How to use an electric tile cutter. Mechanized device

Electric tile cutter: device, varieties and practical use. How to use a tile cutter: Features of proper cutting tiles

Titting cutter. This is a generalized name of building tools for straight, curved or completely curly cutting tiles. The classification of the variety of these tools is based on the type of drive movement. So, tile cutters can be:

Manual tile cutter consists of the base. A bed, a carriage with a roller and a handle. It resembles on the principle of action ordinary glass cutter. Cutting tiles are cutting with a cutting video. At that moment she was clamped in the building according to the principle of pliers. After receiving the cut of the glaze, the tiles are broken down along it. To obtain a more even and neat cut, guides are used, which are exhibited by the tile clamping field. Sometimes manual tile cutter desktop can be used to obtain round holes.

Electric tile cutter. A device equipped with an electric drive that rotates a diamond cutting disk. The principle of operation of this version of the tile cutter is similar to the circular saw. Ceramic tiles are moved along the guide to obtain even and neat cut. One of the varieties of mechanized tile cutter is the strip, equipped with a diamond tape. For cooling tiles, water is supplied to the cutting area, which also rinses the cutting products.

Tiles and flooring Tiles Hend cutting machine

In order to correctly cut ceramic tiles, you need to know, How to use a tile cutter correctly.

How to use a manual tile

With manual tiles are used much more often than electric, and we are talking not only about everyday conditions, but also about industrial. At first, the tile cutting process may seem difficult and practically impossible, but in fact it is only necessary to investigate the instructions and recommendations on security. There are many nuances in functioning, but all of them are not difficult to remember and we must not forget about them when working. Safety rules are considered especially important, and even more than observing the phased work.

The device of manual tile cutters is the same, there are only some differences regarding the functionality. The following working parts are distinguished:

Wet Saw Tile Cutter. Cortador El├ęctrico RUBI DV 200 1000

  • The base serves as a platform for the location of all working elements;
  • Tubular guides, along which a carriage with a cutting wheel moves;
  • Carriage. In addition to the cutting roller, it is equipped with a special concave paw to break off the cut part of the tile;
  • The cutting element is a carbide roller rotating on the axis;
  • The handle with which the carriage moves.

How to use manual tile cutter

Get two parts of tiles of a given size with good quality edges is permissible using a mechanical tool. There are no special secrets in this, it is only important to observe the sequence of work.

The technology of cutting tiles with manual tile cutter is the following actions:

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electric, tile, cutter, mechanized, device
  • On the front surface of the material by a felt.Tip pen or marker on the ruler, apply the marking line.
  • Fix the tile with the help of the stops available in the design, while the marking line should be exactly under the cutting edge of the marking wheel.
  • Place a working disk at the beginning of the marking and press it a little to the surface to be treated.
  • Move the carriage with the roller along the drawn line using the handle. Movements should be smooth and strong enough to cut the glaze. With excessive pressure, you can break fragile tiles, and insufficient efforts will not allow you to cut the glazed coating and then gently break the tile.
  • Transfer the handle to the middle, then break the tiles with a sharp movement, lowering the lever. If the lever is not provided in the configuration of the mechanism, then the tile is put on the edge of the workbench or table along the scratched line, then the protruding part is broken off, pressing on it.

If all actions were performed correctly, then the material is broken exactly according to the groove done. You can cut the tile at an angle of 45 ┬░, for this in some models there is a rotary base and a special built.In ruler.

Preparation of tools for work

The most important thing at this stage is to check the integrity of the design and the performance of the functional organs. All chips and irregularities during the work process may affect the quality of the result. Fasteners are separately checked. For example, a flange nut and guide clamps. The parameters of the cutting should also be calculated, which will depend on the size of the workpiece and the characteristics of the tool itself. A model with a slight capture will cope well with small.Format segments, but for thick and large elements you will need a version with a powerful rail base. And in the second case there will be their nuances of operation. For example, how to use a 730 mm DEXTER manual tile, which is considered one of the most productive in class? It is very important for him to ensure a reliable fastening of the workpiece, and large parts are best cut off with small segments. So, when processing a porcelain stove with a thickness of about 14-16 mm, a piece of 30 cm, it is advisable to cut off in two approaches in equal parts.

This is the most common tool for both amateurs and some professionals. It is optimal in terms of price, speed of work, quality of their implementation.

Mechanical tiles. The most common tool

A small manual tile cut has a cutting wheel, which cut a deep groove on the glazed surface of the tile, and it is easily broken through the cutting line. A long handle serves as a lever when pressing, which facilitates cutting.

How to cut tiles with manual tile cutter

  • The tile cutter is installed on an even hard surface (floor or table);
  • Design a cut line on the surface;
  • The product is horizontally in the device and fixed, resting it on the ruler. The cut line should be exactly along the arrow on the ruler;
  • Raise the handle, bring the cutting wheel to the edge of the product and cut off the movement from themselves, holding it with a hand;
  • Having cut it out, slightly pressed on the handle.

With a mechanical tile, you can cut wall and floor coatings from tiles and ceramics. A small tile cutter with a plastic case is suitable for wall.Mounted, and a powerful tool with a metal case and a long lever is convenient when cutting floor tiles.

The cost of such tools can be from 1.5 to 20 thousand. Rub. With a manual tile, you can cut materials in a straight line and at any angle, cut off the narrow strips. Some devices are equipped with a ballerinka for cutting round holes of a certain diameter.


  • It is convenient and comfortable to work;
  • A very compact tool, can be stored in the back room, work can be carried out in any room;
  • A long handle reduces the necessary physical efforts;
  • The tile is cut with high accuracy and even cut.

From the shortcomings, it can be noted that you can’t cut off a strip of less than 5 mm with a width of less than 5 mm, in some cases the edges are uneven, but they can be sanded with abrasive material.

Video: how to use an electric tile cutter

Do not forget to periodically replace water in the tank, since all cutting products fall into it. Dust and large particles of tiles. They can pollute the diamond disk and remove it, which in the worst case can damage the disk or tile. Disk damage with a tile cutter is dangerous from the point of view of the injury of the employee. If you see that the disk is very contaminated or worn out, you should replace it with a new. In this case, you can make a neat and smooth slice.

And for fixation you can see Video on how to use an electric cut for tiles on the example of the Ple-200 900 caliber.

To perfectly cut ceramic tiles, in most cases use a manual tile cutting tool. For the most part, you do not need to have professional skills to use it, so the tool can be used quite successfully at home.

A manual cutter for tiles has many positive points, including ease of use, which leads to a very clear cut. The handle also additionally performs the function of the lever, which allows you to reduce the exerted efforts to a minimum.

At the same time, there were no negative moments without Bosch. For example, a hand cutter for tiles should not be used at a very close distance from the edge of the tile (the permissible working distance should be at least five millimeters).

Before you start, you must carefully study how to use a hand cutting tile. If you have problems with this problem, then on our website you can find a video that shows all the details and nuances.

Additional recommendations on the use of electrical tile cutter

Many novice masters are wondering how to use a tile cutter. If you have already started the operation of the tool, you will notice that the disk is able to withstand a certain amount of wet sections. For the reason that ceramics falls on the working surface, it provides for periodic cleaning. This can be done by sawing the old sand form for brick. The blade should be removed and turned over, ensuring its rotation in the opposite direction. This method cannot be used when there is a stamped direction of the direction on the blades. As soon as the blade is completely worn out, it is possible to replace it, and in order for the life of the disk to be long, it is necessary to choose a blade depending on the material that will be sawed.

How to work with an electric tile cutter

Quickly and evenly cut off the part of the desired size from the workpiece, as well as to produce a diagonal or curly cut, a professional electric tool will help. Such equipment easily copes with ceramic and floor tiles with a thickness of more than 16 mm.

Cut the tiles with an electric tile cutter according to the following technology:

  • We set the unit on an even and stable base (workbench, table);
  • On the glazed side, apply marking with a marker or felt.Tip pen;
  • We place the workpiece on the work surface of the device, combining with the indicator the beginning of the drawn line;
  • We turn on the unit engine;
  • Cut the tiles, carefully pushing it to the detachment disk (when the cutting element comes into contact with the processed material, increase the force);
  • Turn off the device.

If a model of an electric steamer with the upper engine is used, then the cut part is firmly fixed on the bed (rests on special locks), and then the saw head is lowered on it. Cut start from the edge of the marking line.

electric, tile, cutter, mechanized, device