How to Start an Efco Stark Gas Trimmer

The two-stroke lawn mowing machine from the Italian brand is ideal for domestic use for mowing grass, a small shrub in the garden, park, along fences, houses where the lawnmower cannot pass. Recommended area of ​​the plot is 10-15 acres. This model combines power, reliability, ergonomics.

Features of the Efco Stark 25 Lawn Mowers

  • Engine Burn Right – low emissions of harmful substances into the environment, reduced by 75%. The operator’s work is less harmful and fuel consumption is reduced by 40%.
  • Italian assembly and development.
  • Convenient two-handed control handle oblique, resembles the shape of a bicycle steering wheel, optimal design for work, which creates additional comfort for the operator.
  • Minimal vibration during operation – the design of the spit is perfectly balanced when transmitting torque from the engine to the stem.
  • Maximum gearbox torque transmission, losses are minimized thanks to bevel gears.
  • Maintenance-free aluminum gearbox. Follow the maintenance schedule, it is recommended that every 30 hours check the lubrication level in the gearbox.
  • It is equipped with a spool with fishing line, ideal for mowing light grass, and a steel 3-serrated knife that can cope with tall, hard grass, medium shrubs, and overgrown trees. In a word, you yourself choose the best nozzle when doing the job.
  • Ergonomics of management at the highest level, all management is, in the literal sense, in your hands, this is a power switch and a gas lever.
  • We recommend installing the fishing line on the trimmer head no more than 2.4 mm.
  • The modest overall dimensions and the small weight of 6.2 kg allow you to easily transport it in any passenger car.
  • Electronic ignition system, provides easy engine start.
  • Since a two-stroke engine is installed on the gas trimmer, the saw is fueled with a mixture of AI-92 gasoline plus a fuel additive. The proportions of the mixture are 1 share of the additive and 50 (or 40) parts of gasoline, i.E. 5 (or 4) liters of gasoline are mixed with 0.1 liters of additive, depending on the brand of additive. Be sure to observe the proportions of the mixture, the engine life directly depends on the quality of the mixture. And it is recommended to store the finished mixture for no more than 1 month, so calculate how much you use the mixture before mixing, so that you don’t pour it later. Refueling the chainsaw with clean gasoline and working on it will lead to jamming of the piston group. In this case, the warranty does not apply.
  • One-piece steel shaft transmits torque from the engine to the gearbox. As a result, improving the reliability of the unit.
  • Options: a spool with fishing line, a steel knife for mowing dense thickets and small bushes, a three-point shoulder bag (the braid load is evenly distributed over two shoulders) and plus a plastic hip protection.
  • Two years warranty from the manufacturer from the time of purchase.
  • Recommendations for maintenance and operation: 1) Cleaning the air filter after every 10 hours of operation. 2) Clean the trimmer after work. 3) It is not recommended to store the fuel mixture in the system for a long time, we recommend no more than 1 month. Since a chemical reaction occurs and flakes appear that can clog the carburetor and you cannot start the unit.

Motor rated power

Fishing line / metal knife.

AI-92 gasoline additive.

Two-stroke Burn Right (lowered harmful exhaust and fuel consumption).

Fishing line width


Motor rated power 0.73 kW. / 1.0 h.P.
Cutting tool fishing line / metal knife.
Mower class semi-professional.
Type of bar one-piece straight.
Drive shaft rigid steel.
Handle (steering wheel) bicycle (two-handed).
Mower control The gas lever is on the steering wheel. The ignition button is on the steering wheel.
Steering wheel adjustment horizontally and vertically.
Anti-vibration system there is.
Engine starting manual starter.
Easy engine start no.
Fuel type AI-92 gasoline additive.
Fuel tank capacity 0.75 liters.
Engine volume 25.4 cm3.
Engine model Efco.
Engine’s type two-stroke Burn Right (lowered harmful exhaust and fuel consumption).
Engine cooling airborne.
Fishing line width 40 cm
The ability to install additional equipment no.
Equipment – Spool with fishing line. – A metal knife. – Shoulder strap. – A set of keys. – User manual.
Packaging cardboard box.
Producing country Italy.
Weight 6.2 kg
Barbell diameter 26 mm.
Guarantee 2 years.

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  • Lawn mowing. DAEWOO DABC 4ST petrol trimmer

Since the end of the last century, the Italian company has been producing Efko trimmers. This device is a device for treating a lawn and a personal plot.

How to Start an Efco Stark Gas Trimmer

Gasoline Efco

The Efco petrol trimmer is an apparatus for removing grass and shrubs. It is used where simple mowers cannot work, for example, around flower beds, under garden tools, in areas with an uneven surface. The gas trimmer varies in engine power, purpose, performance. The Efco mower can be household, semi-professional and professional.

  • High performance;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Availability of spare parts;
  • Small sizes;
  • Profitability.

Efco stark 25

Efco Stark 25 – a household gas mower. It copes well with low grass in medium-sized areas. Stark 25 has a large gas tank and rationally consumes fuel. Thanks to the elongated rod and the loop-shaped handle, the operator does not get tired during work, should not go in a bent position. The tool can mow wet grass.

The engine has an air cooling system and a chrome cylinder. The crankshaft and connecting rod are made of steel. The device works without noise and vibration. There is a system of forced injection of fuel into the carburetor. On the Stark 25 model, a reel with a three-millimeter fishing line, a gear knife and other nozzles can be installed.

  1. Engine power – 1 hp
  2. Passage of fishing line – 25 cm.
  3. The volume of the fuel tank is 750 ml.
  4. The Efco Stark 25 trimmer weighs 6.2 kg.

Electric Efco

The electric trimmer Efco is equipped with a system to lock and shut off the motor when a short circuit occurs. Trimmer has many advantages:

  1. Bearings are installed on the wheels, which contributes to a smooth ride and patency over a complex terrain.
  2. The Efco trimmer has convenient cutting height adjustment.
  3. It works silently.
  4. A fuse prevents the device from starting up accidentally.
  5. There is a motor protection against water and dust.
  6. The device has compact dimensions.
  7. The handle is folding.

The disadvantage is the high price of trimmers, wiring problems. The electrical wire may become tangled; its length may not be enough to process a large area. The wheels are made of plastic, so they do not have sufficient strength.

Electric mowers come with a plastic and steel case. Designs can be self-propelled and non-self-propelled, with different electric motor power, different deck widths and cutting tool options.

The principle of operation is that 4 wheels hold a sturdy housing of the device. The engine is located on top, a knife is mounted on its shaft, which cuts the stems. During operation, it rotates. For self-propelled units, the wheels are equipped with a drive.

The grass catcher can be removed and shaken out. It is made of plastic or fabric with a hard edge, which simplifies its emptying.

When the engine is turned on, the blade of the rotary knife begins to rotate, cuts off the grass, which enters the hopper with air flow. Some models are equipped with a mulching function. In this case, the grass catcher is cleaned, and the grass is crushed and crumbles on the ground as fertilizer.

The Efco 8061 trimmer is a household lawn mower. The design has a curved bar, it can mow grass in hard to reach places under benches, along fences. The handle has a comfortable grip, the device is well balanced, the operator will be able to work for several hours without getting tired. The design is equipped with an electric motor that works from the mains, the shaft is all-metal, non-separable. No noise and exhaust fumes. The controls are conveniently located.

  1. Power – 600 watts.
  2. The diameter of the rod is 2.2 cm.
  3. Fishing line capture – 0.35 m.
  4. The weight of the mower is 3.2 kg.

Efco 8110

The Efco 8110 trimmer represents the most powerful model of the Efko brand. It has a curved connecting part, inside of which there is a steel flexible shaft. The device mows low grass. Like many electric mowers, it needs to be supplemented with an extension cord for the electric wire.

Built-in thermal protection system that prevents overloading the motor. The design is equipped with a folding bar, which is adjusted to the growth of the operator. The case is durable. External parts have anti-corrosion coatings. The device may mow wet grass. There is a lock to protect against accidental shutdown.

  1. Engine power – 1100 watts.
  2. Mowing width – 35 cm.
  3. The thickness of the cord is 2 mm.
  4. Mower weight 4.5 kg.

Efco 8092

The Efco 8092 trimmer can be used both as a household appliance and in public utilities. The device is equipped with an electric motor, which provides good speed. The motor is protected from water and dust, which extends the life of the device. The device has good maneuverability, can work between trees and shrubs.

  1. The electric motor power is 0.9 kW.
  2. The width of the mowing strip is 330 mm.
  3. Grass catcher capacity – 25 l.
  4. The body is made of polypropylene.
  5. The weight of the mower is 1.3 kg.
  6. The mower has 3 mowing levels of 20 mm, 36 mm and 52 mm.

Efco 8130

The Efco 8130 trimmer has an adjustable handle that allows you to set the desired height depending on the height of the operator. The device has an automatic thermal switch that protects the engine from overheating. There is a protective cover that protects the operator from exposure to electricity.

  1. Power – 1.3 kW.
  2. The diameter of the rod is 22 mm.
  3. The engine is electric.
  4. The cutting element is a fishing line 2 mm thick.
  5. D-shaped handle.
  6. Noise level – 88 dB.
  7. The drive shaft is flexible.
  8. Engine location – top.
  9. The weight of the mower is 4.5 kg.
  10. Cutting width – 34 cm.

Prices and analogues

The Efko 8061 mower costs 6,590 rubles, the Efko 8110 mower – 9,680 rubles, the Efko 8130 mower – 12,419 rubles. The Efko mowers are analogous to MTD, Katana, Lynx, Mega and others. Their cost is from 6490 to 9500 rubles.