How to Wear a Blade on a Stihl Trimmer

For work on a site and in a garden specific devices are often required. One of such narrowly focused on use, but useful tools is a garden electric delimbers. In fact, this is a secateurs with electric drive and long adjustable handles. The main advantages of the device:

  • The drive makes it easy to cut thick branches with a diameter of up to 10 cm;
  • Adjustable handles allow you to work at high altitude;
  • Labor productivity increases several times.

Types of Electric Loppers

  1. Electric delimbers. The handle is designed in such a way that muscle fatigue does not accumulate in the hands. Thanks to the pulley integrated in the handle cavity, it is possible to activate the action of the gear mechanism at high altitude and remove branches 3-4 cm thick in 2-3 steps. The optimum height is 4 m. For operation at heights of up to 6 m, the electric knife cutter is connected to an additional rod.
  2. The telescopic high-rise garden delimber is convenient because it is quite compact and convenient to store when folded, and when unfolding it allows you to work at high heights (up to 6 m) with a wide radius. The gardener drives the ratchet mechanism with a lever on the handle. The ratchet makes the cut very precise and even. On more advanced models, the kit comes with an electric saw.
  3. Electric delimber for working with low branches. Visually, the tool is a traditional secateurs with short handles. There is a start button on the handle. The branch is placed between the edges, the button is pressed, and the chain saw quickly and effortlessly makes a saw cut.

Features of use

  • Working with an electric delimbing knife is much faster and more efficient due to the convenient design of long handles. Applying physical force to remove branches is not necessary. It is enough to hold the branch between the blades and start the mechanism that will close the blades with each other.
  • The second feature of use is the type of blade:
  1. Plane. work similarly to the scissor mechanism. The branch is clamped between the blades and removed with a cutting action;
  2. Contact. are located on the same plane. The branch is located at the junction of the blades and is removed by compressive action.
  • A prerequisite for use is the availability of power. Therefore, in advance it is worth taking care of the purchase of adapters, extension cords and other necessary devices for connection. If access to electricity is limited, then you should buy a battery-powered device. It is more mobile and does not need constant access to electricity. However, the electric delimber is much more powerful than the battery delimiter, but inferior to gasoline.
  • Manufacturers also took care of the safety of the tool, so almost all models are equipped with a protective mechanism against accidental switching on.

Pros and Cons of Electric Knife Cutters

Choosing an Electric Cutter

Determine the need to purchase the device, depending on the purpose. It is worth considering what type of trees will be pruned. Young shrubs and trees with thin branches and soft wood are best trimmed with planar tools. No great effort is needed, so a little pressure effectively removes young thin branches. Mature trees with thick branches and hardwood, as well as dry branches, are cut with contact blades. In this case, it is very important to maintain the integrity of the cortex. Under the influence of pressure, it can crack, so a clear cut is needed. It can be achieved using the scissor mechanism.

How to Wear a Blade on a Stihl Trimmer

On a note! In addition, when choosing a lopper, it is worth considering who will work with this tool. If the weight and dimensions of the device are not very important for a man, then for women and the elderly these parameters are important. Another important point is the presence of an insulating handle. This allows you to safely work in conditions of high humidity or near electrical networks.

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Browse Popular Models

Husqvarna / Husqvarna. delimber from Sweden. The most popular model for professional use. 525РТ5S. Thanks to the telescopic bar, you can instantly adjust the height. Very mobile and maneuverable tool. The engine is rapidly gaining momentum. The case is equipped with shock protection from below and behind. Automatic lubrication of the chain. The weight of the device is 7 kg. Price. 44000-50000 rubles.

A popular budget option is the Ryobi RPP750S. An adjustable three-stage boom allows you to work at different heights. The handle design is very comfortable to grip. In addition, there is an insulating rubberized layer of Gripzone. A locking belt is supplied with the delimbers for operation at low heights. This instrument has a low noise level and compact dimensions. The maximum diameter of the branch grip is 20 cm. To facilitate work with the tool, the saw is at an angle of 15 °. Oil is supplied automatically; to monitor the oil level, the tank is made of transparent material. Price. 7500-8000 rubles.

Bosch Brush Cutter (BOSH) AHS 45-16 is a very compact unit (only 2.6 kg) for small garden areas. The engine is protected against overheating thanks to the integrated ventilation system. The handle is designed taking into account the anatomical features, a screen is installed to protect the skin. To speed up the work, a double-sided knife with built-in protection against collision with hard obstacles is installed. The knives are sharpened by lasers, so the cut quality is very high. Price. 4300-4600 rubles.

To work in an urban environment, the NTE60 delimber from STIHL was developed. First of all, the tool differs in full compliance with sanitary standards in terms of permissible noise level (within 94 dB). This is a universal tool for sanitary trimming and use in landscape design to form a decorative crown. The length of the working surface is 0.3 m. Smooth on and off helps protect the engine from sudden jerks. Ergonomic design allows you to clearly lock the tool in your hands. A belt is provided for additional fixation. Weight. 4.5 kg. Increased torque allows you to cut thick branches. Price. 19000-20000 rubles.

Brush Cutter Black&Decker BEHTS301

Electric brush cutter BLACK&DECKER BEHTS301. a budget tool for the refinement of decorative hedges. Suitable for branches with a thickness of 3.5 cm. Has 2 handles for complete control over the movement of the blades. The start button occupies the entire length of the handle, which makes it easier to turn on. There is protection against accidental startup. The handle has a hand shield. You can cut branches in any direction due to a double-sided knife. Eco-friendly, manoeuvrable device weighing 2.46 kg. Price. 5400-5600 rubles.

The CARVER HT 5560E Electric Brushcutter is a tool for shaping compact shrubs. The maximum thickness of the cut branches is 2.5 cm. Diamond grinding allows you to make a high-quality even cut without injuring the plant. System of protection against pulling the cord from the network. For ease of storage and safety of blades, a protective cover is included. A hand shield is installed on the handle. There is an additional holder for better fixing the brush cutter in the hands. Weight. 4.4 kg. Price. 3300-3500 rubles.

Rules of operation and care

  1. Assembly and adjustment is carried out strictly according to the instructions, each part must be tightly fixed in place;
  2. Before starting the main work, it is recommended to make a trial cut to make sure the assembly is reliable;
  3. Before trimming, you must wear a protective suit made of thick fabric, protect your eyes with glasses, put gloves on your hands. Take a stable position, hold the tool firmly and confidently;
  4. Bring the blades to the branch and set so that the cutting blade is located exactly on top;
  5. Drive the mechanism and cut the branch;
  6. When trimming low branches, the delimbers are fixed using a special belt that is thrown over the shoulder. At the same time, a pocket for installing the delimbers should be in the abdomen;
  7. At the end of the work, the blades must be thoroughly cleaned of chips, dirt, dust. Inspect the inside of the tool and clean if dirt is present. Lubricate parts with small;
  8. Storage of the tool is permissible only in a dry, dark place.

Electric tree delimbers significantly facilitate gardening, especially at high altitudes. Thanks to this device, you can easily form a crown and remove old or diseased branches. When buying, pay attention to the manufacturer. A well-known company with many years of experience will be a guarantee of reliability and durability.