How to wind a fishing line on an electrimmer. Depending on the hardness of mowing vegetation:

How to wind a trimmer line on a trimmer reel

Head. Main detail of the trimmer. It is a basis with a reel on which the cord thread is wound. In total, 3 types of heads are distinguished:

  • Manual. Allows you to lengthen the cord (trimmer line) manually after a complete stop of the engine.
  • Semi.Automatic. Using such a head is simplicity and convenience. It acts according to the following principle: waiting for the trimmer to reach the maximum revolutions, the user is slightly knocking the head of the device about the ground, due to which the locking of the trimmer line is removed. Thus, the cord is put forward at the expense of centrifugal force, and the owner of the apparatus can only cut it with a knife.
  • Automatic. The trimmer line is supplied after the engine speed is reduced. Such a head is convenient in cases where there is a need to carry out long.Term work. The disadvantage of the device, in turn, is the Rapid wear of the cord.Free thread.

Now, to find out how to refuel the trimmer coil, you should pay attention to the choice of cord.

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The trimmer is gasoline

Small mobile devices for cutting grass and young branches consisting of a bar, a motor, cutting part and a handle are called a trimmer.

The device of the bezinotrimmer is simple, it is easy to disassemble, if necessary

There are electrical and gasoline modifications. The former is not refueling fuel, but they depend on the length of the cord. The second work regardless of the availability of electricity, anywhere in the garden or garden.

Gasoline trimmers are lighter and cheaper than lawn mowers. They cope with grass and shrubs, so such mowers are used in everyday life and on an industrial scale. For convenience, the technique provides belts that are worn on the shoulder. Thus, the load on the hands and back decreases.

How to change a trimmer line on a trimmer

The fishing line is wound on a reel (bobbin), which is located in the body of the head of the trimmer. First, unscrew the head from the bar with the motorcycle cord and open it the top cover, pressing on the side latches. In some models, the case simply spins.

We take out the coil, clean it from dirt, the remains of the old trimmer line. Coils are one- and two-section.

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Trimmer line winding on a single.Section coil

We take 2 m of trimmer line, we spread it up to half through a special hole inside the coil. The ends of the fishing line of the same length stick out from both sides. We wrap them with both along the groove of the coil in the direction indicated by the arrow on the case (back to rotation of the coil on the shaft of the trimmer). We do not wound the trimmer line to the end-pieces of 10-15 cm, which will be workers, fix in grooves on board the coil. Fixation is needed so that the trimmer line does not unwind when installing it in the head of the trimmer.

We insert the reel into the body of the head, while at the same time we spread the free ends of the trimmer line into the holes of the body, set. We collect the head, put it on a trimmer. Everything, the change of trimmer line in the trimmer was carried out.

How to wind a trimmer line on a trimmer with a two.Section coil

If there are two sections in the coil, put the trimmer line in half and insert the bending place into a special groove in the side between the sections. We begin to wind the ends each in the groove. Then everything, as in the case of a single.Section coil.

How much trimmer line is wrapped on a trimmer? You can wind 2-4 m, depending on the product model. In each case, it is impossible to wind too tight, the thread should have a free move for stretching during operation.

How to remove a trimmer head?

The methodology for removing the trimmer head on devices with the upper location of the motor is the same for any model. First fix the output shaft of the device using any suitable tool, for example, a full.Time hexagon, then unscrew the drum or a fixing nut.

Here is a detailed instruction, Following which you can remove most types of coils from a trimmer whose motor is installed on top:

  • Make sure the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Clean the space between the protective casing and the reel;
  • Turn the head so as to combine the fixing holes;
  • Insert a standard hexagonal key or any other suitable tool into the combined holes;
  • Grasp the body with your palm or put on a standard key on the nut, then turn in the appropriate direction (clockwork for devices with a straight bar, against the sentry on those whose rod is curved).

On some devices with a curved rod, there is no hole for fixing the shaft, instead the base is fixed on the shaft using a bolt.

If you have just such an electric cos, then Act like that:

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  • Make sure the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Squeeze the fixers with your fingers;
  • Carefully remove the lid;
  • Get the rogue and other details;
  • Holding the base with your hand, unscrew the fixing the bolt, turning it counterclockwise;
  • Remove the base, shaking it slightly from side to side, if you can’t remove it, turn it 45–90 degrees and shake it again, trying to remove it.

On devices with the lower engine, the principle of attaching the mowing head is different. It is attached to a slotted shaft with heating the latter or other fixation methods, therefore We recommend that we independently shoot this detail only to those who are well acquainted with such works and owns an appropriate tool.

On some models, the shaft is equipped with a cut for fixing, but to get to it, you often have to drink the removed coil removed.

Types of coils

There are 3 types of the most popular trimmer heads:


A mechanical coil is a plastic or metal disk in which one or more small cuts of the trimmer line are fixed in various ways, which is why it is necessary to manually change the trimmer line.

Here are the most popular models of such heads:

Semi.Automatic (collapsible)

Despite the variety of models and differences in appearance, the coils of this type are arranged and work according to one principle.

The base connects the remaining elements of the trimmer head with a motorcycle or electric shock through the threaded sleeve paid in it, so each coil is only approached that trimmer, The diameter of the shaft of the gearbox or lower engine corresponds to the diameter of the sleeve.

A spring is installed inside the base, which supports the spool, squeezing the pressing part outward through the removable case.

Holes for the string are made in the removable case, and they are located so that the output of the trimmer line from the spray is noticeably higher, this provides reliable fixation of the trimmer line in working condition.

When the operator beats the pressure on the ground, the spool enters the case and all the holes through which the trimmer line passes are combined. Then centrifugal force pulls part of the wound string outside, And when the pressure on the pressure disappears, the spool leaves the body and again occupies the working position.

Automatic (indifferent)

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, all automatic coils are arranged and work according to one principle.

They consist of the following details:

A threaded sleeve is soldered into the foundation of the base, and a ratchet clamp is installed on the inner surface, which allows the spool to rotate in only one direction. There is a through canal inside the spool, fishing. The cap is rigidly put on the spool, and the curly faces facilitate its rotation to wind the trimmer line.

Stages of mowing

The process of mowing grass, that is, the implementation of certain movements by the trimmer, is only part of a more complex process, including:

Therefore, we recommend reading the articles in which these actions are highlighted, that is,:

The choice of trimmer line

For an effective haircut of the site, you need to choose the right cord in shape and size.

The string is irregular in shape will also mow vegetation, but in speed and quality will yield to the one that better corresponds to this particular vegetation.

Remove fishing string from reel with no big mess

When choosing a size (diameter or section), one has to take into account the following. The thicker the cord, the better it copes with its task, but the stronger the load on the tool.

Too thick string will break the gearbox and shaft bushings, and in particularly unsuccessful cases, a trimmer can greatly damage. Detailed information on how the coil works and the instructions for choosing the cord you will find here (which fishing line to choose).

Coil winding

To charge a fishing head with a fishing line, insert a cord of sufficient length into it and, leveling both sticking pieces, then tighten the button in the corresponding direction.

Remember, the direction of rotation of the shafts of trimmers with a straight and curved bar does not match, so different coils are installed on them. Be careful, a trimmer line is drawn on the head of the head, indicating which way you need to twist the button.

To charge a semi.Automatic head, act like that:

  • Squeeze your fingers with fixers holding the lid, then remove it;
  • Pull the spool;
  • Remove the remains of the old trimmer line;
  • Wind a new string, the winding direction is indicated on the rogue, lid and coil body;
  • Insert the rogue into the housing;
  • Bring both ends of the fishing line outside;
  • Put the lid to the click so that the latches fix it.

The method of charging a mechanical coil depends on its type (in some cases, you will have to wrap the cord on the removed head, then put it on a benzo- or electrocos).

A detailed description of such trimmer heads and tips on winding the trimmer line on them will be found in these articles:

Preparation of the site

Trimmer cord make from various types of nylon, And this material does not differ in high strength for gap or abrasion, so prepare the site before cutting.

If any obstacles could not be removed, then you will mark their perimeter in order to mow most carefully along it, otherwise, with the mowing of grass in the area, you will spend the trimmer line much faster, and also There is a probability of trimmer damage.

The choice of equipment

To understand what equipment is needed, it is necessary to disassemble the processes that occur in the process of mowing grass with trimmer line.

wind, fishing, line, electrimmer

Moving at great speed, the cord is cut into the stem or foliage of the grass and cuts them off, After which the upper part of the plant falls to the ground. Sometimes a falling fragment falls under the trimmer line and cuts it again, maybe even several times.

Each blow of the cord on the fragments of the grass leads to spraying the juice and flying up small fragments of crushed vegetation, which fly out at different angles, so there is a high probability that such a drop or fragment will fall into the eye.

Given the speed of the trimmer line, Their blow can cause serious injury to the eye, And in the field, it is extremely difficult to clear the surface of the eyeball from them. Therefore, the main element of equipment is glasses or mask that protect the eyes from the opening of drops and crushed grass.

The rest of the important elements of equipment are:

  • Protective headphones (relevant when working with motorcycles);
  • A convenient suspension system (relevant for any trimmers with the upper location of the motor);
  • Comfortable shoes with corrugated sole sole.

Preparation of a trimmer

Any apparatus is suitable for working with flat mechanical coils. If you are going to mow grass with an automatic or semi.Automatic head, then a higher protection is needed.

Devices originally designed to work with trimmer line were equipped with a protective casing of increased height, and Some of the models, which included discs or knives, were equipped with a casing with the so.Called “beard”, that is, the removable lower part. This made it possible to change the height of the casing, adjusting it under the cutting tool.

In addition, when working with a knife, the protective casing often received damage, so for mowing grass the trimmer line, it was required to replace it. The most effective was the choice of a universal casing with a “beard”, for example, such.

We also suggest you learn more about the principle of the electrimmer from this article.

Directly mowing

Theoretically, mowing herbs with a motorcycle or electric shock is similar to the use of a conventional lining braid, that is, turning the device to the left and right, gradually move forward.

At each passage, the fishing line will cut the vegetation strip with a width of 1-5 cm, and the mowed grass will either fall into the dangled area or fly apart.

However, in reality, a lot depends on:

Unlike the lawn mower, which collects beveled vegetation in the grass receiver, the trimmer only cuts the grass and leaves it on the site.

If you choose the irregular trajectory of movement, then the mowed grass will fall under the cord again, which will have to be chopped, reducing the speed of movement.

How to choose a trimmer line for a trimmer

The trimmer purchased in the store is already ready for work. A standard nylon fishing forest is seasoned in it. She cuts the grass, but does not cope with work poorly. Only young, thin plants quickly fail and mows. She does not take old grass and weeds with stem stems or cuts off at all, wear out quickly. It grabs it for a short time, after which you need to replace the trimmer line in the trimmer.

It is not recommended to use a fishing trimmer line, it is better to take a special thread with a fiberglass core. It is sold in construction stores. Stop your choice on an option that has a square or triangle in a section. Their sharp edges will work like knives.

The consumption of trimmer line for a trimmer when using faceted and reinforced consumables will decrease by 2-3 times, by the same amount, performance will increase compared to the line of round section and trimmer line, not reinforced with fiberglass.

Purchase material with a diameter not less than recommended by the manufacturer. If the diameter is unknown, you need to look at the size of the holes on the outer body of the mowing head: the diameter of the working thread should be slightly smaller than the hole to pass through it freely.

Upon learning how much material is needed for one winding, FOCUS on the length of the forest during the next purchases, so that there are no too short for winding pieces.

To replace the forest on a mechanical spit with your own hands, you need to disassemble the braid head and get the coil on which the working thread is wound.

Fishing winding

At the next stage, we wrap the trimmer line, making sure that each end is in our groove. When wound. The ends of the fishing line must be temporarily inserted into the side grooves.

Then we insert the coil into the head, put the lid on top, straighten the ends of the trimmer line so that they leave the grooves, and then fix everything on the latches.

You can watch in detail about how to wind a trimmer line on the head of a trimmer in the author’s video. This review is prepared on the basis of video from the YouTube channel Hotsem.

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