July 13, 2019

How To Teach A Puppy To The Booth

How To Teach A Puppy To The Booth
How To Teach A Puppy To The Booth

How To Teach A Puppy To The Booth
How To Teach A Puppy To The Booth

Accordingly, its arrangement should be approached with full responsibility. Very many puppies categorically refuse to go into the booth. Therefore, you should learn the various tricks and choose the appropriate method for your pet.

First, we select a permanent place for the booth: the dog must see the territory entrusted to her and the owners, then she will be calm and she will be busy with his beloved work. We take a wooden ecologically clean kennel on the basis that a small puppy will grow quickly.

For an adult dog, the size of the booth is measured with the expectation that when it lies down, it will be able to stretch out in length, and when it sits down, it will touch its ceiling. Now we are equipping the apartments: inside it is best to lay fresh straw – it keeps heat and dries perfectly. The passage is closed with a piece of tarpaulin and we teach the dog to use it, and not to be afraid. How to teach a puppy to the booth in the winter? Yes, very simple – add sheepskin for heat. The roof is covered with slate or clapboard, and it is possible with sheet iron, roofing felt, or foam.

When preparing the booth, please note: the dog is not afraid of the frost, but it doesn’t like drafts very much, so the main task is to get rid of all the cracks. There should also be no slots on the floor so that the dog does not get a claw injury. We make walls double and lay insulation between them: felt or foam. Laz do with the calculation – just below the withers of the dog in height and slightly wider than the shoulders in width. An interesting point – the roof should be removable, but tight to sit – so it is easier to carry out a full cleaning.

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At first, the puppy just gets used to the room without a tether, then it is put on a chain, but not for long, where it sits a little. In the booth, you can throw up treats to create a pleasant moment association for the puppy, which simplifies the process of adaptation and teaches the puppy less painfully to a new life. You should also invest in the kennel toys – let him have some fun and be distracted. Near the booth in front of us we are temporarily doing an unattractive, uncomfortable place – we slightly moisten the soil so that the puppy wants to go to a dry and cozy place. Well and the main thing – we put a bowl with food, showing thereby a “place” for a dog.

When the puppy is separated from you, he begins to suffer and howls – this is distress vocalization, which in nature helps them to survive. Also at the moment of restriction of freedom of action, he will promptly attract attention to himself, and throw out his indignation, namely, gnawing everything, digging the ground, and rushing to the barrier.

How to teach a dog to the booth?

Here’s how to accustom the dog to the booth so that it lives quietly in it: you can simply put a ticking clock behind the booth and it will quiet down, you can turn on the radio and put a bottle of warm water. All of the above measures are tested and effective. And you should answer the howl not with caress, but with a harsh voice, then this will be associated with undesirable behavior. If there is no response to the voice, then it can be replaced by a sharp noise (coins in the bank or cotton).

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After the puppy gets used, it will calm down in the booth – it can be released from the chain, but not praised immediately – again, it is important to create the necessary associations in his behavior, otherwise he will get used much longer to the unusual conditions of life for him. Getting used to the booth, the dog becomes hardened, becomes more cheerful, improves digestion and wool quality, and improves health.

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