August 30, 2019

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth If She Refuses To Sleep There

It happens that the dog does not want to settle in a kennel. Persuasion and orders do not help. The animal wants to live in the same area with their favorite owners.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth If She Refuses To Sleep There

Consider ways that will help teach the dog to the booth after the apartment.

Why does the dog refuse to enter the booth

If the dog is brought in to protect the backyard territory, its stubbornness will become a serious problem. The reasons for which the animal refuses to new housing, many. Consider the main ones.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth If She Refuses To Sleep There


A thing that emits a sharp odor can cause anxiety in an animal. You can not cover the dwelling strongly smelling dyes, varnish. The dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than that of people; he will not want to climb into such a “fragrant” house.

Someone else’s booth

The dog negatively relates to someone else’s kennel, which was passed on to it by “inheritance” from the previous user. A strange smell irritates the dog. It is no wonder that he will shun an unfamiliar house.


The dog does not like closeness, especially if before it was available spacious dwelling. The small kennel will seem to the pet sad and uncomfortable. This reason will disappear as soon as the dog gets used to the new habitat.

Breed features

Watchdog and hunting breeds are adapted to live in the yard, where they feel satisfactory. Companion dogs sent to the street perceive the yard as a cruel punishment. They become depressed and mistrustful of people.

If the dog is categorically opposed to trying to get him inside the booth, you can not use force. It is better to think about what caused this behavior of the animal. In addition to the above reasons, the dog may have its own motive.

How to equip the booth so that the dog likes it

Slowly think over the details.

The ideal material for a dog house is pine. Such a booth will turn out to be cozy, warm, and environmentally friendly. Building parameters should allow the dog to stretch out on the floor at full length. Approximate calculation of the height of the structure: the crown or ears of a sedentary dog ​​should slightly reach the ceiling of the house.

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The inlet is made according to the size of an adult dog of a given breed.

The height of the hole should be slightly lower than the withers of the animal, the width – 15 cm higher than the volume of the chest.

The dog must freely pass inside the kennel. You should not make the entrance huge, otherwise in the winter the booth will blow out. Laz closed with a tarpaulin to reliably protect the pet from bad weather.

Be sure to provide an entrance with a visor so that the dog hides in the shade during the hot summer.

Required to take care of the tightness of the dog’s home. The design should not leak or blown by the wind. Required to get rid of the cracks in the house. It is better to make the walls of the structure double. In order to insulate the building, insert foam or felt between the layers of wooden slats.

Put straw on the floor, a tarp on top (as additional insulation). Cover the canvas with a soft mat or cloth. In winter, put an old sheepskin coat on the floor. In such a booth a dog will feel comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

It is required to grind knots and splinters so that the four-legged friend does not get hurt.

The roof is covered with roof insulation (roofing material or slate). Note – many dogs enjoy kennels, therefore, the roof of the dwelling should be leaning and not too steep.

One of the main conditions in teaching a pet to a booth is familiar subjects. Put inside the booth your favorite animal toys, a rug that retains its smell (things with the smell of another animal are a danger message). Put an old bowl of food and drink in the reachable area.

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It is necessary to comply with sanitary standards that will protect the dog from diseases, infections, parasites. Litter change and wash with soap. Do not allow dirt or green deposits to appear in bowls.


Teaching a dog to a new house, follow successive steps.

First place the pet in the kennel for 60 minutes, observing its behavior. The next day should increase the time, bringing up to 2 hours and divided into 2–3 intervals. Every day, increase the dog’s time in the house for 30 minutes.

It is recommended to teach the dog to a kennel in the fall or early spring. A pet released under light rain will instinctively begin to seek shelter and may hide in a new booth. The time of snowfall and heavy rains is not the best time, as the dog will feel unprotected, abandoned, he will want to be with the owner in a warm room.

It is impossible to drag the resisting dog into the booth by force or punish her for disobedience. Let the animal settle in a new place. Give him the opportunity to explore, explore, sniff the area.

How to teach a puppy

To teach a puppy to a kennel, the above tips are suitable. But the baby will need more attention. Visit your pet often to make him feel your concern.

Position the kennel with the facade to the house structure so that the puppy will meet you every time you leave the house. Such an arrangement of the booth will not allow your pet to be bored, feel lonely. And you, looking out on the street, appreciate his condition.

Motivate your puppy in various ways. Planting in a kennel, stroke, play with him, talk affectionately. From the very beginning, lay the association that the new house does not bear discomfort.

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Create a favorable atmosphere for your puppy. Put a plate with your favorite delicacy near the booth. The kid must be tempted to treat.

You can not lock the pet (especially puppy) in a dark booth, forbidding him to go outside. This action will cause the pet intractable phobia. He will be frightened, he will develop a phobia, from which it is difficult to get rid of. Let the dog walk around the house. Let him run around the yard.

If the parents of the pet live in the apartment, the puppy will hardly adapt to the kennel. When the puppy’s parents spent their lives in the yard, the baby will get used to the booth much faster and without problems.

Moving after the apartment

If the dog had been in an apartment for a long time, was used to being among people all the time, then he can absolutely refuse to climb into a close and lonely kennel.

  • At first, do not leave the dog alone. Loneliness will harm an animal that is accustomed to living in the same apartment with its beloved owners;
  • Do not allow the dog to whine for a long time. Communicate with her, show that she is needed. Otherwise, the psyche of the animal will be traumatized;
  • do not rush to put the animal (accustomed to comfortable conditions) on the chain. Do not restrict his freedom. Let him familiarize himself with the territory that surrounds the new dwelling;
  • forget about violence and aggression. Categorically you can not blame the dog. He will get used to the new conditions. Show endurance, do not panic.

So, in order to make the dog comfortable to live in a booth, it should be properly equipped, and the animal should be treated with care and understanding.

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