How to Use a Bosch Dishwasher Video

Modern household appliances. a real lifesaver for housewives. Dishwashers occupy a leading position in the list of the most practical appliances. Thanks to the simple and convenient design, it is not difficult to use them. However, there are some technical nuances, the observance of which will extend the life of the unit and help make washing more efficient. How to use the dishwashing machine correctly can be read below.

The first start of the dishwasher

How to Use a Bosch Dishwasher Video

So, it happened. the dishwasher was purchased and installed. Many manufacturers (Bosch, Indesite and others) strongly recommend a test run before starting operation. This is necessary for several reasons:

  • A single wash will eliminate the lubricants that remain on the parts of the dishwasher, as well as trash accidentally inside.
  • The first launch will help to check the quality of the installation of the unit, assess the rate of water intake, the degree of heating and track the process itself, including draining and drying.
  • In the event of leaks or rattling sounds, all troubles can be eliminated before the first washing of the dishes.

The salt compartment is located at the bottom of the unit, to get to it you need to extend the lower basket for dishes. Be sure to check the position of the water supply tap. it must be open, otherwise the process will not start.

Dishwasher. how to use

After a test run, you can start washing dirty dishes. For best results, you should read the recommendations on how to properly load the dishwasher:

All dishes should be installed upside down.

  • Dishes intended for cooking (pots, pans, etc.) must be cleaned of food residues before loading.
  • You can’t put objects closely. dishes in a crowded basket will not be able to thoroughly rinse.
  • Large or too dirty dishes should be placed in the lowest receptacle. Fragile and small objects should be placed in the upper compartments.
  • Cutlery is placed depending on the accessory. it is advisable to install cutting and piercing objects with the handle up, spoons and table knives with rounded ends can be placed vice versa. Skimmers, ladles and other large items from the kitchen set should be laid on top of baskets.
  • It is better to close the door of the dishwasher after you have verified that the blades rotate freely.
  • Video: How to Use a Bosch Dishwasher Video

    How to use the dishwasher when unloading

    Unloading of cutlery should also take place in a certain order. At the end of the cycle, it is better to wait a few minutes for the washed dishes to cool and dry a little.

    If you start from the upper compartment, water can get on cutlery that is a level lower.

    Choosing the right program

    The first question that arises for inexperienced users is which cleaning mode to choose for washing dishes. Modern units, as a rule, have in their arsenal several programs designed for certain situations.

    How to wash not so dirty dishes:

    • For washing dishes that are not too dirty, a quick-wash program is enough.
    • a delicate sink is best chosen for too fragile objects made of glass or crystal.

    Highly dirty dishes

    The prewash mode allows you to avoid drying out food debris on plates that wait until the dishwasher is fully loaded.

  • Extremely dirty objects or dishes with residual fat should be put on pre-soaking. After it, the cleansing process will be better.
  • If soaking does not help, you can use the “Very Dirty” function, which is also present in many modern models. A cyclical sink will help clean the dishes to a shine.
  • A well-chosen program will make the dishwashing most effective at the minimum cost of water and dishwashers.

    What is prohibited when using the dishwasher

    How to use a dishwasher to serve for a long time? It is forbidden to perform the following actions:

    • use ordinary household detergents;
    • ignore the lack of regeneration salt in a special container;
    • open the dishwashing machine during operation.

    Unfortunately, some items are not recommended for cleaning in the dishwasher. These include:

    • decorative porcelain with a printed pattern;
    • cutlery with non-metal handles;
    • dishes made of plastic or anodized aluminum;
    • in the absence of a program for delicate washing, fragile glasses made of glass or crystal cannot be washed in the machine.

    Regular cleaning of the surface of the dishwasher from dirt and dust and monitoring the cleanliness of the filters after each cycle will also help to extend the life of the unit.

    Detergents for the dishwasher

    The quality of the dishwasher depends largely on the right detergent. For use in the dishwasher, only special substances are provided, in the form of powder or liquid. Modern manufacturers also offer detergents in tablets. they are much more convenient to use, since they already contain a measured amount of cleaning substances. The most effective are tablets, which immediately contain three ingredients: detergent, rinse and regeneration salt.

    For the absence of stains on dishes and quick draining of water from tableware, it is recommended to use a rinse aid. this product can be purchased separately, in addition to washing powder.

    All the recommendations mentioned above are general in nature and are suitable for operating the unit of any manufacturer. according to these rules you can use a bosch, Indesit, etc. dishwasher. Subject to all the nuances, the dishwasher will work efficiently for many years, and the dishes in the house will always be perfectly clean.