How to Turn on a Bosch Gas Stove

How to turn on the oven depends on the type of stove (gas, electric) and on the specific model of the manufacturer. When cooking in the oven, the housewives must observe safety precautions.

How to turn on the oven in a gas stove

The oven is lit with a match or electric ignition.

If the panel does not have an electric ignition button, then:

  1. Open the oven door.
  2. Turn the gas supply knob. a characteristic output noise will be heard.
  3. At the bottom front there is a hole in which a burner is visible. a match is brought here (long matches for a fireplace are convenient for this).
  4. Close the door.

Ways to turn on the oven

The oven is turned on manually and automatically.

Manual involves the use of matches, lighters, purchased electric ignition.

The hole is visible above the metal plate of the oven, on the front or under it. In the latter case, the metal panel is removed or moved and the fire is brought to the hole.

If the ignition is automatic, then turn the gas knob to the desired temperature and press the electric ignition button. In her absence, press and hold the throttle stick.

Attention! Repeat the ignition procedure with the door open: accumulated gas can cause an explosion.

How to light an oven in a modern gas stove

Turn and press on the handle of gas supply to the oven.

If electric ignition is provided, then after selecting the mode, press the button and hold.

Manufacturers are equipping the new models with an electronic scoreboard with a timer and recessed switches. Two buttons ("" and "-") allow you to select functions.

The plates have the nuances of use described in the operating instructions for each model.

Why does the fire go out immediately after ignition

The fire goes out if the electric ignition button has not been fixed for 15 seconds.

How to Turn on a Bosch Gas Stove

The fire goes out if the electric ignition button was not fixed for 15 seconds.

For safety reasons, some models hold the gas handle for 3 seconds after ignition. Gas simply did not have time to reach the outlet through the pipe.

Other possible causes:

  • insufficient gas pressure;
  • malfunction of the temperature controller or gas adjustment knob;
  • clogged nozzle burner.

Some features of the operation of plates of various brands

There are three main control systems for stoves:

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  • mechanical;
  • electronic;
  • combined.

The principle of mechanical and combination control is described above.

How to turn on the oven in a stove with an electronic programmer using the example of the Gorenje brand:

  1. The time is set by simultaneously pressing the buttons 2 and 3, then and.
  2. The functions on the clock on the programmer with an analog display are selected by pressing the “A” button.
  3. By clicking twice, confirm the selection.

How to light an oven in a gas stove Hephaestus, ARDO, Bosch, Indesit, Greta: tips

The gas stove "Hephaestus" is equipped with a handle that regulates the inclusion of up and down. Turn and select a mode.

Press and hold the thermocouple button for several seconds and at the same time press the electric ignition button with the other hand (a spark, a light are shown near). If piezo ignition is not provided, use matches.

To use the ARDO electric oven:

  1. Select the desired mode with the button or control knob.
  2. Set fire to a match or electric ignition.
  3. Do not close the door for a couple of minutes.
  4. Warm up the cabinet for 15 minutes.

The Bosch stove is equipped with a timer, temperature, top and bottom heating knob. There are models with and without electric ignition. Set the temperature, select the heat, put the dish in the preheated oven and set the timer.

To turn on the Greta oven, turn and press the knob, holding it in this position for 15 seconds, then release it. If necessary, not earlier than after 1 minute, repeat the procedure with the oven door open.

In the Indesit models with piezo ignition it is enough to turn the regulator towards the maximum temperature and press. In models with manual ignition, it is necessary to keep the handle pressed for 15 seconds, otherwise the oven will not light up.

How to turn on and use the grill in a gas oven

The Grill function is on the handle of inclusion of an oven or is presented by the separate handle. She quickly brownes the dish, forming a crust on the outside, leaving it juicy inside.

To work the grill you need:

  1. Press and turn to the right the switch for selecting the operating mode of the oven and temperature.
  2. Press the electric ignition button or use matches.
  3. Lock the switch for 10 seconds.

A skewer may be provided for evenly frying large pieces of poultry and meat. Spit device. frame, metal part with forks and screws and a removable handle.

When using the grill, you must leave the door ajar.

The meat or fish is wrapped in foil, the whole chicken. on a skewer (if any).

Tip. Place a pan of water below, and place meat or fish on top of the grill. If the product burns, reduce the temperature of the grill and / or move the grill lower.

Vegetables are placed on a baking sheet, greased with oil and put on the top. Cook about 5 minutes.

Safety instructions for handling a gas oven

Be sure to read the instructions, read the safety rules.

The most important:

  • Do not store cleaners, detergents, or any other chemicals inside the equipment because of the risk of fire.
  • Do not let children play with the appliance.
  • Use special utensils for cooking.
  • Use tacks: the equipment is very hot.
  • If you smell gas, smoke is emitted. turn off the oven.
  • Do not leave a working oven unattended.
  • At the end of the cooking process, turn off the stove and remove the dish using tacks.


When buying any oven, an instruction from the manufacturer comes with it. It describes in detail how to turn on the oven and how to cook in it in different modes.