August 28, 2019

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary

It often happens that the owners leave the native walls of the apartment and move to a private house. And then a natural question arises, how to teach a dog to a booth. After all, the pet used to live in all its glory, on the couch or on the couch. The easiest way to teach a puppy to his new home, i.e. to the booth after the apartment. It will be harder to re-educate an adult dog. But this is also a feasible task. So, what does the owner need to know to rehabilitate a pet and develop a habit to live in an aviary or booth?

Home improvement

To teach the dog to the booth, you first need to equip a new home, make it comfortable to live. Sometimes little things play an important role in the retraining process.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary

  • A good aviary or booth should be spacious (depending on the size of the pet), clean and moderately dark.
  • The owner needs to make sure that the components of the roof and walls of the aviary fit close to each other, eliminating the possibility of drafts in the cold season.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the roof. It should not have holes through which water can trickle during bad weather. In order to check the reliability of the roof, it is necessary to pour a large amount of water on it from a bucket or hose. The lack of moisture in the booth – the key to the health of the pet.
  • You can teach your pet to live in an open-air cage after its new home is ready. It is categorically not recommended to accustom the dog to the booth after the apartment if the panels or boards that make up the new house have been recently painted. Otherwise, the pet’s health will be irreparably damaged. There is no need to cover the walls and roof of the house for a dog with varnish or linseed oil. When building a home for a pet you need to choose dry boards.
  • It is possible to teach a dog to an aviary, if the entrance / exit will be located conveniently and will be of a suitable size. It is desirable if a small visor is located above the entrance; in case the dog wants to stick his head out. If he lives not in an open-air cage, but in a booth, then, probably, there is a need to accustom the dog to the chain so that in summer he can leave his hot refuge and hide in the shade of a tree.
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How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary

  • The most common material in the manufacture of a dog’s home is pine. You can watch a video on how to properly arrange everything. For the roof, you should choose linoleum or roofing felt, which will ensure the reliability of the whole structure. Some dogs love to spend time on the roof of their house, so you need to arrange everything so that the slope is sloping and the top point is at a height of no more than 10 cm.
  • To teach a dog to an aviary means to build a house for him in which he will live until the end of his days. The average life expectancy of pets is 10-15 years. About the same and will serve a good-quality construction.

Several rules for teaching a dog to a booth or aviary

  • To teach the dog to the booth, you must throw a treat inside, almost at the entrance. Pet must be allowed to come and take it. If an animal behaves uncertainly, does not show a desire to enter a booth or an aviary, no need to shout at it and force it to do so. After some time, he will come up and take a treat.
  • To teach a puppy to a booth in the yard, you need to repeat this exercise and each time throw the treat away from the entrance. Sometimes you can make fraudulent movements with your hand. Of course, the dog will understand everything and reveal the deception. But if he nevertheless made several movements towards a new dwelling, he should be encouraged to be tasty.
  • How to teach a dog to the aviary? It is enough to start feeding him near his new home. So the pet will associate a new home with a pleasant one. After some time, you need to put a bowl of food inside the enclosure, and then farther and farther from the entrance.
  • A pet’s schooling will be successful if you enter a verbal signal, for example, “To the booth!”, “Inside!” Or “To the aviary!”. The command must be given immediately before the dog enters inside. If the animal has done everything correctly, it should be encouraged with a treat. If the owner knows how to teach an adult dog or puppy to a new aviary located on the street, he should understand that it is impossible to do without delicacies. Pleasant associations with a new home are the key to success.
  • At first, the dog will strive to get out of the house as soon as possible, but when he starts to stay there for 10-20 seconds, you can close the doors. In this case it is possible to teach a puppy to a new house: when the pet is locked inside, you need to slightly open the door and treat it to a treat. If the dog is initially negative attitude towards closed spaces and the proposed dwelling, the owner will have to try and show patience.
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How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary

  • If the pet shows signs of anxiety, barks, whines, it is necessary to reduce the time of his stay in an enclosed space next time. For greater success, the owner should watch the training video, how to accustom the dog to the chain and a new shelter. The owner of the animal must remember that dogs are not so stupid. If they understand that the door opens after the first dissatisfaction, then the training will take a slightly different turn. The dog may specifically start whining to quickly open the door. It turns out that our smaller brothers manipulate us quite well.
  • When the moment has come that the dog can safely be inside the enclosure for 1-2 hours, you can organize some kind of entertainment. For example, give a bone or a stuffed toy.
  • Gradually, you need to teach your pet to the fact that the owner can not always be at the aviary. How to do this, you can see in the training video. When this stage is completed, then the animal can be left in the shelter for the night.

It is not recommended to show great joy from the fact that you release the dog "at will". In this case, the puppy decides that the aviary is a punishment and will not seek to return there.

What you need to remember?

It is important to teach the dog to the booth in the yard and not to leave it in a dark dwelling. The dog may be frightened. But the resulting phobia is quite difficult to heal. In the process of learning must take into account weather conditions. If it started to rain, the pet subconsciously hides from the weather in the shelter. If on the street unbearable heat, the animal does not want to be in a stuffy "room."

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How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary

The next stage is to accustom the dog to the chain. First of all, it is necessary to let the animal get comfortable in the new territory and only then teach the guard to be on the chain. It should be borne in mind that if the parents of the baby have lived all their life in an apartment, then adaptation to the “private dog house” will be extremely difficult. It is necessary to have a pet’s dwelling so that the entrance / exit of the shelter would look at the entrance door of the master’s house. In this case, when the owner will go out, the dog will feel more confident and comfortable.

To teach a puppy to the aviary or to the booth after the apartment, you need to expand his favorite things inside the home. For a long stay inside the dog house, you need to be encouraged with your favorite treats. Motivation and patience – the key to success.

A training video on how to teach an adult dog or puppy to a new home on the street, to a booth that will become a comfortable and safe haven for him, will help the owner to deal with all the intricacies of this science.

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