How to Swap a Moser Trimmer Battery

Replacing the watch battery: the Chronostudio watch service center professionally replaces the watch battery with any difficulty of opening with a high-quality certified Renata battery (battery).

If you have a question, where and how to replace the battery in a wrist quartz watch, please contact us, we will help!

Change the battery in the watch quickly, the replacement takes place directly with the owner of the watch at the time of treatment.

Battery Warranty – 1 year.

The replacement of the battery in a Swiss watch is carried out while maintaining the tightness of the watch, declared by the manufacturer.

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The price of replacing the battery in a watch in a watch service
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Brand Examples
Swiss watches
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Appella, Certina, Candino, Calvin Klein, Charmex, Continental, Cover, Emporio Armany, Enicar, Festina, Grovana, Guess, Haas, Hugo Boss, Kolber, Sector, Swarovski, Swiss Army, Swiss Military, Tissot, Wenger, Nika

Armand Nicolet, Auguste Reymond, Chanel, Edox, Epos, Eterna, Frederique Constant, Longines, Luis Erard, Marvin, Maurice Lacroix, Mido, NinaRicci, Oris, Revue Thommen, Techno Marine, Gucci

The cost of replacing a battery in a Swiss watch depends on several factors:

1. Categories of watches (watches are conventionally divided into five categories according to cost, complexity, elitism, case manufacturing material).
2. The presence of additional devices (watches with a chronograph, perpetual calendar, etc.).
3. The difficulty of accessing the battery (monocoque).

For example: you have a watch "Tissot" with a chronograph device. They belong to the 1st category.
The cost of replacing the battery in them will be 800 rubles.

Service hours when replacing the battery:

Simultaneously with the installation of the battery, the watch mechanism is checked for current consumption, all gaskets and seals are treated with silicone grease or, if necessary, replaced with new ones.

All of these works are already included in the cost of installing the battery.

Battery replacement time in hours:

All batteries are available in our watch service.
Installing batteries in almost all hours occurs immediately, at the time of treatment. An exception is the rare category of watches with non-standard opening (more on this below).

Changing the battery in a watch, taking into account all the maintenance work of the watch and checking for leaks, in our service center takes from 10 to 40 minutes.

After carrying out all the procedures, a warranty card is written out indicating the leak test and the warranty period for the watch battery – 1 year.

Replacing the battery in a quartz watch.

At first glance, replacing the battery in a quartz watch seems to be the simplest operation. In fact, the process includes several important and necessary for long trouble-free operation of quartz hours of action. How to change the battery in the watch so that the watch continues to walk properly, does not let water through, remains in the same excellent condition as it was before the replacement, more on that below:

The process of opening the case of a Swiss watch is not always a simple task, as it might seem.

Even the elementary unscrewing of the screw holding the back cover, you need to learn. To successfully complete this task, a high-quality, often special, tool is needed. Screw caps can be of various shapes. Six-five-trihedral, with slots of irregular shape, with holes, they can be made of precious metals, soft and prone to scratches and deformations.

Covers are crackers, open ONLY with special tools and devices. Otherwise, the watch case and the lid itself can suffer very much. An attempt to open such a cover, which is called "on the knee", a screwdriver, a rusty nail, invariably leads to deformation, a deep scratch and breakage of the lid and housing.

The most difficult type of case is a monocoque. Such a case opens through the glass of the dial. For this, a special tool (syringe) is used, which, by pumping pressure into the body, dismantles the glass.

The first thing that the master does is checks the battery in the watch. You must make sure that the battery is really discharged and that it is the cause of the stop or malfunction of the watch. Sometimes the battery leaks and causes corrosion of the mechanism and the current collector contact. After removing the battery, the master examines the current collector contact for oxidation or corrosion.

Video: How to Swap a Moser Trimmer Battery

The scan tool measures the current consumption of the quartz movement. The measurement result is compared with the declared manufacturer. If the current consumption of the mechanism exceeds the norm, the master informs the owner about this and recommends servicing or repairing the mechanism.

If all parameters are normal, an original Renata battery, recommended by Swiss watch manufacturers, is installed in the watch.

The scan tool checks the accuracy of the watch.

After this, the back cover and welt gaskets, the seals of the transfer head are treated with special silicone grease, the watch case is closed and the watch is checked for leaks with a special device. The degree of tightness (30m, 50m, 100m) is determined by the watch manufacturer – this value is indicated on the dial or back cover (if the gaskets and seals are worn, they are replaced with new ones).

Each of the stages of replacing the battery in the watch is important for the final result – the accurate and reliable operation of the clock mechanism, which requires that the craftsmen follow the algorithm of actions.

Dear visitors, hello everyone.

Many of us turn to a watch workshop to replace a watch battery, and thus we do not save our money. After all, there is nothing abstruse here to independently change the battery on the watch. It is necessary to have only the appropriate tool and a small ability to use such a tool.

How to Swap a Moser Trimmer Battery

Watch Battery Replacement Tool

As a necessary tool, in addition to a screwdriver with nozzles (photo 1), you may need a magnifying magnifier with light and a small tweezers.

How to remove the bracelet on the watch

To open the watch cover and then replace the battery, you will need to disconnect the bracelet (photo 2) so that it does not interfere – when replacing the battery.

To do this, a cone-shaped nozzle is selected and then a pin is released (photo 2 on the right) connecting the two halves of the bracelet.

How to open the watch cover

Then, to open the watch’s cover, another nozzle is inserted into the screwdriver, with a slightly curved flat end (photo 3 on the left).

Using a nozzle, we gently pry the lid, which at the same time, opens freely (photo 3 on the right).

How to replace the battery in hours

Using the same nozzle (inserted into a screwdriver), we gently hook the battery and at the same time release the battery from the clamp (photo 4 on the right).

So, you removed the spent battery from the watch (photo 4 on the left) and now, you need to insert a new battery into the corresponding slot. How to do it neatly and correctly is shown in the following photographs.

Now, we need to use tweezers. Using tweezers we take the battery (photo 5 on the left), insert the battery (if it is easier to put it) into the socket (photo 5 on the right)

Then, remove the tweezers to the side, since the tweezers are no longer needed. We insert the nozzle into the screwdriver that we used before (photo 3) and gently press the battery with the nozzle (photo 6 on the right).

As you noticed, the battery is placed under the pressure contact (photo 6 on the left), only after that, the battery is installed in its place.

How to insert a watch cover

There is a small oval notch on the edge of the watch lid (photo 7 on the left). The notch on the watch lid must coincide with the shaft for the movement of the hands (on the watch dial), as shown in the photograph (photo 7 on the right)

These photographs (photo 8, photo 9) show the installation sequence of the cover and how the cover is pressed with your fingers.

How to insert a bracelet-in watch

And the last two photographs (photo 10) show how the pin is inserted into the holes of the bracelet, that is, how the two halves of the bracelet are connected.

As you have seen, you can replace the battery in the watch yourself, at home.

  1. CR2032: 210-230 mAh 3 V 20 x 3.2 mm (standardly installed by manufacturers of boards – thickness 3.1 mm)
  2. CR2025: 150-165 mAh 3 V 20 x 2.5 mm (2.4 mm thick, 0.7 mm less than standard)
  3. CR2016: 80. 90 mAh 3 V 20 x 1.6 mm
  • Battery Type: Lithium.
  • Battery shape: tablet.
  • Their diameter is the same 20 mm. 2 cm.
  • Thickness. Different.

Put a smaller battery. And, accordingly, the volume in the computer’s motherboard is possible, but then you need to slightly press down the pressure plate to the board. Which is also a contact. Conductor. The capacity of CR2016 is two and a half times less than that of CR2032. Accordingly, it will work 2.5 times less time, without taking into account the fact that the quality of batteries varies. The cost of the CR2032 battery depends mainly on the brand. Producer and seller’s greed and ranges from 20-250r per pc.

CR2032 battery in motherboard:

When do I need to change the BIOS battery?

True signs that soon the battery

Finally dies is:

Preliminary signs:

The time on the computer from some moment ceases to correspond to real time. Most often it starts to lag behind, run forward, and have to fail once a week, two.

Clear signs:

  • The computer resets the date and time (or / and when turned on, an error occurs – and to continue downloading, the F1 key is pressed each time), the time is reset to 0-00, and the date is usually the date of the BIOS firmware release;
  • Changed and saved BIOS parameters are reset;
  • Errors occur during power-up, i.E. "Buggy" computer at the very beginning of the download. Until the start of loading the operating system, i.E. Until the moment when control was given to the bootloader from the hard drive.

Replace the battery in a regular computer. As easy as pie:

Replacing the battery in the BIOS (SMOS) on a laptop (netbook)

  1. In laptops, changing the battery is exactly the same, but the main difficulty here arises with disassembling the laptop. But here, in most cases, the forethought of many (but not all) laptop manufacturers helps. In special easily accessible hatches. The rectangles located below to access the memory blocks and the hard drive (we snap off simple latches. Or unscrew 1-2 screws), and look for the remote BIOS battery on the edges of these hatches (including a flexible cable).
  2. If there is no battery in the hatches, in this case it is better to give the laptop to a specialist, since it is practically impossible to disassemble any laptop without breaking it without practical experience. You just break it, and often it will not be possible even to restore it to an experienced master without serious expenses for spare parts.

After replacing the SMOS battery (BIOS)

At the final stage: turn on the computer, enter the bios, set the date and time, load "optimized settings", set your specific settings and options (as a rule, you must definitely check the boot order – hard drives, video card options) then exit with the save (“F10.” “Y”). All.

Can I change on a computer that is turned on?

You can change the battery on the computer turned on, and in this case the BIOS settings will not fly off. Will not go wrong, but when you pry off the battery with a thin metal screwdriver, for example, it’s far from the fact that you will not short-circuit anything on the motherboard, or do not drain the clubs a little on the fan.
In general, I would not recommend this option if you do not have a certain knack.