How to String a Chain on a Champion Chainsaw

One of the high-quality Chinese-made chainsaws is the Champion 137 saw. We will consider it in this review. Consider the application of this model, design features and self-repair.

Appointment Champion 137

The chainsaw is for domestic use only. She can work in the country, use it for trimming branches or harvesting firewood for barbecue. Champion 137 is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, as this is the lightest saw in the Champion range of household chainsaws.

The manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of this chainsaw in our country are rarely implemented, but because Champion 137 can be found on sawmills where they cut the croaker. Private offices, which are engaged in the procurement and sale of firewood to the public, also often use this chainsaw.

How to String a Chain on a Champion Chainsaw

Design features

Champion 137 does not have any design features, everything is made as simple and cheap as possible. The engine is ordinary. a two-stroke, carburetor membrane, starter without additional springs, but this does not mean that the chainsaw is bad. It is pleasant to hold it in your hands and it starts up no worse than the household model of Huskvarna, for example, the 236th.

Minor improvements are still available, this is an additional fuel pump, which is designed to facilitate starting after a long period of inactivity, as well as a chain tension regulator mounted on the side cover, which is quite convenient.

In the latest versions of Champion 137, the manufacturer added a top cover hatch through which you can access the air filter and the candle without using an additional tool. Conveniently? Of course, it is convenient, because previously it was necessary every time when you need to check the cleanliness of the air filter, unscrew the 4 screws that secure the top cover and remove it completely.

Saw controls are made as simple as possible, there are no combined levers and other things. Separate choke control lever, which is mounted on the housing to the right of the rear handle. Reliable and not expensive button ignition switch.

At first glance, the saw becomes clear that this is a budget option without any bells and whistles. Below you can watch a video test of the Champion 137 saw.


  • user’s manual;
  • warranty card;
  • headset set (bar and chain);
  • combination candle key;
  • a screwdriver to adjust the carburetor (not always);
  • tire protective cover;
  • fuel canister.

According to the manufacturer’s information indicated on the official website, Champion 137 configurations that are available from sellers may differ from the official configuration.


There are no luxury options for the Champion 137 chainsaw, but when buying spare parts, you should pay attention to the production date of your model and be sure to inform its seller of spare parts.

Over the entire life of Champion 137, it has been upgraded at least three times. It updated the details of the case, making the saw more attractive and ergonomic.


Champion 137 cannot boast of excessive power or cutting speed. Compared with the chainsaw leaders in the domestic segment, its characteristics are average.

Engine power is 1.55 kW, maximum speed is 12,500, these are good indicators, but nevertheless some household models give a little more.

The volume of the oil tank is 0.21 liters, the fuel tank is 0.31. Saw chain in 3/8 inch increments, 1.3 mm wide link and 56 links long. Saw weight 4.5 kg.

DIY repair

Champion 137 can be repaired both in the service center and independently. Typical malfunctions of this model are as follows:

Video: How to String a Chain on a Champion Chainsaw

  • lack of spark;
  • cessation of fuel supply;
  • carburetor malfunctions (blockages, defects in the nozzle valve, defects in the membranes of the main chamber and fuel pump);
  • air leaks into the crankcase through the gasket or oil seals;
  • depressurization of the carburetor.

If you have some experience, you can diagnose and fix the malfunction yourself.

If the chainsaw for some reason does not hold or is gaining speed at idle, this is the first sign of air leaking into the crankcase or carburetor. It is impossible to work with a saw with such a malfunction, since overheating and jamming of the engine will follow.

How to disassemble Champion 137

In order to disassemble Champion 137 yourself, you need to know only two basic rules:

  1. The flywheel and clutch are unscrewed along the chainsaw.
  2. In order to block the crankshaft from turning, you need to use a special corkscrew or cord with knots imposed on it, which is installed through the spark plug hole and blocks the piston stroke.

Chainsaw parts are removed in the following order;

  • top cover;
  • starter and chain brake cover;
  • flywheel and clutch;
  • carburetor and silencer;
  • engine.

When assembling, the reverse sequence must be observed.

The chainsaw of the Champion 137 chainsaw should be installed on the red sealant, and the sealant should not be used anywhere else.

If the carburetor gaskets and spacers were damaged during the analysis of the Champion 137 chainsaw, then they must be replaced during assembly, otherwise the saw will suck in air and all repairs will be in vain.

In order to check the crankshaft oil seals for air leaks in the absence of a special tool, the following procedure can be used.

Remove the flywheel, the clutch and the carburetor from the chainsaw, and then use the syringe to pour kerosene into the engine crankcase (if there is no kerosene, then you can use the fuel mixture), while doing this, visually inspect the seals for smudges. If there are smudges, then the seals are defective and must be replaced.

Champion 137 Chainsaw Carb Adjustment

Adjustment can correct the situation only when there is no air leakage and clogging of the fuel system in the saw, and the chainsaw continues to gain speed at idle or does not develop speed and full power.

The Champion 137 carburetor is diaphragm and has three standard adjusting screws (H), (T) and (L). Proper configuration is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • with the engine turned off, all screws except (T) are set to a position of 1.5-2 turns from a fully twisted state;
  • the saw is started and allowed to warm up for several minutes;
  • turning the screw (L) find the maximum number of idle turns, then loosen the screw by ¼ turn;
  • the screw (T) adjusts the idle speed to 3000, if the adjustment is made without a tachometer, the screw (T) is unscrewed until the chain on the saw stops turning;
  • twisting screw (H) sets 12,500 rpm, if there is no tachometer, then the maximum rpm is found when the throttle is fully open, after which the screw is twisted one quarter of a turn.

A properly adjusted carburetor ensures stable engine idling and makes it responsive.

Champion 137 User Manual

For those who have never dealt with chainsaws and don’t know how to properly prepare the saw for work, pull the chain, start, with each Champion 137 saw comes instructions. After reading the recommendations, you can get basic knowledge that will not spoil the tool, as well as protect yourself from injury.

The official instruction manual for the chainsaw can be downloaded in our catalog.

Owner reviews

Alexander. 45 years. Beloyarsk.

For more than a year and a half I have been the owner of Champion 137. I really like the saw, although she rarely works, only when it is necessary to prepare firewood for the barbecue and bath. For the entire time that I own this saw, she failed only once. As it turned out later, I myself violated the launch algorithm and filled the candle. After reading the instructions, I found out how to purge the engine after an unsuccessful start attempt and started the saw myself, though it smoked for a while, but then the exhaust returned to normal. I am pleased with the saw I recommend.

Ivan 56 years old. Kursk.

I bought Champion 137 after my Stihl 180 broke, and the repair cost was equivalent to buying Champion 137. Now I’m a little sorry. As soon as you take Champion in your hands, you can immediately feel the difference with Calm. The saw starts up hot worse, it cuts worse, but I reassure myself that I paid almost twice less for it than the new Stihl 180 costs. Most likely, this saw will suit those who have not previously dealt with chainsaws.


Champion 137 chainsaw is a good tool for its price niche. Its capacity is sufficient to carry out tasks that may arise in the country or in the private economy, it is not designed for more, and is not capable of it because of the low motor resource.