July 13, 2019

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth

The article focuses on one of the most pressing issues for everyone who has a dog or puppy at home and wants to make them the guards of their home. Leave your tips and recommendations in the comments.

How to teach a puppy dog ​​to a booth in an aviary in the yard

To accustom your pet to the booth should start from a very early age. Being a little puppy, he should provide his own place in the house in the form of a small booth, sofa or at least a box. Gradually, he will have to be left alone to settle in his territory for the first 15 to 20 minutes, increasing this period of time to a longer period. Petomits will understand and appreciate the independence provided to him.

In parallel, a puppy can be taught to the team "Place" and "Watch." When the puppy is old enough to live on the street, in the same way, gradually, he should show his new territory, leaving him there for the time being, until the owners are at home. But it is worth trying not to leave it for more than 12 hours.

Gradual habituation to an independent life in a booth in the yard or in the aviary will not cause your pet stress and will pass for him painlessly.

How to teach a dog to a box and chain in the winter on the street, homeless

If the dog needs to be taught not only to the booth, but also to the chain, then this can be done after the first night spent in the booth. The process of training a dog to the chain should also be gradual. First, the dog should be tied for a short time, 30 minutes, and watch his behavior. If the dog behaves calmly. That intervals each time can be doubled. If the dog is restless, you can caress him, talk to him in a calm tone. This will help him out of a stressful state.

In winter, in order for the animal to feel comfortable, the entrance to the booth should be closed with some kind of dense edge of fabric. You should also take care of some kind of flooring inside the house, because even fluffy and thick wool animals can freeze in frost. When you teach your pet to a new home during the winter cold, you should worry about having warm food and drink all the time. So he will not feel abandoned.

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If you need to teach an adult mongrel, nailed into a house. To her place in Bude or aviary, then it should be done from the first day of her stay in the house.

How to teach a dog to the booth after the apartment

If there is a question about teaching the apartment dog to the yard lifestyle and own place in the aviary or bude, it is worthwhile to choose the right place for this newest house and time of relocation.

Aviary or booth should be located so that the dog could clearly see the entrance to the courtyard and the house. Her new home should be in the shade so as not to pickle the animal in direct sunlight. The new house should fit the pet in size so that he can feel comfortable there.

To transfer a dog from an apartment to a yard is better in the spring, when the cold weather is gone. In warm weather, the animal will be easier to adapt to new living conditions.

Any attempt to resist the dog in the form of a barking or breaking the chain should be stopped immediately, by a strict command "Fu" or "Place."

The most important thing: despite the fact that the dog no longer lives in the apartment, it still needs daily walking.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth

How to teach a dog to a place to sleep, toilet, residence, stay, rest

In order to train an apartment dog to one place where he should go to the toilet, you must first equip it properly. To do this, you need to choose a tray that is suitable in size and height. It should be stable and when installing do not stagger and stand straight.

The bottom of the tray must be filled with a newspaper or covered with a disposable diaper. You can use a special filler, but there is no special need for this, since the dog will not bury the waste of its vital activity.

To teach a dog to a place for a toilet costs from the first day of its stay in the house. The earlier this process begins, the greater the chances for its successful completion. When teaching a dog to the toilet, it is worthwhile to ensure that there are no carpets for this period in the apartment, because having tried to go once on a soft and warm bedding, the animal will definitely try to do it again.

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If the animal has chosen for itself a place for a toilet (a dark nook, a place under the door or a bathroom), then perhaps the only correct solution to this problem is to place a tray in that place and ensure free access to it for the dog.

If the dog categorically refuses to go to the tray offered to him, then you should make sure that it fits in size. If this is not the problem, then it is also worthwhile to think about cleaning up the tray of excrement more often, since the dog will not go to a dirty place for a long time. If it is not possible to clean the tray more often, then you can put another one.

How to teach a dog to a place for childbirth

To teach the dog to a new, “maternity” place, which in the near future will become a new place of residence for her and her puppies. Need to find a secluded place. Away from the aisles and drafts.

In the selected corner is to equip an improvised house with small sides, so that future puppies do not spread out. On the floor it is worth laying either a dense cellophane or a piece of linoleum, since small puppies will at first make puddles that can ruin the flooring.

In the equipped place is to lay your favorite dog litter or pillow, on which she used to sleep. The dog must be persistently taught to a new place about 10 days before giving birth. It must be constantly transferred there to sleep. Next to this place it is necessary to feed and water. It is necessary to make it clear to her darling, that it is here that she will have to live with her children.

How to teach a puppy to the street if you work, he is afraid, in a private house, in the winter, for five days, to the chain

The main thing in schooling a puppy to the street is to be patient. It must be remembered that in five days to teach a small animal that he should do his business in a certain place will not work.

How To Teach A Dog To The Booth

Small puppies by their nature are not inclined to tolerate for a long time. At first, they are not even able to understand what the master wants from them. To drive a little friend to the toilet will often, after each meal. If he does his job on the street. He must be well and vigorously praised. The older he gets, the longer he will be able to endure and the more he will be able to understand what exactly they want from him.

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After the age of 3-3.5 months, the puppy already needs not only praise for the right things done. But also to punish for having gone in the wrong place for that. Over time, he will learn not only to endure before the walk. But asking on the street at times when he will be unbearable.

How to teach a puppy to the street after quarantine and go to the toilet after a diaper on the street

In order to train your puppy to the toilet on the street, you need to pass the period of quarantine after receiving the vaccination. Learn about when to end this period (or maybe it has already ended) you need from its former owner.

If the puppy was originally taught to go to the toilet in the diaper, and now you need to teach him to go out with similar things on the street, you need to show patience and perseverance. To do this, you will need to bring the dog for a walk after sleeping or eating. Until six months of age, this will have to be done about 5-6 times a day. Later it will be enough two times.

If the puppy managed to do its job, it is necessary not only to praise, but, if possible, to treat you to some kind of delicacy. After that, you should not immediately throw everything and run home. With a puppy you should play in the fresh air for at least another ten minutes after all the toilet sessions.

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