July 16, 2019

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard – Methods And Recommendations

Country house – the dream of many people. Every second, probably, at least once thought about how good it would be to own a plot of land and build a dwelling there. Of course, in reality, not everyone is able to acquire such luxury. But if you are among the lucky ones, then sooner or later you need to think about buying a dog. A friend of a person not only decorates a site of a country house with his presence, but also performs an important function – protects from unwanted visitors. The presence of a dog makes uninvited guests think a few times before entering a foreign territory.

Everyone knows that animals live in their kennel. But how to teach a dog to the booth? The case is not easy, and therefore it should be thoroughly understood.

Why is it so hard?

A dog is a rather clever animal, therefore any small thing that a dog does not like can cause reluctance to stay in its kennel. Particular attention should be paid to odors. The booth should not repel the animal, and in dogs the sense of smell is developed several times stronger than in humans.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard - Methods And Recommendations

If the kennel got the dog from another animal, he can immediately reject such a place of residence. A strange smell only irritates the dog, so you should not be surprised that the dog will not even enter its new home.

It should be remembered and cramped as one of the possible reasons. How to teach a dog to the booth in the yard? Usually, the situation is complicated by the fact that the quadruped has become accustomed to living in a spacious house, and in the kennel it is simply cramped. Over time, the pet will get used, so do not worry much.

The reasons listed above are major, but there are other factors. To get to the bottom of the truth you need to master yourself.

Arrangement of the kennel

Before you think about how to teach a dog to the booth, you need to take care of its construction and arrangement. The entrance to the dwelling should be convenient so that the animal does not experience problems during the passage. All splinters need to be removed, to ensure dryness and cleanliness. Particular attention should be paid to tightness. We must not allow the presence of holes, because then the dog just will not feel comfortable. All the cracks need to be repaired, the booth should not be blown through. It is recommended to make the walls of the house double, and between the layers to lay the foam for insulation.

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How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard - Methods And Recommendations

It is worth noting that if you purchased a puppy, you need to build a booth, given the size of an adult dog. The dimensions of the kennel are defined in such a way that in it the dog can easily stretch to the entire floor. As for height, the best option is when the top of the dog barely touches the ceiling in a sitting position.


The question of how to teach a dog to a new booth, will disappear by itself, if you can make such a doghouse, from which the dog does not want to leave. Immediately it is worth refusing to cover the dwelling with various smelling substances – this will only scare the dog away. As a material for the construction it is recommended to choose a pine. If you use all the recommendations for the construction of the home, then teach the dog to sleep in a booth, as a rule, it will be absolutely easy.

Cover the roof of the kennel best with roofing felt. This material will be an excellent protection from the weather and unpleasant precipitation. It is recommended to make the roof removable and not too steep. Some dogs love to sit upstairs, do not deprive them of this opportunity. It is advisable to lay straw on the floor, and a piece of tarpaulin on top. If you put another soft fabric, the animal will be very warm and comfortable in his house. Keep it clean to prevent parasites.

How to teach a dog to the booth?

Immediately it should be noted that this process should take place gradually. You do not need to force the dog into a kennel, punish a pet for disobedience. To solve the problem, you should deal with the reasons that led to it.

Most often, the dog does not want to move to a separate kennel because of the habit of living with the owners, in a warm house among people. The booth, no matter how equipped it is, can not be compared with a cozy hearth and delicious food. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually accustom the dog to his new place of residence. It is recommended that you first place the dog in a kennel for a while and then transfer it back to the house, gradually increasing the length of time in the booth. Thus the dog will gradually get used to the new place.

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Adapting a puppy is much easier, but how to teach an adult dog to a booth? A few important tips need to be put into practice.


As already noted, the issue here cannot be solved by force. If you want to teach the dog to the kennel, you do not need to close the animal in the dark. In this case, the development of a hard-to-cure phobia is possible, which will negatively affect the dog and create a host of problems for the owner. It is also not recommended to immediately put on a collar.

The dog focuses on his sense of smell, so you need to give him time to develop a new territory. Let the dog often run around the yard, sniffing and scouting. It is advisable to conduct schooling in dry weather. However, you can go for a little trick. When it starts to rain, do not let the pet into the house, and then he will go to the booth to hide from the rain. Thus, an instinct is developed, which the animal will strictly follow.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard - Methods And Recommendations

Many are interested in the question of how to teach a dog to the chain and booth. First you need to deal with the kennel, and then gradually accustom to the chain.

The first time is the most difficult

It has historically been proven that the “carrot and stick” method is considered one of the most effective methods. Lure the dog delicacies, the first time, leave them in the booth. Sooner or later, the animal will understand that goodies must be sought in a kennel. In the first days it is undesirable to leave the dog in the booth for the whole day, one hour will be quite enough. It is very important to monitor the pet’s reaction: if everything is in order and the dog does not whimper, leave him for a couple of hours the next day, gradually increasing the time.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard - Methods And Recommendations

If, before teaching a dog to a booth in an open-air cage, the dog lived in a house with the owners, then the task is at times more complicated. The first time you need to often be with the animal, so that it does not feel lonely and abandoned. Let the dog spend the night at home, until he completely gets used to the new dwelling. In order for the adaptation period to pass successfully, one should constantly treat him with fresh meat or tasty stones. After each stay in the booth the dog receives a prize – the method of motivation is always effective.

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To make an animal wish to visit the booth, some owners do this: they moisten the soil near the kennel, and the dog in search of a warm and dry place moves to a new house. To orientate the dog, you should put a bowl of food near the dwelling.

Schooling a puppy

How to teach a dog to the booth in the yard, if it is very small? As you already understood, we are talking about adapting a puppy. In principle, there are no special rules in this case, you just need to follow the recommendations. For example, when arranging a dwelling place emphasis on an adult, because the puppy will once grow, and the booth is not quite right to rebuild. No need to lock up a pet, forbid him to leave the kennel. The adaptation process should take place in stages.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard - Methods And Recommendations

Interesting fact: if the parents of a small dog lived in a booth, then the puppy is easier to adapt. In any case, let him become independent, no need to constantly walk around him. Do not forget to put a bowl of food near the house so that the puppy knows where to eat.


If you follow all the recommendations and rules, then the process of habituation will be calm and effective. The box should be dry and clean so that the dog can feel comfortable. The owner should be patient and create a favorable atmosphere for the pet.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth In The Yard - Methods And Recommendations

In this article we answered the question of how to teach a dog to the booth. Remember that any animal can get used to the kennel. At the same time, it is especially important to competently build the process of schooling. There is no place for violence and aggression. We must behave with the dog kindly, using cunning and various tricks. Only if the dog confides in his master, there will be no problems with adaptation.

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