How to thread the line into the spool of the Makita grass trimmer

How to replace line in any trimmer

Technological progress provides us with a lot of opportunities to get rid of manual labor. This includes, among other things, mowing grass, which required a lot of physical energy when using a conventional grass scythe. In modern conditions, this process is much easier, because the applied technique minimizes all costs. Devices such as electric and petrol trimmers have firmly taken the place of irreplaceable assistants in gardening. Mowing grass with their help has become more fun than hard and exhausting work.

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Structurally, the grass trimmer consists of an engine, a boom and a working body, which, depending on the vegetation being cut, is either a mowing head or a milling disc. And if everything is more or less clear with the cutter, then sometimes questions arise with the nozzle. As a rule, they appear when the line ends.

How to properly wind the line on the reel? Understanding.

So, first unscrew the nozzle. This should be done by rotating the drum to the right. Here we have a drum with the remnants of an old fishing line in our hands. We open it. Most often, the lid is closed with latches that can be opened with a screwdriver, threading it through the holes and slightly pressing. Or you need to squeeze the latch and turn the cover in the direction of the arrow. In this case, the lid itself must be held, since reels with automatic line feed have a spring that, when straightened, can throw out all the inner parts of the drum. Gently pulling out the reel, remove the scraps of fishing line from it.

Now you need to take 5 meters of new line and fold it in half (to find the middle). In the middle part of the reel there is a notch (in some designs. a hole), for which we need to hook our fishing line. There is also an arrow on the spool showing the direction of winding. An important detail. if the reel has two compartments, then one half of the line should be wound in one direction, and the other in the other. When finishing winding, you need to leave 15-20 cm of line free. There are also two notches on the top ring of the coil, through which these free ends need to be passed. We dealt with the winding itself.

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The last step in the line replacement process is to assemble the drum. First you need to install the spring and washers in their place. Then, holding the reel with one hand, with the other you need to thread the ends of the line into the corresponding holes on the sides of the nozzle. After that, install the coil in its place, tightening the line and being careful not to dislodge the spring. When all the internal elements of the nozzle take their places, you can close the drum with a lid. You just need to make some effort to ensure that the latches fall into place. Voila! The mowing head is ready for use!

Makita Nylon Cord Movie 6_How to change_DiaTop

Step three: complete the head assembly

Pull out the ends of the line through a pair of oval spool slots. Replace both washers and spring (if any) with the supplied new parts. Bend both ends of the line at right angles.

The final technical touch of the process of changing the line on the trimmer is the imposition of the cap on the head, followed by fixation by means of pushing force and slight twisting.

Pass each end into the hole at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head, resting on the spring. Put on the cover, align with the base and lightly push downwards with a small counterclockwise rotation, place the cover on the tabs of the clips. This completes the replacement procedure.

How to replace line on a trimmer?

Replacing the grass trimmer line with step-by-step instructions will allow even an inexperienced lawn mower owner to perform a rather difficult job.

However, before starting work on changing the line on the trimmer, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the work. In particular, measures should be taken to prevent unintentional or unintentional starting of the mower:

  • exclude spontaneous start,
  • remove battery (if applicable),
  • place the tool on a platform convenient for work.
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It is convenient to replace the grass trimmer line when the mower is on the table, and the foreman, who replaces the grass trimmer line, has the ability to approach the tool from any side.

Installing a new line on the grass trimmer reel

Fitting a reel with a new line is carried out in the reverse order. The procedure looks something like the following, regardless of the lawn mower model:

Makita UR3501 grass trimmer review

Important! When choosing a line for your grass trimmer, you must follow the instructions for your tool, since a thin thread will increase wear on the torque mechanism, and a thick one will overload the engine.

installation instructions tsrv 024m

Step one: securing and laying

Fold the end of the line in half. Place a blank over the spool on each side of each half of the winding zone. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Pull the line through the loop.

The procedure for preparing the line engagement in the area of ​​both winding sections of the drum. The loops are placed in specially made cutouts, after which the line is wound in each zone

It is enough to pull the line tightly and plant the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

Replace / Install new string trimmer line. single line Makita XRU02Z weed whacker

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  • high power and performance
  • powerful 700w engine
  • ease of mowing
  • lightweight aluminum bar
  • good balance
  • soft anti-vibration handle
  • vibration damping
  • low noise level
  • electronic speed control
  • semi-automatic two-jet mowing head
  • high reliability and durability
  • strain relief of the mains cable
  • protection of the motor against overheating and voltage surges
  • complies with the European standard (CE)

The UM3830 Electric Grass Trimmer is designed for cutting soft lawns, tall thickets, weeds and thin bushes. Can be used as an independent gardening tool for mowing small lawns. Also a powerful addition to your lawn mower.

The curved shape of the boom makes it convenient to mow grass near flower beds, trees and shrubs, paths, curbs and fences. Depending on the task at hand, fishing lines up to 2mm thick can be used.

The high power of the grass trimmer combined with the well-balanced body makes gardening fast and efficient.

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By its design, the Makita UM4030 belongs to the type of electric scooter with an upper engine compartment. At the same time, special attention is paid to the means of protecting the engine from overheating and voltage surges.

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Comfortable hold of the grass scythe is provided by an ergonomic rubberized D-shaped handle that locks at the required level of the boom.

A double-strand cutting head with semi-automatic line feed is responsible for reliable and confident mowing of grass.

Makita UM3830 is designed for easy maintenance, including simplified line replacement.

A variety of user protection systems, including a robust protective cover and an accidental start-up lock button. The model also has a mains cable strain relief.

A more powerful option is the UM4030 (1000W). The updated 2013 straight boom model is in the same class. UM2340.

UR3000 UM3830 UM4030 UM2340
Power, W 450 700 1000 1000
Idling frequency, rpm 9000 7500 8700
Barbell bent bent bent straight
Weight, kg 2.2 five 5.1 5.5

How to thread the line into the spool of the Makita grass trimmer

  • Power, W: 700
  • Spindle: M8
  • Mowing width, mm: 400
  • Cutting Bits: Semi-Auto Spool
  • Idling frequency, rpm: 7500
  • Length, mm: 1530
  • Height, mm: 360
  • Width, mm: 480
  • Power cord, m: 0.4
  • Weight, kg: 5
  • Line diameter, mm: 2
  • Double insulation: yes
  • Vibration damping: yes
  • Rod shape: curved
  • Side handle type: hinge
  • Power source: mains
  • Noise level, dB: 81.9

Technical data may differ depending on the export version. Possible constructive and technological modifications of the tool and equipment.

Description of electric braids Makita UM3830

The Makita UM3830 electric grass scythe has been at the top in popularity for several seasons. Ideal for maintaining garden areas with large and small lawns, as well as narrow lawns, paths and plantings. It can serve both as the main bevelling tool and as an additional.

Makita UM 3830 Consumables

trimmer heads (spools) with line for cutting grass and weeds:

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semi-automatic head with two nylon strings M8 (69224101 and 80224200)

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