August 20, 2019

How To Wean A Dog To Crap In The Booth

Many owners of guard dogs, whose pets live in the booths with aviaries, often face such a problem when the pet starts sending its natural needs in the area of ​​its range. In search of a solution to this rather scrupulous question, the owners of the dogs spend many hours surfing specialized Internet resources, blogs and forums in order to quickly get rid of the reason for the appearance of excrement in unauthorized places.

This problem may occur suddenly and regardless of the age and breed of the pet. Shepherd shits in an open-air cage or a pit bull is not important at all, as there are quite universal ways to get out of this delicate situation. In this article we will try to find answers and give the necessary recommendations.

Puppy shits in the aviary

It often happens that the owners of guard dogs from puppyhood immediately teach their pet to live in a box with an aviary. By virtue of their small age, the puppy begins to spoil where its need has found and in order to accustom him to send his natural needs to the place strictly reserved for this, there are several clever ways that have been tested by experienced breeders.

Try not to punish the puppy for the fact that it immediately reaches the understanding of the task set by the owner. Be patient and have a consolidated time and try to turn the search for a puppy latrine in the gameplay. Of course, it will take more than one day to train your puppy to the tray, and if you give it a week or a bit more, you will save yourself from further problems.

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Remember that the commands remembered by the puppy with its periodic repetition will repeat more willingly and in more mature age. Also, never forget to encourage your pet for a need that is provided in a specially designated place. Many dog ​​owners teach a pet to send a need for a pre-learned team, for example: “Need!”, “Deal!” And so on.

If you suddenly did not have time and “missed” the moment of the stool, then do not physically punish the puppy, it is better to yell at him threateningly so that he understands that you really do not like it.

Adult dog shits in the aviary

In order for an adult shepherd or guard dog of another breed to defecate in the aviary where you need it, you can use the methods discussed above, just make a correction for the pet’s age.

How To Wean A Dog To Crap In The Booth

Since the puppy is not able to control the urge to the toilet due to its small age, and the adult dog copes with this task much more successfully, it is possible to restrict him in drinking for some time, and immediately after the dog drinks, take him to a special place. And this should be done until such time as the pet gets used to the mode convenient for you.

The reasons

Sheepdog shits in the aviary for several reasons. If the pet feels a special affection for the owner and is forced to remain alone for a long time, then the fear of loneliness can lead to the fact that the dog spoils not where it should be. Also being once punished by the owner beyond measure, the pet is able to send its natural needs as a protest against something.

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Often, the pet begins to behave in such an inappropriate manner during periods of estrus, so wait out this moment and prevent the dog from getting used to it. In any case, try to identify the cause, and not to deal with its consequences.


In conclusion, it remains to add that in one of the sections of our site you can always read interesting articles telling about how to properly disinfect the booth, what types of postilki are, how to build an aviary with your own hands and much more. If you have any questions, then your service has a convenient feedback form.

How To Wean A Dog To Crap In The Booth
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