How to use a gasoline trimmer correctly. Types and arrangement of trimmers

How to use a gasoline trimmer for grass?

The time of continuous operation of the benzokosa is indicated in the instructions trimmer. On average, kosim for 15-20 minutes, after which we mock trimmer and let him cool for 3-5 minutes. Also, weather conditions provide for the duration of continuous work.

gasoline, trimmer, correctly, types, trimmers
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Close the air damper and press the fuel pump button several times.
  • Put the benzokos on the flat surface and slightly pull the starter cord until the resistance.
  • Pull the cord abruptly several times.
  • Open the air damper.

What nozzle to use for mowing grass with a benzoca

The design of the gas station uses two types of cutting nozzles or milling. These are coils with trimmer line, as well as steel or plastic disks. What is better to choose for work with a gas engineer. The site presents information on how to choose discs and trimmer line for trimmers, as well as their types and design features. Briefly consider what types of cutting mills should be used on trimmers and benzocoses.

  • To prick soft grass, a trimmer line is used, which is wound on a drum or coil. The trimmer line, unlike metal disks, is used where the grass grows next to trees, houses, fences and other obstacles. The trimmer line allows you to produce high.Quality grass mowing near the obstacles, while without violating the design of the tool
  • Metal knives. Have 2, 3, 4 or more cutting parts, through which the grip of rough grass and thickets are carried out. Practice shows that the thicker the sprayed thickets, the more blades should have a mill
  • Metal discs with small teeth in an amount of 40-80 pieces-designed to prickly prickly vegetation. It can be rough grass, weeds, thick thickets and even small trees. The larger the number of teeth on the cutting nozzle, the higher the effectiveness of the tool in question
  • Plastic discs. Are used mainly on electritrimers or batteries

The choice of cutting milling cutters depends on the location of the tool. If it is planned to work in the personal territory, then the trimmer line is selected, and for the injection of grass in the field or steppe, discs with 3-4 blades or more are used, as well as disks with small teeth.

It is interesting! In most cases, cutters are not equipped with a tool, so the buyer can independently decide what he needs. A trimmer line or a steel disk.

Choice recommendations

Let’s summarize. Correctly chosen trimmer can be used for many years. But for this it is necessary to decide what tasks the device will solve (with what vegetation do you plan to fight), and what characteristics it should have.

For moderate periodic use, models with a built.In batter and stainless steel blades are suitable.

In this case, it is not necessary to be puzzled by the need for additional functions. Such trimmers can be purchased in a fairly wide price range, which depends on the tasks solved by the device, the fame of the manufacturer and the potential reliability of the structure. Choose under your budget. You should not save excessively. Remember the saying about those who pay twice.

If you plan to use a trimmer in the shower or wash it under water, pay attention to the moisture protection function. In this case, such models will suit you, for example,

You need an “advanced” uncompromising device, as you are used to the best? Your choice. Flagship in the world of trimmers.

Gasoline gas station refueling with butter

Before mowing grass with a benzo.Leggos, it is necessary to season the tool with fuel. As fuel, gasoline with butter is used. However, take into account that mixing gasoline with oil is needed only for two.Stroke engines. Four.Stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, since their design has a separate container. Oil crankcase. There are no 2-stroke gas crankcases in the design of the 2-stroke gasolimers, so you need to pour exclusively gasoline with butter in the tank.

gasoline, trimmer, correctly, types, trimmers

As gasoline, it is recommended to use AI-92 brand fuel. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using the AI-92 brand fuel, and only some recommend filling AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with a small one in a proportion of 1 to 25. This means that 40 ml of two.Stroke oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, not everything is so unambiguous here. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but each tool model has its own values. These values ​​are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Details about how to properly dilute gasoline with butter into a benzoocos is described here. After breeding gasoline with butter, pour a full tank, and start work.

It is interesting!If a four.Stroke gasokos is refueling, then pure gasoline must be poured into the tank, and motor oil is added to the oil container to the maximum level.


Electric trimmer. A good summer option. In this category, two types of trimmers can be distinguished: network, battery. In terms of power, they are inferior to gasoline, but suitable for mowing a small household territory, cleaning paths, flower beds.

Network models are more productive and powerful. With their help, you can mow grass for several hours. At the same time, make sure that the device does not overheat, take breaks. The only drawback of the trimmer is the attachment to electricity.

Service of benzokos

Here you will find information on how to properly care for all parts of the equipment, how to adjust, how to disassemble and how and how to lubricate the benzos (mobile details).

Engine. Follow the cleanliness of the air filter, foam products should be moistened with oil. The fuel filter needs to be checked at least 1 time per week and in the event of a malfunction in a timely manner. The silencer and candles should regularly clean up from the carbon fiber (as they become contaminated). Before each start of operation, the tightening of all screws and nuts should be checked.

Corner gearbox It is necessary to clean from dust and pollution as necessary, as it interferes with effective cooling, and then lubricated with any lubricant for the gearbox, for example, STIHL.

Trimmer head with trimmer line. The mowing head should be cleaned after each use of the trimmer, and also replace it in a timely manner as soon as the deformation or crack. Only a special cord (trimmer line) for trimmers, no cables or wire must be used! The diameter of the trimmer line should be the way the specific model. The cord winding should be carried out tightly, but without the intersection of threads.

Cutting equipment (saw a saw or knife). Metal products must be sharpened (for this there are special templates and files) at a special angle. Bilateral models are desirable to turn over time for uniform wear. Devilled or incorrectly sharpened discs and knives lead to engine overload and reduction in the life of operation.

Protective covers should always be worn during a native. They cover the operator from flying grass and stones from under cutting equipment, and also reduce the load on the engine. After work, thoroughly clean the internal and outer surface of the casing with a stream of water or a soft cloth, trying not to scratch the surface.

Additional characteristics

The bar can be straight and curved. Direct Designs are characteristic of professional and farm devices. They transfer all weight to the cutting head of the trimmer, due to which it is possible to cut hard grass.

Curled rods ergonomic. Their maneuverability allows you to process complex, inaccessible areas. Another plus is the ability to spend less effort to work with a trimmer, it is more convenient to hold it in your hands. The bar can be solid and collapsible. The latter is convenient for storage and transportation in transport.

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Most trimmers are equipped with a rogue coil, on which it is wound Field. This is the main cutting element. Fishing diameter It happens different. From one before 3.5 mm. The greater the value, the higher the ability of the trimmer to work with dense grass. There are two options for feeding the trimmer line: semi.Automatic, in which they press the rogue to the ground to rewind the new trimmer line, and automatic, when no effort is required from the operator. Just at each engine turning on, the trimmer line is submitted instead of the worked out.

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Metal three.Beam knife copes with the dense and hard thickets and is installed, as a rule, on gasoline motorcycles.

Disk knivesCope with small branches and shrubs.

Plastic knifeLike a trimmer line, it is a consumable. This is a flexible, strong element that will not break when meeting with hard grass or random stone.

D or p-The figurative handle looks like a loop. It is convenient for cutting tall shrubs and is taken by grip from above.

T or u-The figurative type of handle resembles the steering wheel of a bicycle, and it is held similarly. Such a pen gives the maneuverability tool, since you can use two hands. Weighty models supply it.

J-The figurative handle is covered as if you mowed grass with an ordinary oblique.

The weight- An important indicator if you acquire a trimmer for a person who is unable to withstand at the same time both the weight and the vibration of a working tool. The difference in weight between models is significant. From 2before 9.1 kg.

Care for the device

In order for Motokos to serve for a long and regularly, you need to perform a number of activities to care for it.

  • Trimmer must be stored in a dry room.
  • After each use, the device must be cleaned of grass and litter.
  • The air filter and the cooler radiator grille on the gasoline trimmer motor should be periodically cleaned by the method described in the instructions for the technique.
  • It is necessary to monitor the presence of lubrication in the gearbox.
  • The wires of electric trimmers should be intact, without creases and cracks in isolation. You need to include devices in the network only through groove outlets.
  • All cables after use should be reelled.

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If a gasoline trimmer It will not be needed for a long time, It should be emptied by its tank, let it work at idle to combat fuel residues, grease the engine. The composite bar must be disassembled, and the joints should be treated with preserving lubricants to prevent the appearance of rust. All nuances of storage and care are described in detail in the user guide, which can be downloaded in case of loss.

Trimmer care after work finishes

As soon as you finish cutting the grass, you will need to put the trimmer in order. First of all, cleaning along the lawn may be required. To do this, use a broom or broom, collect all the garbage and cut grass. If the area is very large, it is better to use a blower for leaves. This will greatly facilitate the work.

After that, you will need to put the trimmer in order. Remove all the grass that could get stuck in the casing, wipe all the cutting parts with a soft cloth. The battery trimmer is placed for charging, gasoline is additionally seasoned. Storage is carried out in a dry room.

Trimmer care for grass: Rules and recommendations

A beautiful well.Groomed lawn, a neatly trimmed lawn. This is the result of using a trimmer for grass. Using this tool, you can quickly put the site in order. Unlike the lawn mower, a small and maneuverable tool easily penetrates into hard.To.Reach places (around trees, near the fence, benches). Like any other technique, the trimmer needs competent care and maintenance.

The service life and performance of the benzokos depends on whether the user complies with the operating rules. All the information that may be required to the owner is posted in the leadership. Be sure to study this document before starting working with a trimmer. And in this article we will dwell on the consideration of the main issues regarding the use of the tool.

Preparation for work

Before the first turning on the trimmer, a certain preparation is needed to avoid failures, breakdowns and injuries. First you need make sure that all parts of the device are whole, without cracks and dents. Often, devices are sold in disassembled form, so they should be assembled in the manner indicated in the operating instructions. In addition to verbal descriptions in the documents there are schemes and pictures. Further actions for technology of different types are very different.

Setting up and the first launch of a gasoline unit

First you need to check if there is oil in the gearbox and, if necessary, add. Many models of trimmers need to add lubricants to the fuel tank or a separate tank. What should be the ratio of “gasoline: oil”, it is better to know from the device for caring for the device. Then you need to fill the gas tank to the top, after which you can start a gasoline trimmer by performing the following actions:

  • Close the air damper;
  • Turn on the ignition;
  • In the presence of a manual fuel pump in the model, you need to press the leather lever several times until the fuel is visible in the primer;
  • Put the device on a solid even surface;
  • Smoothly pull behind the trigger cable until the appearance of resistance;
  • Pull the cable abruptly 3-5 times.

Setting and launching an electric trimmer

First of all, you need to charge the batteries or check the performance of the electric cars, as well as the integrity and length of the wires. In the presence of a gearbox, lubricate it with a lithol. Then you can turn it on and turn off the trimmer several times, but do not start mowing. The device should start quickly. If there are no problems, you can proceed to the run.In electrocos.

gasoline, trimmer, correctly, types, trimmers

Trammer run.In

Revolutions on gasoline unit it is necessary to increase gradually to let the engine work to combustible. For the first time it is better to work without stopping no more than 10-15 minutes. This is also necessary for a person to get used to the weight of the device with a full tank of gasoline, find a convenient position for hands and the correct tilt for the body. After test starting, you need to turn off the motorcycle and let the engine cool.

Electric trimmer can be tested on lawn grass. For the first time enough for 5 minutes, after which the device needs to be turned off.

How to mow trimmer

Trimmer should “lie” in the hand perfectly. Many people prefer a fairly light tool that can work “by weight”. In an unpleasant case, it should be excellently equilibrium, on a comfortable belt or a backroot suspension, because it is true to mow trimmer It won’t work without it. The tool with a “bicycle” handle is very comfortable, which allows you to simply hold a spitt with a kosbe at approximately height, and the tip of the cutting tool at a suitable distance from the ground. In order for the trimmer line to serve longer, you do not need to bring it close to fences, borders, brickwork and other hard objects. Apart from that, one should not touch the earth’s head without the need to touch.

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How to run a benzotrimer

The engine running and the correct first launch are very important for a benzotrimer. They allow you to get to the details of each other and retain the motor motorized resource in the future. In addition, during technical work with a trimmer, useful skills appear that are useful in the operation of this garden equipment.

The correct engine rolling algorithm:

  • Prepare the fuel mixture in the right proportions and pour it into a tank of a gas trimmer.
  • Add grease to the gearbox if necessary.
  • Turn on the engine at idle and let it warm up for 5 minutes. Increase gas 2 times by half a minute.
  • Turn off the engine for 20 minutes.
  • Do manipulations at idle and with puggle, as described in paragraph 3, and again take a break for 20 minutes.
  • Reducer run.In. To do this, rode the grass for 5 minutes and then turn off the engine for 15 minutes. Perform this operation 4 times.

The roller chain is performed until all fuel ends in the tank. After that, you can start intensive work.

Important! Follow the presence of lubrication in the gearbox, at the beginning of operation you should add it every 2-3 hours. The constant control of the temperature of the engine and the gearbox is also important, overheating should be avoided in order to avoid a breakdown of a benzotrimer.

How much time can you work with a trimmer?

Gasoline trimmers allow longer operation. Average, You can work up to 40-60 minutes, or until the fuel is over. In any case, the break should not be less than ten minutes, but better if all twenty.

Trimmer The worst that you can do for yourself. Brown or cut the fluffy hair with a trimmer. Despite the fact that there are female trimmers for the face, this is a purely male device, and we strongly advise you to stay away from it if you do not want to shave your face with your daily necessity.

Preparation of the fuel mixture

To provide the tool with productive operation, it is important to learn how to prepare the fuel mixture. If your trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, then with the preparation of combustible liquid you can not bother, since such units work on gasoline, and the oil is poured into a separate container. The fuel-oil mixture is used for flooding in trimmers with 2-stroke engines. To prepare it, you need only 2 components:

Mix the liquids in the ratio specified in the operation manual. It also contains information about what fuel and oil are recommended to use.

Important! In no case should you use a spent car oil. For gasoline trimmers, there are special lubricants of a special consistency and composition.

Prepare such an amount of fuel mixture so that you manage to develop in one cycle, because when stored the oil is precipitated, fuel loses its properties and becomes unsuitable for further use.

How to care for trimmers

Each type of device has its own features that must be taken into account when working and storing. But some rules are applicable in all cases.

General recommendations

These tips should be followed by users of any travo.Shirts. Gasoline and electric.

  • Store the device in a dry room.
  • It is better to hang it on the wall, on a special mount.
  • After each use, the device needs to be cleaned from dirt and beveled grass, examined for damage and wipe the surface with a soft rag.
  • Before the work, you need to check whether the bolts fastening parts of the unit are well twisted, especially the fasteners of the working head.
  • It is better to wash herbal juice from the coil immediately after the mowing.
  • It is necessary to monitor the amount of trimmer line and the condition of the nozzles of metal or plastic. The trimmer line should be suitable diameter (for the bastard used and the type of thicket). The blades of the discs and knives must be sharpened, and two.Way nozzles should be turned over for uniform grinding of the teeth.

The boots of the cord on the bobin should be uniform, without overflows. The trimmer line must be wrapped in the right direction and in the recommended amount. There are tags on the coil: arrows for indicating the direction and risks to indicate the border.

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Large shrubs, trees, fences and other solid obstacles should be bitten around the perimeter, while the trimmer must be rotated with a casing to the barrier. Otherwise, trimmer line consumption will increase, and the blades will dull very quickly.

Features of the care of a gasoline trimmer

Powerful, designed for long.Term continuous work, motorcycles require special attention. DIY trimmer maintenance may first seem like a difficult task, but most buyers quickly get used to following the recommendations listed below and addresses service specialists very rarely. Care requirements are such.

  • Gasoline for the engine should be clean, with an octane number not lower than 92. Fuel density-750-770 kg per cubic meter.
  • Two.Stroke engines are filled with a mixture of fuel and high.Quality oil in the proportions indicated in the instructions for the operation of the trimmer. Most often, one liter of gasoline accounts for 20, 25 or 40 ml of lubrication. The best oils are produced by the manufacturers of garden equipment themselves. Shtil, Khuskvarna and other brands.
  • When working with a four.Stroke engine, fuel and oil are poured into different tanks. Both containers should be filled to the upper mark.
  • Swing gasoline filter must be cleaned about every 10 hours of work: dirt, particles of mowed grass and bark of shrubs gets into it. It is necessary to ensure that it is saturated with oil. If cleaning does not bring results, the filter should be replaced with new.
  • From the spark plugs and muffler of the motor, you need to periodically remove the carpet

Reducer gears need lubrication, especially after replacing them, when slowing the spindle rotation, as well as when extraneous sounds appear during the work of the trimmer. Lubricants for their products are produced by the manufacturers of motorcycle, but you can use universal, for example, lithol. How and how to process a specific model of a mower, it is better to know from the documentation to the device. Most often, manufacturers advise lubricating the gearbox once a year/season, oil in many models is poured into technological holes on the node.

Playing benzokos

The new trimmer is running out to make sure of its serviceability. The engine of the device must work for fuel and clock, details. Be worn to each other, and fasteners. Pass the test for the strength. This process is carried out as follows. It is necessary to start the tool and smoothly increase the speed, warming the motor, but at first it must be protected from overheating. Then you should open the throttle of no more than 2/3 of the possible stroke, and let the motor work idol for the first few minutes, and then try out on the soft grass. It is best to mow the lawn.

Preparation of a gas trimmer for the working season

Before starting regular use, gas troops are needed:

  • Collect the device according to the instructions;
  • Prepare a new portion of the fuel mixture. For a two.Stroke engine;
  • Pour fresh gasoline and oil to the desired level. For a four.Stroke motor;
  • Change the spark plugs, clean or replace air and gasoline filters;
  • Adjust the carburetor (according to the instructions for the device);
  • Check the condition of the fasteners and, if necessary, tighten them;
  • Lubricate the gearbox.
  • Check the trimmer line and nozzles.

Preparation for wintering

So that the benzotrimer does not lose performance for the period of inaction, you need:

  • Inspect the device for the presence of cracks, chips, bent parts;
  • Disconnect the casing and cutting head;
  • Drain the fuel from the tank and turn on the device to develop the rest of the gasoline;
  • Wipe/rinse the bar, handle, casing thoroughly;
  • Remove the coil or knife;
  • Clean the gearbox and add oil into it;
  • Inspect and rinse filters.
gasoline, trimmer, correctly, types, trimmers

Then remove the light of the ignition, pour a little (20 ml) of motor oil into the hole and smooth the engine shaft several times using the starter to distribute the lubricant along the cylinders. After these manipulations, you need to insert the candle back, but do not twist until the end. This procedure (except for the grade of oil) must be carried out once a month, until the device is used.

Safety measures when spent

What are the safety measures when working with a trimmer? There are several simple and understandable points, following which, you can avoid dangerous situations and minimize the possibility of injury:

  • Do not use a trimmer in raw and wet weather (especially an electrimmer);
  • In front of mowing, dress in Dense clothes, In order not to injure the skin with pieces of grass of stems flying away from the disk or trimmer line with high speed;
  • Follow the distance 15 meters from other people and pay attention to the signs that others can serve;
  • Use Headphones or Berushi;
  • Using the electrimmer, make sure that the wire from the extension cord always remains behind;
  • To put on dense rubber boots, which after work is easy to clean;
  • Use gloves and protective glasses, to avoid small pebbles in the eyes and respiratory tract;
  • Upon an injury, immediately consult a doctor.

In addition to the above, do not forget to look around, suddenly an obstacle awaits you ahead or side. Suburbating a bar with a blade into thick thickets of grass, it must be remembered that there can be a stone, stump, or berries (for example, strawberries). Working with a trimmer requires composure and attentiveness, but by understanding simple rules, it will become familiar, understandable and will bring only positive emotions from the results obtained.