How to work Ushm Bulgarian. How to correctly fix the disk on a grinder (Ushm)

Three non.Gold rules when working with a grinder (Ushm) ⁠ ⁠

Hello everyone, quite often I run into stories about how to work properly by a grinder, as well as a bunch of Комментарии и мнения владельцев to them usually from sofa experts, who often did not even hold this tool in their hands, I decided to insert it and there may be its five kopecks Someone is useful. Not much about myself: by education I am an engineer mechanic, I work in production so that some skills and knowledge are available.And so let’s start the first two cannot be combined:1-2 saw from yourself, to yourselfYou can directly distinguish two sects alone saws with sparks only on themselves only from themselves and each of them claims that it is their method that is the only true. In fact, there is no fundamental difference in which direction sparks fly. Ushm is a universal tool to set up it for work both from yourself and on yourself and even in the side. Of course, each of the methods has its own subtleties and nuances that must be taken into account. 3 is not in the cut plane this is also not a rule since when working with a grinder is not in a plane rather problematic and the instrument control in this case is much worse, and, accordingly, the probability that it will tear out of the hands or simply pull aside with all the ensuing consequences Significantly higher.And now a little about the rules and tips for working with the tool1 still use protective glasses and casing2 do not use disk not designed to work with a grinder3 Although it may be the most important thing before turning on the tool should turn on the head and think a couple of steps forwardWell, a couple of tips: if you are afraid of this tool, then it is worth starting with a smaller grinder 125 The very thing you can switch to the next level, it is much easier to control the tool with a saw for sparks on yourself, but this is already the case of everyone, if you just start working with this tool then I advise you to try both methods, and there is already conclusions

Absolutely not informative post. Something like that: to eat to eat. For whom it is written? Didn’t understand.

I have two 125 and one 230. But 230 I use only when I cut something in a very convenient position for me and not thick. Like profile pipes and the like, where I am not afraid that I will bit the disk.

But the thick metal I already cut 125, although it is hard and better for her to take 230, but I’m somewhat afraid of it. I’m afraid to keep 2 kW if you have a bit.

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I also can’t get used to it with sparks at myself, I quit this venture. I am not so comfortable from the word at all. I just keep the tool tight and do not stand in the way of its possible flight. I understand that she will strive back if she bites her.

I always put on suitable clothes and a protective mask

Great grinding wheel.Abrasive grinding disc metal

Put the tiles on my own at home, the grinder is large, I don’t know the diameter, probably 230. Circle of cut on a stone made of metal, cut a curb. T.To. Large turns could not be kept when cutting, a dense stone came across a border and knocked out a grinder from his hands, she cut his leg to the bone, it’s good that he was in the half.Boots, they saved a little. In general, everything worked out, my leg was sewn up, I walk as before. But after this incident, I immediately bought Ushm for 125 diameter with revolutions (cool thing), threw a large garage and no longer used.

Gloves are thicker, they say my scars on the fingers

work, ushm, bulgarian, correctly, disk

Do not cut with your hands extended above your head.

Attention The question is, why there is no grinder with reverse rotation? So that it was rightful to keep it when the gearbox and sparks are between the body and the disk?

In my opinion, the most important rule is here: do not fuck and follow TB.

Can be distinguished, but you can not distinguish, because there is such a thing as a physicist and if you cut with “sparks from yourself” the return where will be and? Why do you not start the workpiece in the circular on the other hand, it also saws it, and the milling mill, etc.P. Is? People read such advice and then gather guts on the branches.

Gloves as a means of protection when working with a grinder

Gloves should be selected for a suitable size, so that there is no empty space on the fingertips on the fingertips. If the hand is close to the disk and the dangling tip is caught on the rotating disk, you risk missing the moment when it is not too late to remove the hand. Over, the smaller the “grinder”, the more relevant this problem. If the glove is perfectly sitting on the hand, the maximum that threatens you is to cut on the edge of the rotating disk.

The glove from the cut will not save, but minimizes the damage. Gloves are also useful because when working with leaf metal, the edge of the cut is sharp as a razor. In other words, careless touches of the cut without gloves threatens with a deep cut. The metal heats up from friction, and you can burn yourself on the just cut workpiece, if you do not use gloves. Clothing should not fetter to move, but nothing should hang. Shoelaces, ties, the ends of the belt or wide sleeves will tighten the grinder so fast that you will not have time to understand anything. The problem is that, having tightened clothes, the tool is selected to the body, and it is not at all the fact that by this moment you will have time to turn off the motor.

Long hair must be assembled in a bunch or tail. Ordinary clothing can light up when sparks hit. Therefore, it is recommended to put on a dense apron for locksmith work or overalls on top of clothing, soaked in fireproof composition.

In general, when working with a dangerous protection tool, there is little protection. The above complex of protective equipment can be supplemented with shoes with a metal footman. She protects the feet from the hit of the disk fragments. You can build a real iron chain mail using the experience of reconstructors of historical battles. Chain mail protects well from large fragments, but it will let sparks pass. The same applies to masks made of metal mesh.

The one who spends a lot of time with a “grinder” in their hands on day, sounds.Insulating headphones or Berushi will be useful. After a lot of hourly work, ringing in the ears will stand for several days. And performing such work constantly, without resorting to the protection of the ears, you can easily ruin the hearing.

Cutting brick, concrete, metal with a grinder

Now about how to cut a brick, concrete, metal, etc.D. For this, special circles are used, which are called, cutting.

You can cut both metal and brick with a grinder

They are of two types: for metal and for stone. A stone disk, with emergency, you can cut metal and vice versa, but the productivity of the process will be below.

In addition, if there are no problems with abrasive disks, then a steel disk with spraying or inserts intended for cutting stone will quickly fail if they cut metal.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to cut thick wooden boards and logs with a grinder. It is even more dangerous to do this by installing a disc from a circular saw on a grinder. Unfortunately, such a violation is quite common and the consequences are sometimes very tragic.

Cutting is performed by the edge of the disk, while the pressure force should not be significant, the tool should be kept almost “on weight” and without distortions.

Cut wood using a lot of Ushm using a special wood disk. They are quite new and are available on sale.

How to use a grinder correctly (Ushm)

Which way you need to cut a grinder

Before proceeding with the cutting of the material, you should figure out which way the Bulgarian should spin: sparks from yourself or to yourself. There is no unequivocal answer among users, they work as both ways. If the nozzle rotates counterclockwise, then sparks (as well as a broken circle) fly in the opposite side of the operator, but the return of the tool during jamming will occur on the user. In the second case, everything happens the other way around. The safety precautions are believed that the right rotation is when the sparks fly towards the operator, because when jamming the leap of the tool will be in the opposite direction.

In any case, manufacturers recommend that the movement of the Ushm and the rotation of its circle are directed in one direction. This significantly reduces the possibility that the disk will come out during the workflow out of the slot. But with this method, marking on the material often hides flying sparks.

You can change the rotation of the nozzle by rearranging the handle and the casing to the other side. This is the easiest option (if possible to do this). A more difficult way is to conduct changes in the electrical circuit of the device. But this does not always help.

Whether the power falls with a decrease in the number of rotation speeds

An ordinary Bulgarian without options is designed to work at maximum speeds. If when grinding the surface, the circle is pressed against it with force, then with an increase in the load, the speed of rotation drops. Work in this mode leads to a power tool to rapidly overheating, and it can simply fail. Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about setting minimum revolutions on such an electrical device.

In order to create the opportunity to effectively perform technological operations, grinder are equipped with rotation speed regulators. You can make and install them with your own hands. Regardless of the principles of control of home.Made devices, the power of the device will fall with the installation of low speeds. On the power tool using semiconductor devices. To a lesser extent, on the principle of changing the resistance of the rheostat, the reduction of power will be more noticeable.

Professional Bulgarians manufacturers set on them regulators with stabilization of revolutions, which practically do not change power, even when establishing the minimum permissible speed of rotation. This is a complex electronic circuit with feedback, where special magnetic sensors give a signal to the electronic unit on changing revolutions. He, in turn, reacts with a change in the value of the current power supporting a certain power and stabilizing the selected speed of rotation.

If the specifics of the work requires the preservation of the power characteristics of the grinder, then it is better to purchase it with a revolution regulator with an option of stabilization.

Recommendations of specialists for some types of work

Next, we will tell you how to work with an angle grinding machine with various metal products.

Interskol USHM 125 1100E BULGARKA �� 125, REVIEW. I’ve worked the tool know.

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw

Photo No. 12: Sharpening the chain of the chainsaw with a grinder

The chain is pulled on the arrow of the chainsaw. For work, use a sharpening disk 2.5 mm thick. It should be noted the first tooth that you will process. With competent actions, you can update the chain 4–7 times before it finally fails.

How to change the disc on an angle grinder?

Cutting pipes

Start cutting thick metal with a grinder is better from the edges. If you start from the middle part, the disk can jam and bend. In the process of processing, make an effort on the lower part of the cutting tool, which ensures the efficiency of the saw.

Cutting moldings

Photo No. 14: cutting corners with a grinder

For the sawing of the metal corners, you can use wovered wheels or a small.Diameter tool. It is important to remember that the work is phased: at first they cut one part of the molding, then the second.

Sharpening of a circle of circular saw

Photo No. 15: Sharpening the circle of circular saw with a grinder

work, ushm, bulgarian, correctly, disk

Start by fixing the angle grinding machine with clamps, leaving access to the rotating part of the tool. Then bring the saw disk to the sharpened circle without applying much effort. The circle should go through the product on the tangent. When working, follow the observance of the sharpening plane.

Polishing is a comprehensive operation to finish the workpiece. With its help, minor defects are eliminated in the form of scuffs, chips and scratches. The surface acquires a noble shine, and the product. The presentation.

Frases with interchangeable plates are an composite metal.Cutting tool containing removable working components fixed on the case. Products are used to form grooves, inclined surfaces and ledges. With its help, holes are prepared, complex technological cuts are created.

Milling grooves and ledges involves the performing of complex operations for simultaneously processing several surfaces. Actions are carried out using specialized mills, ensure the preparation of technological protrusions and openings for the subsequent connection of parts.

Cutting of cutters. A comprehensive phenomenon that occurs as a result of the operation of the tool. Due to wear, the severity of the cutting edges decreases, the weight, geometry and mechanical stability of the product changes.

Calculation of cutting modes is carried out with mechanized and manual metal processing. Based on the results of the calculations, the equipment is selected, the optimal method of work and the size of production costs are determined.

What your grinder can? ⁠ ⁠

Today it will be short, but I hope a useful post about a grinder (Ushm) and its use based on my personal experience. Those who have come here by chance. For the past three years I have been engaged in housing construction, including by technical supervision and the correction of problems arising from customers as a result of violation of the construction technology for their contractors. In this connection, I have experience of both the house.Builder and Handyman. I must be able to quickly navigate in the situation and be able to carry out repairs that fits into the trunk of my car.

And although there is a lot of fits there, I try to maximize the use of the capabilities of each available tool, and not buy a separate special device for the procedure that may have to be performed one.Only time.

So, first you need to understand that in addition to the grinder (angular.Grinding machine) there is a device that looks like it, but is completely not suitable for our purposes. This is the UPM. A polishing machine that looks like a grinder. They differ in the speed of spindle rotation, that is, the number of revolutions per minute. In a standard grinder without a revolution regulator, it is approximately 10,000 revolutions per minute. UPM is spinning at a speed of 2,000. 3,000 rpm.

The grinder with a revolution regulator combines the functions of Ushm and UPM. And although I have one, today I will tell you about the most simple grinder, with fixed turns, which is in the arsenal of almost every master.

So, despite the word “grinding” in the name of the device, the grinder is more often used for cutting metals, which it perfectly copes with the help of a standard abrasive disk. You can’t tell you anything much, most have experience with cutting discs. I can add about myself that according to my experience, when sawing thick metal elements from continuous metal, you should not use excessively thin wheels (0.7-1.2 mm), t.To. They quickly abuse and do not forgive mistakes with the slightest deviations from the cut axis. Well, it is clear that a small grinder should not cut the rails. It will work at the limit of power and will soon fail.

Also, the grinder can be used directly for grinding. For example, with the help of a petal disk (right in the last row on top in the photo), or using a rubber circle with Velcro and emery circles on Velcro (installed on a grinder). The petal disk is bad in that first, it is quickly clogged, replacing it requires time and money. It is not very good. The advantages are that it grinds aggressively, it is convenient for them to clean the metal of rust. Velcro circles change very quickly, they are inexpensive, while you can use the different granularity of the abrasive to obtain the desired result. When working with a rubber grinding circle, it is important not to put pressure on the tool, while learning how to hold it horizontally the surface of the workpiece. Then the process of processing will be no worse than after a flight or an electric rhubank. In this case, the surface is pleasant to the touch and very smooth. The downside is that it is still necessary to master the technical techniques of work with such a disk. Taking the wrong corner easily to blame the part by choosing a recess in it with the edge of the disk.

Using grinding or abrasive discs, you can sharpen tools and knives with a grinder, but here you need to have a good experience, because at high speed any wrong movement can lead to the cutting edge of the edge, with the proper diligence, it is even irreparable.

Is it possible to cut a tree with a grinder? Despite the terrifying stories about opened breast cells and sawn turtles, I say responsibly. You can. At the same time, I do not deny the veracity of these stories. All of them happened with non.Compliance with safety precautions and installing the saw discs of the circular on the grinder. Therefore, if you do not want to become a designer for a surgeon, use only specialized discs for Ushm. On the KDPV they are located in the second row and are represented by three.Toothed and multi.Tooth disks. The multi.Toothed has wiring incisors on teeth to prevent jamming. These discs are suitable for rough cutting of sheet materials and boards, for cutting and sampling wood in uncomfortable places. In most cases, a bell with such a disk replaces me a renovator. Also, with the help of such discs, you can choose semicircular grooves in the tree. For even cut, of course, you need a firm hand, and even better. The support sole like a circular.

Some manufacturers have universal discs for wood and plastic work. In the photo below the disc from Bosch. Over, they have wheels for wood work with nails.

Well, with a tree is clear. What do you think about concrete? And then the grinder is fine. Even with a disk size of 125 mm, it can easily cope with the cutting of paving stones or paving slabs, will help to last a wall under an electric cable or cut unnecessary angles on concrete products. To do this, it is best to use steel disks with diamond spraying that cut concrete as a sausage. The only negative is that dust flies just a Cloud. In the photo, the discs are located in the first upper row. And the first in the lower is a diamond cup that copes equally well with concrete and wood. For example, if you need to remove a large amount of wood, it is better to use it first, and after a rubber circle for final grinding.

If necessary, you can put a diamond crown for drilling holes in concrete on a grinder. For example, in the photo below. A 83 mm crown, which is installed directly on the Ushm shaft.

In addition to the components presented in the photo on the grinder, you can put steel brushes for grinding, an adapter for milling or core, the nozzle turns the Ushm into a chain saw, an adapter for installing a grinding tape and other exotic. Do you need it. I decide, I still prefer a drill, saw and milling milling plants in the form of separate devices.

work, ushm, bulgarian, correctly, disk

As you can see, in experienced hands, the Ushm is a universal tool, which is applicable in both locksmith and carpentry business. It significantly facilitates life and accelerating the cutting and processing of various materials. From wood to metal and concrete. Treat the grinder seriously and work with it will bring you only positive emotions

Safety precautions

The high-defense equipment to which the Bulgarian belongs belongs to the power tool with increased danger. During operation The following safe work rules should be followed.

  • Work in special clothes, which includes gloves, glasses or mask.
  • When working with a large amount of dust, use equipment that helps to eliminate it from the working area (special construction vacuum cleaners).
  • Apply discs only those sizes for which the Bulgarian is intended. Circles of larger sizes on such grinders cannot be placed.
  • For grinding cutting discs should not be used.
  • Before starting work, you must visually check compliance of the nozzle with technical requirements.
  • Work should begin only after the maximum revolutions reach the maximum turnover after turning on.