How To Start The Trimmer

Preparing the petrol trimmer for work

Before you start working with your lawn mower, there are a few steps you need to take to get the tool ready for use.

Why the lawn mower stalls?

Depending on at what point the trimmer stalls, the reasons may be different.

How to cut grass with fishing line

Cutting with a trimmer that has a line or line is safer than using knives. However, the work efficiency will be lower. It is better to always select consumables for specific tasks and combine their use.

When working with a gasoline trimmer that has a line installed, follow these tips:

  • Mow about 10 cm above the ground;
  • First, mowing the upper part of the grass, and then cutting off the stem at the base. this will help to avoid winding on the working part;
  • It is better to drive the unit in the same direction in which the coil rotates;
  • When mowing the lawn, it is better to work with the ends of the line to reduce the load on the engine;
  • After every 15 minutes of work, you need to give the gas trimmer a rest.

How To Start The Trimmer

Why the lawn mower won’t start?

If the petrol trimmer cannot be started or it stalls immediately, you need to check the ignition by removing the spark plug. A dry candle means that the problem lies in the system responsible for the fuel supply. A wet plug indicates a malfunction of the ignition system. If carbon is visible on the candle, you need to clean it or replace it.

Clogged air filter can be another cause. If it is contaminated with oil, it must be cleaned, washed and dried.


It happens that the lawn mower stalls after some time after starting. The reasons may be:

  • Incorrectly adjusted carburetor;
  • Dirty carburetor, filter or throttle valve;
  • Air in the carburetor system;
  • Malfunction in the ignition system;
  • Lack of gasoline.

Lawn mower. how to replace the fishing line?

If your line is not enough to cut tough grass or shrubbery, you can try installing a reinforced line. Another alternative is a disc with knives. It is suitable for working even with young trees and tough shoots.

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The reason why the trimmer fails may be:

  • Overfilling the tank;
  • Excessive pumping of fuel into engines equipped with a manual supercharger;
  • Wear in the motor of valves, cylinders, injectors, cam followers and other moving parts;
  • The tanks are out of gasoline and / or oil;
  • Spark plugs out of order;
  • Clogged fuel or air filters;
  • The valves in the motor are out of alignment or burnt.

Starting the lawn mowers for the first time or after a long period of inactivity

A lawn mower differs from a trimmer in that it is not a fishing line that acts as a grass cutter, but a mechanical gearbox or a gear-based winch equipped with a knife. The knife drive is much more powerful than the forestry mechanism. a powerful lawn mower is also used when cutting bushes. Both Chinese and European lawn mowers are no different when the declared power is real.

Litol or grease is used to lubricate the gears of the gearbox. After checking the gearbox, prepare the motor itself for work. according to the above instructions. If the start fails, the problem is already in the engine.

How to start a petrol trimmer?

  • Prerequisites
  • How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?
  • Starting the lawn mowers for the first time or after a long period of inactivity
  • Adding fuel through the spark plug holes
  • Checking the ignition system
  • Cleaning the engine
  • Checking the integrity of the spark arrester
  • Unstable carburetor operation
  • Draining fuel from the gas tank

How to start the trimmer correctly is a question that owners are puzzled with in the event of a device breakdown. And after a successful repair of the trimmer, the owner tries to avoid repeating the same situation.

How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?

The new trimmer is easy to commission.

  • Check the motor type of the device. Trimmers are equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke motor.
  • Buy oil for this type of motor. Gasoline for a trimmer. AI-92/93/98, sold at all gas stations.
  • Mix oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 34 with petrol, synthetics. in a 1: 50 ratio. Follow the trimmer manufacturer’s recommendations for oil viscosity (see label on the flask). All-season oil 5W-30 is used more often. Do not use untested car oils.
  • Pour a small amount (e.G. 0.5 liters) of the resulting fuel into the tank.
  • Close the air damper by sliding the desired lever (see instructions).
  • Turn the ignition key (or handle) to the on position. otherwise the trimmer will not start. Beginners often make this mistake.
  • Pump some fuel into the carburetor. if there is a manual "rocker" with a separate button or lever (see the Instruction). It takes 4-7 clicks.
  • Place the trimmer on a level surface.
  • Pull on the starter cord carefully until you feel it slow down. Then pull it out sharply, but not completely. Repeat this movement up to 4 more times.
  • If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, otherwise the candles will flood with gasoline with further movements of the cord. Perform 2-3 attempts to start the engine with an open handbrake.
  • If the engine still does not start, close the throttle and make several more attempts to start it.
  • After starting the engine, press the throttle lever with idle.
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Adding fuel through the spark plug holes

If the trimmer engine does not have manual pumping and the device does not start, add some fuel to the engine itself through the spark plugs. Do the following.

  • Check if the fuel level in the tank is sufficient to drain a small amount. It only takes 20 ml.
  • Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it with a candle wrench.
  • If the spark plug is dirty on a used trimmer, rinse and ignite it. There should be no deposits on the spark plug electrodes. Do not damage the center conductor ceramic insulator. In a new trimmer, check the spark plugs for a factory defect.
  • Return the spark plug back and check the spark ignition (discharge between the electrodes) when the starter is triggered.
  • Remove the candle again. Using a 20 or 50 cc syringe, pour 20 ml gasoline into the plug hole.
  • Insert and fix the candle, setting the value of its technological gap not less and not more than a millimeter.
  • Pump up fuel using the fuel pump button (or lever). if your trimmer model has one. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the engine. Close the air damper immediately after starting.

Starting lawn mowers with cold engine

To start the mower for the first time, locate the choke lever and place it in the closed position. Turn on the ignition on the handle. If your model has a manual fuel pump, popularly called suction, then press it 3-5 times until you see the fuel mixture inside the primer. The tool is now ready to run. Lay the trimmer on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Smoothly pull the starter rope until you feel its resistance, and then pull the rope towards you with a sharp movement 3-5 times.

If the engine starts after 5 jerks, open the choke. If this does not happen, open the air damper anyway (if the damper is open and you continue trying to start the engine, the fuel will flood the spark plug and have to dry it, and this is a waste of time).

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If the engine does not start when the throttle is open, close it and continue pulling the cord. The first start can be quite difficult and require up to 15 jerks. After the engine has started to work, press the throttle lever once, so you engage idle speed. Now let the engine run and warm up. After that it can be stopped by pressing the "Stop" button.

Fuel mixture and refueling

For the convenience of preparing the fuel mixture, it is better to have a special canister, where one part contains gasoline, and the other contains 2-stroke oil. We recommend getting one like this, it is very convenient to use

Next, take a measuring container with a scale applied to it, with its help you can prepare the mixture as accurately and quickly as possible. Look in the instructions what brand of gasoline and 2-stroke oil are recommended by the manufacturer of your lawn mowers. Pour gasoline and oil into a container for preparing a fuel mixture, according to the proportions indicated in the instructions. Then carefully pour the prepared mixture through a funnel into the trimmer fuel tank. The ratio of gasoline and oil should be exactly as indicated in the instructions. This is a very important point.!

How to start a petrol trimmer

The process of putting lawn mowers into operation, whether you bought it now or got it after winter storage, the rules listed below will allow you to avoid major mistakes that can damage the tool.

Let’s say you just bought a petrol trimmer. Take the instructions out of the box and see if you have all the parts listed for the lawn mower. After that you can start building.

Starting a warm engine

It’s very simple. Move the switch to the working position and pull the cord before starting. If you do everything according to the instructions, then there should be no problems with starting a working lawn mower.

Basic startup errors

Let’s list the main mistakes that beginners make when starting a gasoline trimmer:

  • Starting the engine with the ignition off;
  • Starting with a closed damper with more than 5 jerks;
  • Incorrectly made fuel mixture.