How to Use Grass Trimmer

How to Use Grass Trimmer

Having grown a beard, you need to learn how to give it the right shape (for how to choose, see here).

Fixing wax will do just fine with this task. It will smooth the hairs, give them a healthy shine and a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma.

The beard will not shag or fluff, preserving a flawless look throughout the day.

Wax for beard and mustache: why is it needed?

The main task of wax is to give the beard and mustache the desired shape.

It is indispensable for naughty, hard or too soft hair. over correctly selected product is capable of:

  • give hair shine and well-groomed appearance;
  • protect the beard from rain, wind or snow;
  • prevent burnout and discoloration of hairs;
  • make the shade of the beard and mustache darker;
  • aromatize the facial hair, while the smell will be subtle, unobtrusive, pleasant.

Most brands rely on product naturalness.. The composition includes different varieties of wax (refined white, yellow bee, carnauba).

An aromatic composition is added to them, sometimes natural dyes or nutritious oils may be included in the composition. Most often used peach seed oil, olive, coconut, jojoba or shea butter.

Funds are economical, jars of 13-15 ml will last for 4-5 months of daily use.

Manufacturers pay attention to perfume. Flavors should be light, not irritating. Most often, essential oils or synthetic perfumes are used.

The aromas of citrus, precious wood, sea freshness or chewing gum are popular. There are rarer variants that give the beard a slight smell of vanilla, cola, bitter almond or Scotch whiskey.

Some men prefer odorless wax, and on sale you can find such options.

The wax retainer is stored in a cool place, protected from sunlight, it is better not to put it on the shelf of the refrigerator. After use, the jar must be tightly closed so that the wax does not dry.

The best brands of the Russian market

The modern Russian cosmetic market is quite supportive of bearded people. At their service are some of the most popular brands offering everything you need.

All products are packed in convenient metal jars that perfectly preserve the product.

The collection includes products with aromas of cola, bitter almonds, bergamot, chewing gum, apple, coffee or Indian incense.

The composition is natural, includes a combination of beeswax and carnauba wax with lanolin.

In addition to wax, the brand offers men special soap, natural beard oil and balms.

Connoisseurs of Italian cosmetics with a history can try a product from the popular Proraso brand.. Wax is packed with a stylish glass jar of volumes of 15 g. The product is colorless with a delicate fresh aroma. The composition is completely natural; valuable essential oils are used for perfume. The price does not exceed 500 rubles.

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An interesting product is offered by the Russian brand Trius. The collection includes three types of wax. For easy fixation, the Salvator line with aromas of caramel, mandarin, cola, coffee, almond or green fruits is suitable.

A moderately fixing product for docile, not too stiff hair is available in the Anchor line. Particularly strong fixation is offered by Original Russian fishing line with aromas of Siberian forest, cedar, sandalwood, fir, mint. The rulers also have odorless products.

Stylish product for bearded men. Hi-Ho brand wax, Packed in a flat metal jar-washer weighing 15 g. The product is made by hand, consists of a mixture of beeswax with a small amount of lanolin. The product is colorless, translucent, has a subtle but recognizable scent of whiskey. The price is about 500 rubles.

The Ukrainian brand Munly Club produces a wide range of products for bearded. The collection has 2 options for the retainer: the original colorless and tinted.

Both are made on the basis of natural beeswax mixed with essential oils. Several aromatic compositions are presented: cocoa with cinnamon, mint with bergamot, sea breeze.

The tinted product in matte black contains natural dyes that slightly darken the beard and give it a noble matte finish. Funds are issued in a standard size (15 g), there are gift jars weighing 20 g, decorated with a chain. Price from 450 to 650 rubles (depending on the volume of banks).

How to cook with your own hands?

Instead of buying the finished product, you can try to make wax for your beard and mustache with your own hands.

For cooking you will need:

  • 1 tbsp. a spoon of yellow beeswax;
  • 1 teaspoon lanolin;
  • 0.5 teaspoon peach seed oil;
  • 6 drops of perfume essence or natural essential oils.

The wax is rubbed on a grater and laid out in a faience or glass bowl. The mass is heated in a water bath with constant stirring. After the wax has melted, lanolin is added to it.

When the mixture becomes liquid, it is removed from the fire, peach seed oil is added. Then the essence with the aroma of coffee, cola or whiskey is poured. You can flavor the mixture with a combination of essential oils. A duet of natural sandalwood and incense oil in equal proportions or a cocktail of juniper oil, cedar, vetiver is suitable.

The mixture is whisked until completely homogeneous. It is convenient to do this with a whisk or with one mixer blade. During whipping, the wax should cool, become ductile and ductile. It is transferred to a clean jar with a lid. About 20 g of the finished product are obtained from the indicated amount of ingredients.

Watch the video: how to make wax for your beard and mustache with your own hands.

How to use?

The beard and mustache styling product can be used daily. It is especially necessary for owners of excessively lush, fluffy, shapeless vegetation.

The beard should be spotlessly clean. Before going to bed, the remnants of the styling product must be washed off with warm water with a special soap or shampoo.

A small portion of the wax warms in the palms. The mass should become supple, easily gliding along the hairs. If the product seems too hard, the closed jar can be briefly placed in hot water.

The product is applied to the beard with light movements from the roots of the hair to the ends.. The beard is given the desired shape. For convenience, you can use a comb with rare teeth.

Wax will help to tidy up the mustache and whiskers. It is important not to overdo it so that the facial hair does not look oily and dirty. Excess wax can be wiped off with a clean cloth or paper handkerchief.

Economical, convenient and inexpensive wax is an excellent natural care product. It protects hairs, does not irritate the skin, helps to shape and fix the beard and mustache in accordance with the requirements of fashion.

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