How to Wind a Fishing Line On a Patriot Benz Trimmer

How to Wind a Fishing Line On a Patriot Benz Trimmer

In the market, petrol trimmers are represented by a rich assortment. However, given the cost of equipment of this class, one does not want to make mistakes with the choice. After analyzing a number of different models, our editors compiled a rating of the best gasoline trimmers for gardening and gardening, based on user experience. As practice shows, the opinion that “quality costs a lot of money” is just a myth. Modern production technologies and the experience of engineers allow us to develop and manufacture excellent tools of all price categories. Thus, everyone will be able to choose a good gas trimmer for seasonal work, taking into account all your wishes.

Top manufacturers of petrol trimmers

Almost every manufacturer of tools and small construction equipment is engaged in the production of gas trimmers: from world industry leaders to nameless brands from China. The variety of proposals raises a lot of questions about the correct choice of the manufacturer of the gasoline trimmer, not to mention the layout, build quality, ergonomics. An ideal option when all the advantages of a trimmer are combined in a single case. Despite the fact that each manufacturer positions its equipment as the best on the market, the first lines of the rating of the best gas trimmers remain virtually unchanged:

  1. Stihl
  2. Husquarna
  3. Makita
  4. Oleo-mac
  5. Champion

The best inexpensive gas trimmers (up to 10,000 rubles)

Buying a petrol trimmer of a household class will help to solve many problems in the garden, cottage, and the equipment is often used to service the household. Braids of this class do not differ in increased power and performance, because they are intended for periodic, short-term use. Choosing a good gas trimmer from the budget segment is the most difficult. Similar in price and appearance models can vary significantly in quality and reliability. Choosing a good and inexpensive trimmer is better to start the review not with the most popular, but with trusted representatives.

1. CHAMPION T433-2


  • reliable and unpretentious in use;
  • comparatively light weight of 8.3 kg;
  • low price;
  • there is the possibility of disassembling the rod for convenient transportation;
  • economical;
  • corresponds to the declared parameters.


  • increased noise. when the lawn mow is working, it gives out 102 dB;
  • poor equipment;
  • not the most successful design of a protective casing.

2. PATRIOT T 545 Pro

A solid and reliable trimmer with a solid rigid transmission shaft, good power reserve and traction effort is offered by Patriot. The bike handle is adjustable. When replacing fishing line with a cutting disc, a gas trimmer will master dead wood, weeds, shrubs and even small trees. The balanced design is complemented by a vibration damping clutch. The design is convenient and thought out: the control is focused on the handle, easy access to the spark plug and replacing the air filter. The trimmer is perfect for use in large areas.

Video: How to Wind a Fishing Line On a Patriot Benz Trimmer


  • power and endurance of the internal mechanism;
  • easy start and stable operation;
  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • moderate noise and vibration;
  • the perfect combination of price and quality;
  • full set.


  • not very convenient full-time coil;
  • demanding on fuel quality.

3. Daewoo Power Products DABC 520

This is one of the most powerful budget trimmers to perform well in large and uneven terrain. Separately, it should be noted reliable, non-separable rod and high-quality fixing of the handle. The gas trimmer is convenient to use, compact and easy to control, and most importantly. productive, its power is 3.0 hp. You can buy this unit even for the most neglected area. the trimmer’s productivity is enough for any shoot, with the exception of trees 10 cm in diameter, not to mention small lawn grass.


  • the trimmer will replace the brush cutter;
  • quick-release bobbin;
  • backpack type belt;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high power
  • quick access to the air filter.


  • poor vibration protection;
  • there are minor flaws in the assembly.

Video review of the trimmer Daewoo Power Products DABC 520

Hitachi CG22EAS

TOP 10 of the best gas mowers: 2018 ranking Reviews

Hitachi CG22EAS

Very light lawn mowing from a famous Japanese brand. With a mass of 4.7 kg and an engine power of 0.81 hp, the knife speed can reach 9900 rpm, which allows you to perform even a large amount of work with minimal time. The product has a direct bar, inside of which there is a shaft. Using this part, the transmission of torque is safe for the operator.

The engine is located in the upper part of the spit, performing the function of a counterweight. The handle is located approximately in the middle of the trimmer, which allows us to minimize the load on the hands of the operator during operation.

This model of lawn mowers is a very reliable device that easily copes with grass of various height and thickness of the stem. Unfortunately, the trimmer is not without flaws.

The product is equipped with an anti-vibration system, but even if there is additional depreciation, it is not recommended to work in a row for more than 30 minutes.

  • Light weight
  • Low price
  • High build quality
  • Very noisy at high speeds
  • Small fuel tank

Actual prices

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3 Bort BBT-230

The best ratio of weight. power. price
Country: China
Average price: 5 186 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.9


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This trimmer model is equipped with a curved bar that allows you to mow grass perfectly evenly. The device is suitable for removing weeds in vegetable gardens, as well as for processing low-growing grassy stands.

Two-stroke engine developing up to 1 hp easily fused with grass. For mowing, a special plastic fishing line is used, which is placed in a rotating drum.

A fishing line with a diameter of 3 mm is a consumable that is ideal for the operation of this model of gasoline trammer. In this case, the load on the engine and transmission will be minimal.

If the trimmer is planned to be used only for mowing grass, then we can say that the product has practically no drawbacks, apart from the relatively high cost for a medium power device.

  • Light weight
  • Curved barbell
  • Adjustable handle
  • There is no possibility to install a brush cutter