversation should begin with the fact that after the purchase of a garden benchmain tool it would be better to get to know the instructions attached to it initially. Then many problems could have been avoided. But since this happened a gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start, you need to look for sources of inoperability. And in this article we will consider the main reasons why the trimmer for the grass is not started by the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as tell the general recommendations for such a tool.

Start with banal! We will figure out how to properly start a gasoline trimmer for grass. Maybe such that the reason lies here.

WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12 Inch Grass Trimmer

First you need to bring a red toggle switch on a trimmer bar for grass to position “i”. This means the inclusion of power supply. Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever on the carburetor and use the fuel “suction” button (looks like a pipette, is on a carburetor). This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Fuel supply lever to return to its original position. At the end, sharply pull the starter handle on yourself. The trimmer for the grass should earn. Try it several times if the first time does not work. If after such manipulations the situation has not changed and a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start, then it is worth it to inspect it on your own first before you lead to the service center. There are two main reasons why the garden trimmer is not started:

The second reason why the garden tool does not work is the fuel ended. On Elinech T750, a fuel tank is located near the motor, but on most trimmers it is there. We unscrew the cap from the tank and pour gasoline there (the most optimal version of the AI-92, it is inexpensive and does not clog the carburetor as AI-76). Do not forget to add special oil for engines to the tank, 50 grams on the gas tank is enough, without it the motor will begin to “sneeze” and quickly become unusable. After cover the tank with a cap, wipe the surface of a trimmer for grass with a dry rag and our hands. We also make the above manipulations to include a garden tool.

If the gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start as before, then it makes sense to give it to repair. And the reason for such a solution is simple. if you do not have appropriate skills, the repair of equipment is practically impossible.

In order for the tool to serve as long as possible and do not arise such malfunctions, you should first get acquainted with the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass

Also, pay special attention to the engine time for the grass for the grass. make a short break every 15 minutes of work and, finally, take care of the tool correctly, wipe it after work, lubricate with graphite lubricant. Observing such simple rules, you can significantly increase the life of the tool and it is quite possible that you will not have to look for the reasons why the gasoline trimmer is not started for grass. Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Prerequisites and their elimination

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Prerequisites and their elimination

In the near future, the gasoline trimmer for the grass got the status of the 1st of the main tools in the arsenal of summer residents. And this is logical, because a motorized braid for grass allows you to quickly put a personal plot in order. But from time to time it happens that a trimmer for grass does not start hot and even cool. In such situations, it is necessary without the help of others to establish the cause of the malfunction. Let’s find out what to do if a trimmer does not start for grass. The prerequisites, which more often lead to such troubles, will be considered further.

Features of starting from a cold and hot engine

To start the engine, several processes occur in the device at the same time. The fuel mixture begins to enter the engine piston, it is compressed and ignited by the spark plug. At the same time, the quality of the air mixture differs, starting with cold and hot internal combustion engines.

If the normal level of air is sufficient in preheated condition, it is not enough in the cold state. In this situation, you need to tighten the starter repeatedly, which leads to the wear of his cable. There is a special valve in the carburetor for regulating air mass. In cold weather, it must be completely opened, if necessary, download fuel directly to the carburetor using a primer. This will accelerate the launch of the chainsaw and reduce the risk of breakdown of its main components.

How to keep a tool?

There are several ways to make a chainsaw work. The easiest option. Place the tool on an even surface, take the upper handle with your left hand, while maintaining protection for the legs. The second method. Hold the upper handle of the saw with your hand and fix the back between the legs. This position is suitable only for low.power and compact models of household chainsaws.

How to hold a chainsaw

Check the oil supply

So that the chain glides along the headset, there is a special oil tank in the engine crankcase. He supplies oil to the bus. Its work is controlled by a special pump, which starts with an increase in the engine speed. To check the feed and operation of the lubrication process, it is necessary to remove the side protection of the tire, start the tool. If the oil enters the headset and decreases in the tank (check using the buttons), no action is required. If the mixture is not enough, it is recommended to clean or replace the filter, and then adjust the flow.

Distinctive features of the factory of different brands

In some models, the launch system may vary slightly. The main difference is the location of the main elements on the case (the presence or absence of a primer, the number of bolts for tensioning the chain, etc. D.), As well as the proportions of the fuel mixture. After receiving the tool, you should carefully read the instructions that always indicate the algorithm of the first launch, stamping and the frequency of preventive measures.

Features of the winter start

Before starting work in winter, it is recommended to first bring the chainsaw to the warm room for 10-15 minutes. If this is not possible, run the tool at idle by pressing the air damper in the middle position. Increase engine power only after preliminary heating. Some models have the opportunity to switch air flow for the summer and winter. This is the best solution if you often work in the forest at any time of the year.

Is it possible to start without a starter?

It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter. In the absence of this element, technological disorders will occur during engine cooling, as it contains the so.called “snail”, which regulates the supply of cold air from the flywall of the flywheel to the engine cylinder.

How to start a trimmer for grass (lawn mower) without a starter?

Starting a trimmer for grass without a hand starter is not so difficult. If the starter breaks, it doesn’t matter which brand Stihl, Huter, Champion. To do this, we need an electric drill and a bat and the size of the nut that you wind up on the output shaft of braids for grass. Next, we just try to start a trimmer for the grass with an electric drill. Now I think you have an answer to the question: how can you start a trimmer for grass without a starter?

My motorcycle has a chick 713 on a coil. What does it mean? How to choose a reel in parameters motorcycles?

This is the undermining of the industry of disposable Chinese starters. Thanks for the video, I suffered with the starters, shook the springs, cut my fingers, ordered new ones, and now I will conquer exclusively by your method. Without torment.

Will have to do the same, Zaeb.whether these disposable starters.

You are here at all, everything is not in yourself!? The starter for the Chinese braid costs 350 rubles, there is even cheaper even.

I went to see the srach in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and saw gratitude and degradation.

This is good, but if not, EL energy and screwdriver.

The gear drill is not enough for a long time! Tested on personal experience!

The neighbor started a scooter in this way. After some time, he gave the drill to my spare parts. The collector was vomited alive. Good luck.

【Airbike】Orange trimmer use effect show,The most powerful trimmer

Good afternoon! Thank you very much, why are the rationalizers of the video silent. Guys, I want to tell you, maybe the idea is good, even wonderful, but the video on the subject of a headache in the future probably should not be. Not only will the starter have to buy, but also the crankshaft, then it is better to buy a new lawn mower, which is trifling there. I believe that the video should be posted into people only when it is 100% benefit, and not vice versa. And then such amateurs, like me, will save 1500r, and then they will be invested by 6000r. Alexey again thank you very much for the answer and for the warning. It’s not for nothing that this oscillation was so alerted. Then please tell me, I started such an image of a motorcycle one 5 times, nothing or still I need to disassemble and check.

Good afternoon! I have a problem of this kind. When I conquer a trimmer for grass without a starter, a drill, a bolt in the starter case is all the time, why? This is not dangerous for the shaft? In short, you wrap a nut to the shaft, and I screw a bolt with an elongated head at 10, exactly as much as the drill captures and I have this bolt all the time, as I did not delay it. Began to worry not to break this bolt in this way? I have a trimmer for Makita grass, so there is probably a hole with a thread from the starter’s body, and not the thread, as you have under your nut. Please tell me that I don’t spoil my assistant

The starter broke and as a result made as a video, the idea of ​​a worker, but the screwdriver did not pull it, I had to be a drill, thanks

How to start a trimmer for grass without a starter with an electric screwdriver

It often happens that the starter on the trimmer is out of order, on Chinese braids due to the quality of the details, because the price there is low, and on elite trimmers due to “even hands” or after a large number of time in operation.

One way or another, a trimmer for the grass can be easily launched without a starter with an ordinary electric screwdriver and a head.

If the starter cannot be saved, then we tear off the entire inside of the starter and cut the head hole in the center, well, screw the starter body backward.

That’s how it should work out, but it will come out much more carefully than in the photo