How to Wrap Stihl Lawn Mower Wire Correctly

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How to reel a fishing line onto a trim reel. Walkthrough VIDEO

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                                                                          How to replace the fishing line in any trimmer So, first we unscrew the nozzle. Do this by rotating the drum to the right. Here we have a drum in our hands with the remains of an old fishing line. We open it. Most often, the lid closes with latches, which can be opened with a screwdriver by threading it into the holes and pressing lightly. Or you need to squeeze the lock and turn the cover in the direction of the arrow. In this case, the lid itself must be kept, as in drums with automatic supply of fishing line there is a spring, which, when straightened, can throw out all the internal parts of the drum. Gently pulling out the reel, we remove scraps of fishing line from it. Now you need to take 5 meters of new fishing line and fold in half (to find the middle). In the middle part of the reel there is a recess (in some designs. a hole), for which we need to hook our fishing line. There is also an arrow on the reel showing the direction of winding. An important detail. if the reel has two compartments, then one half of the fishing line should be wound in one direction, and the other in the other. Finishing the winding, you need to leave 15-20 cm of fishing line free. There are also two recesses on the upper ring of the coil through which these free ends must be drawn. We coped directly with the winding itself. The last step in the fishing line replacement process is to assemble the drum. First you need to put the spring and washers in their place. Then, holding the reel with one hand, with the other you need to thread the ends of the fishing line into the corresponding holes on the sides of the nozzle. After that, install the coil in its place, pulling the fishing line and trying not to displace the spring. When all the internal elements of the nozzle take their places, you can close the drum with a lid. You just need to make some effort so that the latches fall into place. Voila! The mowing nozzle is ready to work! When choosing a fishing line for your motor scythe (gasoline or electric), you should dwell on some points, which we will discuss in detail. Diameter of fishing line. Engine power determines what maximum fishing line diameter can be used for a given scythe. For example, a manufacturer of an electric trimmer with a power of up to 1 kW recommends using a fishing line ø2 mm, and at values ​​of about 500 W. only ø1.5 mm. Also, the manufacturer of any powerful trimmer with a curved bar recommends using a ø2 mm fishing line. A gasoline engine is more durable than an electric one. because there you can install a thicker fishing line, which means stronger, which allows you to mow more grass and work longer. For straight grass barrels, you can select a fishing line according to the following simple algorithm: the engine size in tens of cubic centimeters corresponds to a diameter in millimeters. For example, for a Husqvarna 128R lawn mower with an engine capacity of about 25 cm3, a ø2.5 ± 0.2 mm fishing line should be used. For more powerful brush cutters with volumes of more than 40 cm3, only the geometric dimensions of the outlet openings of the mowing head. no more than 4 mm, are used to limit the diameter of the line. So, a thin fishing line (about 1.5 mm) cuts well the cultivated lawn grass, and thick (for example, mm) successfully destroys weeds and even young shrubs. The shape of the fishing line. The simplest and cheapest in production is a round fishing line. However, the requirements of ergonomics and environmental protection limit its use. due to its physical properties, it creates an unacceptably high noise level (which is comparable to the noise of the engine itself). These are the classic Husqvarna round fishing line or Oregon RoundLine or Chipmaster. To reduce the noise level produced by the fishing line, they give it a special shape. make it spiral like Oregon DuoLine Plus (noise reduction by 15 dB) or with special transverse grooves like Husqvarna Whisper (-8 dB). Following the school laws of physics, the “working” part of the line in the mowing process is only the end surface, not the side surface. However, to increase the "sharpness" of the fishing line, i.e. to increase efficiency, the cross-section from round is changed to faceted: star-shaped, square.

                                                                          How to wind a fishing line on a trimmer

                                                                          Reading time: 6 minutes October 11, 2018 Vasily Andropov Gardening specialist with experience of 8 years

                                                                          To wrap a fishing line on a gas or electric trimmer, you do not need to have any special skills. To begin with, it is important to determine the appropriate consumables, and then choose the best method. Fill fishing line into the reel of the device using two different methods.

                                                                          Types of Trimmer Heads for Coils

                                                                          The main elements of the trigger is a mowing head, which is a cylindrical body with a coil (bobbin) inserted inside. The fishing line (cord) is refueled into it. The heads differ from each other in the way the cord is fed and refueled. There are three types of heads:

                                                                          • Automatic. Submission of fishing line is carried out after this, as the user reduces engine speed. Automatic cord feeding is very convenient when you need to perform a large amount of work. The disadvantage of such a head is the high consumption of thread.
                                                                          • Semi-automatic. The use of such a head does not require the user to perform any complex manipulations. The principle of its work is arranged so that the fishing line begins to automatically lengthen at a time when the trimmer is working at full speed. It is only necessary to slightly hit the head of the apparatus on the ground (this will remove the blockage of the fishing line), and the cord will be pulled out of the bobbin due to centrifugal force. Then the fishing line is cut to the required length with a knife, which is located on the protective casing.
                                                                          • Manual To lengthen the cord, you must stop the device. After that, the fishing line will need to be pulled out manually.

                                                                          How to Wrap Stihl Lawn Mower Wire Correctly

                                                                          Types of trim coils

                                                                          Fishing line selection

                                                                          To ensure that the fishing line in the trimmer head is successful, it is important not to lose money with the choice of consumables. The thicker the cord you fill, the thicker and tougher the grass it can cut. A universal fishing line is often used, the diameter of which is 2 mm. You can select the diameter suitable for the mower in the following ways:

                                                                          • See the line thickness information in the instructions that came with the trimmer.
                                                                          • Pay attention to the bobbin itself. Sometimes it displays information on the possible diameters of the fishing line.
                                                                          • Another option is to try inserting the cord into the outlet. If it easily passes into it, then the selected diameter of the fishing line is suitable for use.

                                                                          Trimmer reel

                                                                          You can pick up the cord by the type of engine. If the fishing line is too thick, the rotation resistance will increase. the engine in this case will overheat and will soon fail. Useful recommendations:

                                                                          • For an electrical device with an engine less than 500 V, a thread 1.3 mm thick is suitable. If this was not found, then you can use a 1.6 mm fishing line. If the power is greater than 1 kW, then select a cord with a diameter of 2 mm.
                                                                          • For a gas trimmer, a shaft mower matters. For a bent version, a 2 mm cord is often used. If the shaft is straight, install a thread of 2.4–2.5 or 3 mm. The thickest fishing line is installed on powerful devices. from 1.3 kW.

                                                                          Pay attention to the type of cross-section of the cord. Some popular options:

                                                                          • The most common fishing lines with a circular cross section. They mow fresh herbs well, but do worse with shrubs, dead trees.
                                                                          • Twisted (spiral) cord is not very strong, but not bad for thin young grass.
                                                                          • A serrated thread with sharp edges is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
                                                                          • You can even mow the lawn with a rectangular, star or square fishing line for a trimmer, but they are not very durable.
                                                                          • The most durable is a two-component cord with an inner core and a round cross-section.

                                                                          Video: How to Wrap Stihl Lawn Mower Wire Correctly

                                                                          Types of fishing line for trimmer

                                                                          Please note that instead of fishing line, wire, metal strings and cables, as well as ordinary fishing thread, cannot be used. The device will be dangerous for both the user and others. So the cable or similar products will gradually start to work, as a result, their ends will unravel, and small pieces will fly apart at high speed.

                                                                          Removing and disassembling the coil

                                                                          The mowing trimmer head consists of a casing, a spring (not in every model), a bobbin with cord, and a cover. Before proceeding to disassemble the coil of the electrical unit, be sure to disconnect the trimmer from the mains. The disassembly method depends on the attachment of the mowing head. First option:

                                                                          1. To remove the cover that covers the inside of the head, press on the latches (latches), which are located on its two sides.
                                                                          2. Remove the cover under which you will see the spool. remove it from the housing. For some trimmer coils, there is a spring under the bobbin, which must also be carefully pulled out.
                                                                          3. Having removed the bobbin, you will see a screw in the center of the case. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.
                                                                          4. After removing the fasteners, take the body of the part and, swinging it in different directions, remove the gearbox from the shaft.

                                                                          In the second embodiment, the trimmer head is screwed onto the gear shaft. To remove it, you need to fix the shaft. For this, a hole is provided in such devices through which a thin screwdriver or metal rod is inserted. Brief Instruction:

                                                                          1. Insert a screwdriver into the special hole, and then lock the shaft.
                                                                          2. Grasp the body of the head and start twisting it. This should be done clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is left.

                                                                          Winding fishing line on a reel

                                                                          Winding fishing line

                                                                          Filling the fishing line into the reel of the trimmer is a relatively simple procedure, provided that you follow a certain algorithm of actions. When you need to determine how many meters of consumable material is enough, wind it onto the bobbin so that the coil does not exceed the diameter of the sides. Having determined the length of the cord, follow the following instructions:

                                                                          1. Fold the consumable in half so that one end of the line is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
                                                                          2. You need to start charging with the central side, which divides the trimmer bobbin into 2 parts. Find the groove where the cord should be inserted. Bend the latter in half.
                                                                          3. Decide in which direction you need to wind the line. To do this, look at the bobbin, which may be an arrow or an inscription. She indicates the side of the winding. If there are no signs on the reel, then look at the arrow on the mowing head. wind the winding in the opposite direction.
                                                                          4. Wash consumables carefully, turn to turn. Try to maintain maximum thread tension.
                                                                          5. After laying the cord, fasten the short end of the material first. To do this, insert it into the groove on the side of the coil, which will fit in diameter. Second end (genuine), attach to the groove on the other side of the trimmer bobbin.
                                                                          6. After fixing the fishing line, cut off its ends. Remember to leave allowances of approximately 10 cm.
                                                                          7. Install the charged coil to the mower head of the device. To do this, you need to alternately insert and pull the thread into the outlet of the head, then to place the bobbin of the device in the skin.
                                                                          8. After applying the required force, pull the cord out of the locking grooves and tighten the material. At the end of this step, put on the cover and lock it with the latches.

                                                                          Step-by-step winding of fishing line onto a reel

                                                                          You can wind the cord on the trimmer in another way, in which two pieces of material are charged instead of one. Replacement is as follows:

                                                                          1. Bend one end of the cord in the form of a hook.
                                                                          2. At the bottom of the bobbin there should be a hole that is designed to fix the fishing line. Insert the bent end of the thread there.
                                                                          3. Wind the cord material in the direction of the arrow to the desired level, which does not exceed the diameter of the trimmer coil.
                                                                          4. The same actions need to be done for the second bobbin cell.
                                                                          5. Assembling the head of the device is similar to the first method.

                                                                          How to fill fishing line into a lawn mower: how to change and charge into a reel, how to change and how much to wind into a trimmer

                                                                          When spring comes, people often spend their free time in their summer cottage. With the onset of warm days, they try to rid their area of ​​such problems as weeds and grass. It is difficult to do it manually, especially if the area is very large, so a lawn mower will help. Thanks to this technique, you can trim the grass and remove weeds. this is a suitable device for mowing unnecessary plants near the fence, at home, between rows in the garden on a flower bed and so on. Read how to choose a lawn mower that is right for your needs. The cutting element in this device is a fishing line (strong polyethylene thread), which is wound on a special element. a reel. But over time, the fishing line wears out and there is a need to replace it. The article will discuss how to refill fishing line in a lawn mower.

                                                                          What kind of fishing line to choose to refuel the lawn mower

                                                                          The thickness of the polyethylene yarn depends on the model of technology and varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. She may be:

                                                                          • with a circular cross section is the most durable material for mowing herbaceous plants;
                                                                          • with curly section. used for mowing soft plants;
                                                                          • twisted. used for thin grass;
                                                                          • professional type, not suitable for all models of equipment.

                                                                          To change the line on the lawnmower, you need to purchase a cutting thread that will be ideal for this or that type of mower.

                                                                          You can soak the thread in a bowl of water for several minutes to increase elasticity and strength.

                                                                          The device of the line in the mower

                                                                          The arrangement of the element on which the kapron thread is wound is very simple. This element is called a coil. It has two “tracks”. the upper and lower. Between these paths there is a special partition with a recess. A fishing line is wound on these tracks. It must first be pulled through the recess.

                                                                          To be able to pull out the coil without obstacles, you must unscrew the special button, which is located on the mower body.

                                                                          Features of replacing fishing line on video.

                                                                          The aforementioned unit can be made by your own efforts and this article will tell you about how to build a lawnmower from a trimmer with your own hands.

                                                                          Replacement Instructions. How to Insert a Fishing Line

                                                                          It should be noted that the coils in the mowers can be different:

                                                                          • for functioning with one antennae;
                                                                          • for functioning with two antennae;
                                                                          • fishing line should be threaded through the through hole that is located inside the element.

                                                                          And do not confuse this part with an extension for a lawn mower on a reel, because despite the similar name they are two completely different elements.

                                                                          The mini chainsaw is designed for simple jobs and for people who prefer to hold the device with one hand.

                                                                          This article will tell you about how much the ZIL 130 dump truck weighs and what this transport is capable of.

                                                                          Read here // how to assemble a machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws with your own hands quickly and easily.

                                                                          In the first version, it is very simple to wind the cutting element:

                                                                          • On the inside of the coil element there is a locking eye.
                                                                          • One antennae of the thread is inserted into it.
                                                                          • It is necessary to refill the kapron thread in the direction opposite to the rotation of the bobbin element.
                                                                          • It will take only from 2 to 4 meters of fishing line. When the winding process is completed, put the small end of this cutting element out and fix it in the groove, which is necessary to fix the fishing line so that it does not unwind during the operation of the mower.
                                                                          • If there is no special groove, then the end should be held by hand so that the cutting element does not untwist during further collection of the element.
                                                                          • At the last stage, it is necessary to thread the outer end of the thread into a special hole located on the outer part of the element. After that, the coil can be inserted into the mower.

                                                                          When the roller works with two ends of a polyethylene thread, then the following steps must be taken to fill the line into the mower:

                                                                          • Inside, the reel will show how many recesses there are for winding (two or one). If there is one recess, then both ends of the thread will be laid along this recess. If there are two, then the antennae are laid out separately. each according to its notch.
                                                                          • It is necessary to rewind from 2 to 4 meters of polyethylene thread and thread its two ends into the hole.
                                                                          • Wind both threads in the same direction as the drum rotates.
                                                                          • When all the fishing line is wound, the ends should be fixed in the grooves or held by hand.
                                                                          • Both ends are threaded into the eye on the outside of the roller housing.
                                                                          • After that, the drum is assembled and inserted into the mower.

                                                                          Tips and steps for replacing fishing line on a video.

                                                                          To insert a fishing line into a lawn mower, in which the reel contains two grooves, you must use the previous version of refueling this polyethylene thread. In this case, each of the ends of the fishing line will be wound along its groove. All other actions are similar to the previous process.

                                                                          The coil element or roller may have a completely different design than the previous two options. Fishing line can be threaded through the eye, which is through and located inside the reel. In this case, it is not necessary to disassemble the roller drum and manually wind the polyethylene thread.

                                                                          The polyethylene thread is threaded through the hole and rotated by pressing a special button. This button is located on the body and is intended for the operation of the equipment so that it is possible to release the fishing line as it wears out.

                                                                          Rules and recommendations

                                                                          Do not worry that the polyethylene thread is wound in the wrong direction, since in this design it can spin in only one direction.

                                                                          Safety precautions

                                                                          For quick and safe replacement of fishing line on the reel of the mower, safety precautions must be observed. Before removing the reel, in order to wind the line onto the lawn mower, it is necessary to disconnect the equipment from the power supply (if the mower is powered by electricity). Here I want to mention the reliability rating of electric lawn mowers, which will help you choose a safe assistant.

                                                                          Another important safety rule that you must follow is to press the lock button. You can find out its location on the equipment body using the instruction manual. For example, you will find the manual for a gasoline mower.

                                                                          Do not forget that the cutting element must be adjusted. There is a tuning button on the unit body. If the process does not start automatically and the thread tension loosens, then the button is clamped and the line is pulled out of the reel with force.

                                                                          It must be remembered that replacing fishing line in a lawn mower is an important process that requires responsibility. It is necessary to carry out everything in stages, and only a special polyethylene fishing line should be inserted into the reel. An iron cable, some high-quality wire or even reinforced fishing line is not suitable here.

                                                                          Watch the video instruction.


                                                                          If there is a summer cottage or a large plot of land near your individual house or cottage, then for the convenience of cleaning grass and weeds, you must use a lawn mower. If you are thinking of choosing an electric lawnmower or gasoline, then click here and you will find comparative characteristics of different models.

                                                                          Over time, the line on the mower wears out and needs to be replaced. this can be done independently. Choosing this polyethylene thread is necessary depending on the model of the mower. It is also worth watching about the remaining details of the unit, for example, you will find information about the Craftsman lawn mower knives, which also wear out and can lead to irreversible consequences.

                                                                          The reel device into which the fishing line is inserted is very simple. But it differs depending on whether the spool works with one or two thread antennae. It is important to observe safety precautions when replacing fishing line in the reel.

                                                                          Guaranteed production of a factory trimmer refill will inevitably require replacing the fishing line. Having a very rough idea of ​​how to fill the fishing line into the reel of the trimmer yourself, beginners are reluctant to take up this matter. However, with some skills, mastering this simple science does not present any difficulties, and the similar instruction presented below will facilitate this process as much as possible.

                                                                          Preliminary preparation

                                                                          First of all, for winding fishing line it is required to remove the reel (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer. specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

                                                                          • Small electric trimmers with a working arrangement of the engine and the coil in the lower part, as a rule, have side keys on both sides of the bobbin. By pressing them simultaneously, the upper part of the reel, together with the internal contents for winding the fishing line, is disconnected, while the lower one remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to disassemble the bobbin on an even smooth place so that the spring included in the design does not pop out and is not lost;
                                                                          • electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved bar without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have coils with a special wing: in such designs, you should hold the spool in one position with one hand and rotate the locking reel on the wing nut with the other counterclockwise. After disconnecting the nut, the entire reel is removed.
                                                                          • electric and petrol trimmers with the possibility of installing the knife on a straight bar (for example, Stihl trimmers) have a hole under the bobbin. For the motion of the rod to be stationary, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole and with a slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bobbin is fixed. After that, the coil body scrolls clockwise (with the left thread) and is removed from the trimmer.

                                                                          For the second and third cases, the coils, depending on the design, are disassembled in various ways. In bobbins with a lamb, a lamb is twisted, in coils with latches, latches-clamps are pressed and one part of the coil is released from the other. If the halves of the spool are threaded, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until completely unscrewed.

                                                                          Want to see? Rating of the best lawn mowers!

                                                                          We carry out winding fishing line

                                                                          Slowly completed disassembling the spool of the spool without losing its spare parts allows you to go to the main task. winding the fishing line into the reel. Technological features of the design of the spool and the number of working antennae determine the sequence of actions.

                                                                          Coil with one working antenna

                                                                          The simplest option and a simple sequence of actions:

                                                                          1. The dimensions of the bobbin and the length of the original factory winding determine the recommended fishing line length for winding. 2. 5 m.
                                                                          2. One end of the fishing line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
                                                                          3. The fishing line is wound on the drum in the reverse direction of rotation of the spool in the trimmer product direction. as a rule, on the inner side of the bobbin an arrow indicates which side the winding is carried out.
                                                                          4. A small area of ​​fishing line is left free to bring it out. it is fixed in a specialized groove on the inside of the reel, designed to hold the winding when assembling the spool in working condition.
                                                                          5. The left end of the line is passed through the hole on the outside of the bobbin.
                                                                          6. The bobbin halves are assembled and put on the trimmer bar.

                                                                          Coil with two working antennae

                                                                          In this type of spools, you should determine the number of grooves for winding fishing line lying on the inside of the reel:

                                                                          • one groove. both antennae are wound together along one groove;
                                                                          • two grooves. each antennae is wound on an individual groove.

                                                                          In both cases, a 2-3-meter-long fishing line is taken. In single-groove reels, the fishing line is pulled into the through hole, its ends (antennae) are folded together and aligned, after which they are wound in the opposite direction of rotation of the bobbin on the side of the bar. the correct direction of winding is usually indicated inside the arrow. In the presence of fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are threaded into them or held by the fingers of their free hands, threaded into the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the spool is closed and attached to the bar of the trimmer.

                                                                          The difference between winding fishing line in two-groove reels is that initially a piece of fishing line 2-5 m long is folded in half (to determine the middle bend), and the bend loop is inserted into a special groove between the grooves. Both antennae of the fishing line are wound each in its own groove, the fixation of the antennae and the reel assembly is similar to the one-groove variant discussed above.

                                                                          The first implementation of this procedure may seem long and rather laborious, but with time and experience this task will be solved much faster and easier.

                                                                          The video below will clearly show how to put the fishing line into the coil of the trimmer and wrap it correctly. this operation is not complicated and with some patience will surely succeed:

                                                                          Automatic reeling of fishing line

                                                                          There is a variety of coils in which the automatic mechanism coils on its own. from the user it is enough just to properly fill the line. The fishing line is passed through the hole on the inside of the case, its antennae without winding is passed through the hole on the external case, the bobbin is assembled, and when the winding button is rotated, the line inside is wound up independently. In such a spool, it is impossible to make the winding incorrectly: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, since it can only turn in one direction.

                                                                          How to fill fishing line in a lawn mowing head

                                                                          When caring for the site, you have to periodically mow the overgrown grass, which is convenient to do with a lawn mowing or trimmer. However, before work, you need to put the line on the mowing head, which is difficult if you do not know how to do it correctly.

                                                                          Head disassembly

                                                                          The first step is to disassemble the mowing head. For convenience, it can be removed from the braid. Externally, the head consists of two parts connected by two latches on the sides. They just need to be pressed and the design is disconnected.
                                                                          As a result, the head is disassembled into 3 parts: a base with a spring, a coil and a cover.
                                                                          To win the lace you need to take a reel. It often has inscriptions with information about what diameter the fishing line can be put on.

                                                                          Double line winding

                                                                          Usually the coil is divided lengthwise into 2 parts by a running partition. You need to take the fishing line from the skein and wind it in one half in order to measure the capacity with the selected cord diameter. You need to wind so much that the lace does not protrude. As soon as half is full, you need to wind the line back, remembering the used footage. The cord should be cut exactly 2 times longer than fit on the half of the coil.
                                                                          It is necessary to bend the fishing line in half so that one half is 15 cm longer than the second.
                                                                          Now you can wind the double cord in the direction indicated by the arrow on the reel.
                                                                          Each end of the fishing line lies on its gutter, the loop is fixed on a hook in the center.
                                                                          Having reached the end, you need to fix the ends of the fishing line in special opposite cutouts on the side of the reel. Since one of them is longer, the free tails on the output are almost the same.
                                                                          Now you need to insert the coil into the base with a spring. In this case, the ends of the fishing line are threaded into the holes in the mowing head. They are pulled to release from the capture of slots on the coil. After putting the lid and the head is ready for use.

                                                                          Installation of two lines

                                                                          Certain types of coils have two eyes, which allows you to fix 2 fishing lines, and not one double. To do this, the plastic cord at the edge is bent to get a hook.
                                                                          The hooks of the lines are inserted into the fixing hole on the reel. The following is a simple winding in the direction of the arrow. In the end, everything is assembled in the usual way.
                                                                          If you know how, then putting a fishing line is not difficult. When this is done only intuitively, it can be transported for a very long time catching the naughty ends of the fishing line, tending to unwind until the reel locks into place in the head.