How to work with a ciger on a walkbehind tractor. Helpel adjustment before work

Hill potatoes with a walk.Behind engineer

To increase potato yields, it is necessary to hide the plant several times a season. Enchanting lies in the fact that the earth is poured to the grown potato bush, and as a result, an earthen hill is gradually formed around it.

Due to the fact that in the ridges of potatoes grow in soft land, its number and dimensions of tubers increase. The loss of moisture by the bush is also reduced, the roots of weeds are cut during hilling, and the site is clean.

Wagging is usually carried out two to three times a season. First time. When plant height is not more than 10 cm. The second time-3-4 weeks after the first time. Last time. After flowering the potato bush. If the stems of potatoes are strongly stretched, then the hilling is carried out more than a number of times.

When the plot is small, you can pour the ground with a trap. But if you need to spill many bushes, then it is quite difficult to manually do it.

For this purpose, special mechanisms are used, which are called perch.

Choice recommendations

Each gardener, having made a decision on the purchase, must take into account several nuances. Based on them, you can purchase a really high.Quality and suitable device for the specific features of the site.

The level of soil density on the surface of the potato area. If the soil of the garden is loamy, that is, it contains a small amount of clay and quite a lot of sand, then it is strongly recommended to give preference to powerful heavy units.

  • The owners of large potato sections will be needed by a powerful motorcycle block. The fact is that the operational period of the walk.Behind tractor depends on the number of horsepower. For example, if you use a weak walk-behind tractor, the power of which barely reaches three and a half horsepower, the device will not work on a site with an area of ​​1-5 hectares and three months and three months. The best option for such a large garden plot will be a walk-behind tractor, the power of which will be 9-10 horsepower forces.
  • The labor productivity is also influenced by such a factor as the width of the soil capture. The selection of a walk.Behind tractor in this case is determined by the area of ​​the site on which potatoes are planted. The standard width of the motor unit of 60 centimeters is perfect for areas not exceeding 15-20 acres.

Features of hilling by a motorcycle unit

Hilling is a time.Consuming process, and this is the opinion of summer residents. Motoblock helps to facilitate the care of plants in large areas. And it can be applied to care for potatoes.

On thematic forums, you can find recommendations such as “so that the motoblock is not led, hill through a row” or “It is enough to carry out one hill over the season, otherwise you can damage the tubers”. Often such recommendations are needed only when everything is done after the sleeves.

If we take into account all the subtleties for mechanizing the process, then hilling of potatoes using a walk.Behind tractor can be performed according to all the rules and without retreats. After all, it is important not only to reduce the time spent on the potato field, but also to create optimal conditions for the formation of a good harvest.

It is necessary to plan the method of hilling already during planting, since for the passage and quality of the device a width between the rows of 65-70 cm (for manual processing of the rowpine can be less-from 50 cm). For a more accurate calculation, take the width between the wheels of your walk.Behind tractor and add another 10 cm.

With thickened landing, a problem with the passage of the equipment may arise, and the risk of injury to potato bushes will also increase. For a disc hirringer, in order to save space on the site, you can narrow the aisles so that the walk.Behind tractor goes back along its rut.

The first hilling is carried out when the bushes grow by 15-20 cm. At the same time, the hillock is tuned in such a way that the soil crest is narrow and low. It’s not scary if some bushes sprinkles almost to the top. In a couple of days they will quickly rise. The early implementation of the event simultaneously cleanses the soil of fast.Growing weeds.

Properly conducting the first hilling will make it possible to carry out the second and, if necessary, even the third. In the future, the taper setting should give a wider and high crest. In this case, you will never damage the growing tubers, and an optimal 20-centimeter soil pillow will be formed around the bushes.

As I advise experienced farmers, the first time you need to start at low speeds in order to notice flaws in time and loosen the soil well in the aisles. Rush here is completely useless.

Clocks for potatoes to a walk.Behind tractor

Put the primer.Bearing wheels on the cultivator, set the maximum capture width and on the first passage we put the motoblock between the beds.

Since the distance between the rows and both cigns is the same, the wheels will go exactly along the rows along the bottoms of the grooves and will not touch the stems of potato bushes, and the cigarette and the cigarette butt will evenly fill the soil to the base of the stems.

Thus we hill the whole garden. If you have only a single cigarette bunker, then you need to install wheels with rubber tires on a walk.Behind tractor and let it go between the rows.

70 cm width is enough so as not to damage the potato bushes. It is important to note that the cumming of potatoes with a walk.Behind tractor must be carried out after the rain, when the soil is slightly dried up, but remains wet. The benefits of hilling are huge: air access is provided to the potatoes, weeds are destroyed and the earth is drilled to the tubers.

What are the types of cummers

A tool for hilling beds can be purchased at a store of agricultural machinery or make it with your own hands.


This variety of cuphers is often used for light soil types. Grows can be done by completing the preliminary loosening of the soil by the cultivator.

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Before planting, cultures are cutting a pair of grooves. In addition, it is used to loosen and hill soil. The device includes a frame, on which two cummons are fixed at once. Due to this feature, the process of processing with such a tool significantly saves time. You can fix it with a hitch on a walk.Behind tractor. However, to work, this type of cummer needs a lot of resistance. Therefore, it is often used along with primerials.


Such cummeners work due to special propeller. Under their influence, the soil is dug up and weeds remove, and only then can you begin to loosen the beds. This option is used for motor blocks with front.Wheel drive and a pair of speeds. This is due to the fact that at the last speed the power grows to almost 200 revolutions per minute.

At maximum speeds, the swing can also be used in order to transfer the soil from the space between the beds to the furrows.

Potato planting methods with a walk.Behind

When the site is prepared, you can proceed directly to the planting of potatoes. With the help of a walk.Behind tractor, you can plant a culture in different ways:

  • Semi.Automated method. A perch is installed on the walk.Behind tractor, which allows you to form and then sprinkle the furrow with a layer of soil. Sowing potatoes are laid manually.
  • Automated method. All processes are performed by a walk.Behind tractor using a special hinged potato.Resident.

The choice of the method depends on the equipment included in the basement of the walk.Behind tractor, and the area of ​​the processed area. To understand the difference, we will consider in more detail the features of each of these methods.

Potato planting with a walk.Behind clock

If the potatoes are planted in a small area, then the cupboard is most often used, which is attached to the walk.Behind tractor. The task of this adaptation is to raise the ground, creating a furrow and forming crests on both sides of the passage.

With the help of a walk.Behind tractor, grooves are formed for planting potatoes

Distinguish several varieties of cigns:

The first two are very similar in appearance and resemble a knife from two curved wings connected together and divorced from behind. The difference lies in their functional features.

Cligs with a fixed capture width

This cigarette butt is quite primitive and does not allow you to adjust the width of the aisles. It is not very suitable for planting potatoes, t. To. The working capture of such a device is only 20-30 cm. It is more advisable to use it for planting vegetables that do not require a considerable distance between rows.

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Unregulated perch is more suitable for marking the beds with narrow rows

Cloudberry with adjustable capture width

The second version of the cuculent is the most popular among gardeners. The design of this hinged device allows you to configure the width of the soil capture. Therefore, there is an opportunity to set the desired interval between the rows. However, the adjustable perch also has a number of disadvantages:

  • To use it, you need a more powerful and heavy motoblock (with a capacity of at least 4 liters. With. And weighing more than 30 kg).
  • The performance of this equipment is slightly lower, t. To. When working with it, part of the earth with crests can crumble back into the furrow.
  • With an increase in the distance between the dumps, the load on the walk.Behind tractor increases and fuel consumption increases.

Adjustment of the width of the censer capture allows you to change the width of the aisles

Disk perch

This device is more productive compared to previous ones, but also several times higher than their cost. Diskthe hip is a platform with two discs attached to it, which rotate when moving. There is a possibility of adjusting the space between the disks and the angle of their inclination. Among the advantages of such a cigarette, the following should be distinguished:

  • It is less energy.Consuming and more convenient when working;
  • Creates more even and high crests;
  • Disks spin while moving, chopping and loosening the soil at the same time.

It is recommended to use a disk hill run with units with at least two gears for moving forward. Movement at the lowest speed provides the optimal degree of use of the motor block.

You can improve the performance of the cigarette light, exposing the angle of rotation and the width between the disks

Regardless of the type of perch, the planting of potatoes is carried out as follows:

  • A hinged device is attached to the walk.Behind tractor and a minimum soil width is tuned, the unit is equipped with with low.Bearing wheels.
  • With the help of a motor block, furrows are formed.
  • Seven potatoes are laid in the resulting rows at the same distance.
  • The wheelchass wheels are replaced by ordinary rubber, the width of the censer wings changes to the maximum.
  • Grows with potatoes stacked in them are covered with earth with a walk.Behind tractor.
work, tractor, adjustment

Thus, when planting using the cigarette light, you need to make at least two passes by a walk.Behind tractor along the site. You will need an assistant to lay planting material in the ground.

Potato planting with a motor block with a hinged potato.Adversary

If the area of ​​the landing site is significant, then a hinged potato tape can be used. In the standard form, it consists of the following elements:

  • The furrow partition forming a groove in the ground;
  • Bunker in which potatoes are laid for planting;
  • Mechanism of laying tubers;
  • Disk cunning for the subsequent backfill of the furrow.

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Potato.Resident allows you to perform the entire process of planting potatoes in just one pass. Thus, there is a significant saving of time, fuel and effort. Before using this device, it is necessary to adjust the parameters:

Potato.Resident. The device is quite expensive and, as a rule, the ordinary summer resident simply does not afford. It is most often used in farms.

Simple landing for a plow

If there is no way to purchase the described devices, you can use the so.Called summer option of planting potatoes. A motor block for a plow. This method is as follows:

  • Soil drives and plow with milling cutters are installed on the walk.Behind tractor.
  • A furrow is formed, where potatoes are immediately laid.
  • When turning, the unit forms a new ridge, while falling asleep the previous.

In this case, the operator of the walk.Behind tractor also requires the help of the second person who will lay planting material in recesses. In addition, the method is more expensive in time.

Potato landing under the plow

The soil is recommended to pre.Loosen the milling cutter. Motor block wheels must be replaced with soil.

Planting work is carried out in two stages:

  • First, a groove is laid in which potatoes are placed.
  • On the way back, vegetables are covered with dump when cutting the next furrow. In this case, one wheel wheel goes along the laid row, as a result of which the same distance between the rows is observed.

At the beginning of the journey, the depth of the plow is adjusted to the ground (usually the size of the shovel bayonet is used). The distance between the furrows is adjusted along the width of the track between the wheelblock wheels. Work is done at first speed.

The mowing of the grass

Along with the other, segment and rotary braids include segmenting and rotary braids. The opinion of users of motoblocks is unanimous. The rotary braid in almost all respects exceeds the segment, which satisfactorily copes only with exactly standing ineffective grass and grain crops.

A motorblock with a segment mower rotary mower for a walk.Behind tractor should be installed and operated in accordance with the instructions for it. The rules of operation of the device are simple. The ratio of the speed of the motoblock and the engine rotation frequency is selected experimentally. It depends on the density, rigidity and degree of splendor of the grass. When operating a new mower after the first half an hour of the work, you need to stop the walk.Behind tractor and check all the fasteners, if necessary, pulling them up. Before work, you need to check the presence of lubrication in the corner and central gearboxes. The main feature of the malfunction of the braids is nonsense areas. This can happen when knives are blown up (sharpening is required) or slippage of a drive belt (tension is required). Increased vibration appears in case of violation of knitting attachment or their breakdown. In this case, you need to fix or replace the knives. The operation of a walk.Behind tractor with a strongly vibrating braid is extremely undesirable, this creates an increased load on all nodes of a walk.Behind tractor and is harmful to the health of the working.