How to thin the gasoline for STIHL 180 chain saw

How to dilute the gasoline for STIHL 180 chain saw

One of the most important indicators of the durability of gasoline and quality of their work is the correct respect of the ratios of the components when preparing the fuel mixture. The lack of oil is known to cause excessive wear and tear on the parts, and excessive oil leads to carbon deposits and engine overheating. This article is about the ratio of oil and gasoline for a STIHL chain saw. Particularly important for beginners who have just bought the tool.

Each chainsaw has three basic elements which ensure its operation. These include a 2-cycle carburetor engine and two tanks. One part is filled with fuel, the other with oil to lubricate the lance. The fuel tank holds 0.25 l of oil and can run for 45 to 55 hrs without stopping. The oil volume is about half as much. At this ratio of volumes the volume of both tanks is completed almost at the same time.

The 2-stroke engines do not use an oil pump system, therefore STIHL chain saws need to be supplemented with oil to lubricate the shaft, piston and other rubbing parts. Trying to work with just one or two types of oil or ignoring the instructions given in the manual will result in the equipment malfunction.

Correct proportions

often, when preparing oil for the work of the saw, use the proportion 1:50 and 1:40. This means that for 50 or 40 parts of gasoline add one part of oil. Calculated as follows: 1 liter = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, i.e. in the first case we pour 20 ml into each liter of petrol and in the second case. 25 ml of oil. If there are no instructions and you do not know the proportions for making the mixture, then use the following recommendations:

  • The tool and oil of the same brand. For example, for a STIHL chainsaw, the ratio of gasoline to STIHL oil will be as indicated on the oil package, sometimes 1:50.
  • Products used for the mixture have different brands. dilute 1:40.
  • One brand, but there is no information on the oil about the ratio of the products. dilute 1:40.
  • In the absence of any data on the saw and oil dilute the mixture in the ratio of 1:40. The only thing you must be certain of is that the oil is designed for two-stroke engines.

For running-in of the new saw at the first three refuellings of the oil tank add 20% more oil. In this case, instead of the ratio of 1:50 will be 1:42, and the proportion of 1:40 is converted to 1:33. It will take 24 or 33 ml of oil per liter of petrol accordingly. Do not do any other running-in procedures with the new saw. Machines are always running at their highest speed. After running-in tool used the usual proportions of 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer of the equipment specifies other ratios, for example, 1:25 or 1:32, which must be observed.

Features of chain saw

There are three main components in every chainsaw that make it run. This includes a 2-cylinder carburetor engine and two tanks. One holds the fuel-oil mixture and the other holds the oil necessary for chain lubrication. With a fuel tank capacity of 0.25 l, it can be used for 45 to 55 minutes without shutting down. Volume of the oil tank is about half as much. With this volume ratio, the contents of both tanks run out almost simultaneously.

No oil pump system is used during operation of the 2-stroke engines, so for STIHL chain saw you have to add oil to the gasoline to lubricate the shaft, piston and other rubbing parts. Attempts to work on one gasoline, or failure to comply with the specified proportions in the manual on the composition of the combustive-lubricating mixture of the two components, lead to a breakdown of the tool.

Correct proportions

Most often, when preparing fuel for the work of the saw, the proportions 1:50 and 1:40 are used. This means that 50 or 40 parts gasoline and one part oil are added. Calculations are made as follows: 1 l = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, that is, in the first case, pour 20 ml into each liter of gasoline, and in the second. 25 ml of oil. If there are no instructions and you don’t know the proportions to make the mixture, use the following guidelines:

  • The tool and oil are the same brand. For example, for a STIHL chain saw the ratio of STIHL gasoline to STIHL oil would be what is listed on the oil container, usually 1:50.
  • The substances used for the mixture have different brands. choose a proportion of 1:40.
  • The brand is the same, and there is no information on the ratio of substances on the oil. dilute 1:40.
  • In the absence of any saw and oil data, dilute the mixture in the proportion 1:40. The only thing you should make sure of is that the oil is designed for two-stroke engines.

To run-in a new saw during the first three refills of the fuel tank, add 20% more oil. In this case, instead of the 1:50 ratio will be 1:42, and the 1:40 ratio turns into 1:33. 24 or 33 ml of oil per liter of gasoline, respectively. No other running-in activities are done with the new saw. Manufacturers advise to work only at the highest speeds always. After running-in the tool use the usual proportions of 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer of the equipment indicates and other ratios, such as 1:25 or 1:32, they must be observed.

How to dilute gasoline with STIHL chain saw oil AURAMM.RU

How to thin the gasoline with a chain saw?

Gasoline with high octane number is used as fuel for chainsaw: AI-92 or AI-95.

build gasoline for a chainsaw

For 1 liter of gasoline it is necessary to add 30 g of special engine oil. Pour the mixture into the fuel container.

To build gasoline for a chainsaw. Before doing so, it is necessary to consult with experts. It is better to ask those who work in the service center for their repair.

And the salesmen who advertise them in the supermarket and hang all the nonsense on our ears, we will not be offered anything.

I was like that, but not with a saw, but with a scythe. I worked poorly, didn’t start much, had a big explosion, and did everything by mixing gasoline and oil, as the salesmen said.

But when I went to the service center, I said a completely different fuel ratio.

For the saw, you must take gasoline AI-95 or AI-92 and mix with respect to oil. in 1 liter of gasoline 40 g of oil.

How to build gasoline for a chainsaw

To guarantee, for a long time and does not cause repair problems, it is necessary to properly prepare the fuel mixture. Internet forums abound with questions about this topic. We interviewed experts and put together a quick guide.

Use AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline. Lower octane rating will not work. Gasoline does not necessarily lead (otherwise the engine will fail), not old (octane rating may change over time). Do not use oil for boats or four-stroke engines.

Mix gasoline and oil in a strictly defined proportion. Choose API-TB or API-TC synthetic air-cooled two-stroke engine oil. Do not skimp on ingredients. Ask for brands that are leading the way in quality. E.g. STIHL, Husqvarna, NANOTECH, Champion, ALCO, etc. Д.

Basic problem. it’s proportions. Excessive oil will cause deposits on pistons and spark plugs. Excessive gasoline will cause piston blockage and early engine failure. On average, one liter of gasoline is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. STIHL and Husqvarna, for example, recommend using 4 liters of gasoline and 100 ml of oil. This ratio is ideal for chain saws under 1.5 kW. For chain saws over 1.5 kW of the same brands, use a ratio of 1/50 (100 ml of oil to 5 liters of gasoline). Advice from your partner and Jonsered: proportion 1/33 (3.3 liters of gasoline 100 ml of oil). Super-synthetic oil is added at 100/1. These numbers are approximate. Always use the information listed in the instructions for your particular chainsaw model. Give less credence to the numbers listed on oil labels.

STIHL MS180 chain saw. Making mix. Tips and tricks. Lifehack

STIHL MS180 chain saw. Mixing. How to mix your chain saw mix?

How to dilute gasoline and saw oil in small quantities

How to mix petrol and saw oil in small quantities.

What to mix? On sale are canisters with size divisions and two holes. for oil and gasoline. Pour ingredients, twist caps and stir by tilting the container.

Many people use glass and plastic bottles, baby horns and syringes. Be careful with glass and plastic, beware of static electricity. Do not allow solids or water droplets into the mixture. Remember to mix the mixture thoroughly.

Do not store ready fuel for more than 25-30 days. The oxidation process changes its composition. Engine malfunction caused by overexposed fuel is not considered guaranteed. The amount of repair reaches 80% of the cost of a new chainsaw. At the end of the operating season, use the remaining fuel, shut off the engine, and dispose of the remaining fuel mixture.

Keep in mind that your goal. create a mixture that ensures smooth engine operation, complete combustion of fuel without formation of carbon deposits, smoke or hooligan.

What to fill a chainsaw with gasoline?

Work any chainsaw, a wide range of which is available at 2-stroke engine, the design of which does not imply an oil pump. That is why they only fill with a mix of gasoline and oil. Pure gasoline is strictly prohibited.

Proportions of the mixture for refueling a chainsaw

Specific proportions should be specified by the manufacturer in the instruction manual. Quite often it is written that it is necessary to fill it with gasoline AI-95. But the octane number in domestic fuel, in most cases, catches up with various additives, which significantly reduces its quality. AI-92 gasoline is therefore recommended for modern STIHL band saws.

Oils have been specially selected for the two-stroke engine corresponding to the class of power chainsaw. The best option would be a mixture of the same brand Shtil. They are red (mineral) and green (synthetic).

The fuel mixture of gasoline and oil should be prepared according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For chain saws The proportions are usually 1:50, that is, 1 gram of AI-92 gasoline should be added with 20 grams of oil.

Measure the amount of oil you can in any way. syringe or any measuring utensil. But STIHL dispenser bottles are the most convenient to use.

Important Hints

To work productively for years, the following practices should be followed:

  • Gasoline should be fresh, not fresh from a canister a month ago.
  • Do not use 4-stroke oils. It will not burn completely, resulting in carbon deposits and rapid failure of the cylinder-piston group (CGP).
  • In a two-stroke engine oil should burn without residues, so it is more appropriate to use synthetic, which is characterized by the formation of less smoke residue and combustion.
  • When diluting the mixture, it is better to add more than the recommended amount of oil, but within reasonable limits. 5g too much per 1litre of gasoline will not lead to shrinkage. A larger amount can lead to carbon deposits and GPG failure. If you pour 5 grams less than this, it is fraught with overheating of the piston and cylinder.
  • Do not use the mixture you prepared months ago.
  • Do not use moped oils. they are not designed for a chainsaw because they are designed for a lower RPM.
  • After the season, the mixture must be completely consumed or drained to avoid loss of gasoline properties as well as wear and tear on the seals.

STIHL 180 chain saw How to thin the gasoline

STIHL MS 180 chain saw is used for preparing firewood in detached houses and small households, improving the garden, mowing shrubs, with its help of course to clear the site and do the various work at various levels of difficulty, including felling trees and wood sawing. It’s a multi-tool though. Even today, it is not difficult to use a variety of attachments for repair and construction work.

The design of STIHL 180 chain saw is notable for its simplicity, the developers have put a lot of effort to ensure that the domestic device still has the advantages of professional models and was available to newcomers in this direction. Design features allow users with different levels of training to operate the device:

  • The scheme of the carburetor chain saw STIHL 180 allows you to adjust the unit without assistance from others, using a specially designed screw.
  • The design allows the use of different tire sizes. In-line, provided by the manufacturer, the bar on the STIHL 180 chain saw is fourteen inches, if necessary, you can easily install a model of sixteen inches. This feature provides a significant increase in productivity.
  • The two-stroke single-cylinder engine works on a consistency consisting of only two components. gasoline and oil, the choice of which should be treated very carefully, because for this reason depends directly on the quality and service life.
  • To start the engine will need to pull the starter wire.
  • Engine and starter.
  • Ignition module and clutch.
  • Handwheel (serves as a cooling element).
  • carburetor.
  • Braking system of saw chain.
  • Air filter and filter cartridges.
  • Fuel filter (250ml).) and oil (145ml.) reservoirs.
  • Silencer.
  • Chain tensioning mechanism.
  • Control knobs.

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw has all the features you would expect in a lightweight class. It has a low tank capacity and a low weight of 3.9 kg. Motor power rated at two horsepower or 1500 watts, easily copes with any task.

Among the widespread failures STIHL 180, as well as other models of chainsaws, the following can be attributed:

  • Wear on the drive sprocket, due to brutal and infrequent use.
  • Starter cord breakage.
  • No spark in the spark plugs.
  • There is a leak in the lubrication system which supplies oil to the chain.
  • Air is sucked into the crankcase through the seals.
  • Breakdowns in the carburettor cause the fuel supply to stop.

If you do not know how to start the STIHL 180 chain saw in the cold, you should strictly follow the manufacturer’s advice and requirements, following the method:

  • Switch on the ignition (for information on how to set the ignition on the STIHL 180, see the manual).
  • Move the lever to a higher or higher setting (in this way the carburettor choke will shut off air from the filter and the choke will be completely open and the fuel mixture will be enriched).
  • Pull the starter grip, it should be done a couple of times before the first flare. This will signal that the mixture has entered the cylinder specifically and your machine is ready to start.
  • Now of course move the lever one section up, with all that the throttle remains in the same position and the air damper opens.
  • You only need to pull the starter. The STIHL MS 180 chain saw will still be running at a higher rpm.
thin, gasoline, stihl, chain

If you want to set the choke to idle, just pull the throttle trigger and release it immediately. After which the device will bring the revs back to normal.

Most of the owners of the saws of this model, the question of what gasoline to fill a chain saw STIHL 180 and what proportions with oil should be observed. A good ratio is 1/50, which means that for 5 liters. You only need 100 ml of oil in a ready-to-use consistency.

How to mix gasoline and oil

Use a high-quality, properly mixed fuel to extend the life of your STIHL MS 180 chain saw. Often AI-2 or AI-95 gasoline is used for this model. Look at what is allowed only unleaded gasoline, which can save the engine from early damage.

The configuration of the device is designed for users with varying degrees of experience with this equipment. Cleaning and repairing is simple for your company, because taking apart the carburettor on the STIHL 180 chain saw is easy.

With no help from others to blow out the unit, replace the gaskets and needle valve, why do you need to disassemble the carburetor STIHL 180. For this purpose, unscrew the four screws located on the compensator cover, also unscrew one on the fuel pump. When you open the housing unit, you should be as careful as possible, as even getting a little dirt and hair, can make the activity of the unit is not feasible.

If you choose a model of the brand presented, then immediately after the purchase of a question. how to run in the new chain saw STIHL 180? First, this process involves checking and preparing the tool for daily use.

  • For you will need to treat the engine, also the elements of rotation using special lubricant.
  • Once you have added oil to the fuel the whole piston assembly on the STIHL 180 chain saw is also pretreated.
  • Take care to allow each element to be lubricated first during no-load and then during run.
  • It is important that the oil for a STIHL 180 chain saw is unusual, it makes no sense to try to save, as it can cause a sharp wear or accumulation of waste.
  • It should be noted that the octane number mark is desirable more than ninety pt.
  • Try to take breaks to avoid overheating the machine. The ignition is applicable to both idling and operating modes.

STIHL MS 180 chain saw, the instruction manual for which is required as simple and straightforward as possible, you will like quite serviced by the user, but if you do not have the appropriate experience or you simply do not know in your own strength, consult a specialist. Not only will skilled craftsmen run the machine in, but they’ll also change the STIHL 180 wood saw filter, spark plugs and other components.

What kind of lubricant can I use for my STIHL chain saw?

Many fishermen and cottagers use a chainsaw. It helps to quickly cut firewood, trim extra branches, and so on. To keep your machine running long and flawlessly, preventive maintenance is essential. Check that the chain is lubricated with the correct oil and that this is essential for the performance of the chain.

Variety of oils

Deciding what oil to use for chainsaw chain, first of all, you need to be guided by the recommendations of the tool manufacturer. Of course, the best lubricant will be the original oil. In its absence, you can use an ordinary car lubricant.

What oil to use for a chainsaw depends on its future use, and the classification of the lubricant depends on the composition. It is divided into groups:

Synthetic grades can withstand temperatures of minus 40 degrees. Semi-synthetic products work in the medium temperature range (-30 to 25 degrees). Sometimes manufacturers add special additives to improve the characteristics of the lubricating product. They change the properties of the oil, making it possible to select a lubricant suitable for future operating conditions.

Depending on the type of engine of the tool, oil consumption occurs. In a four-stroke motor, the combustion chamber is a special design. Therefore, it does not leave any traces of soot in it. In order to achieve the same effect in a two-stroke motor, you have to fill a special oil. It is very important that the fuel corresponds to the lubricating fluid.

Chain saw sprocket lubricant

To increase the life of the sprocket and to reduce the friction force, a needle bearing is installed by the manufacturer. STIHL chain saw oil is used for its periodic lubrication.

thin, gasoline, stihl, chain

How to fill a STIHL chain saw

Your tool manufacturer tells you in the machine’s data sheet how much fuel and lubricant to use. According to the manufacturer, AI-95 gasoline is the best fuel for a STIHL chain saw.

But to get the required octane rating, various additives are added to Russian gasoline. The result is lower fuel quality. That is why gasoline AI-92 is used as fuel for the STIHL chain saw.

The type of oil depends on the engine power. Genuine STIHL fluid is considered the best for a two-stroke engine. There are two types of fuel:

What kind of gasoline to pour into the chainsaw, specifies the manufacturer of the equipment. The mixture is usually prepared in a 1:50 ratio. In other words, 50 grams of oil per liter of gasoline.

Top tips

To ensure that your STIHL chain saw works for a long time, certain rules must be followed:

  • Always use fresh fuel. Do not fill up with gasoline from a canister that has been idle for more than a month.
  • Never fill STIHL four-stroke engines with lubricants. Oil will not burn completely. Carbon deposits will form and piston rod damage will occur.
  • For two-stroke engines, in which the combustion of lubricants should be complete, the manufacturer recommends using synthetic products. They produce a minimum amount of combustion products.
  • When the mixture is diluted, it is advisable to increase the oil volume. But do it with care. 5 g per liter of gasoline is sufficient. Adding more oil may result in soot formation. The engine oil does not contain any additives, not even 5 g. Less fluid, even 5 g, can cause overheating of the piston system.
  • Do not add any mixture that has been mixed more than a month ago.
  • Lubricants for mopeds should not be used. They are designed for a very low RPM.
  • When the seasonal work is done, the mixture should be drained or completely used up. This is to prevent wear and tear on the seals.

What kind of gasoline can you put in your chainsaw?

In specialized stores you can buy a variety of chainsaw models. Branded products are considered:

Gasoline AI-92 is considered the most suitable for any model.

I must say that the quality of domestic gasoline is very low, so chainsaws often break down.

You can, of course, pour pure gasoline AI-95.

However, there is a risk of burning the piston system.

To get out of such a situation, the owners of chain saws mix AI-92 and AI-95.

If you are the owner of Russian tools “Druzhba” or “Ural”, the optimal fuel is AI-80. О

It is very important to watch the fuel consumption. It must be minimal.

Important proportions

For a two-stroke engine, fuel is usually bought separately. This needs to be diluted separately with grease, in the ratio of 1:50. This electric saw has no oil pump, which is why it is strictly forbidden to use clean fuel! In what proportions to dilute petrol with oil, as well as the brand of liquid is specified by the manufacturer in the technical description.

Lubricants are suitable for domestic chainsaws:

Foreign products with similar characteristics may also be used.

100 g of oil should be mixed with 2.5 liters of AI-80.

Foreign-made chainsaws differ from Russian-made chainsaws in minimum gasoline consumption. They have a sufficiently large fuel life. For them, special foreign liquids are chosen. The ratio is set within limits:

The following equipment must be prepared in advance to mix the components:

Advice from the masters

The amount of fuel stored in the canister should not exceed three refills.

It is better to fill up with more oil. There will be no negative effect. Fouling can form only if there will be too much lubricant or the mixture was prepared with an improper proportions.

Storage of the ready mixture should not exceed 30 days. If this period is longer, the quality of the fluid will begin to deteriorate for a number of reasons.

When you are finished, it is necessary to completely empty the tank. This will prolong the life of rubber seals, as well as plastic parts.

How much oil do I need for 1 liter of gasoline??

Oil and petrol dilution tables

Gasoline Quantity (liters)1/251/50
1 liter of AI-92 gasoline 40 grams of oil 20 grams of oil
2 liters of AI-92 gasoline 80 grams of oil 40 grams of oil
3 liters of AI-92 gasoline 120 grams of oil 60 grams of oil
4 liters of gasoline AI-92 160 grams of oil 80 grams of oil

First let’s define what the notation of the proportion 1 to 25 means. It denotes that there is one number that is twenty-five times the other. For example, the number 250 is twenty-five times the number 10 (250/10=25).

Step by step instructions for filling

Wanting to fuel a chainsaw, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • Use the recommended fuel mix of petrol and oil for two-stroke chain saws.
  • Prepare the saw for refueling by cleaning sawdust and shavings from the surface of the saw.
  • Put the saw on a flat, stable base with the gasoline canister up.
  • Carefully place a small funnel (plastic or metal, inflammable-lubricant-resistant, you can easily buy one at any auto supply store) in the open mouth of the tank
  • Carefully fill the fuel tank without overflowing. Do not fill under the cap. it will spill out when you tighten it!
  • Close the cap on the fuel tank
  • Change the chain lubricant (must be changed)!)
  • Test-drive the engine at idle speed.

How to add gasoline to your STIHL 180 chain saw?

Most owners of saws of this model, the question of what gasoline to fill a chain saw STIHL 180 and what proportions of oil should be observed. The optimum is a ratio of 1/50, which means that for five liters of ready mixture, you will need only 100 milliliters of oil.

How to mix petrol with oil

STIHL MS 180 chain saw can be extended in the long term by using a high-quality, properly mixed fuel. Quite often for this model use gasoline AI-2 or AI-95. Please note that you should only use lead-free gasoline which will protect the engine from premature damage.

How to dilute gasoline for the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw?

Most STIHL 180 chain saw owners are wondering what kind of gasoline to put in their STIHL chain saw and what proportions of oil to use. The optimum is a ratio of 1/50, which means that for five liters of ready mixture, you will need only 100 milliliters of oil.

How to mix petrol and oil?

Extending the life of your STIHL MS 180 chain saw is easy with a properly mixed fuel of the right quality. Quite often for this model use gasoline AI-2 or AI-95. Pay attention that only unleaded gasoline is allowed, which can save the engine from premature damages.

Alternative fuel option

For household and professional chainsaws it is recommended to use motor gasoline of AI-92 type, which does not contain alcohol components and additional additives. Up to the present moment it is still a moot point whether it is possible to put 95 gasoline in a chainsaw. Theoretically, the anti-detonation properties of gasoline AI-95 are higher than those of standard fuel AI-92, but in practice it is better to give preference to the second option. The problem is that in order to increase the anti-detonation properties the producers and sellers use additives in the composition of the 95th gasoline, the quality and efficiency of which raise reasonable doubts among specialists. Such fuel does not fully meet the required characteristics, does not have the proper stability during long-term storage. After 3-4 months of storage its performance deteriorates by 25-30%.

The configuration is designed for users with varying degrees of experience with this equipment. Cleaning, replacement and repairing is simple, and the carburettor on the STIHL 180 chain saw is easy to take apart.

Blow it out yourself, change the gaskets and needle valve. To do this you need to disassemble the STIHL 180 carburetor. To do this, unscrew the four screws located on the compensator cover and unscrew one on the fuel pump. After you open the unit you need to be very attentive as even a small dirt or even a hair can make the unit inoperable.

Preparing the fuel mixture: the oil and gasoline ratio for the chainsaw

The chainsaw engine is the “heart” of the tool, that’s why it is very important to use a properly mixed fuel.

The fuel mixture for a chainsaw is made of two components. oil and gasoline. Chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines, so oil is not added to the lubrication system (as in a four-stroke engine), but directly to the gasoline. It is very important to observe correct proportions of ingredients and, of course, not to try to work with pure gasoline, because that way you will “kill” the chainsaw very quickly.

The oil must be intended for two-stroke engines of gardening and forestry machinery (that means you must not use oil for boat motors or scooters in any case). As practice shows such oil can be bought in any store or service center, where chainsaws are sold or serviced.

If we talk about what gasoline pour in a chainsaw, it is optimal to use fuel with an octane number of A-95, in this case, the savings on fuel can turn out badly. European manufacturers often indicate that you can use gasoline A-90 or A-92, but in post-Soviet countries, the quality of gasoline is inferior to European, so in our reality is better to use a higher-quality gasoline.

As for the petrol-oil mixture ratio itself, everything is simple: you need to clearly follow the instructions of the tool. All chainsaw manufacturers indicate the necessary ratio in the instruction manual or in the tool’s certificate, besides, the proportions for filling the chainsaw may differ depending on the model of the chainsaw. As a rule, the oil and gasoline ratio to the gasoline of famous manufacturers is 1:40 or 1:50, which means 1 part of oil to, for example, 40 parts of gasoline.

Now for the arithmetic, 1 liter of gasoline = 1000 ml of gasoline, divide by 40, and you have 25 ml of oil. If you do the same for a 1:50 ratio, you get 20 ml of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

thin, gasoline, stihl, chain

As for the budget chainsaws made in China, the situation is a little different. Gasoline to oil ratio for chainsaws made in China 1:25, so you divide 1000 ml of petrol by 25, you get 40 ml of oil. The thing is that in branded chainsaws solid assembly and the distance between the pistons and cylinders in the engine is much smaller than in the Chinese chainsaws, and therefore the required amount of oil is different almost twice.

Use an ordinary medical syringe of sufficient volume to measure out the correct portion of oil.

One more thing to make sure of. pour the gasoline in the dry gasoline canister first, then the oil. The procedure on the contrary is fraught with low-quality fuel mixture, because the oil is denser, it will stick to the bottom of the canister. That’s why good blending is out of the question.

Be sure to prepare the fuel mixture in a canister and fill the fuel tank with ready-to-use special fuel! Never prepare and mix it directly in the gasoline tank of the chainsaw!

If the question of how to dilute gasoline for gasoline saws figured out, then, and on conditions of storage and shelf life of the fuel mixture it is worth saying a few words. It is best and easiest to prepare the gasoline-oil mixture per 1 liter of gasoline, and it is recommended to do this immediately before working with the tool. The fuel tanks of chainsaws have a volume of 0.3 to 1 liter. In domestic conditions the whole volume of the fuel mixture is seldom used during one session, therefore the remainder can be stored until the next session. It is necessary to store the fuel mixture in a special fuel can in a dark dry place. It is optimal to calculate that storage time of the finished mixture will be 7-10 days

The fact that the oil presented now on the market is not synthetic, and organic, that is natural. After 10 days all lubricating properties are lost, gasoline simply “eats up” the oil. Naturally, you can no longer use such fuel, it can cause a breakdown and failure of the chainsaw.

At the end of work, it is necessary to drain the fuel mixture and start the chainsaw. the tool will stall (so that the saw has a dry carburetor) and now you can leave it until the next session of operation.

How to dilute gasoline for a lawnmower correctly?

It is necessary to observe the proportions of oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture, specified by the manufacturers in the instruction manual. Chinese manufacturers most often indicate the proportion. 1 part of oil for 25 parts of gasoline, at “STIHL” and “Husqvarna” this proportion is 1 / 50.

Quite often they write that it is necessary to fill the gasoline AI-95. But the octane number in fuel of domestic production in most cases is added by various additives, which significantly reduces its quality. That’s why modern STIHL chain saws are recommended to use AI-92 gasoline.

How to dilute gasoline for your Partner chainsaw?

The fuel mixture for the Partner 350 chain saw is made in the ratio of 1 to 50. That is 100 grams of oil per 5 liters of gasoline. You can fill it with either 95 or 92 grade gasoline.

The most popular brands (STIHL, Husquarna, etc.) are often. д.For information on the application manual or your chain saw’s data sheet, please see the Owner’s Manual. The most popular ratios are 1:40 or 1:50, which means that you need 40 parts (50 parts) of gasoline for every 1 part of oil.