August 12, 2019

How To Teach A Sheepdog To The Booth

How To Teach A Sheepdog To The Booth

In almost every private house you can find a dog living in the yard. Many give birth to German, Eastern European, Caucasian and Central Asian shepherd dogs as protection for their site, but not everyone knows how to properly train a pet to a booth or aviary.

Why does the dog refuse to enter the booth

Some pets flatly refuse to live in a kennel, even if it is built in compliance with all requirements. There can be many reasons, and the first of them is that the animal used to live in a house or apartment and simply does not know what a booth is.

The second reason – the dog does not like the location of the kennel. Many pets love to control everything that happens on their territory, so the dog house in the yard should be set so that the animal from it gets the maximum view of the site.

The third reason is the lack of litter. Not all dogs are comfortable lying on bare boards. In the warmer months, you can lay a mat, blanket or blanket in the booth. And in the winter the kennel is clogged with straw. It is soft, keeps warm well. The shepherd will make a mink in it and will feel very comfortable.

If the dog refuses to enter the booth, check whether the house meets the following requirements:

  • Dimensions. The kennel should not be too spacious, as in such a house the dog will be uncomfortable and cold. If the size of the booth is less than recommended, then a large shepherd just does not fit inside. The animal should stand quietly inside, lie down and turn around. The ideal dimensions of the booth for the BEO and the German (w g c): 1.3 m 1 m 0.7 m. Caucasian Shepherd will need a more spacious house: 1.5m 1.2m 1m.
  • Materials and insulation. In winter, in some regions, the air temperature drops to -40 degrees, so the dwelling should keep its heat well. If the dog is cold in the booth, she will simply refuse to live in it. The optimal sandwich walls – inside and outside the board, between them – polystyrene foam or foam, with a thickness of 30-50mm.
  • The location of the entrance. The dog may refuse to sleep in the booth if the entrance to it is located incorrectly (on the short side), which is why strong winds blow into the house. Laz should be located in a long wall, as close as possible to the edge, the presence of a vestibule in front of it is only a plus.
  • No smells inside. Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell and may refuse to enter a kennel with a strong odor. Therefore, check if there are any sharp “aromas” of paint or impregnations inside the house.
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How To Teach A Sheepdog To The Booth

Methods to help teach a German Shepherd to the booth

Here are some effective methods that will help teach alabay and other sheep dogs to the booth:

  • Promotion of food. Feed your pet exclusively near its dwelling, preferably near the entrance.
  • It is necessary to explain to the dog that a kennel is not terrible, but pleasant. After the animal will calmly eat food near the entrance, you can begin to put the bowl inside. First, put it on the very entrance, gradually remove everything deeper, and in the end the dog should go completely into the booth and eat inside.
  • Encourage affection and play. Never close the puppy in the booth, much less drag it there by force. On the contrary, leave the doghouse open, do not focus attention on it. Throw inside your pet’s favorite toy in front of the pet – let the dog go to the house and pick it up. Actively praise your pet when he enters the kennel.
  • Show that the dog house is safe. If the booth is spacious enough, get into it and invite a dog. When a pet gets into your kennel, praise him and treat him to a treat. With such actions you explain to the shepherd that inside is convenient, comfortable and safe.
  • There is another method of schooling, but it is not suitable for everyone. Take to yourself for the time accustomed to the kennel dog, which is well known and friendly to your pet. Perhaps such an example will help your shepherd to get used to the booth.
  • Put inside the kennel the thing with the smell of the owner. This may be a jacket, T-shirt or other item of clothing. Some pets favorite and familiar smell helps to adapt to new conditions of detention.
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There are a few tricks that dog breeders with long experience share. In the house a small puppy can put a bottle of hot water, wrapped in a towel. Many babies feel calmer next to such a source of heat, cling to it and sleep with pleasure in a kennel.

If your shepherd loves to eat, offer her a big beef sugar bone or a special dog treat from the veins. Put the treat in the booth and show it to the animal. Some dogs come into the kennel and with pleasure nibble in it the offered delicacy.

Many shepherds independently go into their home in windy weather, heavy rain or snowfall. If the dog has not found shelter, show her that the inside of the kennel is warm and dry.


Schooling to a booth is sometimes a laborious and time-consuming process, but if the animal lives on the street, it is necessary to teach him to sleep in the house. Do not force the dog by force, act consistently and patiently. Show your pet every day that a booth is good, warm, dry and safe.

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