How to Turn on a Bosch Gas Stove

Seasonal shutdowns and interruptions of hot water during repairs force the installation of water heaters. After installing the equipment, it is important to understand how to turn on the gas column. it depends on the type of construction. How to start the device correctly, read the article.

How to Turn on a Bosch Gas Stove

Geyser device

Each user should know the principle of operation of the equipment that is installed in his home. This ensures correct and safe operation.

The column consists of a metal casing and:

  • gas unit;
  • water node;
  • hoods;
  • radiator (heat exchanger);
  • burners;
  • sensors monitoring work.

The principle of operation of all columns "Electrolux", "Neva", "Beretta" is the same:

  • When turned on, water begins to flow into the system.
  • Under pressure, the membrane stretches and opens the gas supply valve.
  • The burner ignites and heats up the liquid that circulates through the heat exchanger.
  • Combustion products are discharged through ventilation and a chimney.

It is believed that the installation of geysers in an apartment or house is not safe. So it was in the days of models with manual ignition. Today, manufacturers equip the equipment with sensors that monitor the presence of traction, water heating, to prevent an emergency. But still, do not neglect the safety rules.

If you smell gas:

  • Shut off the gas supply immediately.
  • Ventilate the room.
  • Do not connect electrical appliances until the room is fully ventilated.
  • Contact the gas service.

Terms of Use

When you turn on an open speaker, this guide will help you:

  • During installation, it is important to make ventilation.
  • The appliance cannot be started if there is poor draft in the chimney or it is completely absent.
  • The burner must not be left unattended.
  • It is forbidden to make design changes yourself.
  • It is not allowed to leave the valve open when the burner is not ignited.

Important! The transfer and reinstallation of equipment can only be performed by a specialist.

Traction check

Before lighting an open column, be sure to check for traction. It will not be if the chimney is clogged with soot and debris. In this case, carbon monoxide can extinguish the burner and enter the room. The latest models of Bosch, Junkers, Vaillant are equipped with a security system. It disables the equipment or does not allow starting in the absence of traction.

To do a self-test, do this:

  • Light a match or candle and bring it to the control window. The flame deflects. there is craving. Steady on. no.
  • If there is no window, remove the casing of the device and bring the fire to the chimney. The result is described above.

It happens that everything is in order with the chimney, but there is no draft. The reason for this is the lack of natural ventilation in the room. If you have plastic windows installed, install a special ventilation valve.

Self launch

There are several ways to light a gas column burner.

Manual way

Used in rare instances of the old model. Not too convenient and safe.

  • The faucet opens on the water pipe, which is connected to the column.
  • The gas supply valve opens.
  • The wick is fired using matches.
  • The main fuel valve is turned on.

It is important that in this case the device will not turn off as soon as you close the tap. You need to disable it manually.

Piezo ignition

Semi-automatic device without batteries. To set the burner on fire, you need to get a spark. For this:

  • Open the fuel supply.
  • Press the piezo ignition key.
  • After the wick ignites, set the desired values ​​on the thermostat.

Do not forget to supply water to the system, otherwise the heat exchanger will burn out.

In a similar way, the Bosch device is launched:

  • The supply of water and gas opens.
  • The regulator on the case is set to the “On” position.
  • Then it is translated to the pointer "Piezo ignition".
  • After the contacts are activated, a spark is cut out.
  • The start button is held with your finger until the flame flashes normally. Then released and set the required power.

The wick burns constantly. When the mixer is opened, the column starts heating. To turn off the burner, the regulator is set to the “Off” position.

The disadvantage of this system is the high fuel consumption with constant burner operation.

Auto start

The latest models of Beretta, Ariston, Bosch and others are equipped with such ignition. Batteries are inserted into a special compartment. The gas valve opens. To operate it is enough to open the mixer. Then the batteries give a spark, ignition occurs.

A similar ignition is carried out with an installed water turbine. When the mixer is opened, water rotates the turbine, which generates electricity to ignite the burner. The disadvantage of such a system is that at reduced pressure in the line the turbine will not start or will give weak heating.

This starts the column. Observe safety during operation, and trust the installation to professionals.

How to ignite a Bosch Therm 4000 O WR 10/13 / 15.2 P.

The difference between these models is the amount of heated water per minute. A device equipped with piezo ignition is indicated by the letter P at the end of the name. Has the ability to adjust two parameters, water and combustion power. To turn on the column, you need to move the slider to the ignition position, drown it.

Press the piezo ignition button several times until a flame appears on the ignition burner. Wait ten seconds, release the slider and move it to the desired power position. When the slider moves to the right, the power increases, and to the left it decreases. The column is in standby mode all the time, if you need to get hot water, you just need to open the hot water valve.

When you need to turn it off, slide the slider all the way to the left. After a couple of seconds, the ignition flame will go out. Turn off the gas tap and water taps.

In the video below, see the inclusion instructions:

Therm 4000 S WTD 12/15/18 AM E23 / 31.

Open the gas valve and water valves. Connect the device to the power supply.

The set temperature of the water by the manufacturer is 42 degrees, this is the optimum temperature.

To turn on the device, you just need to press the power button and open the tap with hot water. To regulate the temperature, press the "" or "-" button and select the temperature you need. Until the temperature you have selected is reached, the display will flash.

If it does not reach this value within thirty seconds, the icon of the water tap is displayed on the monitor, which indicates the need to increase or decrease the water flow. If you press the P button, a programmed constant temperature of 42 degrees will appear. Setting the minimum temperature reduces energy consumption, and makes it possible to reduce the formation of limescale in the heat exchanger.

Video: How to Turn on a Bosch Gas Stove

But if you know how to turn on the column, but have encountered malfunctions (the flame goes out, it does not light up), then read this article, which describes the causes and methods for eliminating them.

When to turn on the column

It all depends on what type of gas water heater is installed. The instructions for use indicate:

Flowing gas water heaters, regardless of type, have a common drawback: time passes from the moment the DHW valve is opened to the supply of hot water to the user. It takes several minutes before heating to the set temperature.

Rules for turning on gas water heaters

When using the column, it is important to observe safety precautions. The ignition of the wick or main burner is carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Modern speakers have several levels of protection and work mainly in automatic mode, without requiring special precautions. Ignition and switching on occurs when the hot water tap is opened.
  • Problems and difficulties arise when using old speakers that need to be set on fire with matches or models with a built-in piezoelectric element.

How to turn on an old column with matches

There are two main types of water heaters that differ in the ignition device. All models, without exception, are equipped with an ignition wick that burns constantly. The first residents of the "Stalin" and "Khrushchev" had to use a column with levers. Later, water heaters with a built-in piezoelectric arsonist appeared.

Use an old-style gas column carefully. Failure to comply with the rules described in the operating instructions can cause an explosion, gas leakage and equipment failure. When switching on a gas-fired instantaneous water heater, the following rules must be observed:

    Checking the presence of traction. before switching on, make sure that carbon dioxide can freely leave the room. Air circulation is checked using a strip of paper or a lit match.
    A revision hole is provided in the column body. The sheet of paper brought to it should adhere to the body of the water heater. The flame tongue should draw into the hole.

  • The column lever (in later models replaced by a handle) is shifted to the left to failure.
  • Clamp the solenoid valve button. At this moment, the match is fired with matches. After 15-20 seconds. the valve is released. The ignitor should continue to burn. It happens that the wick turns on only the second time. The cause of this malfunction is a malfunction in the solenoid valve.
  • Open water in a bathroom or kitchen sink.
  • Quickly move the right lever to the left position. The main burner should light up. The lever controls the temperature of the hot water.
  • It is not so difficult to light an old geyser. Shutdown is carried out in the reverse order. First, the main burner turns off, after which the water shuts off.

    How to light a piezoelectric column

    The classic speakers with control by means of levers were replaced by models with mechanical switches in the form of handles. The case provided for piezo-ignition of the wick, allowing you to ignite the gas column without matches. The ignition procedure is as follows:

    • The solenoid valve is clamped. usually enough for 15-20 seconds, so that enough gas accumulates on the wick for ignition.
    • It will take 2-3 times to press the piezoelectric element. With a correctly set and serviceable module, it is enough to “click” the piezoelectric element once to ignite the wick.

    Further steps are the same as in the case of a column ignited by matches. If the piezoelectric element is faulty, ignition is carried out from matches.

    How to light an electric ignition column

    Those who used automatic gas flow and storage water heaters know that the user does not need to carry out complex manipulations, as is the case with old-style models. Automation is installed in modern gas water-heating equipment, which gives a signal to turn it on when the hot water tap is opened.

    The spark appears due to the triggering of automatic ignition, operating on batteries or mains. Provided that the water heater is in good condition, a few seconds are enough to start the burner device and hot water will be supplied to the consumer.

    Why the column turns on by itself

    In each water heater, regardless of the year of manufacture, there is an automatics designed to prevent the device from igniting on its own. For this reason, situations where the gas column itself turns on without water are excluded. The water frog regulator is responsible for this.

    If there is a spontaneous inclusion of a geyser without water, the problem may be that somewhere in the hot water pipe, possibly passing through the wall, a leak has occurred. After repairing the leak, the problem will disappear.

    often, users are faced not with the fact that the column turns on by itself without water, but with the fact that after the crane is shut off, it continues to work. The reason lies in the diaphragm coarse from hard water located inside the water regulator. After turning off the hot water, the membrane is in no hurry to return to its place, continuing to press on the stem, which opens the gas supply. You can fix the problem by replacing the diaphragm.

    Is it possible to turn on cold water when the column is working

    Doing this categorically is not recommended for several reasons:

    • Manufacturers prohibit the inclusion of cold and hot water at the same time, as explicitly stated in the operating instructions. It is necessary to initially set a comfortable temperature, which allows dispensing with a mixture. Opening the HVS tap affects heating and causes a quick failure of the water heater.
    • The main reason why you can not turn on cold water when the gas column is working is that this disruption of operation leads to a rapid increase in scale in the heat exchanger.

    For ease of use, modern automatic gas flow columns have a winter-summer mode. The function helps to quickly change the heating temperature and reduce gas consumption.

    Do I need to turn off the column at night

    It all depends on what kind of water heater is used. In columns with a constantly burning wick, such a measure is desirable. As a result of shutdown at night, gas consumption is significantly saved.

    CO leakage is not related to the operation of the water heater, but to improper installation and violation of the operating rules. Experiencing that an accident may happen at night is not worth it. The technique is safe.

    Under the conditions of operation of a gas instantaneous water heater with automatic ignition, it is not said that it is necessary to turn it off at night. Typically, the equipment has several degrees of protection against accidental ignition of the burner device.

    Turning off the water heater is only necessary if there are obvious signs that indicate a breakdown: burner failure to turn off when the DHW valve is shut off, malfunctioning, manifested in a long turn on, the presence of pops and self-shutdown during water heating. In these cases, shut off the gas and call the emergency service.

    Terms of Use

    There are many types of devices for heating water. But in most houses there are still Soviet units, the kindling of which requires certain knowledge. Turning them on is difficult. This is done using manual ignition, requiring maximum effort and attention.

    Columns manufactured over the past few years have an automatic system and do not require special skills from the person operating them.

    How to check traction

    • Remove the front panel, take a small strip of paper and bring it as close as possible to the chimney. If he will tighten it, then there is a craving.
    • Move the lit match to the inspection window. If it draws in flame, then this indicates the presence of traction.

    How to Kindle a Column

    Geysers with a closed chamber, easy to run. Things are more complicated with devices with an open camera. Before igniting the column, the igniter must be turned on.

    The sequence of work on columns with piezo ignition is as follows:

    • Turn the gas tap and press the manual piezo ignition button.
    • Set the desired temperature of the produced water.
    • Ensure that there is water in the heat exchanger.

    The sequence of work with the electronic ignition of the column:

    • Insert batteries in the hole.
    • Open the hot water tap.

    It is also necessary to eliminate the air plug (if any). To do this, several times in a row to kindle a gas column. The main thing is to comply with all recommendations and not allow the device to overheat.

    Manual Ignition Method

    Such a method of ignition is only on gas columns of the old model. In modern models, it is not used. Manual ignition of the column is done using matches. But before, the following manipulations are done:

    • Turn the water tap connected to the column to the working position.
    • Unscrew the valve responsible for the flow of fuel into the ignitor.
    • Ignite the wick with a fired match.
    • Start the main gas supply valve.

    The disadvantage of such a column is that it is very difficult to use. Hot water will be only if it is lit by a person who knows how to do it right.

    With piezo ignition

    Columns operating with piezo ignition can be called a semiautomatic device. To ignite the wick located in the combustion chamber, simply press the button. As a result, a spark occurs that helps the filter catch fire. But this method of ignition requires compliance with certain conditions:

    • First turn on the main fuel supply regulator, and only then light the main burner.
    • Even when the regulator returns to its original position and the water is turned off, the filter will continue to light.

    The disadvantage of this system is the significant use of fuel. The most popular models of geysers using piezo ignition are Bosch WR 10–2 P miniMAXX-2, Nevalux 5111, Junkers WR 10–2 P.

    Automatic method

    Such an ignition system is suitable for beginners who are afraid to ignite a gas column on their own. After all, the automatic mode allows you to do everything safely and easily. Modern manufacturers use the Hydropower system, which simplifies the launch of the device.

    The model "Bosh Therm 2000 O" with the flow of water, activates the turbine. She is responsible for automatically starting the igniter system. the wick and the main burner.

    Bosh Therm 2000 O and Bosh Therm 4000 O operate with batteries. But they periodically require replacement.

    The Bosh AM1E model is made with a built-in digital panel showing all the alleged wrong actions.

    But in such a convenient system there is a significant minus. Low water pressure negatively affects the normal functioning of the turbine. This leads to frequent breakdowns.

    Column Precautions

    Before proceeding with the launch of any equipment, you should carefully read the operating instructions. This also applies to the gas column. Basically, they work on the same principle, but all of them should apply the following security measures:

    • Perform regular maintenance and cleaning. This will lead to safe operation.
    • To do the cleaning correctly, you need to find in the instructions for the unit a specific section on this topic.
    • Monitor heat exchanger heating.
    • Periodically check flue leads. Make sure that they do not clog.
    • If any malfunctions are noticed, call the gas service immediately.

    In no case can you fix the breakdown yourself.